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Lord Bran Ravenseye

"The storm has a heart, and we are it."

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Retired Chieftain
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Ravenseye
Gender: male
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 55
Birthday: 07/02
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: War leader
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown, with some grey
Eye Color: grey
Skintone: deep tanned, weathered

Description: Tall and broad, Bran might not have the same spry quickness he had in his younger years, but his strength and heartiness certainly don't look diminished in the slightest, even if there are a few extra pounds that weren't there a decade ago. Long, straight hair frames a bearded face, starting to grow gray with age. He has laugh lines around eyes that seem to always be assessing those his gaze lands on, and scarred hands from years of a hard Northern life.

His clothing tends to the rustic, betraying his Prodigal background quicker than any accent ever could. Furs, and hides, and sturdy northern twill make up his garments, chosen for warmth and robustness rather than ostentation.

Personality: Thoughtful would likely be how most of Ravenseye would describe Bran. A far thinking individual, he's never been slow witted--far from it, in fact--but he tends to take his time when possible, looking over a situation from all angles. Laying plans that won't come to fruition for years, but when they do bear fruit are remarked upon for their foresight.

Just because he's a thinker though doesn't mean he's not quick with an easy smile, and a warm embrace. While stern and implacable when he needs to be, Bran would rather make friends than enemies. He treats his house's vassals like family, a warm father figure. Authoritative, and commanding, but out of a desire to see them achieve their own potential, rather than bettering his own standing.

Background: Bran became the chieftain of his tribe at a young age, and married young as well, having fallen head over heels for one of the tribe's young shaman's and talented weather eye. A beautiful redhead, Gudrun; charming, and bright. For a few years everything seemed great for them, their raids on the Northlanders and Thrax successful, with few casualties and a decent amount of plunder returned with them.

They weren't immune from other tribes and clans raiding them, however. It was not long after the birth of their first child, a daughter, Aella, that his wife was taken. He spent a few years trying to find her, not ready to give up. All the while Sorcha, Gudrun's younger sister was helping to raise Aella. Eventually, he was convinced that she was lost, likely dead. And he remarried, taking Sorcha as his new wife.

With Sorcha, he had other children, though most didn't have Aella's fiery temperament. Still, he loved them all. Roguish Cadern, inquisitive Rosalind, and collected Triton.

He led his tribe as best he could, settling disputes with his neighbors with trade and diplomacy as often as the sword, or at least he tried. When Crovane and Blackwood bent the knee to Redrain however, he sensed the change in the times and knelt with them, before abdicating in favor of his eldest, Aella. It was time for the younger generation to take charge, though he would shepherd them along.

Name Summary
Aella Papa! We don't understand each other always, but we both want what's best for Stormheart and our people. Even if your methods make me wonder if you're sane (really, only a crazy person would make me a countess).
Audgrim Lord Ravenseye is direct, and takes action when he wants something done, going out to find the right people to talk to, himself. I admire that.
Isabeau Rather quiet, but a nice Lord, in my estimation. He seems polite and pleasant enough.
Raimon First met at the Training Center. Shared a bench as we watched Harlex demolish people. The elderly Lord Bran Ravenseye was quiet, even taciturn as the proceedings unfolded. He seemed pre-occupied.
Rosalind My father is home! I've missed papa, and I didn't realize how much until he came back. He's doing great things and still doesn't yell at me regarding all my question asking. He's great.
Wash A father figure that I would feel comfortable emulating. I should get to know him better.