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So, you're buying. Right fucking now.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Trashy Lowborn Punk
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: None
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 18
Birthday: 12/1
Religion: Atheist
Vocation: Hustler
Height: average height
Hair Color: pure black
Eye Color: silver-grey
Skintone: pale ivory

Description: This is a striking, hard-bodied specimen of a young woman in her late teens. Crowned in long, straight falls of black hair so dark and colorless it could only resemble a moonless night, she gazes out from amidst with eyes of a cold silver-grey. Smooth with youth and pale of flesh, her face might seem delicately feminine but for the marks of bladework in the forms of two long, deep scars on the left side of her face - one vertical, just outside her eye socket, and another intersecting it in a line almost perfectly across the ridge of her cheekbone. Her small upturned nose has a bump that makes it seem once-broken, but somehow the healthy pink bow of lips has gone unmarred, together with the narrow tip of her chin and her slender jawline doing some part to distract from past wounds. Despite youth, the lavish curves of her chest and her very defined figure alike show that her womanhood's in full bloom, her body supple with muscle from her able shoulders and solid arms to her sleek, taut waist, firm round rear, and the long, tightly-muscled legs that carry her.

Personality:     Called "Doll", this is unlikely to be her real name, but few seem to have any clue to what it actually is. None seem to care, either. By all accounts she's a trashy, aggressive, promiscuous nobody with an oversized attitude from the lowest planes of society, willing to sell or do anything for the right price. Most who've seen her have also heard her demanding others buy her anything from a drink to an expensive pair of shoes, which often turns to some combination of either bullying, fisticuffs, or occasionally sexual offerings, all of which she's more known for than most anything else. She's rarely fully-clothed, which she's known to use to full effect, and even less rarely seen without a few bruises or busted-up knuckles despite it. Her furious temper and the feminine details of her often-overexposed body are perhaps the most common points of discussion regarding this "Doll".

    She's sometimes seen with a particularly expensive-looking trinket or piece of jewelry, which she'll call gifts. Speculation on who she stole or conned such things from usually follows.

Background:     Said to be born to the very worst alley in the very worst part of the Lower Boroughs, this girl's been a punk from the moment she had a hand big enough to form a proper fist with. An early bloomer that grew up small and scrawny, adolescence treated her magnificently. Over a swift couple of years, she was taller and stronger than most other youth her age. By that time, the ones she wasn't larger than she was just meaner than.

    Still young, she's blossomed into a young woman that could be called "striking" in more ways than one, but to date the only future attributed to her is how long she'll muscle, sleaze, and score her way to more coin before she winds up dead.

Relationship Summary

  • Raja - Right minds'll see the Lows flourish. I think she's one.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Sydney - Dress it down next time. But other than that, you pass alright.
  • Name Summary
    Savio Sharp edges. Some people aren't going to like that, but I do.
    Sydney She's in her element in the Lowers, and that sure ain't an insult - people who can manage to turn a place so unforgiving to their benefit are worthy of respect, down to a one. Given enough time, she'll be fiercer even than her fa├žade. One to watch, this one.