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Duchess Lianne Malespero

I just want to know how it works.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Lady Scientist
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malespero
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 30
Birthday: 8/17
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Demonologist
Height: average height
Hair Color: jet black
Eye Color: vivid green
Skintone: olive

Titles: Physicians' Guild Speaker for the Dead, Duchess of Nilanza

Description: Lianne holds the potential to be a beauty of the ages, but her intellectual pursuits keep her loveliness understated. Thick ebony hair is often only precariously pinned into place, occasionally with writing quills, leaving loose curls to fall against her cheek now and then. Her forest green eyes regard the world critically, intensely as if trying to unlock their secrets. Her movements are minimal and deliberate, maintaining a balance between strange and graceful with her willowy frame lending weight to the latter.

Personality: Lianne is insatiably curious about the world and everything in it. She has all the ambition and cunning that her house is famous for, but is often distracted by any number of other academic pursuits at the same time, and is completely unsatisfied with anything less than a full answer. When not absorbed by one question or another, shes known for a razor wit that leaves many entirely unsure if theyre being complimented or insulted. In the times when she does turn her attention to politics and governance, its with a degree of competence that can be chilling.

Background: Although she was born three years later than her elder sister Viviana, in many ways the siblings were cut from the same cloth. They looked similar and both had a restless nature about them that made them ill-suited to the life of a typical lady. Yet where this led Viviana to seek physical challenges, it led Lianne in the opposite direction - to seek mental ones. Even from a young age, it was rare to be able to walk into Liannes chambers without having to step around scattered diagrams and models, or to not find her hard at work dissecting some sort of animal or another upon her fine, mahogany armoire. She was never able to settle on just one discipline, bouncing from one to the next almost every month, but her keen mind devoured them all. When she blossomed into a beautiful young lady, her mother was initially keen to marry her off for political advantage. Yet whenever a marriage offer seemed close, Lianne would instantly turn her mind to aiding in issues of politics, government or economics and prove so valuable that the marriage would be put off. Of course, this would last only until the risk was gone, to the great exasperation of her mother, before shed return to her books and personal studies. She was largely uninvolved in the crisis that occurred during and immediately after the reign of Piero as Duke, happily working on her research. But in the aftermath, she was called upon by Belladonna to do her duty and use that keen mind to help rebuild the House to glory.

In the years since, Lianne has taken over leadership of the march of Nilanza, formed her own house, abandoned her Pravus legacy to remain with the Lyceum and even married well. Who knows if her mother is proud.

Relationship Summary

  • Laric - Not What I'd Expected
  • Luis - Serendipitous Interests
  • Zyanya - Deliberate and Articulate
  • Vitalis - Grief, Separate and Shared
  • Aconite - Compelling & Generous
  • Adalyn - What Inspires a Smile
  • Alessia - Unexpected Comfort
  • Evaristo - More Stars than Darkness
  • Anisha - Truth as a Faceted Gem
  • Cesare - Summer Storm
  • Zoey - Gentle Strength

  • Family:
  • Juliana - Warmth and Wonder
  • Vanora - Relentlesly Inquisitive, As One Should Be
  • Jaenelle - Exceptionally Capable
  • Leona - Warmer Than Her Scrutiny Suggests
  • Galen - A Fine Dancer
  • Sebastian - Depth and Distance
  • Sorrel - Not So Opposite

  • Ally:
  • Duarte - Delight or Dismay
  • Chiara - Promise with a Smile
  • Agostino - Dedicated and Capable
  • Pero - Windswept Potential
  • Egon - Inscrutable Enigma
  • Venturo - Luck's Favorite Taleteller
  • Medeia - Exceptional Questions

  • Spouse:
  • Apollo - An Ever-Growing Garden of Poetry and Possibility

  • Deceased:
  • Cassius - Trusted Advice, Ally and Anchor - My anger does not abate.
  • Micaela - Ephemeral Elegance, Fleeting as a Dream
  • Mydas - Steadying Reflection, Palpable Absence
  • Beatrice - The Wind in My Sails, Gone
  • Valerius - Sunlight on the Water & All the Depth Below
  • Nicia - The Dream is Dimmer without Her Intellect
  • Sunniva - Hope Unrealized, Complicated Ache
  • Sunaia - Self-possessed, Her Story Found a Fitting End

  • Friend:
  • Mae - More Morbid than Me
  • Khanne - Ever-Intersecting Paths
  • Vayne - To See Oneself Outside Oneself
  • Aleksei - Hard-Fought Hope
  • Fortunato - Balance and Challenge
  • Mirari - Significant History
  • Tyrus - The Whole World Brilliantly Tilted
  • Ripley - Quietly Kindred
  • Brannen - Kindest Pathfinder
  • Romulius - Grace and Debate
  • Savio - Poetic Exchange
  • Narcissa - Exquisitely Enigmatic
  • Natasha - Questions as Necessity
  • Samira - Deepest and Dearest, A Whole Adventure Ahead

  • Protege:
  • Medeia - No Longer in Need of Nudging

  • Sibling:
  • Pasquale - Determined Dedication
  • Carissa - Surprising Warmth
  • Claudia - Good as Her Word
  • Macario - Exceptionally Inquisitive
  • Ramona - Surprise Sister
  • Leonora - Charmingly Clever, Gone Somewhere
  • Haizea - Quiet and Curious, Kindred
  • Volya - Gregarious and Grim-humored
  • Viviana - Seabound Sister
  • Jan - Profanity as Poetry, Kinder than She's Likely to Admit

  • Patron:
    Name Summary
    Adalyn Grace under pressure with the enviable ability to face adversity head-on, even when it threatens to overwhelm. We may not have much in common on the surface, she and I, but I believe we share common ground in what matters most.
    Aelgar A woman of resolve who is strongly interested in the goals of The Scholars and the continuation of Archscholar Sina's legacy. I like her, too, and so she is well-met on many levels. I hope to work with her frequently to make the Scholars stronger and to learn more.
    Agatha Despite her fancy gown lacking pockets, I think I like her. She's a little more sly than I'm comfortable with, but if a Nightgold can marry a Pravus, I can be friends with one!
    Agostino Straightforward and every bit as smart as I'd heard. It will be a pleasure working for her.
    Alessandro A fellow questioner, which is becoming all too rare a find. Must keep track of her.
    Amund Someone who knows the necessity of survival above all else. And who can appreciate the fiendish details of the choices the leaders of our people are bound to make.
    Anisha The Marquessa Lianne Malespero is an effortless hostess. Clever, keen, and insightful. Her knowledge is vast, and her philosophy intriguing. I am sure I could spend endless hours listening to her, debating with her, questioning her - and have every answer spur on further questions. She told me she once considered becoming a disciple of Vellichor - and I very much see that path not taken in her demeanour.
    Apollis A beautiful woman with understated grace and poise. How charming and pleasant. She reminds me of the rockrose.
    Apollo I've never met a face a recognized more clearly. I wish she understood: we that build temples are never free of our work.
    Arianna An inquisitive mind that, for all intents and purposes, far outstrips my own. She's another inspiration and a mystery waiting to be unraveled.
    Arman It warms me to see the Duchess possessed with such unguarded happiness. It is well deserved as her poise and grace under continued pressures is a model for which we could all aspire.
    Auda I honestly didn't expect to find such a kindred spirit in someone so different.
    Audgrim Just the type of person I want to know. We got similar interests, as hard as that is to believe - we just go at it from different angles. She is clearly a very smart person, and knows what she is talking about.
    Baz She's fucking beautiful, but that's not all there is to her. Being around her is like being around a master's painting, and every time you look you see something you missed before.
    Beatrice I owe her my life. But my serivce? That I give freely. Circumspect, intelligent, devastatingly witty. A woman of a sense in a world turned mad.
    Beatrice Lianne is moonlight: illuminating and elusive. She also has a sweet tooth.
    Belladonna Lianne is as sharp as alaricite. She moves unseen, but with purpose, and having seen the results in the form of her allies and House? I am not surprised, but I am -very- pleased.
    Bianca How tragic, but how beautiful. Such is life sometimes, isn't it? You can see it within her, taste it on her words.
    Brannen I met Marquessa Malespero in the Shrine of Gild where I meant to aid and instead was aided by her. She obviously likes using her head with a remarkable forte for critical thinking. And yet she is not too proud to ask for help. I really appreciated her serious approach to ethical dilemmas.
    Calaudrin She was a good companion to have in the tunnels and I was equally glad to listen to her wisdom when we discussed what happened there. When we begin to compile research, I imagine her insights will be invaluable.
    Caprice She digs for what's uncomfortable which is...well. Uncomfortable, but it doesn't -feel- malicious.
    Carmen The Marquessa is lovely, clever, and too quick-witted for anyone's well-being.
    Cecilia Good to meet a woman who understands secret parts of me that I cannot share with others. Felt good to be understood.
    Celeste I am in awe of her. Lianne is poised, articulate, and shrewd in ways I can only hope to achieve.
    Claude An elegant woman, polite and refined but with a distinct kindness to her.
    Cristoph Measured and composed, with a gift for articulating deep and complicated manners in a way that's respectful. Also with a knack for being able to compromise. These aren't traits that everyone holds or is even capable of with practice.
    Dante I was informed of her erudition and wit, but the Marquessa also proved an engaging conversationalist with a most remarkable mind. I feel there's much to learn from her, and the delight of her personality makes the prospect a most intriguing one.
    Delilah What a delight to see how her thoughts work, and how vibrant those ideas are!
    Derovai I wonder what forboding drinks she will ply on me that aren't tea. Worth getting to know and seeing exactly where her interests lie.
    Desiree She organised a lovely poetry recital and kept everyone very on-track. Hard to do with some Nobles. Especially ones like me.
    Dominique I have heard good things about the coroner from my cousin. I hope to get to know her more and perhaps learn about her research to see if I can support it.
    Donato Ever since my rise to Count, I've had a good relationship with the Malesperos, but after being gone for awhile I can appreciate how fascinating the Marquessa is - one for whom the strange is also interesting, gracious to her vassals, and enigmatic. I do hope to spend much more time around her in the future.
    Ember It is important in one's vocation to understand the importance, even the weight, that one's actions carry. The Marquessa knows this well -- every time she lifts her scalpel, just as every time I lift my sword.
    Esoka Seems wise about the darker threats facing the Compact. And a friend of Peanut! That's about the best endorsement one can have, in Esoka's view.
    Evaristo That poem floored me, it is amazing. I wonder if she sings? I got this URGE to put music to her words now.
    Faye Encountered her in passing in the House of Questions. I do hope she comes back sometime for snacks. She seems interesting and open-minded.
    Gareth A collector. Of very many things. I would be quite interested to know more of her collections and if there are more than meets the surface.
    Gianna Sensible. And sensible people agree to live in the present. She's also good with words.
    Gilroy A classy marquessa with a morbid taste for bones. I probably don't want to know what she keeps in her tower.
    Giorgio A Marquessa that seems to have a passion for the Arts. She hosted one of the events at the Eidolon Gallery and it was quite fantastic. While we have only had a small amount of conversation, I hope that I might learn more of her soon and one day become friends.
    Haakon Knowledgeable sort. Has a taste for odd tales, and curious subjects. I just hit folk with a sword, no bloody idea what she's talking about, half the time.
    Hana I've heard she has a sharp intellect, and she didn't disappoint! I'm grateful she's willing to help me look into things my own research talents aren't good enough for.
    Ian Throws an interesting party, even for the Lyceum.
    Ignacio The Marquessa seems to be a good spirited and interesting woman. I feel she would be worth getting to know better.
    Ilira Hers is a warm serenity, a grace from the way of her talk to her moves, but her strength underlies. A good healer cures pain, the best healer knows it.
    Isabeau An interesting sense of fashion and good taste in the city's crafters.
    Itzal A tepid, souless creature who cannot appreciate art. Utter lies, of course, that I encourage any and all to correct her on at the earliest opportunity. Likes cats!
    Jaenelle I value subtle quiet strength. An understanding of the balance needed between duty and the desires of passion. I went into the meeting with Lianne without having any preconceived notions and left truly grateful and better because of it.
    Jeffeth A very smart and lovely young Lady. She seems a lovely sort. I would love to have more conversations with her, she makes me think. But maybe if someone else was there too, so I could take breaks for thinking.
    Jordan She seems to believe in chance, this Marquessa. But then she talks about opening up corpses in such an irreverent way that makes me fairly sure she must have a very grim sense of humor. I wonder if she and the Nox'alfar would exchange grisly tales.
    Katarina Marquessa of Malespro, and of the Pravus line. She's a truly remarkable young woman, and with far more to her than initially meets the eye. One simply has an aura for those things, and she oozes it.
    Khanne I met her a long time ago, but we never have opportunity to truly get to know one another. Hopefully this time will be the difference. She is a lovely person in beauty and being, and often seems so eerily mirrored of myself. It is almost creepy, but is comforting at the same time, to know there is someone that seems to understand.
    Kyden A rare soul who seems to understand the truth that I seek. I look forward to working with her further. I think I have much to learn.
    Laric A Pravus through and through, and as sharp as she's reputed to be.
    Leola As enmeshed in the political scene as any of her class, she differs in that she understands what she discusses
    Lisebet Smart, caring and industrious, as well as willing to listen. Good qualities in a leader and a friend.
    Lucita Marquessa Lianne Malespero-dignified, intelligent, affable. Interesting enough to want to get to know her better.
    Luis She does seem like she would prefer to be aloof and alone, and yet she asks the deepest questions and is not satisfied with simplicity... an interesting encounter.
    Mabelle She is certainly more perceptive than all of us, even in the presence of sweets.
    Magpie Lianne was considerate enough to offer assistance to Magpie where others were laughing or standing by. It's something he'll remember and he fully intends to repay her for the kindness. Hopefully they'll cross paths again soon.
    Marian A Lyceum noble with a keen wit. She brings a quirk of a smile when she teased that poor man. Of course, I can't speak, cause I teased him too.
    Marina She's terrifying in that overly-competent kind of way.
    Maris I quite like this intelligent lil' flower, the recent Marquessa of Nilanza, who is building a future for her own family. Whether we will have anything to do with each other in the future is yet to be seen. Seems like she would be a 'fair' employer.
    Martino A rare sighting and one that is utterly enjoyable to be around. Listens to the story, draws one out of you, and offers a clap. A smile. Something more to have you hooked to share another tale next time.
    Mason Mason ran into Lianne at the Shrine of First Choice. She struck him as intelligent and capable of quite deep discussion, but also aware of the comfort of others around her and able to sprinkle humor and consideration into the conversation.
    Medeia Shrewd, fiercely smart, and surprisingly willing to humor my intrusions into her library. Never underestimate how valuable such a humor can be.
    Narcissa When it comes to curiosity, or being an object of curiosity yourself, there are fine lines that become blurred the longer one dwell's within that space. Self-directed, you may become your own your own hedge maze out of both defense and baited invitation to be unraveled. She is neither, lacking the illusion of chicanery and existing purely as a riddle herself.
    Neilda Oh my gods, can it be that easy? It's so refreshing to meet someone so utterly low-bullshit.
    Oriana Silk and steel, she wields her authority without hesitation. We will do well to avoid her ire or, indeed, her attention.
    Orland I know she has history with the Count, I was younger then. It's been a while since then, I think. She provided decent and intellectual conversation. That she was curious about me, stands her hands above most I've met.
    Pasquale My new patchwork family. Better than my old family, gods send. Seems to have a good head on her shoulders and a sharp eye to the threats that might come from overseas...or within. I look forward to working with her.
    Pasquale My sister in oaths is still just the same.
    Quenia Marquessa Malespero is a lovely woman who wants to do what's best for her family members. We look forward to along and prosperous relationship.
    Raimon A chance meeting at the brewery, seemingly entirely by happenstance. And yet she immediately spoke of Romulius and the Order of East Light, and how we might be of use in the near term, -and- of the nascent Order - house in Nilanza. She's certainly extremely well - informed, this one. Well. Let's see where this goes!
    Reese I see her once in a while. She seems witty, intelligent and self controlled. She writes lovely poetry too.
    Renata It's been a while since we last met, and Lady Lianne is everything that I remember her to be, and more. Sharp of intellect and inquisitive of the unknown, I feel relief in having confided in her.
    Romulius The Marquessa Malespero is blessed by both sharp mind and sharp tongue. A more-than pleasant conversationalist and generous with praise, it's somewhat of a surprise that she is involved in the intellectual pursuits that she is, though it's quite clear even from a single conversation that she is formidable in those arenas. There's little doubt that Nilanza is well served by their Marquessa.
    Rylan I had heard she was refreshingly open with a preference for straightforwardness. I found this to be so, and yet there is grace there also, which is to be admired. The keen edge of a blade is no less sharp for being wrapped in silk.
    Rysen A brilliant poet and scientist - truly one of the greatest minds of our age.
    Samira The marquessa possesses a keen mind and a discerning eye. Not at all complacent like some, she comes across as both self-aware and willing to examine the complexities of life.
    Savio I feel she understands me in a way most people do not, and it is a pleasure to commend my writing into her keeping. Light or dark, she'll know what I meant between the lines.
    Sebastian An interesting woman, the new Marquesse. The episode during the meeting leads me to believe that there is perhaps something more going on with her than a mere fainting spell. The scramble to contain her when she barely moved at all alludes to this not being the first time, perhaps? Curious.
    Sebastian More and more, I realize how remiss I am with family, none more so than my dear cousin. Her strength and clarity are unwavering and a large part of why I hold her so dearly in my heart.
    Selene She lives up to the praise -- a very high bar -- that other scrupulous, discerning peers share about her. In every way, someone I would like to know more.
    Shae Cares not who hears, unafraid to speak her mind. Doesn't do it with ill-intent. I can appreciate this.
    Sloane An iris in the late winter.
    Sorrel My sister-in-law through her union with Valerius, now deceased. We never really got to know one another while he was alive, but we are hopeful to have the opportunity to rectify that in the future."
    Sunniva A fellow Islander, she is dear to someone very important to me. And I can see why. Bright, charming, and with just enough of an edge to her humour to be interesting. I like her.
    Titus Lianne, a study in graceful strength; responsibilities like a dancer's steps, a mind sharper than any duelist's blade.
    Tyrus An ally, a friend, a peer of the strange and occult. Insightful, intelligent, there are few better suited to face the mysteries encountered.
    Valdemar Vanora's cousin is extremely knowledgeable, and patient as well. Circumstances aside, I enjoyed the chance to pick her brain.
    Valerius Hello. /Again./ My intelligent, thoughtful, tender, mildly insane, love of my life.
    Vanora I've always been fond of my cousin, and House Pravus is indebted to her for all that she put into building up her March.
    Vayne When someone is willing to trust another, that is something remarkable. She chose to trust me, and I am honoured by her decision. There's something about her I find intriguing, and hope to speak with her again, and often.
    Venturo I believe the Marquessa Pravus is like a duck upon the water. All calm and collected on the surface, a churn of calculating thoughts and passions below. She does not, for the record, look like a duck. She also possesses good choice in whiskey, which is a leading indicator of a person being interesting.
    Vitalis Reserved, humorous. I appreciate a dry wit. Open in a way that I find ...very familiar.
    Viviana Lianne has done amazingly well for herself. Marquessa of her own house, among many other things. She's lovely, witty, smarter than I am even if she was on her fifth bottle of wine and I was sober as a rock. I know she can take care of herself. One could easily argue she's accomplished more for herself than I have. And yet I still feel like I need to protect her from all the dangers of life.
    Yuri I found a counterpoint in what the Marquessa shared with me. I want to say that it allowed me my first steps to heal and take myself beyond the safety, but gloom of the Villa. We still have much to share but I hope our correspondences and meetings continue.
    Zara Bright, and bold, too, to speak such fiercely -- if quietly -- felt poetry.
    Zoey Practical, an out-of-the-box thinker, and has much more to her than one might first expect. Rafely do I find someone so intriguing even in this city.
    Zyanya Not all mirrors are unkind. She is the branch lowered over the currents of a high river, the breeze that cools a sunburned brow.