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Lady Rosalind Ravenseye

Walk barefoot. Listen to the wind. Drink in the moon.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Mystical Ranger
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Ravenseye
Gender: female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 26
Birthday: 3/12
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Ranger
Height: average height
Hair Color: copper red
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: fair

Description: Bright, copper red hair with inquisitive hazel green eyes that stare out at the world, watching it with an almost perpetual look of wonder. Her fair skin is lightly tanned from the time she spends wandering the wild places and sprinkled with freckles, adding even more personality to her face. Taller than the average woman, though it would seem height runs in her family, as well as a swimmer or runner's build, fit and athletic.

Personality: Rosalind is a sweet natured woman, fiercely loyal to those she calls family, with a curious mind that thirsts for knowledge be it from books or exploring. She has a knack for bonding with people and animals. There is a bit of wild inside of her that sometimes can get her into a bit of trouble at times.

Background: Growing up as an Abandon was perhaps not always the easiest, the compact not exactly smiling down upon you, along with the fact that you have several other tribes to contend with. And while of course that had an affect on Rosalind's childhood and early adult life, she in some ways was blessed. Perhaps not in life events but in family, and loved ones. Growing up surrounded by family, who were more then happy to let Rosalind be herself. Exploring the world around her in various ways. Eager to learn what she could about anything and everything, always wondering why and how, and the first to try to figure it out.

At an early age Rosalind would follow her older sister, Aella around, often imitating her, wanting to be just like her big sister. Who was in many ways like another mother, and in fact she was when their mother Sorcha died, well Rosalind's real mother and Aella's second mother. Rosalind grew up exploring more and more, often by herself. At some point that exploring started to involve a bow and her spending more time in the wild. She tends to love the freedom that comes with being around her family, being in the wild or even being on the water.

From the time she was born she has had a best friend and partner in crime, her twin brother. They have always been able to have conversations without saying a word or sometimes with a language that they created. Also being the less reserved of the two she often talked her brother into many different things from exploration to things that got them into so much trouble when they were younger.

Two other people who have made a huge impact upon Rosalind are Branwen and Kaede. Branwen is the one that showed her how to navigate the wilderness, giving her the necessary tools needed to always be aware of her surroundings, this gift also spilling over into everyday life. Kaede gifted Rosalind with the love of sailing.

And now that their family has bent the knee and been ennobled by the compact, she has chosen to accompany her older sister and the rest of the Ravenseyes that have decided to move to Arx to help with their families new allies, and those they owe fealty to.

Relationship Summary

  • Cadern - Older Brother.
  • Triton - Twin Brother. Younger than I!!
  • Aella - Older Sister. Countess. My second mother. I think I'm glad it's you who's in charge instead of I.

  • Parent:
  • Sorcha - Mother. I miss her dearly.
  • Bran - Father! My mountain! My giant! I should have learned patience from you, but well--safe to say I didn't. But I love you all the same. You're the best father, and the best man.

  • Friend:
  • Aksel - Ohmygosh! My favorite friend!  He doesn't say anything to try and make me feel better. I should hate that, but I dont. Just makes me want to try harder.
  • Branwen - I love the forest, but she showed me how not to get lost! How to stop and take in not only sight, but sound! If you’re patient and pay attention, you can survive anywhere!
  • Kaede - My love for the sea has always been but she gave me the love of SAILING! It’s amazing to feel the sea breeze and just go with the tides. I’m forever grateful for that!
  • Kieran - The redhead prince that turned into my best friend! I tell him EVERYTHING and he doesn't seem to shy away. Also giver of free drinks and great stories!
  • Felix - My favorite smith. And one of my favorite people! He has all the patience in the world and explains to me all I need to know. Well, not NEED but want. And he does it with knowledge and not at all unkind.

  • Deceased:
    Name Summary
    Adalyn Vibrant and cheerful, she carries an undeniable love for her homeland and a contagious warmth in the way she conducts herself.
    Aella I have watched my little sister grow, and have been amazed at the woman she has become. There is no one else I would rather by my side.
    Aella Pretty sure my first thought upon meeting my sister was something about her being gross and red. She's grown out of being gross and into being one of my favorite people. I'm so proud of her!
    Aella Always lovely to see a smile on my sister's face, scars and all.
    Alecstazi Kind, cheerful voice, enthusiastic about sailing. Did not use her own title while introducing herself. Will have to ask around about this Ravenseye House. Feeling they are probably prodigal.
    Alrigo She's red haired, chatty and proud about a shipyard in the mountains. Well these silks be strange somtimes. 'least this one isn't a snoot.
    Amari What a lovely, cheerful ball of energy Lady Rosalind is.
    Amund A Northern Ranger. Likely a fierce one from the look of her. No doubt someone to enlist in expeditions.
    Anisha Lady Rosalind is a rambunctious bundle of energy, sure to brighten any room she graces with her presence.
    Apollo Enthusiastic with a sweet personality and a measure of patience. May we all be blessed with such good cheer.
    Arcadia Bright, friendly. Much less like her brother. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing yet.
    Artur A member of the Ravenseye. She seems so excited and proud to be here. I hope that the city treats her well in turn. But it always seems to change.. something. I wonder what it will change with her.
    Aslaug Cheerful Lady. A proper one from the looks of her. Not trying to hide where she's from or look like something she's not.
    Aswin She seems happy. So happy. And she has many questions. So many questions. Still, the conversation was not unpleasant, and she is skilled with her bow.
    Athaur A charming woman, free of spirit with a strong bond to her family
    Bahiya The overpowering scent of wild flowers and the unfettered joy of youth; energetic and curious, much as a kitten might be. I found her a breath of fresh air, as the saying goes, among a stiffness in people that has yet to loosen.
    Belladonna A sweet woman. It is easy to be polite, but quite a tad harder to actually act with kindness in adverse situations. Lady Rosalind has made me a friend.
    Braelynn She has the most radiant red hair I've ever seen.
    Braith A maker of impromput beautiful cakes. Life giver. We must be friends. Must. Simply must.
    Bran The questions have never stopped since she was young. To some, an irritance. To me, a reminder of our eternal ignorance and an inspiration to know.
    Brigida Cheerful and friendly. Looks like she belongs outdoors.
    Calla Friendly although a bit fidgetty. Met her at the naval symposium.
    Caprice A very informal lady, we could learn a lot from each other by exploring each other's 'weird' interests and passions.
    Caspian Really seems to love the outdoors. Screw that, cities all the way!
    Catalana Energetic. So energetic. And northern. Why do all the northerners have dogs?
    Charis There's strength in being able to smile against the tug of stitches, and a mending scar.
    Charlotte She's a flight of red hair and doesn't mind being called a dog. Northerners are so weird.
    Ciro She seems very bubbly and energetic, and is prone to melting during the Summer. Might not be best for a Seraceni Lord to show her around the Saffron then, but a love of sailing has me interested nonetheless.
    Cirroch Anyone that immediately assumes that Lady Rosalind is a rambunctious free spirit, is mostly true. Though they would be missing out on the caring and willing to help out wherever they can person as well. Always ready with a helping hand, seeking adventure where ever it may be found, fond of whiskey.
    Clara A kind woman with a sense of adventure in her blood. Seems like she probably enriches the lives of those around her with a sense of joy. I look forward to maybe gettin' ta know her.
    Corrigan Initially looked upset when I pointed out how messed up her face was, but she took it on the chin. Pun intended, I guess. Not bad, for a noble.
    Cristoph I don't think that the wind can fling open doors. I'm almost positive this young woman was responsible for it.
    Cyril A young and wild cub of the north, her cheery demeanor a vulnerability. One must be contained and exact, only give the least they are willing to take. Information is valuable.
    Dariel She's certainly a live one. Energy abounds. Didn't take well to her muffin being destroyed.
    Denica A lovely woman from the North, she knows a lot about birds and more so, how to appease a cat!
    Deoiridh She is closer to home than most - if not all - of these people, with hair as red as mine. I wonder what it would've been like to have a sister. She, too, has been absorbed into the Compact, for better or worse. I should ask of that wolfhound...
    Desma She's cheerful and talkative, but since that's wrapped up in an enquiring mind and a pleasant personality, I won't hold it against her.
    Dio An adventurous noblewoman of the Northlands who does not turn away from the darkness.
    Domonico The sister to Lord Cadern Ravenseye. She already seems like she follows in the path of younger sisters who are troublesome. She does look like she is capable though of handling herself.
    Donella Take a dose of mirth, a dash of trouble, and a whole cup of big heart and you have the makings of the first layer of Rosalind. She is very beloved within the estates of Redrain and yet, she finds a way not to lose her identity. She is more than she appears and with a shocking dose of realism to what she wants. A focus that could lead her to great things, if tempered. Or a mirth and trouble, that could lead her down darker paths if not realized. An interesting story to exist.
    Dycard Warm and welcoming. Keen to talk of her home and her family. Appears to wear her heart on her sleeve.
    Elora Excitable. If her brother is solidity, she is fluid.
    Emily Beyond cheery! She came bouncing into the room with a raiment of openness that is disarming. I suspect she can charm a badger. Though the claw marks on her face could prove me wrong.
    Emlyn An explorer and scout who I met on her birthday. Would love to talk to her more about scouting.
    Erik The Chipper Ravenseye! More open than the elder sister, with the attention jumping here and there. Lovely character, and a hugger! Well. Not that I was hugged.
    Evaristo We once fought an evil priest together - and what a team that was. Would do again.
    Ezra She's a scout, the older twin (because that's important to her), and likes the ocean. Is the overly friendly side of things just a ruse to lure people into over sharing? If it's genuine, she seems perhaps overly energetic. While that's a pleasant quality, it leaves you worried that her scouting might leave her going up to talk to her enemies and ending up gutted. Hopefully she's luring information.
    Fairen What a tall and beautiful Northern woman with the most fascinating hair! That sense of humor is very engaging, too. I'm glad I met her.
    Gaspar A fiery beauty with a million questions ever ready at the tip of her tongue. She seems to be exceptionally pleasant company and I trust I will be graced with it again soon.
    Gaston Despite the strangeness and danger of our adventure, Rosalind has stood tall. I am always finding new reasons to be impressed by the Northerners.
    Gerrick Northerners have an interesting take on all things, not just the snows.
    Grady Every now and again, I run across someone whose soul really shines out through their eyes.
    Gwenna Lady Rosalind Ravenseye is, truly, a delight. She has a refreshing and carefree nature that seems to infuse a room with cheerfulness. As well, she is accomplished in things that Gwenna finds beyond her touch, and yet makes them seem easy. The combination of those two attributes make her both a charming friend and competent ally.
    Haakon Of a Northern Prodigal house, eye of the Raven. All scars and swagger clad in black leather and bearing one the finest bows I've ever seen.
    Icelyn Such energy and confidence takes one by surprise, and calls for one to be more than they are. Lady Rosalind is an asset to the north.
    Isabeau Inquisitive and lively. Was it the whiskey or just her nature? Only time will tell.
    Iseulet Sweet and spritely and beautiful - she'll do wonderfully here in Arx, I just know it.
    Isidora Can take a massive beating and yet still looks fierce and not someone I want to meet in a dark alley.
    Jamie I like her sense of humor, and she obviously loves her family. We have a lot in common, maybe.
    Jamie Shares my need to get outside sometimes.
    Joslyn There is just something about a redhead that can shoot you in both eyes from 30 paces away that just makes a girl swoon...
    Jules An amazingly delightful lady with the energy to do anything no doubt. You hope to see her again.
    Jyri Lady Rosalind is enthusiastic and cheerful, and very willing to help with a problem. Good traits.
    Kaia A northener, given by her thick accent and slightly wild appearance. Very loud and enthusiastic, it's quite charming! She seems to know Ras; says he's great and saved her life. Hmm...perhaps the young lad may be worth a chance? We shall see.
    Khanne What? I never told you about Rosa? Oh, she's a hoot, for sure. I always worry about her safety though, yet... at the same time, she's an excellent person to watch your back. A more loyal, good friend would be hard to come by. She's... well, Rosa!
    Kritr Reminds me of my sister, and not just because of the red hair. She challenges everything.
    Lenard Lady Chipmunk is quite amusing, if possessed of a bit too much energy.
    Liara Cheerful and seemingly curious about just about everything, and capable of the most serious of undertakings when the need arises.
    Llyr At first look, nearly mistook her for her sister. Vibrant and social. I can see why the family is so close-knit and supportive of each other.
    Lorenzo A pleasant and curious woman, not afraid to try something new, even if that is just every flavor of coffee on the menu. I certainly wouldn't mind speaking with her again sometime.
    Lou Rosalind has been a fine member of the Society of Explorers and always eager to go out on adventures. The Explorers are lucky to have her as a member of their team.
    Mabelle A sweet girl with an exotic beauty. I envy her serenity.
    Maeve She seems like so much fun! She is energetic and has a dog! I should get a dog. They are so cute!
    Martino A bright bounce of energy that has such a delightful perk within her voice. Good cheer. Feisty.
    Mattheu A burst of sunshine and bundle of energy that matches my own love of seeing where the wind might take me.
    Medeia I can be myself around Rosa because Rosa is herself around... well, everyone. I don't think I've ever made a faster friend.
    Mercedes A bright, friendly girl, though I judge her to be caught in the slipstream of others' decision-making. Her eagerness could land her in hot water. I pray that it does not.
    Mikani The firey Ravenseye. Always fun and interesting to be around the woman. She always puts a smile on my face.
    Miraj So sweet, this Rosa. I still think she's more of a Rose than a Chipmunk and you can pass that on to her brother. She let me borrow her lovely bow at the archery tournament and that was very warm of her too. I think it says a lot about her. Trusting and warm!
    Mirk Another of the Ravenseye family. Quieter than her siblings, I think. More introspective. But thoughtful. Or maybe that's the circumstances?
    Nanette She strikes me as a rather young, idealistic woman. She referred to her home as a village, so perhaps that goes a long way to explain it. Fortunately, she seems accepting of the fact that I much prefer using titles, despite her own desire to use first names or nicknames. I can always appreciate someone who, despite what differences we may have, knows how to be considerate of others.
    Neilda I'd toss her an apple any day. Ugh, that HAIR.
    Nina A rough and tumble woman who says she owns only three gowns. Imagine, only three! It seems like she enjoys an adventure and a tussle!
    Noah She's sure bendy to get attention. Feet on the ground though. Let's just make sure to remember that.
    Orchid She seems friendly. She waved to me and introduced herself when I wasn't sure if I should give my name. She seems far better at the social thing than me.
    Orelia That one's got the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox.
    Pasquale She certainly seems to be a magnet for all things adventure.
    Petal Northerner who loves the woods and likely plants!
    Piccola I have bumped into Lady Ravenseye several times in the company of others. Curious and generous, she's generally good company to be with. And she seems to be at all of the best parties.
    Poppy My longtime friend. My partner in crime. And while I may gripe at her stupidity and scars, so know we will forgive and be friends once again.
    Porter Well, well, well. Isn't she a constant ball of energy! Good luck to her and her mountain shipyard!
    Quenia Lady Rosalind Ravenseye is an absolutely delight to be around. She's affable, talkative, and very, very curious. These are all good traits to have and I'm glad I was able to share some of my knowledge with her.
    Raimon Just met Rosalind at the Proving Grounds, after an argument with a Straw Man. She seemed nice, and it sounds like she's no stranger to sailing, perhaps? It's also possible she likes dogs. It's -definite- that -dogs- like -her-!
    Raja Very kind woman! I am grateful she invited me to help delve into her caves.
    Ras One of those charitable types of silks. A little kid tried to pickpocket and she just handed over some coins. Good, she can spare em.
    Rawen A wonderfully delightful birthday girl. I do hope that we become fast friends.
    Reese A Northern Redhead who knows lose and continues on. She loves the woods and probably has very useful skills. I should keep such in mind!
    Revell Sweet woman. Doesn't know me, but she still had the compassion to ask me how I was and what was wrong. I appreciate that, even if I struggled to articulate it at the time. Maybe I'll see her in Felix's shop again sometime?
    Rhue A possible kindred spirit, this woman is also a minister of agriculture and lover of nature. Friendly and warm, she could be a nice connection in this big bustling city.
    Rinel A prodigal scout, who is so excitable and charitable that it can be easy to mistake her for a commoner. A good woman.
    Ripley She has a gorgeous smile! I wish I could catch it and preserve it forever and when I am not feeling like smiling, I can take it out and wear it and smile like her.
    Rukhnis Kind and friendly, with the bright spark of a dauntless spirit visible within, Lady Rosalind is pleasant company and I am glad to have had the chance to speak with her outside our adventures in the North.
    Rysen Wild, energetic and friendly Lady of House Ravenseye. She shares a love of nature and seems absolutely fearless.
    Sabella She has the sort of energy that I find absolutely inspiring!
    Sabella The Lady Rosalind is a beautiful bountiful ball of kindness and energy. I think red heads run in her family? Every Ravenseye I seem to meet has red hair, I hope that is good luck. Because I need it.
    Samira She's unexpectedly casual for a noblewoman, doesn't seem to care much for titles. She talked about helping Rukhnis in the Lowers clinic, but the way she talked, it seemed earnest - like it meant something, not like she was trying to brag. She might just be as genuinely kind as she seems. Maybe time will tell.
    Savio A prodigal from the north who isn't afraid to speak her mind. I am glad to have her voice added to mine as we speak to the Compact on behalf of ourselves and those who share our situation.
    Sebastian Covered in mud, but still with a spirit of defiance and fire. Of that, I can only approve.
    Seren I've never seen so much energy exhibited in a single individual. She's something to watch!
    Sirius When thrust into the profound hellscape of the Commons' Clinic, she was Jayus' scion come from his artistic heaven to give a hand in the most horrible of times. She is also freckles. Meaning- she has freckles. She's freckled. I am torn. Thank you.
    Sunaia A woman of good taste in dogs, attire and weaponry. Seems friendly.
    Sunaia A very pretty and sweet, fascinating woman, obviously very loyal to her friends and family.
    Svana Why haven't I mentioned Rosalind yet? Vibrant and always full of life, though stubborn to a fault... not unlike me. Plus she agrees newborns aren't ugly!
    Sven That's one bundle of burning energy
    Sydney Talkative and inquisitive. A fellow redhead, and someone with a title who didn't immediately look at me sour for simply calling her by name. A pleasant thing, that.
    Tatienne A northerner, a fellow prodigal, and a noble. Easy to tease it seems like.
    Valdemar Boisterous and outgoing, traits that seem to run in the family. I enjoyed meeting her.
    Vitalis Fine taste in ranged weaponry, if I do say so.
    Volcica Somehow, her bite matches her bark-- and she talks a -lot-.
    Wylla She was once called the flower of the North and misses those cold faraway mountains, but she most reminds me of an inquisitive little crow. Curious, direct and without guile.
    Xia Lady Rosalind has thrown me for a loop just by dropping her title so casually for me on our first meeting. The Arvani are strange. And apparently prone to melting.
    Zakhar Yes. my beard is white. Silly pup.
    Zoey Energetic and playful. She lights up the room!