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Lord Archeron Tyde

Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Land Locked Tyde Lord
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Tyde
Gender: male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 19
Birthday: 04/05
Religion: The Faith
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brilliant blue
Skintone: earthy brown

Description: This young man is tall and a lanky, his youthful frame showing the promise of a beefier build that he has yet to fully grow into. His dark hair is typically cropped short for practicality rather than aesthetics, showing off his coffee colored skin and chiseled features; the most striking of these are his unearthly blue eyes, so bright and almost unnatural seeming amid the rest of his earthy hues. Those eyes seem to miss little around him but the rest of the young Tyde lord remains rather reserved and stoic. When his limbs are bared an interesting rope of thick white scar wraps around his right arm from wrist to elbow and the same along the length of his left leg.

Personality: Archeron a creature of wood and earth, he is most comfortable in the natural world and in the urban world there is always a sense of 'on guard' about him. He is not so much quiet as he doesn't feel compelled to speak unless he has something to say, and when he does so he does it concisely, respectfully, and without any bravado. He is steady and reliable, perhaps even predictable, seeming to the lack the sort mercurial reactivity his Thraxian peers are so well known for.

Background: Archeron was born about 15 minutes before his sister Lethe, and thus, born both the oldest and a Tyde Lord, the mantle of 'being the responsible one' was given to him at birth by both his mother and father. From infancy the notion that he is would be responsible for caring for and protecting the family imbued all of his early life lessons. When the twins were 6 years old, their mother Lady Gilda, took them to visit her birth family the Ashfords just before the onset of the Tyde Rebellion and upon hearing of the death if their father, Lord Raymond Tyde, the three were all quietly absorbed into the Ashford family without a word to anyone and there they stayed for the next 13 years.

For entirely different reasons than his sister, Archeron flourished in the Grey Forest, there seemed to be something right to him about steady ground under his feet that he had never experienced in the unsteady world of ships and sea. He climbed trees with his cousins, learned to hunt and track game as a boy and for many years it seemed as he would fall comfortably into the life of a ranger and warden.

And then the Silence came to the Grey Forest. Archeron served with the rest of the Ashford rangers to stave off the vile corruptions that wished to destroy his home and for this he is marked forever having gotten caught up in the thorny whip wielded by one of their Shav minions before he was able to put an arrow in underling's eye.

When the war ended, the world changed again when word reached them that their father's family had been restored under the union of his cousin Duchess Margot and the former prince and heir to Maelstrom and Archeron's mother asked that he go with his sister to Arx to rejoin their birth family, saying that their opportunities may be better there where they can be what they were board to be.

The truth is Archeron aches for the forests he knows and understands already but he knows that his reprieve is over, it is time to pick up the role he was born for to be the protector of not just his sister but his family again.

Relationship Summary

  • Lethe - The sister to be protected

  • Family:
  • Margot - Cousin Duchess - also to be protected
  • Name Summary