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Lady Lethe Tyde

When someone is going through the storm the silence of your presence is more powerful than a million empty words.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Empathetic Witness
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Tyde
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 19
Birthday: 04/05
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Healer
Height: average height
Hair Color: raven
Eye Color: deep sea blue
Skintone: dusky

Titles: Disciple of the Queen of Endings

Description: A willowy young woman with a youthful face, her features are soft, and pretty. Her long, raven locks are frequently bound up as they seem prone to escaping in a mess of tight curls if they are not. Her skin is dusky, though a smattering of darker freckles cross her pert nose. Her eyes are soft, the same deep sea blue the Tydes are well known for, framed by long, thick lashes and often have a mournful quality to them that does not fully match the rest of her expression. Her mouth is expressive, easily flowing from smiles to frowns, to concerned lip biting. She is of average height and her body is trim, almost boyish. She moves with an unconscious grace and fluidity. About her there is an soothing air and when she speaks it is with a soft voice that demands others quiet to listen to each beautiful intonation and word.

Personality: Lethe feels deeply, not just her own emotions but those around her. She can be caught up in the tide of a boisterous gathering, drunk on just the force of the merriment about her, or be brought to tears by the heart break of a complete stranger. She sails from calm to storm and back again, embracing pain and pleasure equally and unflinchingly in others. It is this that allows her to help where others may not, trained as a healer, when bandages and tinctures fail she understands the value of simply sitting and holding someone's hand, or listening to their final words. Small gestures can have great impact. Lethe is also inhumanely patient, she gives others room to speak their needs or act as they might, in no rush to interfere unless it is necessary. She understands that change for better or worse, comes slowly.

Background: Lethe was born 15 minutes after her brother Acheron much to her relief. Their mother, Gilda Tyde, formerly Ashford, had the 2, then 6 year old twins with her in Ashford Keep, visiting family at the onset of the Tyde Rebellion and upon hearing of the death of their father the children were quietly absorbed into the Ashford family without a word to anyone.

Over the next 13 years Lethe truly thrived in the Grey Forest where she followed around family members, learning to harvest plants and make concoctions and treatments, and tending to the wounds of those soldiers fighting the Shavs that inhabited the area. As much as learning to repair bodies fascinated the young lady, and it truly did seem as if a great magic to have the power to knit flesh closed, or ease suffering with a few drops of the right oil, she always had a very clear understanding of a line she felt few others did, the place of letting go she calls it. The place where the healer's efforts become more about their own comfort and assurance that they exhausted every possibility than they are actually improving the quality of the patient's life, and often in fact, are causing far more suffering for the dying one.

Much to the horror of some of her peers during the fighting over past years in the Grey Forest, every now and then Lethe would simply set down her tools and sit beside a wounded man, and tell him or her it was okay to go, and stay with them until indeed they passed from the world, invariably sooner than later. Always after her explanation was simple 'I did what was needed'.

The world changed again when they learned that Tyde, their late father's family had been restored, and while Gilda was not settled into her home, wouldn't it be better for her children to be treasured first cousins of a Duchess in a very small house than forgotten cousins of a Duke in a sprawling one? And so Lethe and Acheron were sent off to Arx and to return to the Thraxian world that while they were born into, had grown strange to them. This new change in their path Lethe weathered as she always has quietly and open to whatever is ahead of them.

Name Summary
Alarissa In truth, the woman stayed relatively quite, relatively polite, but has a knack for healing. She might be a handy tyde in the days and months to come as a Lady-in-Waiting.
Ann I never expected a chosen of the Queen of Endings to be so sweet and helpful. A bit shy, but you can tell her heart is in the right place. The Queen's flock is richer with her in it. I will have to drop by more often. Next time, I'll bring tea. Or whiskey. Or both!
Daemon A soft spoken healer from the Isles to the east. We both work around death quite often, it's comforting to have a moment of peace with it as well.
Echo A beautiful Thrax lady who stopped by a wedding to put a smile on my cousin's face. She's kind-hearted and probably full of all sorts of cool and mysterious talents, I wonder how I can drag this one out of the woodwork?
Kaldur A lovely scion of the Tyde family. I hope that our Houses become closer.
Kenna If she doesn't come shopping with me when I hunt her down next I will be very put out!
Lorenzo Shared a drink at the Sleepless Knights. A very lovely if softspoken young woman.
Malesh A newcomer to the city, met at the Golden Hart for the spring celebration, a lucky time to be introduced to that gracious place.
Merek Merek met this woman while she was speaking with Leona. He thinks she is a curious sort with interest in the Faith, and she also seems respectful and nice!
Sebastian A lovely lady with an interest in art. I look forward to sharing some of my work to see what she might see in it.