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Theodoric Ulbran

So you wish to survive your new life in the Lower Boroughs, I take it? Short of a slow death under the charity of 'The Tragedy,' you've got to find a gang. You can try the Cullers or some pack of filthy urchins, but you risk getting knifed for your troubles. Thankfully, I've always got work for the willing.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Lower Boroughs Crime Lord
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Ulbran
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 41
Birthday: 9/29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Charcoal black
Eye Color: Almond brown
Skintone: Rugged swarthy


    Combined with a heavily sun-kissed complexion, a light smattering of old scars gives this burly dwarf a certain roguish attractiveness. His high widow's peak styles straight shoulder-length hair, hued an inky shade of well-refined charcoal. The dark ends of a thick mustache become lost in the great scraggly forest of his beard, often cordoned off by golden beads into numerous dreadlocks. The solid tone of deep almond brown eyes have surely never been veiled by rose-colored glasses, oozing an unflinching confidence and powerful practicality. When he speaks, his voice is like polished stone, its harshness smoothed away into a rough yet strikingly appealing timbre.


    Survive and thrive. That's Theod's motto. Another one: don't get mad, get even. A perfect gentleman by all outward accounts, certainly while under noble scrutiny, he weaves through conversations as easily as a snake slithers through the grass. A bottomless pit of confidence, there is little he won't do to get what he wants. Around the more common folk, he's known as a hedonist and an occasional tyrant, though the latter is practically essential in order to secure a firm control over dangerous felons. Whether the chivalrous man of refinement or the ruthless crime baron, few if any know the true Theod at his core.


    Many in the Lower Boroughs call the slums their home, but few would have the gall to name it their kingdom. Sometimes ally and sometimes enemy of the most powerful crime families, Theodoric Ulbran has managed to carve himself a feared and respected throne among the local ne'er-do-wells. Recruiting and extorting the undesirables of the world, and responsible for numerous protection rackets, even the nobility hesitate to bring him in. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't. Besides, he keeps a tight grasp on his more volatile thugs, so the well-bribed Iron Guard and Inquisition often turn a blind eye to any less agreeable dealings. As the understanding goes, without him, many deadly criminals would be left unleashed to run havoc across the city of Arx. He built his underground empire from the frequently unhinged cast-offs of society, those that even the Culler family might rebuke. Shavs and Abandoned in search of a new home frequently arrive in Arx, where Theodoric welcomes them with open arms, before using them for his multifaceted ends. All this made possible from sheer devious insight and a too-clever tongue, as his diminutive figure hardly lends itself well to the brawn of pitched brawls.

    A forgotten orphan discarded at the doorstep of 'The Tragedy,' he had to survive hand to mouth for much of his childhood. By his teens, the discrepancy between his height and those of his peers became painfully apparent, and he was forced to learn to use his wits over his muscles if he didn't want to starve. Upon persuading a group of urchins to let him join and then lead them, he slowly built his future domain one criminal at a time.

Relationship Summary

  • Livye - The Smooth Talking Asp
  • Name Summary
    Adora I owe him.
    Alayne A sluddering malformation of weather-beaten living and the cacophonic; the sardonically resonant mix of humors forming a hard-earned existence come together in compact packaging.
    Alessia A perfectly amicable man, easy to get along with, who claims to work towards the betterment of the people of the Lowers.
    Alrec I owe the Ulbran for opening my eyes.
    Auda Contrary. Maybe he just likes to grump.
    Barik Another scholar, another soul led by beliefs that don't matter, and Gods that don't exist. Often times I'd make good use of that, but this one seems to have the sense not to buy me free food. Good for him, I guess.
    Calandra Landlord. He's got this way about him that seems predatory while at the same time seeming quite reassuring. I'm not sure which to believe.
    Caspian The man is shadier then an oak tree in a forest at midnight. But he seems alright. Valencia seems to enjoy his company!
    Coraline I was amazed at the skill of punching things that he showed! Perhaps I will seek out training on how to hit things better someday, he certainly did a massive number on that giant dire rat!
    Faruq Bet against me at The Hollow. Would have bet against me twice. Third times the charm. All else I think he respects my ability to fight.
    Gareth The gregarious father figure of many of the Lower Boroughs. Perhaps at one time he was just a petty thug. But this thug has learned how to smile and how to think. Which makes him certainly, very dangerous.
    Gianna A man to get on the good side of.
    Harper Even if I don't trust him farther than I can throw him (which isn't far... could I even pick him up? Okay not at all then.), he does some nice things for the Tragedy. So he gets a little credit.
    Holt I guessed that he was a somebody, and it looks like I was right. Seems like he's the sort of man it would be useful to know, and healthy to stay on the good side of.
    Jyri Nothing like sitting down having an ale with an Ulbran. Keeps you on your toes.
    Lore Talks about parties where people might get tossed off roofs. Sounds like my kind of parties!
    Lys Who wouldn't like Theodoric? He's like your cranky uncle who wants to lead you into criminal behavior.
    Magpie Magpie wasn't sure what to expect when sitting down to talk with the head of the Ulbrans. Theodoric seemed smart, capable, and a good sense of humor. Makes sense why he's been ruling things down by the docks for so long!
    Melody A confident and enjoyable friend who has his fingers in all things dark and sweet. I never ask, but I'm sure he's got some exciting things to share. Maybe one day I'll get the chance.
    Miranda Not sure what to make of this fellow. Smooth talker, somewhat charming. Maybe he just needs to grow on you.
    Moira Rival, sometimes ally of necessity, Theodoric Ulbran can be charming when he wishes to be. But we both know what he is truly capable of.
    Orathy Reckon of all the people I be expectin some help from, it be this Ulbran. Fer all the turf wars and the tussels over the years, reckon he be gettin my respect.
    Petal He seems to understand hard choices and has a few himself I think. I wish I could tell him more, but I probably shouldn't.
    Raja The crime lord of the Ulbrans. The weasel took the Hollows out from under me. Well, I would have done the same if I were him. That's what I get for leaving town for so long.
    Raymesin The Boss. It's been a while, but at least /someone/ remembers me, and what I can do.
    Reese He implies he is a legend of darkness or something! Monique says he is helps orphans. I think it must be the later or he wouldn't be here. He seems like a guy who teases and he does have mustache. I mostly feel confused on meeting him.
    Rinel He seems very sure of himself. Perhaps more sure than is warranted.
    River Cold, under a exterior of cheerfulness. I'm thinking someone to watch out for, or to perhaps get on a good side.
    Rook Not at all like I would've imagined him in the flesh, and yet, Theodoric Ulbran has the presence about him that indicates there's more than meets the eye. It isn't the illicit rumour that surrounds the Lowers, its families, and its denizens you have to worry about-- it's what you don't hear.
    Rowenova How can a guy this nice be such a bad man?! Smooth Operator!
    Simone Theodoric seems to be nice, if a little rough around the edges. Though I did not scratch the surface too deeply, at least his goals seem to be worthy. He is quite perceptive, too. He bears watching.
    Skatha Boss Ulbran; funnier than word on the street suggests, and I don't mean his looks.
    Stygia Like it or not, I'm in this with him. Thick n thin, Better or worse, King and Queen Under the Bridge.
    Torian I have little doubt you can trust his word, but be cautious about trusting his stories. Especially you farmers.