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Eithne Thornburn

One can never stand too close to fire without getting burned.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Mistress of Metal
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Thornburn
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 22
Birthday: 1/25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Armorsmith
Height: average height
Hair Color: russet red
Eye Color: stormy grey
Skintone: fair

Titles: Legendary Armorsmith

Description: If there is a single word to describe Eithne, it is wild. From the untamed mass of russet red hair that tumbles down her back in curls and waves, to the dangerous swagger and sway of her hips, there isn't a single part of her that is subtle or calm. She is loud and proud and isn't afraid to get in someone's face when they deserve it. A small fireball just waiting to explode! Stormy grey eyes are often telling of what sort of mood Eithne will be in. Beautiful and expressive, they are framed by a thick fringe of dark lashes. Her nose is slender and straight and sits above her lush mouth; Not that it matters since she always seems to be bragging or boasting about something! She has a hearty laugh that is supposedly inherited from her father, a skilled armorer from whom she's learned her trade. Countless hours in the forge have given this vivacious woman her slender yet strong physique. While there are feminine curves in all the right places, it's the level of physical fitness she's attained that she's most proud of.

Personality: Never take life too seriously. Never hold yourself back from doing what you really want to do. There are no limits or boundaries to what one can do and achieve. Eithne lives by these mottos and mantras much to the chagrin of her mother. She is her father's daughter through and through, from her coloring, to her personality, to the profession she's chosen to take. The woman enjoys every day to the fullest as though it were her last. She's quick with a joke and would never turn down a tankard of ale or two. Just because she's petite doesn't mean she wouldn't try to drink the largest man in the tavern under the table. Her flirtations only take her so far; They are all in good fun since she's not yet ready to find a man to 'settle' down with and have children. She enjoys being physical whether it be working with her hands or partaking in a friendly spar, Eithne can't find it in herself to stay still. Being one of seven children has always meant that she has to share everything with her siblings. Just for once she'd like something to be completely hers and hers alone.

Background: Being one of seven children has its challenges. For starters, if you're not the oldest or the youngest, you might end up blending somewhere in the middle. Eithne blended into the mix for many of her formative years until she decided enough was enough. Her mother always wanted her girls to pick up a trade and be skilled. Her father didn't seem to care what they wanted to do. When Eithne decided on following in her father's footsteps, it irritated her mother who doesn't think a woman's place is in a forge but her father couldn't be more thrilled. He took her under his wing and showed her everything he knew. A father couldn't be more proud of his child when Eithne not only learned the trade but excelled. It wasn't long before Eithne was showing her old man a few tricks of the trade.

Born and bred in Arx, Eithne's family the Thornburn's are from the Upper Boroughs. Her siblings are all pretty successful in their own ways. These days, Eithne has herself a great clientele of customers who live and breathe in their armor. She's even secured a few who are daring enough to be 'guinea pigs' for some prototypes she's been working on. Nothing concrete yet, nothing that she can actually sell or market, but at least she's innovative! I comparison to most young women her age, Eithne isn't interested in marriage or children at the moment. She's very focused and driven on her career. There are so many other more important things to do than to be tied down, barefoot and pregnant. For example, learning how to fight and competing in amateur competitions or spending all night playing cards at the local tavern.

Relationship Summary

  • Ferrando - Baby Daddy

  • Family:
  • Aurora - Younger Sister who always wants to put me in dresses.
  • Greer - Father. My inspiration and my hero. Don't tell him I said that.

  • Friend:
  • Joscelin - Fancy Bracelet Giver

  • Acquaintance:
  • Armand - The Distraction.
  • Marian - The Warrior Princess.
  • Esoka - An Inspiring Instructor.
  • Agnarr - The very tall customer.
  • Clover - Lover of cakes.
  • Jordan - Knight of Perfection
  • Darren - The Northern Prince and former patron
  • Name Summary
    Agnarr Didn't dive into the pool, but was there. Wasn't lucky enough to go for private drinks. She does good work, but don't think I'll need a gown of steel. A common harness's good enough.
    Armand Mistress Eithne shapes steel so well as to make armour so strong as to be immune to all. She is not, however, impervious to soaked shirts clinging to muscular torsos.
    Aurora There has always been a lot of be jealous of where Eithne is concerned, and things could be very different between us should I have had a jealous bone. Beautiful and wild, I am so proud of her and all she has accomplished. Even if she s dad's favorite.
    Ferrando She's a hot little forgemistress. That's like a double pun on 'warm' and 'attractive'. Likes to smile, likes to talk, likes to drink, what's not to like?
    Jasper Mistress Eithne is a master of smithing and has helped me with a pretty time sensitive matter. I hope to see more of her work when I return from Lenosia.
    Jordan She seems to know her craft and she's very polite and pleasant. And a pretty, witty smile, so I think we can be good friends. Gods know I need an armorsmith for a friend.
    Mahir A local armorsmith who enjoys not only good art but also good food! Certainly sentiments and qualities I can approve of. We discussed of many things and she understands in a way that I've rarely encountered in those who have lived their entire life in Arvum. It was a very good and pleasant encounter.
    Marian She is an eager and thoughtful student. I enjoy her company and have long admired her skill at the forge. I think in some ways I am getting the better end of our deal.
    Merek She seems to be the quiet sort, but is also a Merchant of Arx. Merek has many good first impressions when it comes to Merchants, and she's done nothing to show otherwise on that.
    Mirari Anyone who wants to collaborate is automatically ace in my book. She seems savvy and bright, and from what I've heard she's an excellent armorsmith.
    Petal She bought alot of my stockings in the past. She seems nice and approachble.
    Porter Clearly passionate about her craft and with a keen, inquisitive mind. She keeps claiming that she's going to be a terrible teacher, but she was already teaching and we weren't in the forge yet. Sense of humor to boot, I think this is going to work out.
    Ryhalt Came to the merchants meeting, an armor artisan I gather, and I believe she's the one that saw to getting Armand back into his armor. Hope she's good!
    Stefano A down to earth armorer. Does good work and is very friendly and approachable.