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Sister Dianna Godsworn

The mirror is an art, master it and you will have everything. Boundless.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Bold but Elegant
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Mazetti
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unavailable
Age: 26
Birthday: 9/01
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Godsworn Mirrormask
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Amber
Skintone: Bronze

Titles: Third Reflection Mirrormask

Description: Like most women of the Lyceum, Dianna possesses a sultry air about her. Her hair, which is always perfectly coiffed, is of a dark brown. Sharply defined brows arch expressively over her eyes, which are an exotic amber color. Life spent beneath the rich sun of the Lyceum has left her skin a warm bronze hue, while her years of training as a glaivedancer have awarded her with a sinuous frame, more apt to bend with the wind than stand taut against a storm. She is, of course, beautiful. But then, no one would deny that now, would they?

Personality: Dianna Godsworn, nee Mazetti, can be said to have taken the Lycene heroes of old and distilled them into a singular essence: her own. Sly as Cella, she combines a natural magnetism with an affinity bold words and even bolder actions. She is proud without being pompous, and determined without being reckless. Once, Dianna sought personal glory, intending to bring fame and honor even more so to her House. So much has changed in her, though, in the short time after returned to Arx: While Dianna still holds every quality, every grace, every lesson she has ever learned as a Mazetti, she now practically gleams with a radiant, intoxicating peace, no matter what her mood that ingratiates her ever more to those she sets her fathomlessly-deep amber gaze upon. However, when Dianna is furious? That radiant peace focuses on its target, all-encompassing in its grasp; and Dianna Godsworn becomes a boldly-terrifying thing of beauty.

Background: Dianna was born just as the sun was cresting the horizon, and her mother always said that the birth of her and her sister - who was just moments away - truly brought light into her life. As far as childhood goes, the twins had something approaching idyllic. Of course, this was shattered with the onset of the Tor-Southport war, though not in ways dramatic or outlandish. While the Mazetti suffered loss and hardship, what stood out most in Dianna's mind was the new found grimness of her older relatives, and a sudden lack of what had formerly been abundant. It took some growing for either herself or her sister to truly comprehend the cost the war had demanded of all those it affected, but it was a grim lesson of life that Dianna never let part from her.

At thirteen, Dianna and her sister were introduced to an ancient, highly respected institution amongst House Mazetti: the glaivedancers. They were not members, not even close. It would take years of rigorous training in both the mental and the physical before they were finally inducted into that exclusive body of men and women. When that day came, however, it was a proud moment for the twins, as well as for their family.

While her main duties typically saw her remaining in Ostria, with the rest of the Mazetti, Dianna has accompanied Vitalis on two of his more wild (dangerous) adventures. She was more than glad to prove that a glaivedancer is not simply a warrior one calls upon to cut down obstacles, but also an individual capable of employing a mixture of diplomacy and charm to win through tense situations. Her latest challenge has come in the form of leaving Ostria behind to engage in the game that is life in the capital of Arvum. Dianna, naturally, is confident that she will prove herself more than capable.

As any change in circumstances may inevitably have unforeseen results, the return to Arx has had a greater impact on the woman than any may have ever suspected, and circumstances have led Lady Dianna Mazetti to trade of her duties as a glaivedancer in exchange for oaths of a higher nature - as a godsworn Mirrormask, extremely rare in the city. Reactions by her family have been varied, but resulted, inevitably, in Dianna’s surname being replaced by ‘Godsworn’; and, with the release of her duties to family, Dianna is embarking upon profoundly new territory in service to the Faith.

Relationship Summary

  • Duke (Lord) Aethan Kennex - A formidable man and a good brother to his own.
  • Princess Alarissa Grayson - Beauty and grace; I am yet honored by her presence after taking my oaths to the gods.
  • Count Athaur Rivenshari - His tribe and ways make me more curious every time we meet.
  • Lord Dariel Bisland - We should move from merely being coffee-and-whisky acquaintances to becoming friends, don’t you agree?
  • Marquis Dio Seracini - I remain curious - as we who enjoy the artistry of life shall ever be.
  • Princess Reese Grayson - The Pink Princess never ceases to amaze me with her grace and generosity.
  • Selene Whisper - Truly of the finest craftswomen in all of Arvum; I am blessed to own a number of her creations.
  • Duke Valdemar Grimhall - Husband to my patron and friend to my sister - both reasons to earn my respect and hope for friendship.
  • Messere Rukhnis Al-Katibi - You have my great respect and gratitude, even if you dislike my jewelry.
  • Dame Felicia Harrow - I should really love to know you better.

  • Family:
  • Arios Mazetti - Beloved Father: None more generous than you
  • Livia Mazetti - Cherished Mother: If I am your sun, then you are my universe
  • Alessia Mazetti - My Twin: You, more than any mortal, always and forever.
  • Cambria Mazetti - Wise Cousin: Still, our blood flows from the same place; still, it flows back to our hearts; my love for you, my awe of you shall never wane.
  • Hadrian Mazetti - Nearly My Cousin: Trusted protector of my loved ones.
  • Antea Mazetti - Brilliant Cousin: So quiet and so keen.
  • Theron Mazetti - Blessed Cousin: I cede to your beauty, but it is your mind that is my favorite.
  • Braith Mazetti - Wife to a Beauty: Perfection rarely comes so sweetly.
  • Giulio Corvini - Cousin: Depths such as yours are awe-inspiring.
  • Strozza Mazetti - Dear Cousin: So very much like the seas are you, but my love will always shine.
  • Archlector Vayne - Trusted Mirror: With so few words, you have brought me to myself.
  • Archscholar Sina Godsworn - Older Sister I Have Earned Through Choice: The bravest person I have ever known; you are simply inspiring.
  • Archlector Hamish - Older Brother: Such an honor to know you; I am in wonder that I may truly claim you as my own family.
  • Archlector Brigida - Eldest Sister: If you are my future and I am to hold your strength after you are returned to the Mother, the gods truly bless me.
  • Brother Felix Meadson - Generous Brother: Though your hands, the gods’ are made stronger.
  • Brother Tomwell Leary - Thoughtful Brother: The most affable man one could ever know. I feel blessed to have earned my place as your sister.
  • Marzio Mazetti - Cousin: One day, perhaps, you will understand me.
  • Miranda Mazetti - Wife of Cousin Marzio: Brave and beautiful.
  • Sir Preston - Protective Brother: Reflections and ribbons seem to bind us. May the Truth ever cleanse our minds and souls.
  • Sir Brannen Harthall - Grateful am I for such brothers in the Faith who offer up such friendship and protection.

  • Patron:
  • Duchess Vanora Grimhall - Such an astonishing beauty and mentor; I am proud to be your protege.

  • Friend:
  • King Alaric Grayson Iv - Never would I have supposed myself worthy of such a friendship.
  • Princess Sorrel Thrax - Brave and beautiful; you are like a sister to me.
  • Princess Katarina Valardin - Beauty, depth and truth.
  • Countess Lucita Saik - So close to my heart, you are like my own blood.
  • Lady Thea Malvici - Better than all of them.
  • Lord Domonico Malvici - I much prefer observing you strike at others to feeling the brunt of your sword.
  • Lord Martino Malvici - Ever-charming; ever-gorgeous; ever-elusive. I expect all three are quite deliberate.
  • Duchess Calypso Malvici - The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  • Lady Zoey Kennex - You prove yourself always to be so unimaginably dear to me.
  • Lord Ian Kennex - One day, perhaps, you will understand.
  • Lord Wash Kennex - Faithful and steadfast, always.
  • Lady Catalana Kennex - We really must have tea.
  • Sir Aerandir Elensar - You are truly missed, when you are not near.
  • Anisha Whisper - More than once you have aided in soothing my heart and mind, dear friend.
  • Abellus - My incredibly-intelligent bear.
  • Lady Mabelle Laurent - A pure beauty - both in fashion and in heart.
  • Lord Vicente Fidante - Though much has changed and there may be those who doubt my heart, you and I shall ever know the truth.
  • Lady Adalyn Clement - Gods, but I enjoy you!
  • Lord Rysen Crovane - Ever, my dear friend, I'll fight for you.
  • Lord Iroh Keaton - ...Light and stars....

  • Deceased:
  • Valerio Mazetti - Favored Uncle: My heart breaks still for the loss of you. We miss you so.
  • Josephine Arcuri - Generous and pure, like the ringing of bells. You brought light, and gave me mirrorsilver and sapphires. I'll do my very best to keep reflecting that light, as you requested.

  • Ally:
  • Sir Amund - Focused and thorough, a good man to have beside me in times of danger.
  • Marquis Fairen Leary - In times of deep meditation and questions of deepest mystery, I am glad to have you near. But, do be careful of where your mind treads?
  • Lord Silvio Rubino - We really ought to get to know one another better.
  • Raymesin Ulbrand - I’m sure you remind me of someone…. No matter; you’re a good knife to have even in a swordfight.

  • Protege:
  • Alessia Mazetti - My Twin: You - more than any mortal, always and forever.
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