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Prince Sebastian Pravus

The most intriguing parts of an individual are their flaws; perfection is dull.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Callous Noble Artiste
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 28
Birthday: 6/6
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Artisan
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: sky blue
Skintone: pale

Titles: Voice of House Pravus, The Mad Painter, Ebon Hound of Setarco, Exemplar of Pravus

Description: Dark brown hair, nearly always charmingly disheveled, hides just enough of his sky blue eyes to lend a touch of mystery, even if they sparke with wickedness from time to time. His aristocratic features are finely lined with a strong jaw, and straight nose, arched brows, and lips that curve easily into a wry smirk or a rakishly boyish smile. He has a slender yet athletic form, and his hands bear a few minor imperfections due to the work that he does with them, marking him as some manner of artisan.

Personality: Sebastian waxes and wanes from moments of inspired brilliance to profoundly disinterested lethargic ambivalence. Seemingly erratic, he will obtain a new obsession and pursue that inspiration with a sort of single-minded devotion and intensity. During these periods, he will work obsessively until he has created the vision that drove him, before once more retreating to his general malaise. The artist seems to show the same sort of obsessiveness over people, finding an object of interest and searching for something within that individual, and manipulating them with a deft hand, always searching for something and not quite finding it. He has a cruel faculty for it. No matter how many have been told to avoid getting entangled with the Pravus Lord, he seems to rarely be lacking for attention, or a trail of broken individuals left behind who mutter about his inconsistency and madness. And yet, there are those who have grown close enough to Sebastian to know that there is more to the man than meets the eye, or the reputation.

Background: Born just twenty minutes after his sister Juliana, a fact which she rarely lets him forget, Sebastian had the life of wealth and privilege any young lord could come to expect in Setarco. As he grew into a life of opulent but dull comfort, he felt listless and was left craving intellectual stimulation and deeper sensations, and discovered he had two passions. He enjoyed the act of creating artistically, controlling a piece and molding it into haunting works to evoke precisely the right emotions from precisely the right people. Perhaps even more than that first passion, he was intrigued so deeply by what motivated people that saw his art. What made them experience joy, sorrow, wonder, or rage. He studied their quirks, their dreams and goals, and how to manipulate and evoke precisely the right response with his art... and then his words... and then his actions. They were art, after all, and so many could be so much better if they were clay under his hands. Inevitably, in many cases, he'd be captivated with some commoner woman and see what it took for her to not just love him, but worship him, before casting her away as another experiment. His callousness had the family spending a small fortune to keep covering up these dramatic scandals of broken individuals left in his wake, as well as moving him from one southern court to the next until the pressure had died down some. As such, he spent a good deal of his time outside of major cities, and while his sister often accompanied him, he would often return to his first passion in art. He would never consider himself a master, but the passion and drive was still there, and soon he'd be attracting the interest of individuals with the most interesting flaws that could be sliced away with a word. And so it would begin again. After the last scandal in Setarco, he was sent to Arx, where perhaps his talents would serve the family well, if he could just be controlled.

Upon arriving in Arx, Sebastian found the same patterns repeating, and eventually he returned to Setarco for a time, to his studio and to his sculpting, but something had changed. He withdrew from his usual social circles and rumors that the periods of darkness and brooding had grown more frequent. Some other obsession had taken the Pravus Lord, and eventually he gave away all of his sculptures, his work shifting to painting images that he claimed came from dreams and nightmares, dark works that contrasted sharply with those he might have been asked to create by others. Then the call came from Belladonna Pravus to return to Arx. His sister, Juliana, had already traveled ahead of him, and when he put the finishing touches on his last piece, he let go everything from his studio in Setarco, and made his way to Arx for perhaps a new beginning. Quiet. In the time since his return to Arx, certainly he has been seen at social events, rumored to have participated in the retaking of Luciva, and continues to produce art. However, no word of further scandal seems to have followed him. Has he finally been controlled? Has he merely become more subtle and refined since his arrival? Or is it only a matter of time?

Relationship Summary

  • Fatima - Half Sister
  • Juliana - Twin and Best Friend

  • Family:
  • Belladonna - Cousin So Very Changed
  • Sudara - Knowledgeable Cousin-Once-Removed
  • Viviana - Cousin and Sword
  • Lucrezia - Captaining Cousin
  • Luis - Brother-in-Law
  • Bastian - Beautiful Niece
  • Vanora - Ever-Rising Duchess-Cousin
  • Allegra - Bookish Cousin
  • Lucien - Thoughtful Nephew
  • Abbas - Outgoing Newphew
  • Giacomo - Beloved Son

  • Acquaintance:
  • Lysander - He of the Mercurial Muse
  • Silvio - Fashion Plate Prince
  • Quenia - Fine Wines and Good Company
  • Jennyva - Companionable Spider Lover

  • Friend:
  • Lucita - Charming Performer and Purveyor of Fine Wines
  • Emily - Arrows and Stones and Alcohol
  • Alessia - Incomparable Glaivedancer
  • Raven - Protector. Family.

  • Deceased:
  • Narciso - Your Song is Missed
  • Cassius - Disappointed Duke
  • Abbas - Half-Brother - sorely missed
  • Barric - Of Swords and Charcoal
  • Niccolo - Cunning Uncle
  • Alrec - Drinking Rum In Your Name
  • Arianna - There Is No Later
  • Adrienne - Determination and Enlightment
  • Ari - A True Knight Now At Peace

  • Spouse:
  • Tyche - Elegance and Strength
  • Nisaa - Eurusi Whisper
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne I met Sebastian in Setarco during dark days. He is perceptive and feeling with a true love for his people and his home - and perhaps just a tiny bit of a mischievous spirit.
    Aethan Juliana's brother, Pravus lord. Seems a little happier than last we met. That's probably a good thing.
    Aisha Time has not changed him, and yet it has. IT will be quite enjoyable to see just what has become different.
    Alarissa One of the finest artists in the compact.
    Alecstazi A contradiction of sorts. He is Lycene and yet there is a reserve to his outward demeanor. He is poised, controlled, deliberate. And yet he is nettled by mild words about a dead brother. And here I thought I was being politick about it. Still. There is something there that I find curious. Perhaps I will meet him again.
    Alrec Sebastian has always been the brains of the operation and rarely do we have an idea if it hasn't been filtered by Bas. Good or bad ones.
    Anisha A Setarco Gentleman, through and through. It's good to meet those that take pride in their home.
    Apollo If there were ever a case of "he wore it better," he's it.
    Appolonia The way to a woman's heart is through an orange. And I am so glad to know that he knows that. And to include a fish, too.
    Arianna He's wise and clearly able bodied. I like a man who has a silver tongue -and- quick feet. Pravus does well to have such a Voice.
    Ariella Artsy Pravus. The best kind!
    Ariella A pretty and charming Prince of Pravus who seems happy to encourage my chaotic tendencies. We should be friends.
    Artur A fellow artist! A little more reserved than I might appreciate, but variety in personalities is what makes things interesting, is it not?
    Athaur A fiendish man with a strange taste in art
    Auda Truly a fan of bleeding hearts.
    Aurelia He's a delightful artist and I hope to see more of his work. More importantly, he's a good sport, but has no qualms about drawing a line in the sand when things have gone too far. I will have to be careful around this one for both of our sakes.
    Azova Mysterious and dark - I've heard many talented artists are - but not unpleasant. (Which I also have heard many talented artists are.)
    Baz More talent than the average noble... but still a noble. Through and through. If you cut him, he'd bleed steel and blue.
    Beatrice I suppose I should have thought to run into him at the Salon. He's not what I would have expected by reputation - amusing, social, even professional. A lesson in not believing every story you hear, perhaps.
    Beatrice He's always been a Prince of Pravus. Of course he would now have the title to match.
    Belladonna I was so lost in my own grief before I failed to see what was most important about Pravus, Setarco, and my own heart. Sebastian helps me see those things. Then again, of course he does. He -is- the artist of the family.
    Berenice Ah, the tortured artist! I think I'd manage to lounge about on a sofa long enough for him to paint me, as difficult as it might be to endure.
    Bianca Soft- yet well-spoken, he possesses a remarkable creative spark to have helped produce such an outstanding wine. The true mark of an artistic soul.
    Bianca I do not think words can properly capture Sebastian. He is so much to so many, not all of it good and he'll tell you so himself. But there is none more devoted to family and home than he and that speaks volumes to me.
    Bliss Ah, the artist of Pravus. Perhaps a bit sensitive, but that's very common among artists, isn't it? Something about being able to see the world in its true colors and put it on the canvas, it means that the words come sharper, the barbs sting more. Or perhaps it was all part of the act. Still, he is rather intriguing, and an excellent cohort on stage.
    Brigida What in the God's names is he doing bidding that much on a goat? Such a strange man.
    Calla Another member of my new liege house. A very pleasant conversationalist, and he seems to want to be helpful, so I appreciate that.
    Caprice It's a delight to view an artist's work, whatever their chosen medium or tone. It's a distinct privilege to learn from someone with demonstrable talent and I'll be forever grateful to His Highness for sharing his skill and helping me refine mine.
    Caspian A rum loving guy. Must be his Thraxian blood. Could work on his melee skills a bit!
    Cassimir I know him to be renowned for his artistry, and have seen first-hand the quality and depth of his works. But /I/ will always remember him to be a highly effective and empathetic communicator, capable of oscillating between topics both blithe and solemn, all the while remaining in complete possession of himself. It is this trait I aspire to most and therefore value above all others.
    Cassiopeia He demonstrates leadership in everything he does, in the little things and the times where few are watching, and that is what makes all the difference.
    Catalana Juliana is my favorite for her quick wit and easy conversation. He is her opposite in many ways, but they both have sharp minds and are keen conversationalists. I look forward to many more conversations with him in the future.
    Clara I don' even want ta know what I know about what happened with the unicorns...
    Dante Supposedly the 'good' Pravus. While I doubt such a thing exists, at least he was polite enough, if rather talkative.
    Delfina Met while he was running qualifiers for something called the Tournament of Thorns. He certainly seems to be pleasant company, intelligent and good-natured. I'd enjoy the chance to speak with him again sometime.
    Delia Effortless composure and charm, fine fashion and refined speech. He's one who would keep me on my toes.
    Delilah The Silken City produces all manner of luxuries and wonders. One ought be wary in dealing with the finest of them, for they hold so many unexpected sides that it's almost intoxicating, more than even their famed fire wine. Sebastian is someone that merely a brief encounter will never suffice for.
    Dianna Temptingly smoldering. It's so very easy to see why his companion is fond of him. I shall have to know more....
    Dio He is renown throughout Arvum as an artist, and indeed he has a transcendent vision, but I shall always think of him most as a leader, and one I am proud to follow.
    Domonico A Pravus lord. While I may not personally have much time for art itself he did raise some valid points on the necessary methods needed to raise money for good causes. That... I cannot fault.
    Duarte Lord Sebastian has not lost his edge, by which I mean neither the cutting side of his blade nor the sharpness of his mind.
    Elora A smart man with a keen sense of observation. I look forward to getting to know him better.
    Ember I will never understand the arts. Frankly, I'll never care for them, either. Fortunately, there is more to Prince Sebastian than that.
    Emily Delightfully creative even in the strangest of circumstances. Lessons must be had. He's far too skilled in weaning information for people - and thank goodness for that.
    Emily A dear friend still and now a Prince. Heavy is the head or some such is what they say. He carries it well and still with such thought for those he cares for. A gift I am not sure I can repay and one I shall cherish. His friendship is thus to me.
    Esme Heartbreaker. Dog Thief. All of these horrid things. Also, deeply thoughtful, artistic, and a million other good things. I think it weighs it out in our waiting game. Obviously, we are meant to be the best of friends.
    Evelynn The prince is certainly charming. And a connoisseur of wine, it appears.
    Faruq Garulous. Affable. He seems a good man to converse with over drinks, even if I am the one buying them. A small price to pay for good company.
    Fatima Ah my brother, the definition and picture of the brooding artist. He wrestles with himself to grasp his spark of inner genius, and I wish I could help but it seems a very personal road. Admittedly, we're far less alike than myself and Jules, but it would be boring if we were all the same. I should be sure to talk things through with him only so he can tell me when I'm being wildly insane! Regardless, I do love him, and am happy to have him about, and getting on with his other sister.
    Fecundo The first member of the Pravus house I believe I have met. Good to have him along on the hunt for the pirates.
    Gabriella I know no one more gifted in the arts than my cousin. And none with a dryer wit. Passions are his guide; and it is always a wonder to be able to see where they take him, when they seize upon him.
    Galen The man is a cousin, and is an awesome sailor, knowing well how to give obscene gestures and hold his liquor in a storm. Well done!
    Gianna The talented Lord Sebastian makes every party better and wields flattery delightfully deftly.
    Gilroy Can't help but feel like I said something wrong. Not that this is an unusual feeling.
    Giorgio The Ebon Hound of Setarco. I have yet to discover exactly what that means, but the artist prince certainly seems to be a well spoken man. He is generous for taking me on as a protege, and I hope that it is the beginning of a bright future. I saw him fight in the attack on the Pravus Ward and he seemed fierce, which is quite different from how he presented himself in our meeting.
    Giulio It is rare that I see a member of House Pravus as anything save an adversary. I believe, however, he understands the difference between enlightened self-interest and not. That not all prices are worth all costs.
    Graziella Cousin Sebastian is ever so charming and poised. We have not spoken long, but already I feel a certain kinship with him!
    Graziella Talent beyond compare with a brush... I wonder what he could teach me about art...
    Gwenna Prince Sebastian Pravus is an impressive man. He has the expected manners and fine taste of someone from a royal house, of course, but those are just the cover of the book. His passion for family and House endeavors are quite evident, and he appears to take to them with a drive that goes well beyond duty. There is a lot more common ground there than I thought might exist, which I had not expected - and surely should have.
    Haakon A fair hand with sword or dagger. Witty enough, without being a fucking prick about it. I'll drink with him.
    Helena A beautiful poet with an intriguing manner.
    Helle Heartbreak, immortal.
    Ian Juliana's brother. Glad the gargantuan didn't kill him.
    Ilira Sin, song, and wine--my favorite culmination. I do anticipate my next meeting with the Prince, though it suits that our first was in the bedchamber of an oathlander.
    Isidora Great Sailor. I know where the rum has gone.
    Jadara The Prince of Pravus. While there are more than one, there is really only one worth knowing it seems. Webs within webs this one is.
    Jennyva A fascinating man with a wickedly sharp wit. I've shared coffee with him and look forward to seeing more of his artwork. Someone that didn't judge me too harshly and wasn't offended with my social stumblings as I find my feet in Arx. A true delight to hold a conversation with.
    Jordan A man who doesn't say much is a man who knows more. He speaks little, and is ever watchful. Likely as cunning as any Pravus is.
    Josephine So many Pravi! This one seems to be very different from the rest of them. But my name travels cross his ears though I have yet to hear of his till now. Interesting. Very interesting.
    Kaia A Pravus lord; he was so kind and nice to me after an odd (vision) incident I experienced. I shall always be greatful for his kindness and understanding.
    Katarina The Prince speaks Eurusi well. He can almost make the glottal sounds flawlessly -- too many from Arx sound like they're pausing to clear their throats mid-word. These small details... I notice them, and I am glad there are others who pay attention as well.
    Keely What is there to say about Prince Sebastian? He alternates charming and sincere, and sometimes a disarming combination of the two, and one can never know which to expect. I count myself fortunate to have his friendship.
    Kenna He has a keen wit and a sharp eye, also a hand! He hit the monster - I do hope he enjoys his prize.
    Lexir It's been years since I've seen my cousin, and he's seemed to have done well for himself in my long absence. I would say he hasn't changed a wit, but I've seen enough to tell me that that's certainly not the case - I shouldn't be surprised that the passage of years will change a man.
    Lianne My cousin has always been charming and insightful, as true today as it was years ago despite all he's been through since.
    Lilia A bright and charming man, rendered most curious by the subtle darkness which seems to linger at the very edges of his being. It is rather fascinating, even if I am not whole-heartedly enthusiastic about the idea of spiders.
    Lilith I didn't even recognize him at first! My cousin from the Lyceum. How embarrassing. To be fair, we haven't seen each other in quite sometime, if I remember right.
    Lora There's more there than he lets on. Subtle things hidden in the grandiose ones like tiny silver fish among ripples. Probably all dangerous, but aren't they all?
    Lore A master of his craft whose tutelage has been invaluable. To say nothing of his wit and charm. I hope to impress him someday.
    Lorenzo An interesting man with well-thought-out tastes in alcohol. I'd definitely enjoy sharing another drink with him in the future.
    Lottie I don't think I've met a man as beautiful as he is. His voice is soft, but there's a fierceness that lingers beneath the surface. He invited me to a party and while I'm still a bit twitter pated over the whole ordeal, I'm REALLY looking forward to it!
    Lucita Sebastian has been reclusive for months after Setarco. He seems almost lost at times and troubled though he puts on a good facade. His conversations are interesting and he enjoys good wine as much as I do and is so very talented when he can find the inspiration. He is a reminder that friends help friends through tough times.
    Lucrezia Sebastian seems to place his heart upon every canvas which he touches. His fondness of life's finer offerings is one which I relate to. As an artisan he perceives the world in ways which many others do not. Perhaps he will offer inspiration in the coming days.
    Mabelle A male Pravusi is a rare find. He carries himself with grace. I hope to talk to him more at length one day.
    Malcolm He's got a way with words, he does. Makes sense he'd be the Voice of Setarco. Still, even if I don't get a lot of art -- I wanna see what kind of creative mind he's got.
    Marena The triumph of Pravus, is Sebastian.
    Marisol Sebastian is more than a friend. He is a confidante and I shall hold no secrets from him. I hope that he feels the same with me.
    Mattheu throws a good party
    Meesha A Pravus lord -surely there must be coin flowing around him; quite a handsome and young fellow. Seems to be a fancy patron of the self-indulgent industry. A most intriguing prospect treat for Meesha -he shall fall to my feet, as all men do for the River Siren.
    Michael Juliana's brother. An interesting man, whom Monique seems to adore. Which must mean he is interesting, to say the least.
    Miranda What wit! Apparently, he can be persuaded with a bit of rum! Meeting Lord Pravus has been very interesting indeed and I look forward to other opportunities to get to know him.
    Mirk You know, I don't think I've ever seen a man climb a tree faster. For a prince, he's rather good at it. But then, maybe that's a matter of motivation.
    Monique We met at a poetry reading and he was every inch the dutiful Pravosi, reputation intact! I can't wait to get him alone... to learn about his ancestors.
    Moros The Prince of Pravus is one I hope to keep on my side - assuming he is! He is charming and clearly one to want to share a drink with.
    Nazmir This Prince of Pravus is nothing at all like I would have expected, being a touch more subdued then one would think possible. Nevertheless, he makes for excellent company for conversation and a great partner for games.
    Niklas Artistic Pravus. Painter and sculptor with an interest in the theater. Someone to watch.
    Nisaa A surprise comfort out of the gloom. I know next to nothing of him, yet feel an ease in his presence. Not at first, no, but he changed that rather quickly.
    Orelia Quite a dancer, and an artist! I bet he's also fun at parties.
    Orland THE PRINCE, on the horse and stuff, yeah, but the PRINCE who gives RUM. So nice.
    Petal A polite and thoughtful and forgiving Lord!
    Pharamond I do not have much experience with House Pravus, but Lord Sebastian makes me want to learn more about Pravus!
    Poppy A man of many complexities. He is jovial and kind, yet also wise and can speak dark truths when needed.
    Prisila What an interesting man. An artist who has the smile of something dangerous. It's almost like looking into my reflection in some ways but he holds himself with grace, nonetheless.
    Quenia He seems to rightly understand the significance of a good dream, or... bad I should say. I'm rather quite looking forward to attending his art show, should he move forward with one. He's also an excellent connoisseur of fine wine.
    Raimon First seen in person at the Academia Ari Hall of Memories for the ceremony Honoring Pravus for the events of the Skal'dajan War. A man of foresight and admirable comportment, it was good to finally meet him after hearing so much, second-hand, from Savio, Giorgio, Patrizio et al. Well - met.
    Ras Drew a real real awesome picture of a unicorn. Bet they're all so proud of it. He seems a cheery sort, but kinda snobby about wine. Most silks wouldn't touch the Murder's bar though, so he ain't the most uptight.
    Raven Impeccably dressed and with a very well manicured mustache, I seemed to have surprised him with my lack of height, though I imagine I'm full of plenty of other surprises as well.
    Reese He seems charming, but that is to be expected for a Pravus Lord. He also is well spoken and intelligent. He has a nice confident way of holding himself.
    Renata My bright and creative brother seems weighed down by Arx. I hope I am able to help him.
    Ronja I don't think I understand art very much.
    Rook One of the most worldly nobles I have ever encountered. Possessed of a keen intellect and vision. A true sophisticate.
    Roran A purveryor of fine wine and newly minted prince. What can the pRavi not do?
    Rosalind Looks clean but didn't mind I may have got him dirty. And tossed money out for charity. Bet there's more under the surface!
    Rowenova He knows what men want! A+ relationship advice right here. More seriously, he actually listened to me lament away about certain Things. Witty humor, too!
    Rysen A singular genius of irresistible charisma. His art changes the world.
    Sabella A young lord that both paints and does sculptures and I am very excited to hear that he wants to showcase the art of others! Arx could use more people that want to help their fellow artists!
    Savio An intelligent prince, at ease with mirth and dire subjects in equal measure. A man I would follow and trust -- which surprises me, as I find those very rarely.
    Scarlett What a handsome, positive, encouraging, enticing, affluent, gorgeous figure. My one complaint is that I was not yet fully clad in my ultimate dress and so other, lesser women were able to steal some of his attention. But all good things come to those who plan.
    Selene A captivating Lycene lord who bears a distinctive viewpoint on the world. He is gifted with a differing perspective from many. That makes his views invaluable. Besides, a man who appreciates music is well worth knowing.
    Skaldia Lovely company, both patient to explain, and entertaining. Even if we disagree on the best ways to prepare fish!
    Sorrel The Pravus lord is my husband's cousin, but he's delightfully charming and quite good company to have at a party.
    Sudara One of my successors as Voice of Pravus, he's a promising youngster - seemingly possessed of both an enquiring mind and a willingness to learn. From my own time in the role, I can say that he will need both. I hope to be able to help, at least a little. For the sake of this amiable young man, as well as the broader House.
    Sunaia As gentle in his manner as the scent of spring crocuses at midnight and as generous as they come. I can only hope to return the kindness to him that he has offered.
    Sunaia I'm still searching for something that Sebastian seems to have just by the grace of presence and birth -- a place where he belongs. He's insightful and inspirational. Charming, confident, content. I envy him.
    Svana A Pravosi prince with a quick wit and an artist's soul - and perhaps a wicked sense of humor that I look forward to tapping into more in the future.
    Swift I had heard of this particular Pravosi before ever attaining freedom. His artistry and talent are not bound to the Lyceum, the Saffron Isles, or Arx alone. It was a pleasant surprise to find him so approachable and easy to talk to.
    Titus When one is focused on their passion, they can move mountains. It also means they have pressures placed on their shoulders with unseen burdens they carry. Some might call them eccentric, some might say odd. While Sebastian and Titus go about different paths with their passions, he can fully respect this prince of Pravus. While Sebastian paints images that haunt on canvas, Titus conducts the chorus of death from the terror he leaves on battlefields. Artists.
    Tris These Pravus do come in nice packages.
    Valdemar One of Vanora's cousins, he seems like a friendly sort, and insightful as well. Definitely worth the time to make his acquaintance.
    Valentina My most magnificent artist, the architect of my dreams. I lifted up an enormous slab of stone, and he carved from it a wonder. Forever will I cherish this memory, come what may of the future.
    Vanora My cousin Sebastian is one of those I've known since childhood and yet still find a puzzle. That said, I love him unconditionally and am there whenever he should need me.
    Verity I can already see the tension between him and Adrienne, as well as the commonalities. He seems to be more the functional kind of artist despite his reputation. But, what good are reputations if they aren't of dubious truthfulness?
    Victus I met the man on very few occasions and between all of 'em, we never got the chance to share a drink with each other. Now that we finally have, I see the man has got an artist's outlook without taking himself overly seriously. Perhaps something will come of random acts of inappropriate sculptures.
    Videl Lord Sebastian is possibly one of the best artist's I've ever seen, who like me creates for the love of art.
    Vitalis A man who can take his own measure. His reputation for charm is well-earned.
    Viviana Cousin Sebastian is as delightful company as I recall. I'll have to find time to catch up with him some more. I'm grateful for his interest in Lianne's well-being.
    Wash Up close he looks more the rake than the captain. But I've seen him sail and I wouldn't underestimate him, with a boarding line or a cutting one.
    Ysabel A Pravus Prince and a handsome one at that. He makes my heart hurt for looking at him.
    Zara A dreadfully clever painter. His paintings have a way of lingering, but at least he's charming enough to supply wine.
    Zoey I suppose humility is overrated anyway. If you are good at something, enjoy that fact.