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Lady Cecilia Kennex

Don't try for perfect, it's never enough.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Childhood's End
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 28
Birthday: 3/18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: honey blonde
Eye Color: sea gray
Skintone: fair

Description: Cecilia is a tall, willowy woman of sylph-like features. Round penetrating eyes as changeable as the sea reveal her emotions easily beneath delicate arched brows. Her flaxen hair is long and silky, often bound in a tight braid or pinned up, its wayward wisps gently framing her heart-shaped face. She moves with captivating insouciance, as though she feels as if her beauty will never fade and she shines beyond all else.

Personality: On the surface, Cecilia exemplifies what happens when an innocent golden child goes "bad"; she's more Lycene than the Lycenes, doing what she wants, when she wants, and the reasoned voices around her begging her to slow down can fuck right off. She drinks like a Kennex, flirts with whoever she pleases, and generally leads a life of excess, all in an attempt to numb herself to the pain of a tragic childhood's end.

But it's not just fashion sense and sexuality that Cecilia picked up during her time in the Lyceum, and while at least some of her 'I'm mad at the world, so let's have a party' attitude is rooted in genuine feeling, she's a lot more astute than she pretends to be. Intelligent, educated, and calculating, she can see how their insistence on playing by the rules has hurt her family, and she's determined to advance their interests (and protect her nephew, who is the only person who really matters to her right now) by doing what they can't. If she can have a great time doing it, all the better.

Background: The youngest daughter of Marquis Denholm Kennex and his wife Claudia, Cecilia was a golden child, smiling, chubby cheeked, with a mop of glossy, pale curls. As a young child she was doted upon, even spoiled by her father, while her relationship with her mother, who was jealous of the attention her daughter got from her husband, grew increasingly contentious. To keep the peace, Denholm eventually had to send her away; at a very young age, she was sent to Blancbier, where Victoria could keep an eye on her. Her mother died shortly after she left, but Victoria convinced Denholm that Blancbier was a healthier place for young Cecilia to be than Stormward, and so she stayed.

She was barely in her teens when word came to her that her father was very ill. Cecilia rushed home, but by the time she got there, it was too late. Her beloved father was dead. She hadn't even gotten the chance to say goodbye. Her sister Renatta was dead, too. Her brother Ford, a near-stranger to her who she'd always looked up to as a heroic figure, was the new Marquis, but there were dark whispers of what he'd done to secure his place. A very drunk Naomi Cutter was the one who finally told her everything: There had been a rebellion against Ford's rule, during which Renatta (and Naomi's own father) had been killed. Ford had broken guest right in the most violent way to put it down.

Cecilia didn't believe it. She couldn't believe it. Her brother would never do such a thing, and people should stop spreading vicious lies. When Ford sent her abroad again, this time to Tor to continue her studies, he sent away a confused and angry girl who would, over time, blossom into a confused and angry young woman. She embraced the Lycene lifestyle and values as an act of rebellion against her heritage, and repeatedly resisted (or outright ignored) calls for her to come home.

By the time word came to Cecilia that Ford had been murdered, she was no longer the innocent girl she had been, and was finally prepared to accept her brother's flawed character. His death turned out to be the closure that she needed in order to return to her family, especially when she learned that his young son Darion, now the Duke under a regency, was also under threat, with at least one attempt on his life already thwarted. And so, by now more Lycene than Isleswoman, Cecilia has returned to the family, determined to go to any lengths necessary to avoid seeing her nephew follow his father to an early grave.

Relationship Summary

  • Ford - My oldest brother, so much fun to tease...
  • Octavia - My awesome lawyer older sister.

  • Family:
  • Zoey - Cousin by marriage yet one of my closest friends.
  • Name Summary
    Apollo An appreciator of the arts, enough to sit and listen to us go on about what we've done.
    Desma She's the type of noble I could never be, graceful and elegant and questioning of things I never would.
    Ian Zoey says she's been a big help. I appreciate that.
    Ilira Sometimes, I expect my first interactions with someone to play out in a specific leaning. Most often, I am not simply mistaken, but warmed and drawn in by the unforeseen--this time in particular.
    Lianne A curious feeling, to meet someone who might truly understand the one thing I fear most in this world.
    Maris Stunnin', beautiful blonde who's easy to flirt an' banter with. Can't help thinkin' she's dangerous. She's a Kennex after all.
    Romulius Another of Stormward's children, though this one seems to stand apart from them, somehow. The Lyceum has no doubt made its influence on Lady Cecilia, but the saltblood of Kennex runs no less true for it.
    Savio A fun-loving Lady of Kennex who enjoys a party or two! I look forward to supplying some Questionable Lyrics, but something tells me she is not easily scandalized!
    Vayne I appreciated the woman's sincerity. I think she'll have much to offer the world through her sincere devotion to the precepts of Tehom.
    Venturo A curious and inquisitive woman, and who doesn't enjoy the playful banter? A wonderful conversationalist.
    Zakhar A fellow sightseeing traveller.
    Zoey Do not let her kind, social nature deceive you. She is shrewd and perceptive.