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Lord Ian Kennex

It's going to be alright.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Half a man
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 30
Birthday: 11/26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tanned

Titles: Sword of Stormward

Description: An overwhelming calm and a razor sharp focus surround this man, turning a demeanor that could otherwise be called 'flat' into something detached and dangerous. Pain and determination are carved deep in his graven features, aging him prematurely, and there's gray sprinkled in his dark hair, but his eyes are serene. His eyes are a deep, almost impossible shade of electric blue, and his level gaze, when he fixes it on someone, could be a weapon in its own right.

He has the compact, athletic build and powerful upper body of a fighter, and wears, under his clothing, the scars to match. Someone who cares to look close might notice that his boots are reinforced on the inside with a complex system of diamondplate braces, barely outlined by the thick leather exterior, but enough to be visible. There's a cane to go with those braces, and this man who looks to have faced a lifetime of violence seems to need it.

Personality: Ian is at once serene and driven, ruthlessly efficient to a degree that doesn't always seem human. Duty is what drives him -- duty to his wife, duty to his family and his people, duty to his fealty, duty to the Compact, and duty to the Gods -- and he's tireless in its pursuit. He doesn't feel as deeply most people do, and this, combined with his drive and uncompromising nature, make it hard for him to connect with people or understand the nuances of social interaction. In a lot of ways, his social limitations frustrate him more than his physical ones. It's only when he has a weapon in hand that everything snaps into focus and the world makes sense to him; it's no wonder that he only really inhabits his own skin when he goes to war.

Background: Ian was born the third son of a lesser branch of the family, far from power... but nevertheless, he seemed destined for greatness. He was hardy, athletic, and fearless, and he added to that a focus and ruthless drive that was almost inhuman. He found his calling at a mere five years old, the first time that he picked up a blade. From that moment on, he turned all of his being towards honing his skill, making himself into a more efficient weapon and, as he got older, a better killer.

Ian followed his brothers Aethan and Porter to sea when he was nine. For his first few years, they stayed on relatively safe convoy duty, until it was judged that Ian, at fifteen, was ready for more. He'd already killed, after all, two years before -- the only one who was worried about him was Aethan, and only because Ian had handled that experience a little too well. With the youngest of them ready, the Brothers Kennex were transferred to hunting pirates. Intense Aethan, affable party boy Porter, and calm, driven Ian were making a name for themselves. It was with them that Washburn Grayson, soon to be Wash Kennex, learned to sail. Ian was starting to be acknowledged as one of the best swordsmen in the Isles. Aethan even gave him commands of his own from time to time. Only prize ships, but a real command was sure to follow.

And then his life came crashing down.

He was seventeen. Aethan had given him command of a prize ship they'd taken earlier that day. They set off for home together, but Ian's ship, severely damaged, fell behind. As darkness closed in that night, a powerful storm overtook them, and Ian soon realized that unless a broken line high in the rigging was spliced, the ship wouldn't bear the strain of the wind, and would sink... and the only person he was sure could get that line spliced was him. With the mast swaying wildly, he managed to repair the line, but on the way down, he fell. At first everyone thought he'd died, and maybe he should have had the sense to do so. If he had, he would have died a hero, instead of living his days as half a man, a paralyzed cripple.

But Ian's focus and drive hadn't deserted him. Feeling started to come back after a little over a year, and he pushed himself the way that he always had, determined to walk again. It took years, but walk he did, and as soon as he could move around he was sent away to Arx, where he would find "more opportunity". There, his healing continued; under the tutelage of Duke Harald Grimhall and Duke Arn Telmar, he picked up a weapon again, and after that there was no stopping him. He led the Grim Fleet home after Duke Grimhall's injury at the battle in the north, and guarded a critical asset during the Pirate War in Setarco. He'll never again be the warrior he was, but in these desperate times, what he's become will have to do.

Things are looking up for Ian. Prince Galen, the Warlord of Thrax, has put him in command of Thrax's special forces. He's married to Lady Zoey, formerly of Bisland -- a match far better than he had any right to expect -- and has even reunited with Wash, and with his brothers. War looms on the horizon, but Ian is a man more comfortable at war than at peace, and he's ready to fight.

Relationship Summary

  • Alarissa - Not what I thought she was.
  • Victus - Obedience. An oath is an oath.
  • Vanora - Glad she got out. Wish she'd stayed out.
  • Valdemar - Not half the man his father was.
  • Sorrel - Ambitious, and fearless. A combination that worries me.
  • Savio - I couldn't have been more wrong.
  • Raven - A lesson I'd rather not have learned.

  • Family:
  • Octavia - Myopic.
  • Jan - A kindred spirit
  • Catalana - Naive enough to be dangerous.
  • Victoria - Tied to some unhappy memories.
  • Constantine - Effective.
  • Evander - So I guess he's not dead.
  • Titania - Don't know how she's back, but glad she is.

  • Sibling:
  • Wash - Not a brother by blood, but a brother all the same.
  • Porter - He stuck with me when no one else did. I'll never forget that.
  • Aethan - As much a father to me as a brother.

  • Ally:
  • Skapti - A good sailor, and a good man.
  • Galen - Not sure what to make of him.
  • Torian - It takes a thief to catch a thief.
  • Delilah - She knows everything.
  • Haakon - We don't always see eye to eye. We don't have to.
  • Harlex - The best there is.
  • Faye - Not her father's daughter.
  • Raymesin - Grounded.
  • Raja - Brave enough to speak the truth.

  • Spouse:
  • Zoey - Why?

  • Deceased:
  • Anton - Wish he'd gone below like he was told.
  • Harald - He went out like he wanted to.
  • Ford - Nobody deserves that end.
  • Gailin - You... never really know someone.
  • Luca - Oh, for fuck's sake.
  • Arn - A debt I can never repay.
  • Cassius - I wish he'd let me help him.
  • Darrow - We never got to have that spar.
  • Sivard - I can never forgive.
  • Zhayla - A lesson learned, but too late.
  • Arcadia - She made it count.
  • Tescelina - When she told me where she was going, I knew how it would end.
  • Orazio - So much I never said.
  • Jyri - So... that happened.
  • Rysen - Another man I didn't expect to outlive.
  • Aiden - Wasn't a warrior, but went to war. He won't be the last.
  • Orrin - He understood his duty to his people, even to the end.
  • Domonico - A man like him shouldn't have gone out like he did.
  • Skye - One of my oldest friends, now gone.
  • Niklas - Didn't deserve to end as a twist of the knife.
  • Edward - We took different paths, but he was a friend.
  • Monique - Died as she lived.
  • Dagon - If he died my enemy, why does it feel like I've lost a friend?
  • Felicia - We've come through so much that I thought we always would.
  • Hadrian - Don't like how things ended. Don't like that they ended.
  • Dianna - Maybe I couldn't have helped her, but I should have tried.

  • Friend:
  • Valencia - An escape to a kinder place.
  • Regla - Trouble.
  • Marian - A warrior.
  • Eirene - She wears that armor for a reason. I respect that.
  • Peri - I don't think she knows how big the stakes are.
  • Sabella - ... So much talking.
  • Aindre - Where he leads, I follow.
  • Lucita - Daylight.
  • Evelynn - Dangerous. Especially to me.
  • Denica - A sister.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Shared a drink with him at the Hart. An interesting man with interesting tales.
    Adrienne I made Ian Kennex's acquaintance at a party hosted by Juliana Pravus to award his house a caravel. He is a contrast to his wife, but both are level-headed and well-grounded individuals. When the subject turns to fanciful topics, I have no doubt that Ian Kennex will not let fancy run away with him.
    Aelgar A generous and forthright man, jumping right in to help solve the problems. A leader and a doer.
    Aella Quiet, doesn't like crowds or overly formal situations, might be good for talking ships and swords some other time with fewer courtly types around.
    Aerandir A seasoned warrior, if his knowledge of current affairs - the outlandish foes threatenning us in particular - is any indication. He has grim tales to tell, perhaps why our paths met by a bar, with drinks in hand.
    Aethan My youngest brother, who hardly needs describing.
    Aethan The best thing I can do, is to treat him better than I did before the accident. I have the chance to spend more time with him, now that the war is done. I won't hold back the punches though.
    Aethan My youngest brother. Someone I can depend upon utterly, someone I wish I could do more to help sometimes, but someone I will drop everything for to help should he need it. A great source of pride as well. The student became the master, and I couldn't be prouder of him for it.
    Agatha Speaks truth to power gracefully and tenaciously.
    Ahmar A very knowledgeable lord who gave me some pointers about my spear work.
    Aiden He saw fit to personally attend to seeing tea my way, after inviting me to his table despite my intrusion to the conversation. How kind of the man. That aside, he's proclaimed a man with knowledge of a sea. Qualities that are good to know about a person.
    Ailys Lord Ian is a most skilled and diligent protector in battle. I have rarely been so well looked after.
    Ainsley The first time I met this man he was helping me to try and save four children from a burning building. Afterward he offered to help my new ward. He's got a true hero's spirit.
    Aisha Former betrothed. He's not dead. May as well get to know him.
    Ajax A man with a cane, a tragedy that. Part of me wants to fight the guy when he's strong again. I like that look in his eyes when he sees the fighting going on.
    Alaric His guiding ambition seems to be to have all the presence and emotive capacity of a cloakpost. Don't let the neutral facade fool you, however; behind it lurks a sharp mind and an alarming supply of alcohol.
    Alarissa Oh, I think I could come to enjoy this man and his company. There could be conversations I am sure.
    Alecstazi A kennex, but I try not to hold that against him. He is both sharp and fuzzy all at once. Half the time he is not present, but when he is, alaricite.
    Aleksei He's pretty quiet! I fortunately talked enough for both of us.
    Alessandro Lord Ian seems to be a good, earnest man, if not the most expressive one. The latter hardly matters when the former is present, though.
    Alexis Lord Ian Kennex. Does not put people in sacks. Also apparently looks like he's about to eat people, per the Chief Magistrate's complaint. Silent Thraxian Mystique.
    Amantha A man who knows when to keep his peace. A rarity.
    Amaranth I can tell you have much to say, and yet you don't say it. Cat got your tongue? Rat got your backbone? I'm so curious that it's going to drive me mad!
    Amarantha I wish I had met him in better circumstances. I was never a fan of Thrax but the bravery he showed defending Zhayla and helping Marian is a credit to that House.
    Anisha Lord Ian Kennex is a complex man, and I'm not sure I can say much for certain but this - he makes a -wonderful- straight man in a comedy act.
    Ann I've heard more than a little about this man, and he didn't disappoint. He's sharp and attentive.
    Anton It's good to see Ian found a wife here, and a Sword, although neither of us are looking too good these days. Well, whatever. Still alive, that counts for a lot.
    Apollo He's so QUIET. Festive, he claims. I remember I looked at the design on his pauldron once and thought he was going to bite me. I don't think he'd bite me anymore.
    Arcadia More than meets the eye with this one. I wonder what secrets he holds.
    Arcelia I met Lord Ian at Sameera's shop. He seems like he is a nice man and I can hardly blame him for getting defensive of his cousin. That he rose to defend his cousin when he thought she was being insulted says something of his family ethics and I can respect that. I hope to meet him again in the future, maybe have a glass of wine with the man and see more of who he is.
    Arianna Stoic, a hard Thraxian man who seems to have an interest in trade. Noble? Perhaps. Intriguing? Oh most definitely. Handsome. Gods yes.
    Ariella My men say he's deadlier than the plague. After having let him batter me around the fighting pit, I don't doubt it.
    Ariella His bossiness would be annoying if it wasn't so stirring.
    Arman A very difficult read. I have heard rumors of his work here and there, but to meet the man is to meet a mystery.
    Armani Keeps his own company, but not one of those stolid types who throws off companionship when they're in a bad mood. That's a rare thing!
    Arn Solid looking lad. Has a bad leg. If he doesn't right past that then it's a waste. Nice and quiet too. Nothing wrong with that.
    Arn Crippled Kennex lord. Has grit, though, and a strong will. Good for him.
    Arthen That's a man what comes off as a closed book, at first. I've noticed that. But I think there's a lot on his pages, you just have to know what page it is you're looking for instead of waitin' for him to open right up to you.
    Artorius A quiet and reserved man. I met him via a meal with the Lady Melinda. He has a pain in his eyes, and I hope that even though he has a calm and perhaps disinterested persona, I hope he finds purpose anew.
    Artur This guy, damn. He’s like a cougar, he’ll get you when you don’t expect it and just like a cougar, he’s an agile hunter capable of taking down things much larger than himself. He’s got a grace and agility when he fights that is amazing but I don’t see that outside of fighting. A teacher for sure which would benefit the Northlands if I can find a way to learn from him.
    Ashur A man who was mostly silent, but uncowed, with a quiet strength that I imagine must be very great to drive him through the travails of life. He appears to have some difficulty walking.
    Aswin I don't know how he beat me as easily as he did when he can't move any quicker than he can. It's embarassing, but it says something for his skill. One day I'll best him.
    Athaur A quite sort of Lord. One might even say Dour, but I wager he is just frugal with his words.
    Audgrim He's an elite fighter, that's for sure. The kind to wade into danger and come out of it alive no matter how many times he is hit.
    Austen A sturdy lord, with incredible hidden depths. A most excellent fighter.
    Azova He honors Darrow, and for that he is family. Worst patient ever, maybe, but also dependable, solid, and loyal.
    Baltus Politics. Boring. I need rum.
    Baltus Lord Kennes. Tough as Alaricite it seems. Survived that shark attack.
    Barric A quiet man, thinks before he speaks, something I should get better at. Does not let adversity get him down, he soldiers on and through while helping others to better themselves. It is easy to see why he is so well spoken of.
    Beatrice Lord Ian's body barely seems able to contain his grit and energy. He is a wonder and ally worth having.
    Behtuk In Arx, even cripples fight. It is dangerous here.
    Berenice The most cheerful man of the Mourning Isles! Along with Lord Aethan and Prince Jasher.
    Bhandn Sardonic, but then, given the subject we discussed when we were introduced to each other, who wouldn't be? I'm not certain what to think of the man.
    Bianca A very stoic man. Quiet, but poignant.
    Blacktongue His back certainly is strong.
    Blacktongue The Kennex lord is a touch more gray than I recall him being before I left the city. Wisdom always comes at the cost of beauty, does it not? Whether wisdom gained by poor choice or age.
    Braden Quite the fighter. I would have to come across him when he is using a real sword. I was lucky to be standing at the end of that.
    Brigida Walks with a cane just like me. I think he probably handles himself a bit better, though.
    Cadenza An interesting fellow....though he always seems to drinking and appearing stressed. Then again...aren't we all stressed?
    Cambria Quiet, with little affect. He does seem quite astute, however. The way he grips his cane did not escape my notice.
    Carmen Quiet and lame, as reported. Human, not as reported. Stands as still as a statue and has no idea how his life's about to change thanks to that little baby.
    Caspian He seems to be the very serious sort. Not that it's a bad thing, mind you.
    Caspian He's a good man. I trust him.
    Cassima I was so annoyed - I forgot your name
    Cassiopeia A storm cloud.
    Catalana Nothing changes. I am glad he kept Wash out of trouble.
    Cecilia My cousin. Never one to mince words, yet one I'm always happy to see.
    Celine A quietly spoken man that appears to have a great deal of knowledge on matters of combat. Heavily scarred, I imagine he must have a great many stories to tell, along with much wisdom to dispense.
    Christine My cousin is always so serious and grave... I'm not sure why I feel so attached to him because we couldn't be more different, but he's one of my favorites.
    Cirroch He spoke highly of Lady Joslyn's fighting and had a good suggestion to speak with Lady Dianna Mazetti for large weapon training. I'll have to thank him if that turns out to be a good lead.
    Cirroch A quiet man who drinks a lot. Also, I am three fourths sure that he had a woman behind those high seats.
    Cirroch A calm, cool, and collected man, though not one for parties, it seems.
    Cirroch Met them on a couple of occassions in passing, everyone said that he'd been injured. Though from watching him fight, you'd never think that was ever an issue.
    Clara Observant man. Curious about this one. Maybe he'll come back an' chat some more.
    Clover Serious, quiet, calm. I think there's a lot going on underneath the surface, but you won't see it!
    Clover I. Saw. Him. Smile. At. Zoey! I did! Don't you say I didn't! I saw Lord Ian smile at his wife!
    Coraline He knows so much! I hope I can learn from him soon.
    Cornelius This lord has a very commanding voice, and a strange gait - although I have heard of his great prowess with a blade.
    Cosimo Lord Ian is surely quite skilled with a sword in his hand despite some kind of injury or illness which has hindered the use of his legs. I am heartened to see such a strong bond between him and Lady Jan.
    Cristoph He was quiet, a people watcher. A little strange but then we didn't speak. So I can't tell how accurate my impression was.
    Cullen One of the few of House Kennex I have actually spoken with. Seems to be rather even tempered...and since cousin Marian spoke well of him, that makes me disposed to be more favorably inclined. Fond of whiskey, another good trait.
    Cybele That's a lot of blood for someone claiming to be ok!
    Cyril A good man with an incredible skill in keeping his distance. A true student of dodging.
    Dacian One word: Stiff.
    Daemon He doesn't seem to speak much, but I can hardly blame him. Kennex seems to breed stalwart men from the two I've met and he is certainly one I'll hope to know more of.
    Dante I like this fellow. Though I feel we may never get to know one another in such vast arrays of public. Maybe he's a sherry man, we could bond over sherry and losing at chess.
    Daria I feel with the respect this man is shown he is not to be underestimated in the least.
    Darren A curious man, very focused and mechanical, but direct and respectable. I wonder if he would notice if you swapped him a plate of stones while he wasn't looking and suspect he would not.
    Darrow A reserved Lord of Kennex, one who thinks before speaking. A rarity amongst many Lords, and a trait I respect.
    Delilah Skittish? Mindful. Definitely a man of fewer words and thoughts. I wonder. He is the husband of my beloved friend, and I can see why she favours him.
    Desma They say you can't tell a book by its cover, and that certainly applies to Lord Ian Kennex.
    Desma Serious and I'm not quite sure what to make of him. He reminds me of a old injured soldier.
    Dianna I like the way that he looks at things. And by that, I don't mean his view of the world. I mean the way that he stares. So many people think that conversation means 'waiting for their turn to speak', but Lord Kennex leaves no doubt on the subject. He's drinking in each and every word you've said.
    Dianna I want to reconnect, and hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.
    Dominique I think he might be a little slow on the uptake. Or he's just innocent. Either way, I can appreciate that.
    Domonico He pays very close attention to detail. His advice given on swordsmanship is clearly spot on.
    Donato Humor as dry as the wastes, seems to always be morose and tired. That being said, I do enjoy that dry humor, so that makes it pleasure when he shows up.
    Donovan Not exactly a fluent conversationalist, this man. I can hardly boast any social brilliance myself, though. It was a brief first meeting at the Ambassador when I met him first. He seems a well reserved sort, but polite in his manner.
    Drake Fights on with great and sometimes grim determination in spite of personal challenges. Admirable of him.
    Dycard It was good to see you, old friend, but I /really/ could have used an ally with more social ability than a sun-drunk elephant seal this evening.
    Echo I believe I have seen Ian prior to this meet, but when I actually got to sit down and direct my attention to him, I received it back in kind. He has a lot of good information and knowledge to share, and he even asked to join in on our hunt for caches of cobalt weapons. I'm in good company.
    Ectorion A skeptic from the sound of things, or perhaps rumor adverse. I can appreciate both.
    Eddard A quiet man, set apart by what seems to be infirmity. I doubt it.
    Elara Lord Ian is very calm and collected. I can appreciate that. He inspires me to be more so and I find it easier when he is about. Glad he is family.
    Elgana A quiet soul, but when he speaks it is never without merit. I hope we speak again.
    Elora Lord Ian Kennex is a man of simple words and meanings, something I am deeply grateful for. I don't have to puzzle out what he says.
    Ember In all of our encounters, Lord Ian has struck me as a man of keen judgment and strong character. I do feel bad that I believe he once mistook an overheard conversation for a threat to smash his genitals.
    Emily A man of very few words. It has been a time since I saw Lord Ian and he has not changed.
    Emma I have the greatest respect for him -- there are few people as determined as he is. I'm glad we met all those years ago.
    Erik Good to see that some things never change.
    Esme Drinking? I mean he's a buddy/friend/family of Wash, so that means he's good people. He seems polite. I"m sure we will become the best of friends.
    Evander I never had the opportunity to spend much time with Ian when we were young, despite the fact that we were the same age. I was often indoors, and he was out at sea a lot. I hope to spend more time getting to know him now we're both in Arx.
    Evaristo He is clearly a remarkable warrior, and would fool most into thinking he is not. A solid ally!
    Evelynn An easy man to talk to and he seems knowledgeable in the ways of combat. He also seems to have a lot of respect and admiration for his wife.
    Evonleigh My first impression was not recorded, but he has long since erased whatever it was and become so much more -- a friend, foremost, and a teacher at times. He is more than he seems at first glance and I am glad to be able to call him friend.
    Ezra I have nothing but respect for a man who wants to annoy his brother a little, and even more for one who can do that during a fight.
    Fairen Surprisingly, a man who is even more quiet and internally focused than I am.
    Fairen One of the more ardent followers of the philosophy of 'economy of motion' I've seen in quite some time.
    Faye An interesting man, clearly dedicated to his family. It seems like bars make good family hang-out spots.
    Felicia Keen eyed and insightful, loves a good fight. One to keep an eye on.
    Ferrando Very calm and unruffled, with a quiet sense of humor. All in all, quite a model reception party guest!
    Fiora Yeah, okay.
    Fortunato A reserved, thoughtful man, quietly passionate about the sea. I like the set of his eyes and his patience, even if he's little enough use for paints and canvas right now. Sea-salt and stormed skies.
    Galen My good friend and a stalwart supporter. I'll be steady in my support of him, in turn.
    Gareth Another man with a cane. A lord who seems to keep to his business.
    Gaspard A man set by his own code. An exemplary swordsman, and someone who doesn't break for anyone. That is what I get from this man.
    Gaston A quiet man, who tends to never use three words when two will do. He reminds me of Count Kael in that way, and I think shares a bit of the same dark humor as well, if more somber. Stolid and stoic, seem to paint his picture.
    Gaston Few better ways to learn a man than by sparring with him. My first spar since returning to Arx. I will have to call the man more often to knock the rust off these bones and get back to a proper balance with my blade.
    Gawain The man has a cool head and a skill for commanding. A strong warrior indeed!
    Georgine He clearly enjoys watching people fight.
    Gerrick The Lord knows his drinks. And appears to know quite a bit about the ships needed for the upcoming conflicts.
    Gilroy No nonsense fighter. Good teacher. If a little rough.
    Giorgio A Kennex Lord, skilled with the blade. He sparred with my younger brother, and while I could tell that Ian was undoubtedly in a class all his own, he did not gloat or boast. He seems to be a man of honor.
    Godric epitome of calm and determination
    Gretchen Lord Kennex? Oh, he's one of my best customers! Gotta love his charming wit and easy smile. He speaks very highly of his wife, which is how you know he's a man of great character. Also that laugh can't be beat!
    Gwenna Lord Ian Kennex is brother to Lord Aethan and someone who I've had several occasions to work alongside of. Quiet, more often than not perhaps, it surely isn't due to lack of having something to speak on. Maybe it is that his mind and energy are focused on other, more important things. When he does offer conversation, it is something I feel honored to engage in.
    Gwenys He's a decent guy, would be really interested in crossing blades with him sometime.
    Gyliam A fockin' ghost right out of m'past. The memories he brought back were inevitable, I s'pose, and like a fockin' kick to the chest -- but maybe that's what I fockin' needd.
    Haakon Odd sort. Handles a sword damned well, and doesn't crease his face up with false smiles. ...Or any expression, really.
    Hadrian He seems friendly enough. Part of House Kennex. He walks about with a cane while he stares at his feet. It's most unfortunate really and I'm certain there's a sad, sad tale to accompany his apparent injuries. He's had to watch me defend myself against legal matters. It's like we're family! He's a great guy...I think? We've only known one another for a short time.
    Harald A young man of contradictions. There is iron in him, yet.
    Harlex Keen with a sword, but the world has clipped his wings. So vast in it's cruelty. No less deadly, I'd wager.
    Helena Lord Ian is very insightful and thoughtful, and I appreciate his warnings and advice -- whether I take them to heed or not.
    Helia I bet people try to get him to smile, or try to coax out his hidden depths or something. He's fine as he is. Brave and skilled in battle. I'd fight beside him again.
    Helle Moves like a tree, steady and with purpose.
    Icelyn Quiet, focused, stern. I appreciate that in a warrior and in a teacher most of all.
    Ignacio A good man with seemingly a good head on his shoulders. He seems like a good companion for my friend Lady Zoey.
    Ilira The strength of a hurricane can always be measured by the calm at its eye.
    Ingvar A rather unpleasant fellow that I met at the Ebb and Flow while speaking with Princess Katarina.
    Isabeau He seems to be diligent in training and has a sense of humor. Kennex men seem to be cut from similar cloth.
    Iseulet I know him mostly by reputation and through his brothers. I hear he's more than a little competent with a sword, maybe a little socially... different but that's quite alright. Seems quite sweet.
    Isolde It'd be a damn shame if his prank gets him killed. That mind for mischief should not be wasted.
    Isolde Certainly less mischievous than when we last spoke if I recall correctly. A little more withdrawn in fact. Or perhaps this is just the side I hadn't seen yet.
    Jacque A Lord of House Kennex, Ian has helped me with lessons that I will most certainly apply to combat. I look forward to becoming a brother-in-arms with him, and honoring the Oathlands with our service.
    Jaenelle Ian is a quiet man. I find him, perhaps, more interesting than he is. If he doesn't speak more, I will just have to come up with my own stories for him.
    Jamie Probably one of the few men who I'd want at my side every time I think to myself, 'this could potentially kill you, Jamie'. Very likely, he's having the same thought, at the same moment, and disregards that thought just as casually as I do.
    Jamie About as capable and resilient as any one man could be. When things turn to shit I'd be hard pressed to think of many others I'd rather at my side.
    Jan Master swordsman. All around impressive man. So much to learn from him. Just have to keep my foot out of my mouth.
    Jan Perhaps the only one exactly as I remember. I'll have to wait to talk to the family about the things I saw. He'd be a better start. Best to work on the biggest challenge first anyway.
    Jasher People may judge him for his broken body, but for me, his actions speak for himself.
    Jeffeth A kind enough Lord. Seems like he likes to be in public but appreciates silence as well. He stares at fires a lot. But seems nice enough.
    Jennyva I met him once on a ship when I was young. He was awkward then. So sure of himself in some ways and not so much in others. He was responsible for giving me my very first drink of rum and getting me into quite a bit of mischief. I've never forgotten him!
    Jev Silent drinker; heavy thinker!
    Jophiel Zoey's husband. Zoey has always been a good judge of charcter - so to have brought him to her side, it must speak highly of Lord Ian's character and personality.
    Jordan Observant lord. Doesn't talk much, seems to be very intent when he walks. Probably has a story behind that, which is respectable.
    Jules Lord Ian is Lady Zoey's wife. You're not quite certain what, but something does not seem quite right with him in the head. Hopefully he's actually kind to Zoey.
    Julian Quiet sort. Very quiet.
    Jyri That's some nice staring. Wonder if he likes my tattoos?
    Kaia Zoey's husband.
    Kaldur Dour and serious, he's got strong opinions and is not afraid to share them. I'd like to meet him again under less grim circumstances.
    Kastelon An excellent fighter, and one who can take a beating, as I witnessed him square off with the most brutal blademaster I have seen in my life.
    Katarina Ian Kennex is an amazing man. Many might try to think less of him because of his injured leg, but that does not hinder him in the least. He finds every opportunity to dissuade others from thinking down on him and inspires me to push and push to be as useful and helpful to those who need me to be every time I look upon him. He truly is someone I would someday hope to call a friend.
    Katarina Lord Ian Kennex is a frequent fixture in Katarina's circles. It's only recently that she's actually had a chance to realyl spaek with him. He seems to be a man of depth and wisdom she'd be interested in exploring.
    Katarina A dear old friend, with whom I have shared many bizarre and death-defying adventures... and with whom I hope to share many more, gods willing.
    Kedehern A Kennex lord who it seems has twice now lent his aid in matters martial, after sudden attacks by Abandoned and pirates on Laurent lands.
    Kenjay This man is truly a master of his art; skilled and courteous, yes, but also deadly when he chooses. Woe to him who sees the obvious truth and misses that which is less blatant.
    Kenna He's so quiet and strong. I've been impressed with him from the start.
    Khanne He seemed to stay calm in the heat of the moment, which is good. Getting Gargantuan stomped not so good... I hope he will recover okay.
    Killian I'm not sure what happened to him, but it looks to have been severe, and it takes a strong force of will to not only keep going after that, but to do it despite how society must look at him. It makes me ashamed of having worried over my own scarring, to see him shouldering such a burden.
    Klaus It is good to see him one again and to know we will be fighting side by side if trouble comes at us.
    Korka An islander sporting one of their famous senses of humor.
    Kritr He looks like weathered stone wrapped in hard leather, and it feels the same to hit him.
    Kritr Lord Kennex is reliable and accurate at assessing threats.
    Laric Quiet, serious. Has a habit of cutting through straight to the point when he speaks. It's appreciable, though you can't help but wonder what's going through his mind at any given moment.
    Lark If a man is insistent enough on making himself unimportant, he can become so.
    Leena Level-headed, yet enjoys his drink, has a thing for sailing, and has a thing for Wash. They get on quite well. Of course he is legendary just like Lord Wash is in his own way. But he dials back the legendary to be approachable.
    Lena I respect a man who will put another through his paces. Publicly.
    Lenard Quiet, but well-respected by someone whose skill I cannot deny; so clearly worth keeping an eye on.
    Lenne A very taciturn man, but by the story he told, he seems to be fighting the good fight. That speaks volumes, I think, where words fail.
    Leola Lord Kennex is certainly capable of stringing more than two words together. It's a delight when he does so, made all the more poignant for the rarity of the occasion
    Lianne Relentlessly festive.
    Liara Seems polite and mild-mannered. Kept himself somewhat to himself, but perhaps just had things weighing on his mind.
    Lilith Lord Ian Kennex. Met him and his wife on my second night back in Arx. He seemed to be a little worse for wear. Hope to catch him again on a better night.
    Lisebet Ian is someone who I respect and trust to tell it like it is.
    Lore I've only ever seen one other person able to read peoples' movements the way he can. Maybe I can talk him into teaching me -that- too.
    Lou Lord Ian Kennex has ever been a good friend to House Grayson and a wonderful person to work with, though he might be loathe to admit such a thing. He's down to earth and calls it as he sees it and I find a certain relief in the practicalities he brings to the table.
    Luca He sure seems to liven up when there's a sword in his hand and another coming for his life. Not that I don't prefer Somber Casual Drinking Ian to Serene Wall of Swords Ian. They're each very special in their own way.
    Lucaj A good man from what I have seen and a lord who knows how to be reserved when he has the feeling he must be. Though why he fears a lady of his house not his wife I may never understand.
    Lucene Lord Ian Kennex reminds me of something.. what was it again? Ah! A rock. He doesn't say much, and he unfortunately isn't very emotive either. He may be a very polished rock, but he is a rock nonetheless.
    Lucie He seems to carry significant weight upon his shoulders. Clearly concerned for others well-being, very serious, and dedicated to his cousin.
    Luis Knows what it takes to fight and likes whiskey, what more can a man ask for? :D
    Lydia I like dark humor. Ian is a master. He may have been injured in body, but I can tell his spirit is still strong. And he's kinda cute all done up in black.
    Lys A ray of freaking moonshine, indeed. Bearer of news that is utter madness.
    Mabelle He engages in some weird things. But that's interesting.
    Macda I watched Lord Ian go through a rather impressive display of will and stamina at the Telmar guantlet. Without moving an inch, he traded blows and parried quite a few with the Marquis Blackram. Outside of combat he was taciturn, inside of combat he was a true song of movement.
    Macda So different than his brother Porter, so much more dour. Dour, sour and drunk. My heart bleeds for Lady Zoey, really. One *must* assume that somewhere in there is a man that remembers how to smile.
    Magnus A quiet man, but he seems to be a good enough sort. He did not seem to mind me joining him at the Sip n' Spar when I didn't know anyone. Even shared his whiskey with me. That's a good man in my book.
    Mailys I like Lord Kennex. He's good conversation, and also likes Brandy.
    Malesh He's to wed Lady Zoey Bisland, and I gather he must impress Samael as a young intellectual or man of reason. Curious boots though, very curious.
    Marena I know very little about him and yet I can already tell that we have quite a good deal in common. A thoughtful soldier is such a dangerous thing.
    Margerie There truly is a sense of humor to be unlocked in there, if after a couple of drinks.
    Marisol The lord is quieter than his brother but seemingly well grounded. That is an admirable trait to have in Arx considering all the things that can occur.
    Marius Lord Ian Kennex was the one to recommend whiskey. Not me. This might mark a first, but I'm so happy it occured. I look forward to seeing this friendship bloom.
    Martino Briefly met and while the Lord has a glass of whiskey in hand. Seemingly quiet in the room and reserved.
    Marzio It's good seeing the Kennex Lord again. Fights as good as I remember.
    Mattheu An amazing teacher, quiet and solid towards finding a goal. Amazing fighter.
    Medeia Quiet and serious, even in a room where everyone seem to know him he doesn't pander to the crowd.
    Melinda His eyes are startling, not so keen on his manners but perhaps time will tell.
    Melody I've seen Lord Ian here and there; something of an oddity, this one. But strange things often allure, and I mean - I just have so many questions! How can the Sword of Stormward have such a pronounced limp?
    Mercedes A Lord who'd defend a common boy with a mouth too big for him? Remarkable, and commendable. The qualities of an excellent leader.
    Meriah We are not our wounds. He proves that, as much as I.
    Mikani Good advice from the sidelines. Maybe we will duel one day.
    Miranda A patient man. I'm not sure my own brother would be as tolerant as he. But I did very much like his welcome. Nuthouse indeed!
    Mirari A man of few words. Every word he does bestow on someone has weight. So if you want a real opinion of something, ask Ian Kennex.
    Mirk A Lord from the Mourning Isles. More of a traditionalist than he lets on - or is that merely thoughtfulness?
    Monique It's the quiet ones you need to worry about. Especially the quiet ones with a sharp wit.
    Nanette Stoic, with a voice lacking in inflection that makes him an immediately fascinating man, even if he certainly isn't the type I would care to paint - too expressionless. My mother would certainly adore him, as he embodies a lot of the traits she admires in a man of the Mourning Isles.
    Naomi I've never seen someone as resilient. The sharpest sword in House Kennex's arsenal, and a valued teacher.
    Neilda Super quiet, in a tired sort of way. He's what I imagined old people were like when I was little.
    Niklas Auntie Vic asked me to make friendly with Ian, but he doesn't seem to be in short supply. Odd, but clearly an accomplished sailor and fighter, reticent to speak but still with something to say.
    Niklas My cousin and I are as alike as the sun and and a horse, but I do not doubt he would stand up for me in a heartbeat.
    Niklas They say there are three things in life on which one can rely. We will all die. We will all pay. And Ian Kennex will alawys be Ian Kennex.
    Nisaa Over time, I have come across the man here and there. He is in appearance both entirely grumpy and makes me feel as a whithering flower, and yet, I have seen him in joy and laughed as I sat by his side. I am wondering why I have never gotten to know him better.
    Noah He doesn't speak alot. I prefer that in a social partner.
    Norwood Damn the man doesn't go down! A few more blows and it would have been me on the ground.
    Nycelani The voice of reason. Kinda wish he wasn't. Sometimes things need to come to a head.
    Nyima Not bad for a conversation.
    Odin A capable fighter and a staunch ally. He's hardened, wish Eswynd had some people like him.
    Olivia Oh Lord Ian. You are not a standard denizen, but Arx is better for it.
    Olivia I enjoy his dry humor, I hope I will get to hear more of it in the future!
    Ophne He's intelligent and knowledgeable, although much of his knowledge seems to include things that are far from pleasant. Still, there's wisdom in that. Forewarned is forearmed, so they say.
    Orathy Reckon he be silent as the fucking grave and reckon probably me favorite Silk of all the Silks. Reckon I be thinking I be losin to him in a stare down, cause he be having practice at doin watching.
    Orazio A hard man to get to know, but Orazio likes what little he's been permitted to see. He considers Ian to be steady, sensible, and rational, and is fast becoming to consider him a friend.
    Orelia I expect his quiet manner has him oft overlooked. But I note a shrewd manner and wry wit are to be observed. And I swear I saw an almost-smile... I shall strive to see it full-fledged!
    Orelia Do NOT let the slow walk and the cane fool you. He is the Immovable Object.
    Orland Ian, not a man of many words, but of him, there are many words.
    Orrin Anyone who leads with a drink is going to make a good number of friends in a hurry.
    Oswyn He's very good at being deadpan. I wouldn't want to play cards against him.
    Pasquale A lord from the Mourning Isles. Seems to be working rather hard to perform the Thrax stereotypes, with the rough clothes and personal flasks in one of the city's finest taverns. Interesting fellow, for all that. Sees much, says little, qualities I usually approve of.
    Pasquale One of the greatest warriors in Arx despite his injuries.
    Petal He is rather quiet, but maybe that is a good thing. Lots of people are too loud. He is not your average noble and seems very thoughtful.
    Pharamond I'm telling Harlan...
    Piccola The man is truly a virtuoso with that flail, but I can't help but wonder if I could defeat him from horseback.
    Poppy He is in a room full of women talking about sex and not biting. I think he is my favorite person in the room for it.
    Porter It was worth it. I would do it again.
    Quenia I met Ian at the Golden Hart. He told the tale of how he, his brother Aethen, and a man named Porter all challenged Lord Wash Kennex to a duel. It was an amusing story, and allowed me to see a less harsh side of Lord Wash than I witnessed in Coldrain Crafts.
    Quintin Careful. No wasted words.
    Raimon A quiet man with a curious gait
    Raimon Organized. Dutiful. Knows how to get people moving and get some things done.
    Raja A capable leader. A capable sailor. A capable warrior.
    Ras Somethin about those eyes. Fights real well for havin fell off a damn mast. His sword was everywhere, even though he doesn't move much. Must've taken a lot of trainin. Calm guy.
    Razija Somehow, I get the impression I am very lucky to have him as a potential tutor. May still be mad, of course. But all the best people are.
    Reese He seems okay. Is kind of quiet, which might not be a bad thing. He seems attentive the the Thrax Ladies. If I had to guess, I would say he is probably thoughtful and loyal to his friends.
    Rey A man who refused to be fooled by one seeking to "Fix it all". I hope to run into his and his again soon. I am curious.
    Rhue Quiet, and I don't think he likes me much. Or maybe he just doesn't like plants. Or greenthumbs interrupting his discussions. But he sure seems the sort to know more than he lets on.
    Rodica It is like the seas opened up to produce some sort of sword wielding autonon with the sole purpose of kicking my ass.
    Romulius Honest and direct. A good friend and ally to have, if not a little dull.
    Ronja Serious type, isn't he? Has that intense look in his eyes.
    Rook Currently seems quite tired and facing some challenges. If you do see him, encourage him on for a Lord low in spirits is never good to see
    Rorik Nothing like Porter, which is a good thing, because the world doesn't need three of us. I like him.
    Rosalind He's pretty serious! And I think a bit protective since at one point he kept stepping in front of me. But he grinned once. Was a bit sarcastic, but he's a bit hurt at the moment, so--I get it! I liked him anyway!
    Rosemary I'd say I hope I didn't offend him but there is something in his eyes that says being crippled is the least of his troubles. I bet he is the most interesting man in the room if we knew his secrets.
    Rowenova One of my favorite people with whom to go adventuring. Always great for a fun time, prior planning, tandem teamwork, kicking ass, and much more!
    Roxana He seemed careful with his words when Roxana first met him, as if he is only given a certain allotment per day and must be frugal with their use. Yet he also showed a dry and amusing sense of humor, even if he was not terribly verbose in sharing it.
    Rue I accepted a Thrax lord to be a lot scarier. He seems nice if all quiet-like.
    Rukhnis A vigilant leader, willing to play the less glamorous role of looking out for the safety of his group, and also to put his body on the line to protect others.
    Ryhalt While he looks over-careful, he is reliable.
    Rysen A vigilant lord who seems to have some combat experience. Trusted by Marquessa Reigna, and seems to be a worthy leader.
    Sabella Well versed as a Mariner and to his knowledge of ships.
    Sabella He is a wonderful listener and not once did he seem annoyed by my chatter. And he clarified pirates/sailors for me, which will undoubtably help me from causing a serious incident with important people in the future. Probably. About that, at least.
    Sabella While he is terrible debate practice, Lord Ian has always been very kind to me in his reserved way and if I didn't already think he was a worthwhile person to know, I'd be sure of it from the way Zoey looks at him!
    Sabella Niklas' very serious cousin who is fiercely loyal and an amazing swordsman despite his obvious disability and the metal legs. Oh, is it just a brace? Are you sure? I heard his legs are actually made of platinum blessed by the gods themselves! You're sure it's a brace? Well, I still like my version of it better!
    Sable One of the stoic Kennex brothers. Doesn't say much, probably doesn't miss much, either.
    Saedrus I first met Lord Ian at the Queensrest, and he was kind enough to help me with a little game. He seems a very quiet man, reserved and more thoughtful then I think some would give him credit for. I am sorry to admit I might not have noticed him at the bar if another had not gotten me to turn my attention -- I am terribly glad they did though. It would be a shame to not have met him. The surface might be still and calm, but the well is deep.
    Samael My son-in-law on Zoey's side. He certainly knows his way around a blade. There are some barriers for us to break down, though.
    Samira This Kennex is the type who seems to understand the value of deep thinking over constant talking. He is a sight to behold on the fighting grounds. I hope to become skilled enough that fighting brings me that sort of serenity and clarity one day.
    Sanya A man of few words but he seems very insightful and I appreciate the respect he has for my late uncle.
    Sasha A lord of Kennex who seems fond of Whiskey and quite a pleasant conversationalist
    Savio A master fighter with a strange and effective technique. Against such an opponent, even defeat is an honor!
    Sebastian Gifting the Marquis with a goblet the size of which one might bathe in was truly entertaining. I have seen the quiet lord a number of times, spoken to him a couple, but it was entertaining to see this side of him.
    Sebastian A man you want with you in a tough situation. Someone who keeps getting up when they are knocked down; an admirable and noble trait.
    Selene Solid wisdom that gives reason to believe still waters run very deep.
    Seth A Lord who is far more skilled with the sword than one would first think. He is also very economical when it comes to his words.
    Sheena His stare is intimidating. I don't think he likes me.
    Sigismund Appearances deceive. If you don't believe me, go ahead and fight the young Lord Ian!
    Sigurd A masterful tactician and admiral from what I understand. Odd ideas about how to get water out of ears though. I guess I should try it, Thrax and all.
    Sigurd Shares his opinions and brings evidence, experience and wisdom to them. A room and discussion on war efforts is made all the better with his insight.
    Sira The dour Kennex lord, met in, of all places, the Murder of Crows. We've said all of a dozen words to each other, I think, but he seems to be everywhere.
    Skapti Apparently he used to be on the Salt. Men'd still follow him if he proved cunning enough, but that's a hard oar to row. Doubt he'll try it.
    Sorrel When I first met Ian, he was practicing his walking due to an older injury. Now I have the opportunity to get to know him a little better, and I discover he seems injury-prone. I hope that his luck improves the more I get to know him, or I shall have to keep a healer on call.
    Sparte A sailor who gets the rough end of sailing, but shoulders it just fine and moves on through it. A solid sort of person to know, though I can't say I really know him more than in passing. Saw him teaching a nice lady the basics of sailing, without asking for a single silver in return. At least I don't think he did.
    Sudara A quiet, watchful listener. He moves in a manner that suggests he's physically broken, but appears to be very much intact mentally. Still, on first impression he would seem to be a decidedly unconventional choice for the role of Sword.
    Sunaia I'm sorry, I'll watch my swearing. But, gods, Lord Kennex is //fast//!
    Svana He has funny ideas about what exactly it is we do in the north but he probably had brain fever at the time. I'll let it pass.
    Talen Lord Ian Kennex has been seen more than a handful of times by Talen. Unassuming, he's nevertheless the kind of guy that seems to serve his family dutifully. Any time Kennex are mentioned, Ian's there shortly after.
    Talwyn In truth, a man difficult to really pin down. Quiet, watchful, he is not given much to talking. Someone who listens, and thus probably learns.
    Talwyn Lord Ian seems to be a solid man. It was interesting to hear the differences he sees between his early years and those that his children will experience, and how that weighs in on his ideals now. He will make for a good friend.
    Tarik He is a cousin of Lady Jan. He is way more laid back than she is. Way more laid back. I found his frankness refreshing. He seems to be very cautious due to his injury, but he still expressed some wit and pride of a true warrior. I have to remember I still owe him a drink, unless he is a really good lie and he did have an accident with a weasel.
    Tarrant A silent and very intent sort. Rather unsettling at first, but not a bad sort. I wonder if all Thraxians wear so much black.
    Teireno A friendly Lord, and quite polite to hold the door out for everyone. Much respect for that.
    Tescelina For what I seek to do, pain is a small price. I am grateful for this lesson. I will always be grateful.
    Thea At least he tried to figure out the taste of the booze. It matters! I should add, I have been on plenty of adventures with him. He excells at those and I would fight alongside him anytime.
    Thena A quiet man. He's probably filing everything away, I know the type.
    Theron Even if Lord Ian and my cousin Dianna aren't on speaking terms, the Kennex Lord has been courteous, a good fighter, and has given me valuable information about what I am to face. I am glad he and Marquis Hadrian are friends.
    Thesarin Seems a solid sort, what I've seen. Calm as anything. Not much like to shadow the first time I saw him, climbing a burning building to save them children inside.
    Thorley I'm not sure what to make of the stiff movements and actions - however, he is far more fluid with a weapon. And what weapons he carries - and the stamina to match. I would fear the amount of punishment he can take - and be fortunate he is on our side.
    Tomwell A man of few words. I don't understand it, but I can respect it.
    Torian They were at the Merchant West fire and The Compact owes them a debt of gratitude!
    Tyrus Once a boy, now a proper man. He apparently took up pirate-hunting while I was gone, something I can approve of. No doubt as fine, or even better, dueliest than he once was.
    Valencia Unique in comportment and how he interacts with the world about him. Very hard to read, but most certainly clever and loyal to his family. I suspect a man who is both tenacious and good-hearted. I am very glad we met and look forward to knowing him better.
    Valerian Some sort of inebriated hallway gargoyle.
    Valery He is a very quiet guy, so Valery isn't sure how would he really be. He seems hurt on his legs, which makes her curious.
    Vanora There is always a learning curve getting to know my Kennex family, and Lord Ian is no exception.In fact he might cultivate more mystery than most. Lycene blood is thick stuff though, and an air of the unknown is not enough to send me slithering away. We will keep working at it, whenever time permits.
    Vayne I would very much like to speak with him more. He's a keen mind, and I think he could grasp some of the complexities of Tehom's precepts if he chose to do so.
    Vega As stoic as my husband, but with a swordman's build. Rumor has it there's more to the Kennex lord than meets the eye. Perhaps I should try to urge Raimon into the ring with him...
    Verity A rather mellow seeming sort. Perhaps not taciturn, as such - he seemed to have a sense of humour, but it was all very restrained.
    Verity The secret about Ian is that he tells the best jokes, as long as you give him the perfect setup that needs a monosyllabic answer.
    Vicente He seems on the gruff side but that's the way it ought to be. He may not have cared much about your presence but he didn't even seem like he wanted to be at the meal.
    Victus Lord Kennex is a good drinker. What he lacks in working legs he's made up for in his attitude and his desire for conversation. It takes a lot for a man to come back from that kind of injury into a different life, but by Mangata he's giving it hell.
    Violet A capable soldier in a matched against Norwood. I was impressed at how he held his own. Certainly has...stamina.
    Vitalis Took over command smoothly from the Marquessa. Sharp tactical mind.
    Vittorio A sailor, it appears, with sharp senses of who should not be joining his voyages.
    Wash The youngest of three brothers that taught me to ride the sea. None of them have ever tamed it, none of them will. He's learned that lesson the hard way.
    Willow Subdued but not unpleasant.
    Wylla Clearly this Kennex needs to practice ship artwork! And perhaps he could be a bit happier.
    Zakhar not old, but might as well be with the limp
    Zoey I am deeply curious of the man. I'm certain that under his taciturn demenor lies great determination and true grit. Getting him to open up, however, will prove a task that likely requires patience and time.
    Zoey Wherever he is, he is my home.