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Tarik Morien

It is hard not to appreciate troubled times, when all you have gained is because of them.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Hardened Sellsword
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Morien
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 29
Birthday: 3/10
Religion: Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: coffee brown

Description: He stands about 5'10", and weighs about 190 lbs. He has the built of someone who does not lounge around all day, but engages in strenuous physical activities for long periods at a time. This gives him a well-define rip corded muscular built that is accentuated by his brown coffee color skin. He appears to be in his mid to late twenties and has a clean shaven face. His dark brown eyes hold a whimsical alertness. There is a plethora of small dreaded locks of hair on top of his head, while the rest of his hair on the sides has been cut neatly short. He doesn't have any facial hair on his cheeks. His cheeks rest high on his face making his smiles and smirks more pronounced and noticeable. A noticeable scar inhabits a place right under his left ear. The scar is still visible a couple inches on the left-side of his neck too.

Personality: Tarik has a mercurial personality that changes from being a joker to being solemn on a moment's notice. When he is being the joker, there is whimsical and wicked mischievousness in almost all his gestures and actions. When he is one of his solemn moods, he is more withdrawn and cautious in his interactions with others. He is always extremely vigilant and disciplined, no matter how his mercurial personality chooses to express itself. He walks around with an aura of urbane gallantry.

Background: The remnants of the Morien family has always told stories that before the Reckoning, they were a great clan with land, but they were mostly slaughter by the White Legion, and their lands overrun. The family never achieved the power that they once had, and was one of the dozen clans that were crushed in battle that led to the formation of the House of Halfshav. Morien family is now a collection of distant cousins scattered around the north.
This "interpretation" of their family history inspired Tarik to want to be more than simple commoner like the rest of his family, even if he didn't completely believe in the story himself. He realizes at a young age that he would never be able take over his mom's duties as a weaponsmith, so he decided to use the weapons that his mother designed to find his way in life. His mother wishing to encourage her son decision to find his own path would give her customers' discounts if they would teach her Tarik to fight. By the time he reached 18, he felt that he had enough basic skills to begin his life as a sellsword.
    Tarik's first job was being a guard for some caravans. He was so excited, until the other guards betrayed the caravans to the bandits. Tarik had to fight the other guards and the bandits to protect the caravans. He saved the caravans, but he still supports a visible scar from that battle by his ear and neck. He received the other guards share of the money, there was no other rewards, no songs of glory, and only the slightest gratitude offered in the appreciation of his efforts. When he was counting his extra coin, he learned in that moment that to achieve his goals in life that just being lucky or good with sword was not enough.
    As a sellsword, he has done a stint in the military, he served as a body guard for merchants, protecting caravans, and has even helped find "missing" people. He tries to keep himself very busy by immediately looking for another job. once the previous one has ended.

Relationship Summary

  • Valery - The Snow Mouse. For someone who is so shy and quite, she is very industrious.
  • Khanne - One of Halfshav's Voice. I am indebted to her for many reasons. A very compassionate noble.

  • Patron:
  • Lou - I did not realize when she join me on my expedition that I would be so greatful for having her in my life. I will always be in her debt.

  • Deceased:
  • Aiden - There was never person that signified what it is to be noble than Aiden. He stood up for me, when nonone else did. I will always speak kindly of him, and defend his name.
  • Name Summary
    Aiden He is driven to get support for Halfshav, particularly speaking trade pacts. It is good to have a drive and know why someone is thusly driven. Goals give an indication of who a person is after all and what they seek. The humbleness in receiving a gift also shows what sort of man he is or that not many have shown him such kindness.
    Alarissa Loyalty gets you in the front door. But loyalty can be bought, and that type of loyalty, doesn't get you past the stables to the dinner table. Whether this man's loylaty is the kind that stays, time will tell.
    Alexis Goodman Morien. Good sense of humour. And very respectful of my profession. Being a smith that is. I mean, near as I could tell he was very respectful of me being a knight, as well. His mother is a smith, you know. Well, was. The kind of man I'd gladly buy a round in a tavern, and from what he's shown me of himself, someone I would stand shoulder to shoulder with in battle.
    Amund Humble and sincere sellsword.
    Arik A longtime servant of House Halfshav and the current apple of Row's eye. I have high expectations.
    Armand Apparently a commoner, yet with a long history, longer than many families. He seems to be in the thick of it, and with a good head on his shoulder. Should have an interesting path ahead of him, one way or another.
    Arta A friend of Valery. Seems to know quite a few of her secrets. Probably a good person to have around? Will have to see.
    Artorius A kind fellow who enjoys good drink...seems to have an interesting opinion on magic having to do with animals on the count of elves. I wouldn't mind having a drink or two with him in the future.
    Asher Quick to talk about economics and animal breeding, and looks like I might have a customer soon. Can't complain at all.
    Ashur This fellow is an experienced explorer and adventurer. Many facets of him are intriguing!
    Astrid Master Tarik is a caring person with deep ties to his homeland. An admirable person to get to know.
    Athaur A man interested in trade. I wonder if he is a merchent.
    Caelis A most level headed man. Clearly devoted to the service of others. I rather enjoyed speaking to him.
    Cambria From all I've heard of sellswords, I didn't the first one I came across to be so helpful or kind.
    Clara Master Tarik seems to be an energetic sort of fellow. I wonder what he is like in a fight... I hope to find out one day.
    Delilah Full of wisdom deep as the bones of the earth, an honest and hardworking man who views the world with an eagle-eyed sharpness for fact, detail, and possibility. Plus, he makes a dear friend happy.
    Dianna An explorer and traveler with one of my dearest friends. He seems kind and genuine, as well.
    Domonico The man appreciates good swordsmanship. If he has a teacher of the quality that he already does then I feel there is little I could do to teach him further.,
    Drake Seems to be a frequent visitor to the Golden Hart, as that is where I am most likely to see him. Otherwise a scout and traveler, judging from his conversation topics and garb. Quite polite of him, to lead us in a toast.
    Edwyn A sellsword with what appears to be more sense and morals than average. He seems to be a fine man.
    Hamish What a complicated life!
    Harlex Fresh from the road. Looking for work. We're cut from the same cloth. Hope he finds his success.
    Ian I'm not sure how wise his plan's going to turn out to be, but I hope he finds a way to make it work. It took some nerve to just ask for help like that, and I respect that.
    Imi Always a pleasure to meet a fellow that show their devotion to the gods. What chance meetings may lead to? I cannot say.
    Jules A nice man who's recently arrived back in town. He's working for Vala Khanne and seems pleased to be so, which is always a good thing.
    Korka May or may not have spit on a floor once.
    Lenne This one seems to be quite a capable one, if his skill as a warrior is a mirror to his skill at games of strategy. Even better, he is clearly friendly, and clever. Exactly the sort I'd like to meet again.
    Leola Something of an idealist, a rarity in the city. It's good to see more of them, and I was pleased to share what I knew with him. We could do with more folk like him.
    Logan A proud servant of our house who continues to supcede his responsibilities by giving us his 200%. Too bad he is moving elsewhere. I could use a man like him in my office.
    Lorien A man with a plan to teach those who need to learn how to defend themselves, who is willing to put in the time and the work to lead a project to do so. Priorities and goals which are admirable. An interesting man, and one I wouldn't mind sharing another ale with.
    Lucita During finding my way through the city streets I encountered a commoner loyal to House Halfshav, Tarik Morien. He spoke of the Halfshav nobles with pride and sincerity. He showed kindness and volunteered polite and respectful assistance in locating sites around the city.
    Lydia Tarik, wielder of the named-sword Icicle, slayer of dresses.
    Mabelle A veteran of the city. Ambitious and pleasant. I should corner him one day for a quiet conversation.
    Maeve He drank all my tea even though he didnt want tea to begin with. That's such a nice thing! I just might send him more tea samples from time to time.
    Martino Only recently visited the Lyceum wards and, well, we have got him captured now! Seems a friend of Princess Valencia which puts him in good stead with me.
    Marzio Master Tarik, or just Tarik as he would rather me call him, seems to be a good man. He administered my test for the Society of Explorers and did a fine job, if I do say so myself. Of course, I do not really know how other tests go, so I have nothing by which to judge it by. Top marks in my book.
    Mercedes Seems a solid man. The sort that could be easily embroiled in the dangers of this realm, but may transpire to have the nerve and wisdom for it. His courtesy, and sense of industry, commend him.
    Mikani It's hard to place a finger on what I like about Master Tarik. I guess I will just have to talk to him more and figure it out.
    Miranda Seems an eager fighter, willing to have ample teachers. I respect that... of course, I would since that's exactly what I do when I want to improve on my knowledge. It's a good sign, I think.
    Mirk Distant. He barely stopped by for a moment, and kept everything close to the vest.
    Monique Polite. So very polite. I wonder what he's like when he's not being so polite... Makes me want to find out.
    Morrighan He's a face I haven't seen in the Redrain Ward before, I saw him at the fealty dinner. Seemed a bit nervous, but was sociable, albeit a touch quiet. Recommended he sample the whiskey. Always a good idea. I should probably chatter at him at some point later, always good to know who is who in the Ward.
    Nadir Tarik struck me as a man who says what he wants. Completely honest, which is refreshing in the world of diplomacy, politics and secrets. It was an enjoyable time and he makes a splendid drinking companion, on the extremely rare occasion that I drink.
    Nina He tossed me a coin, so he must be used to dealing with street bards!
    Ophelia I will have to give him a better tour of the Lodge of Petrichor the next time I see him. Although the orchard was /lovely/ when he visited. He's also great at collecting blueberries!
    Orelia An adventurer! I'm going to have to stick close to this guy.
    Orrin I ought to come around the Academy more often - it isn't every day I meet someone so willing and eager to be a help.
    Orrin Master Tarik .. who dislikes being called a Master. I can sympathize with this and respect that choice. Furthermore, he fits right in with those of the nobility and has little problem providing engaging conversation.
    Otto A friendly fellow, generous and good natured.
    Peri This man has seen a lot and faced many challenges in this world.
    Petal He is pleasant company and down to earth.
    Porter This guy really likes to talk about how happy he is to be researching. Good for him.
    Raja He's an interesting sort. He's part of the Valorous Few and was trying to recruit me. I am not too sure about it, but I did give my word that I would think on it.
    Reese The poor man has probably had a hard life and got paid to do some not fun things. He is pleasant conversation.
    Richard Explorers are good people to know, particularly with the places my own duties tend to take me. I will have to keep him in mind, should I have need of one's assistance.
    Rinel He knows too little, and too much. I would guide him if I trusted myself to--so I must give him to more capable hands, and pray the Gods look with more favour upon him.
    Romulius Rowenova's betrothed - humble, and as it sounds, quite devoted.
    Rosalind He seems rough around the edges, he was a sell sword and all. But! Hes good in the woods too and I bet him and I could be friends if I sit long enough.
    Rowenova A man with a name like that is someone I should get to know!
    Rysen An amiable man who seems to be in good standing with House Kennex, and a great companion for a drink.
    Sabella A fantastic host of fantastical ice events at the Hart! He seems to have a lot of good cheer and brings that out in Scout Rowenova as well!
    Seren This man knows the North, that's clear. Maybe we can help each other out.
    Shard Halfshav is the word that stood out eventually. Careful. Otherwise he's young. I'm not entirely sure he knows the difference between Hart and Heart. I /think/ so. I think he's just making an excruciatingly painful pun, over and over again, probably to flirt. Valorous Few recruit, but it sounds as though he splits his time.
    Skaldia He seems a knowledgable sort, and very quick to pay for entertainment!
    Sparte A nice and sturdy individual. Seems to have my luck for things. Hope his trip to TelMarch was exciting.
    Sunaia Have I changed so much in the months past or has he? Whichever the case, I'd like to get it right, this time, since it's clear he genuinely cares - and Lou and my cousin can't be wrong in trusting him.
    Sydney Looks like he's seen combat, and anyone who'd prefer at any point to be a drunk than a soldier shows a greater than average amount of sense.
    Tescelina A Northern man, very stout and fascinated with bears. Curiosity is an admirable trait. I enjoyed his company.
    Thena I wish I had more answers for him. I remember what it was like, thinking I had finally found the key, only to discover yet more questions. But I'll give whatever help I can. Gods protect him.
    Valdemar A humble, faithful man from what I have seen of him so far.
    Verity The ambition to go from caravan attendant to member of the Explorers Guild is the sort of thing that makes for an interesting life. If Princess Lou has extended her patronage to him, he must show skill!
    Victus Valorous Few and one of the few I've met from 'em. Boy looks trained and ready, respectable that.
    Zoey That he thinks highly of certain family of mine tells me he is a good judge of character.