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Prince Dominic Thrax

Hounds follow those who feed them.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Lord of Dogs
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 34
Birthday: 02/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Houndmaster
Height: tall
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: icy blue
Skintone: rosy

Obituary: Prince Dominic Thrax's personal longship is found adrift in the Bay of Thrax. Iron guard docking with the ship find an extremely disturbing scene- the entire crew seems to have been torn apart, with it difficult to identify who was whom among the tattered rags and badly chewed bodies. Some of Dominic's warpigs on board were slain, with the position of bodies and the human corpses suggesting a brutal fight, and a few of his largest pigs were roaming free and immediately attack the Iron Guardsmen boarding, cutting the mad pigs down. While it is difficult to be certain with the condition of the bodies, Prince Dominic Thrax seems to be among the dead.

Description: Glorious streaks of gold mop frayed from his bulbous nose as a thick mustache laid atop a great mass of blond beard knotted archaic to a braid that hung upon his maned chest. His hair flowed from scalp like streaks of bright lightning against his broad shoulders and flashed like piercing flame when lit by day. So tremblingly green were his eyes that their color seemed to whisk, gaseous, like smoke-filled bombs of berserker rage.

Personality: If anyone heard him, his voice, grunt-filled whispers into the fey, careless to the reality of aristocracy, womanly troubles. He spoke only to his dogs, massive monstrosities of battle no weaker and no less ferocious than he; salivating at the thought of thrall-hunt. But silence was his primary form of conversation, eyeing others as if you were tantalizing meat ready for slaughter. Pure, unfettered, hardened silence grasping tenuously at the rage that hides beneath.

That is his reputation, one cultivated and displayed to keep others at a distance. The truth is that his time away from civilization changed him. It did not make him soft or slow but patient. He expels an air of tranquility that listens and contradicts his large frame.

Background: Firstborn of Tyrgar Thrax, father of our beloved Queen, Queen Genevieve Thrax. Dominic was born a large baby. The birth full of complications that later manifested into the waning health of his mother. His father died young, falling over the side of a ship in rubicund full-plate armor. Forever lost to the sea. With his mother too weak to raise him and his sister, they moved and lived on Maelstrom with Prince Donrai Thrax. Already a large boy at a very young age, Dominic took quick to training and alongside Elton and Victus was given a teacher to hone his combat skills. There were issues with his schooling. Dominic had no intention of sitting down in one place for too long so when it came to his other education, he did not participate. Instead, Dominic found his time elsewhere among Donrai's horses and dogs. The hound master took on the task of training Dominic in lieu of his court education.

When Dominic came of age, he was given a ship and a small command but unlike his cousin Elton, who stayed back to administer the house with his father, Dominic left to sail his ship alongside Victus'. It was during this time that he made a name for himself. His superstitions and mastery over the hounds he fitted ships with, the way he used a pack of man-eating dogs and unleashed them through the decks of his enemy ships', and the madness of using his ship as bait to take damage while the reavers supporting him moved to flank their victims, all earned him notoriety as a mad and cruel captain.

Right before the war with Tyde, Dominic began to change the way he operated from the average reaper. Instead of making his ships long and fast, they were large and with multiple decks. Some were converted to serve as floating prison and thrall ships and others fitted with medical bays, well decks, storage, and birthing. Prince Dominic maintained his cruel notoriety and when news of Elton's death arrived him, the prince's madness came out to bare. Turning from hunting thralls, Dominic joined Victus in the war. His place in it, a personal one.
The war came to an end with the end of the Tyde house. His bloodthirst squelched, Dominic took a ship and his crew out the jungles where he vanished for years, left for dead. There were rumors of him found in raided villages and destroyed ships but it wasn't until recently at the death of his sister Genevieve that Dominic resurfaced in Redrain with enough loot from his raiding of shavs to equal to him enough silver to operate a ship and reach Arx where he declared a hunt for the killer of his sister and to serve House Thrax by contacting his cousin, Victus.

Relationship Summary

  • Alaric - My sister is dead.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Max - A cunning man with a mind for business who's efforts have seen Thrax and the vassals filthy rich.
  • Harald - The Duke of Grimhall and the man you want leading armies.

  • Family:
  • Donrai - In absence I have failed you, uncle, but no more.
  • Victus - You take the lead and I will cover you.
  • Elton - I was out hunting when they took you but they paid our price with genocide.
  • Abbas - There is no doubt that his blood runs Thrax.
  • Genevieve - I heard your screams in my dream, baby sister, and now I am here for vengeance.
  • Donella - You have always been respectful towards my madness and I to your authority.
  • Dagon - You are destined for great things.
  • Seva - A niece I see as a daughter.
  • Eric - Keeper of my father, Tyrgar's line after I am gone.
  • Nix - Another keeper of our line who took a warrior's death against Tolomar Brand.
  • Name Summary
    Aiden I felt that not many would initially WANT to go against this man, for his physical presence alone is a good deterrent, as I don't meet many in which I have to look up at to speak with. He has a way of looking through a person and calculating what they're made of, which can be a little nerve wrecking, like how a wolf decides from the herd which one is weakest. He has that air about him, that he has little or no tolerance for weakness. Should he take me on as part of the Isle Canines, I suspect I can learn quite a lot about the Thraxian way of life, about the hardiness of his people, and more about myself and what I'd be capable of. The man and hound unit in turn, will benefit from my experience and knowledge about animals and the way handlers and dogs need to interact to be successful.
    Dagon One of a host of fellow Thrax I got to meet on my first day out. Seemed friendly enough and inclined toward settling whatever dispute I walked in on peacefully, so there's that. Yay for sanity in Thrax.
    Darrow Returned the Lord of Dogs' harpoon after he was injured in the Siege.
    Eirlys Damn good fighter! I am not sure if it was the concussion or what but he seems a little interesting, shall we say.
    Fatima I haven't spent much time with him, but I have heard of his deeds. The man is a living embodiment of Thraxian ideals. He knew my mother and he speaks Eurusi, enough said. I love him already.
    Harald Prince, warrior, mystic, and master of hounds. A solid man to have at your back.
    Isolde He had a warpig. Charming in a confusing manner.
    Marian An intense man if my cousin's words are anything to take creedence in. It's a pity he seems to be heading out. I would have like to have matched blades with him. Any man that makes Eirlys nervious is worth sparring with.
    Mason Mason's first interaction with Dominic was brief, but interesting. It's not the first time someone has asked about Eurus or to learn the tongue. However, it is the first time that he's seen someone with Eurusi style wards on their teeth. There's a story there...
    Melinda The prince is more intimidating then even Victus. Still he has a good eye for business.
    Mikani All business that one. He showed up to the Redreef Estate with a lot to say and was plain and nice enough about it.
    Victus My cousin, my brother, the man who stuck at my side through all my life. I owe him more than I'll ever pay back.