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Carrick Squallborn

"Some people, they're born into pain. It shapes every moment of them. Most of them find a way to cope. They hammer out their armor until it's just right. They build a shelter from the darkness and the rain. A very few embrace the storm outside, and make their soul into not a castle or a garden but a ship. They turn into the pain and it lets them fly."

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Sword [Axe] of Stormheart
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Squallborn
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 35
Birthday: 11/3
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: blue green
Skintone: deep tanned, weathered

Description: Carrick is a taller man with medium length auburn hair that reaches to his shoulders. His hair is slightly wavy curling up near the ends. On the side of his head he tends to have a braid or two just to keep his hair from his eyes. He has a thick beard that is kept short and trim. While his moustache is kept much shorter than what is normally seen. In his left ear is a gold ring that barely circles his ear lobe the only piece of jewelry that can be seen on the man. His eyes are a blue green that have warmth to them. His skin is tanned due to all of the time he was out of sea. He has a powerful build due to all of his training and sailor days. The clothes that he favors tend to not show this instead just being worn due to how comfortable they are.

Personality: Carrick is a warm person that jokes and tells stories of his past to make a mood more fun. Though he is friendly he does not seem to be close to just anyone only being truly close with those that he calls friends. When fighting he is normally seen with a smile appearing to enjoy the fight as if it was a game. Though this changes when he is doing his duty then he turns into a very serious man that focuses on his duty alone.

Background: Carrick was born to a family of sailors and raiders. His father having been a sailor that fought off raiders and his grandfather on his mother's side being a raider that attacked ships. As a boy he grew up hearing the stories of the open sea as well as the honor of different warriors. It was his dream to go explore the sea as a sailor and he did.

    This was his life on the open sea fighting pirates while he explored. When he came home from his adventures he would fight with others in the village to show them how to fight raiders or any others that might come to attack. This lead to him quickly showing him to be the best warrior in the village. As he traveled out when he came back home would find a new challenger appeared to challenge him due to word of his skill of arms. This lead his name to grow even while sailing as a fearsome combatant as well as talented teacher for he would show those that he faced how to improve themselves as well as teach any who wished to know how to defend themselves.

    Finally after years of adventuring traveling and dueling. He was called to the Ravenseye house, they had heard of his skill and asked him to be sword of the house. Seeing it as a new adventure as well as wanting to settle down a bit to start a family Carrick agreed. His new title suited him more than he thought and now on his way to the city of Arx with the Countess seeing it as a new adventure to travel.

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