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Princess Denica Thrax

Art emulates life; infinitely varied and impossible to appreciate everything, though we may try.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Artistic Princess
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 5/23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Artisan
Height: average height
Hair Color: pitch black
Eye Color: vivid blue
Skintone: paper white

Titles: Thrax Minister of Loyalty, Voice of Maelstrom, Little Devil of Thrax

Description: A tousle of rich, ink-dark hair swirls to her waist in satin waves, swept away from the column of her throat to curl over her shoulder. Set beneath high, arched brows, her almond eyes smolder with the hue and depth of a raw sapphire, fringed in black velvet lashes. The pallor of her fair skin seems lit from within, aglow in the blossom of her cheeks. Her lips pronounce a fine bow, the pink of a shell. Smooth angles refine the contour of her face, from the sculpt of cheekbone, to nose, to jawline, soft with youth. Dainty in stature, her slim hourglass figure blooms at the curve of hip and bust, imbued throughout with a flowing grace.

Personality: Full of energy and wonder for the world, it is all the more challenging for this bon vivant to assume the role of a properly meek and demure Thraxian noblewoman. The struggle is real, and it often shows in subconscious gestures of restlessness or barely leashed emotions. Thoughtful compassion battles with the uncanny pragmatism of her household, but loyalty to her family commonly wins out. She holds few ambitions beyond inspiration for new art and acclaim from her peers, happy to merely enjoy life as a redundant daughter of nobility and gifted prodigy of the arts.


    Denica cannot remember much from her earliest childhood, but she does remember the feelings of love and encouragement freely given from two kindhearted parents. She can also recall a sense of shattered joy when her parents were killed in the Tyde rebellion, and the years it took to recover from a malady of muteness. During that time, she learned to appreciate the beauty of the world, and how to capture such beauty for all eternity. Painting became a favorite hobby, but sculpting and carving and sewing also enchanted her for numerous long hours of her life. Upon reciting written lyrics in the middle of Thraxian court, the curse of shy silence had been lifted.

    Soon enough, it was the odd noble that didn't come away from her grandfather's palace without a trinket or two made by the artistic princess. As if trying to experience all her lost childhood in one go, Denica also began painting pictures on guest's blankets or stealing favorite rings from jewelry boxes. A girl on a mission to wreak mischief, she interrupted important meetings and frightened the servants with her theatrics more than once. Occasionally, she gallivanted into the city, causing nearly as much havoc as back home. She quickly earned herself the charming moniker of the 'Little Devil of Thrax.' However, with that nickname, many guardsmen and local nobles soon wizened to her schemes, and even Grandfather Thrax brought her before the throne for a stern lecture.

    Throughout the chaotic era of her life, Denica's antics burned away most of the sympathy accumulated by her previous morose condition, leaving only a few close friends. With maturity came an epiphany, a realization that she lived almost entirely outside the social sphere. Partly out of a desire to fit in, but mostly because she wished to be more than a mere 'wild child,' she at last tempered into something vaguely resembling a proper Thraxian noblewoman. Brash recklessness developed desperately into clever charm and a keen insight of the human mind. In appreciably subtler ways, she displayed her artistic talents and devious intellect for the benefit of acceptance and even admiration among her peers. For her nineteenth name day, she managed to convince her grandfather that she could be safely seen in the wider public, allowing her to take an adventurous trip to the grand city of Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Edward - Stormbreak Baron.
  • Clover - Art Pen-Pal.
  • Christine - Kennex Lady, Adventuring Librarian.
  • Regla - Navegant Lady, Wild, Voice and Sword.
  • Arcelia - Countess Navegant
  • Turo - Count Navegant.
  • Lucita - Lady Igniseri, Musician, Friend Potential.

  • Family:
  • Victus - Cousin, To Be Determined.
  • Abbas - Cousin, Bloody But Bowed.
  • Fatima - Cousin, Loyal and Compassionate.
  • Margot - Sister in Shared Grief and Joy.
  • Alarissa - Cousin, Princess Consort, Victus' Wife.
  • Coraline - Not only my cousin, but my best friend. I owe so much of what I became to her.

  • Lyceum:
  • Donella - Standing Beside, Not Hiding Behind.
  • Dagon - A Warm Reminder, Always My Ally.

  • Friend:
  • Ian - Kennex Lord. Determination and endurance.
  • Reese - Great Strength and lovely company
  • Alexis - A brilliant knight, and warm company. Hope she's proud of the woman I became.
  • Thea - Trouble is a woman.
  • Martino - The game is afoot.

  • Ally:
  • Fortunato - Ally, Master of Metaphor.
  • Ailith - Palace Seraph, Hopefully Adviser
  • Arianna - Stonewood Lady. Unexpected.

  • Protege:
    Name Summary
    Aella I should be more surprised the princess is carrying a skull than surprised that she intends to make art with it.
    Alarissa My dearest cousin, my favourite cousin. Life is ever so more colorful with her and the halls are more lively. Her and Lady Snow.
    Amari Still as lovely as I remembered and able to find inspiration in the strangest circumstance. Also game enough to brave bramble and butterfly both for adventure.
    Arman The Princess seems to have quite the passion for art. Her sculpture was magnificent.
    Audgrim She's confident and funny and a good sneak.
    Cirroch Love for family and general sibling amusements with plenty of artistic license for how to use a siege weapon. I'll look forward to their next piece and if it can be created without too much destruction.
    Cristoph You can do all the preparation that you like, but none of it ever really matches up to actually meeting someone in person and measuring them with your own eye.
    Desiree Such a taste in fashion with that gown and necklace. Said she'd stab someone if he gets too fresh. I need friends like her to stab people who get a little too close. That's some good goals in here. Like some real good goals.
    Domonico Far more lighthearted than most of the Thrax family I have met. Inquistive and seemingly very accomplished at her passion for creating art. I feel I should be honoured to be chosen to assist with it.
    Evaristo Princess Denica is very artistic. Her Art ship is AMAZING. Good company, clever conversation - what's not to like?
    Giada A cheery woman with an appreciation for a bloodbath.
    Haakon Some Thrax princess. I've no fucking clue which one, she refused to tell me. Bloody royals.
    Ilira The brightest treasures hide in the darkest corners. That's where I found her, drinking alone on her ship at midnight. She is perspicacious for her age, pleasurably devilish, and a refreshing diversion from the typical royal. A wondrous companion in every way.
    Isabeau Enjoyable to discuss artwork with, we seem to come to similar conclusions and so I wonder what else we may find in common.
    Klaus Someone needs to get my cousin from marriage armor that fits. She sounds like a bad set of bells on her horse. Cute though.
    Martino Oh she is quite the Devil and with hands that just cannot keep to their sides. Quite to create a new story, to stick to it and not get caught. My, my. The Princess is truly as delightful as always.
    Mirk Artists always push boundaries. Princess Denica is no exception, but she does so with grace and tact, not to mention an understanding of her role. This applies equally whether she is at the canvas or acting as representative of her House.
    Nigel A Thrax Princess who seems to possess a charming bit of wisdom and who is apparently an artist. I would be delighted to learn more of her in the future.
    Noah One of those Thrax noble women. That means that they are not as small and cute as they appear. One should not turn their back on them, just back out and keep your eyes on them. Also, maybe guard your coin and your heart.
    Odin A kindly lady who offered me a strong drink after a long fight. She has a soft heart, I can tell, seemingly a friend of that Domonico guy.
    Orland She's also an artist, a researcher, and a good person to copy notes from.
    Raimon A young artist with a recalcitrant feline named, appropriately, "Lady Snow." Shared what pieces of Art I could make or that I knew of. Gave her a painting. Received invite to a floating gallery in return. She seems earnest and mercurial, and up-and-coming shining star. Will have to remember to visit the gallery!
    Rinel She sees the potentiality of many truths. An admirable trait for a scholar... or a Lycene.
    Romulius Princess Denica is the curator of one of Arvum's more intriguing curiosities in the art barge, though I've never had the fortune of visiting it myself. Like all of Maelstrom's children, she seems the sort completely unable to balk at a challenge.
    Samira Intuitive, intelligent, self-aware. One who finds herself wishing to break out of the boxes society places us in, a woman who is not afraid to challenge traditional thinking. There's so much more to discover; I hope I get the chance to hear more of what she values and to one day see her artwork.
    Sigurd Oh she looks like wicked fun wrapped in a Princess package. A lot more to her than meets the eye.
    Vitalis In a word: juxtapositions. Discreet, but open. Small form, large presence. Dignified lineage, rough appearance.
    Vulpiano I didn't expect a Princess to engage in banter with a Commoner, but I appreciate her wit. I should like to wander by the docks, and see what is wrought of skull and skill.
    Zakhar The concepts of art and what makes something art is always up to those that make it and those that view it. Unless you're the princess, then it's solely what she declares it to be is. There are pieces that she makes that would be better statements if using actual body parts though.
    Zoey She holds her emotions well, but she is not impossible to read. She feels deeply, and I feel for her.