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Cesare Whisper

Each audience is different and there's a dark side to everything. I never forget those two truths as I sing.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Singer of Setarco
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Whisper
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 03/15
Religion: Disciple of Jayus
Vocation: Courtier
Height: tall
Hair Color: ebon
Eye Color: dark cinnamon
Skintone: swarthy

Titles: Heartscourge of Eswyndol

Description: He is a man of dark skin and dark hair -- a walking shadow, lean and rangy and dangerously handsome. His face is symmetric and sharp, with cheeks and nose like cut stone, with slanted, smoldering eyes. His lips are full, his voice raw and rich and sweet like honey. He is lithe; smooth skin disguises each twist of toned muscle. His every movement is graceful, from the arrangement of his hands on instruments to the sudden curve of his rare smiles.

Personality: Dreamy and mild-tempered, Cesare makes good company for just about anyone, though he has an unshakable courage (and a bit of a snarky streak) beneath all that aloof geniality. His position as a Whisper has helped him embrace his sometimes biting wit, as he knows as long as he maintains the proper decorum he is somewhat protected by the order. Jealous young baronsons accosting him in an alley and trying to beat him up aren't really a problem, anymore. Gentle snark aside, Cesare is a young man who finds it hard to focus on the people around him when he's performing, or at large gatherings, but one on one? He is reminded of the beauty that is the wonder of creation in every unique individual. His good looks are undeniable, but his charm, the way he can sometimes focus so intently on one person that they feel they are the most interesting thing in the world? It makes him irresistable.

Background: Even at a very young age, Cesare stood out as an exceptional talent. While most boys his age in the Lyceum were already playing with swords, Cesare had a single passion that consumed him, with every waking thought dedicated to it and it alone: music. Every day he would toy with a new instrument or he would listen to the singers around the shrine of Jayus in his native Setarco, learning the same songs and then improving upon the delivery. The words just always came naturally to him, the music flowed through him and he had a voice that made crowds gather. First he attracted the notice of the disciples of Jayus and priests of the Faith of the Pantheon, who eagerly encouraged a young man with such obvious talent. Then he attracted nobles, who made a point to visit the young man's performances. Before long, he became known as 'the Singer of Setarco' or 'the man with the perfect voice'. The fame meant nothing to him, and he barely noticed it- he was tireless in seeking out new forms of music, in cultivating each and every aspect he could find, in the hope to finally capture something truly sublime in music. He still hopes to find a perfect moment that captures the essence of Jayus for all the world to hear.

Unfortunately, he couldn't linger in Setarco. He didn't realize how truly popular he had become until he was forced to flee the city as noblewomen who all seeked to patronize the talented young man became increasingly dangerously jealous over his lack of reciprocation of their affections. He was informed in no uncertain terms that he was likely to wind up dead as a result if he didn't flee, and has since made his way to Arx, more than a bit wiser at how dangerous spurned passion truly is. To that end, he has become a much sought after courtier, currently employed by the Whisper House, entertaining the greatest and most powerful women in the Compact, with the same respect and protections associated with other courtesans. He's still seeking that perfect song, but he's deciding there's sublime beauty in other parts of life as well.

Name Summary
Adalyn Intriguing, enjoyable, effortlessly likeable. I suspect that this Whisper shines in all manner of social settings, but I'm glad our initial meeting was not in a crowded ballroom at some formal event, but in the intimate company of friends: wine, conversation, literature. I hope for more gatherings such as this in the future.
Aelgar A caring man who offers a kindness to his friend discerningly and without hesitation. Perhaps it is his training that makes him so sensitive to human feelings, but I respect the man already for this talent.
Aethan Whispers are known for their flattering words. I'm more curious what is said when he isn't required to.
Anisha Cesare is one of those Whispers that I have come to think of as emblematic of the House, as an established Whisper of effortless and consummate grace. He carries himself with the cat-like dignity that signifies a man who truly knows his place in the world, and his devotion to his art is unparaelleled. To know Cesare Whisper is to know passion. Would you like an introduction?
Apollo A beautiful voice, a thoughtful head and kind heart behind it. He's well-suited to his work. Arresting.
Arman A charming and talented young man. A credit to the Whisper House.
Audgrim Some people are so socially pleasant you want to dislike them for being so outgoing, but you can't, because they're just that good at what they do.
Caprice A boon to the Disciples, generous with his time to the point I don't think he leaves much for himself. A boon to all of the Compact, really, but I see it from the angle of honoring Jayus. After all, what does he do that can't be considered art?
Cassiopeia Beautiful talent and an inspiring spirit. It was a pleasure. You are a friend of my family and so now a friend of mine. I look forward to getting to know you more, in the future.
Ember My grounding in musical theory is as well-developed as my ability to breathe underwater, and yet even I can tell a masterful singer when I hear one.
Esme DANGEROUSLY handsome, that's my favorite kind of handsome. I'm sure we are going to be good friends.
Evaristo Great to finally meet him! I look very much forward to us working together.
Faye A curious and open conversationalist. How interesting that we only just met, and we spent so much time talking about the past.
Giada Another Whisper and hopefully a frequent visitor.
Gio First glimpse of the Softest Whisper turns the logical into the lyrical.
Giorgio The Singer of Setarco. I have heard a few things of the Whisper from my brother and general gossip about the streets, and what I have seen in person certainly seems to be in agreement with the other accounts. Cesare Whisper seems to be an easy person with which to hold a conversation, and someone interested in helping where able.
Grady Connoisseur of fine wine, dancer of fine dances, whisperer in ears. The Softest Whisper certainly has a lot to teach a newcomer.
Graziella Cesare Whisper performed at one of my parties when I was girl... life was so much simpler in those days and his voice still manages to take me back there with ease. White marble and citrus, Setarco streets, sweetest Cesare. My dear Cesare. Sing one more...
Ilira That is a fucking beautiful man. I've been quiet about it, but he makes a woman stare when his back's turned. After sitting here with him for the last couple of hours, my opinion's gained a little more profundity: musical, luxurious, and a hint bitter, he is fascinating beyond the typical scope of most Whispers. Of course, I tend to see everything in everyone--it's just that this one reminds me so much of my own story.
Isabeau A lovely example of a Whisper.
Jasher A Whisper beloved by many, as I expect, but too quick to depreciate his own talents. His voice is anything but as he described it to me. It is very much like an artist to cross humility with self-deprecation; I empathize. May he glimpse those dolphins, and share the promised tally.
Lucrezia Charming and interesting in a way I understand why my sister collected him. Anticipating what sort of husband he finds for me.
Mabelle Lively and bubbly Whisper with a passion for beauty and art. Sweet tongue as expected. I'm certain if there is more than meets the eye.
Maris Warm eyes and southern charm make for a winsome Whisper. Seems that he's already entrenched in Princess Graziella's good graces. I suppose he might get along with my little brother, then.
Mattheu Only a few days in the city, and I've already been caught by not one, but now two Whispers to share my love of dance and mischief with. Each are their own creature of curiosity and delight, this one intrigues me in their discussions and drinks shared.
Medeia He seems like a good time at a party, perhaps a less weapony party, next time.
Narcissa What may be thought to be missteps may instead be stones paving the path to your future. Carve them where you may, though tread lightly.
Nigel A delightful Whisper who I have had the pleasure of meeting a few times. He possesses a very unique perspective on life, and one that I would be very interested in learning more of in the future.
Nina A Whisper fond of silks, and possessed of a marvelous singing voice. I believe he's from Setarco as well! So I know we'd have a lot in common.
Noah It is very entertaining to see him change who he is around those he's around. This is not a hit of insult. It is a skill. One I do not desire to have, but it's amusing to see in action.
Orland At first I thought he was trying to occupy space that was taken, but after what he did for me, that particular offer of being an ear, I think of him in completely different light, and the light is warm and bright.
Poppy A wonderful whisper. He helped me navigate my first foot in mouth experience. I imagine he will be a great help in my future.
Raimon A walking shadow whose sudden smile explodes like a sunburst. A man of leisure and fine tastes. A Whisper.
Roran A very dutiful and responsible Whisper, one that has a heart in the right place to heal the little hurts to make the world a bit more better. Certainly with his own challenges, but who could say they're perfect? Dresses in a way to make a Tor rose garden jealous!
Samira I wonder if he knows what a gift he has for drawing people in and setting them at ease? I suppose being a Whisper, he might. Warm, engaging, lovely, he's like a burst of sunshine after a dreary day.
Savio Life is an unkindness, but within its cold there are those who still seek to offer warmth and shelter. I am glad to meet this spark of kindness and compassion.
Scythia A lively Whisper I have had the pleasure to work alongside of late.
Sydney Calm and inquisitive, with a manner about him as soothing as summer rains.
Venturo A true whisper, ready with humor, wit, and a discrete ear for those who need a silent confidant. I grow to understand why Duke Apollo enjoys his company.
Vincenzo Any friend of Ilira is most certainly a friend of mine and Cesare is no exception. Elegant and friendly, I could certainly stand to get to know this Whisper better.
Vulpiano I should not be surprised that a Whisper gathers so much useful information. Oh wait. No - I'm not surprised at all. He and I should speak more often.
Zoey There is so much more than a pretty face, or even the skill to this man. If only more people in this world had hearts like his.