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A beautiful sellsword smile is basically an advertisement. It's telling the world I haven't lost a fight badly enough to lose some teeth.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Affable Mercenary
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Culler
Gender: male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 28
Birthday: 04/01
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Sellsword
Height: tall
Hair Color: jet black
Eye Color: steel gray
Skintone: tanned

Description: Handsome - though not memorably so, Gibson's lanky frame and dark countenance are offset by an everpresent, affable smile. He has charming dimples that appear even when he's frowning, giving him the look of a man who is putting on a show of disgruntlement to hide the grin. He keeps himself meticulously disheveled; hair looking a little tousled but never unkempt, and the growth on his jaw never getting thicker than a little stubble.

Personality: Affable and always armed with an infectious sense of humor, Gibson has a brightly optimistic view of the world for someone that started at the very bottom and seems only modestly interested in climbing up from it. Only loosely concerned with anything that could resemble a code of honor, Gibson is cheerfully willing to do whatever he needs to do, and if it can be done in a hysterical way all the better.

Background: It's effectively impossible to get a real history out of Gibson, as his family in the Lower Boroughs has long since decided. Gibson spent his youth helping the crime family settle some scores and seeming entirely too happy and affable while doing it, even among the blackest work the Culler family could offer. He didn't long stay in the Lower Boroughs however, leaving Arx to serve in a sellsword company 'somewhere that wasn't here' and blatantly lying virtually every time he's asked about it, to attempt to come up with the most amusing and obviously fabricated story whenever the opportunity arises. Just in the past year he returned to Arx after being missing for almost a decade, though having extremely little to do with his family now, and seeking out gainful employment among a sellsword company known as the Valorous Few. He sometimes has been seen around Arx dressing far above his station, and makes up cheerfully flamboyant lies about just why that might be the case, with the popular rumor being that he sometimes pretends to be a courtier.

Relationship Summary

  • Acacia - Wily and Ambitious Not-Cousin Redhead

  • Friend:
  • Evaine - Gorgeous Actress I'm Kinda Sorta Seeing
  • Name Summary