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Lord Porter Kennex

The gods always protect lovers, and drunkards. So much the better for me, because I'm both.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Big-Hearted Captain
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 27
Birthday: 9/10
Religion: Panetheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'6"
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Tanned

Titles: Admiral of the Stormward Fleet

Description: With an immaculately trimmed beard, hair that has been styled for fall just so, and a little too much fancy braid decorating his clothing, there's no getting around the fact that this giant of a man is a bit of a dandy. Actually, there's no getting around this giant of a man, period; at six and a half feet tall and with a stocky frame to boot, it's not just his warm and lively personality that fills a room. That animated personality lends so much life to his dark eyes that it's easy to forget that his flushed features are plain, with a nose that's a little to big, and a forehead that's a little too low.

Personality: Porter is a big man with a big, loyal heart, a man who likes everything big. He likes to laugh big, drink big, and fight big -- as far as he's concerned, too much of a good thing is still not enough. He loves adventure, especially the kind of adventure that makes for a good story to be outrageously embellished. His biggest weakness (not what he'll admit this is a weakness) is married women; he's catnip to them and, for his part, he finds them impossible to resist. This 'weakness' has turned him into a bit of a dandy -- he's got to look sharp for the ladies, after all.

He tries to make out like things are all fun and games all the time, but in Porter's quiet moments, a melancholy sometimes comes over him. His unshakable loyalty towards his friends, friends who don't always come through for him like he does for them, has at times forced him to face the fact that life isn't like one of his adventure stories, and in those moments, he feels like the world itself has betrayed his trust.

Background: The middle child born between intense and serious older and younger brothers, Porter has always embraced with gusto his "duty" to force a dour world to let loose and have a good time. He never really applied himself to his schoolwork as a child, and was more than happy to be sent to sea under his brother Aethan's tutilage when he was fourteen. That winter, the (slightly embellished) (okay, very embellished) stories that he told his younger brother Ian convinced the boy that he wanted to go to sea as well.

Porter reveled in being one of the Brothers Kennex (the title being his invention), especially once they started making a name for themselves. He instigated some of their wildest adventures -- most of them centered around his congenital weakness for married women. His ability to come up with filthy lyrics to any song put to him meant that he almost never had to pay for his own drinks. He was living the perfect life -- until it all came crashing down.

He'd originally been the one tapped to have command of the prize ship that needed sailing back to port, but Aethan changed his mind at the last minute and gave the assignment to Ian, who needed command experience. A storm hit that night, and after splicing a line and saving the prize ship from sinking (and her skeleton crew from drowning), Ian fell from the rigging, and Porter's life changed forever. Ian might have survived, but the Kennex Brothers were no more.

It was impossibly painful to visit his broken little brother, who had been left paralyzed by the accident, but Porter did it, and not just because of the nagging thought that it had almost been him. Porter's big, loyal heart wouldn't let him abandon his little brother no matter the cost to himself -- especially once he realized that he was Ian's only regular visitor. Not even Aethan bothered to crawl out of the bottom of a bottle long enough to be there for his own flesh and blood. Porter grew increasingly bitter at his family, and especially at Aethan, for what he saw as the basest betrayal of everything the three of them had once stood for, and when it was time for him to go out to sea again, a captain in his own right, he left Aethan behind without a second thought.

Now the captain of his pride, joy, and one true love, the Damsel's Heart, Porter has done his best to pick up where he left off, but it just isn't the same. He's decided that he needs to find a new port, new faces, a change of scenery, and if there's anywhere where he can replace all of those old unhappy memories with happy ones, that place, or so he figures, is Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Aethan - Older brother
  • Ian - Younger brother

  • Friend:
  • Wash - One of my oldest friends and I don't hold his inability to grow a real beard against him.
  • Jan - General of the Corsairs, General of Liquor
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Glitter? Really?
    Alessia Destroyer of paintings. Ian's older brother, very unlike him. Not that it's a bad thing.
    Anisha Lord Porter Kennex is, if one is to take him at his word (and why wouldn't we?) a man not as of this moment deceased, boats dashed on rocks or not. Singular in his focus, he is if nothing else entertaining to watch.
    Arcadia Loud and into mischief as much as me. I haven't laughed so hard in months.
    Austen An eager student. Despite needing more than a few pointers, he hits hard. An absolute pleasure to teach.
    Catalana The Kennex brothers were the brothers I had always dreamed of, especially Porter. Strong, brave and mischievous. He looked after Wash when I couldn't see him. It's only fair that I am the sister he never had. Sometimes I help him destroy his brothers, other times, it's to humilate him in front of swooning ladies.
    Esme He is a mountain of a man and rather swoonworthy. At least, I pretended to swoon. He was very good natured and that is something that speaks to his character. Obviously, we are meant to be best friends.
    Evander I remember being envious of the three brothers Kennex when I was ill and holed up in Stormward all those years. Hearing his booming voice again brings back so many of those memories, but now they're framed by pleasant evenings with the families here in Arx, and I look forward to hearing his booming voice.
    Ian Well, that's never coming out.
    Ilmia Funny and tall. I'm not used to being towered over. He makes me feel dainty in comparison, and it looks like he's got some Bard's college insignia going. Wonder if he sings.
    Lucita Fun, flirting, fascinating. He has a nice laugh and is considerate enough to shorten his steps so a shorter person is not running along to keep up with him on a walk.
    Mabelle Lord Kennex, cheerful as loud as he has always been.
    Martino I mean this seems simple, but the man is a big heart. I don't think he would swat a fly! Managed a few drinks, I thought he would have gone longer. Good lad. Great fun.
    Mikani If he's going to carry every woman to get a drink, his legs are gonna burn in the morning.
    Orelia Gentle giant.
    Ras Gotta say I can respect this guy. He might seem confused a lot, but he ain't confused about important shit, like what goes in bowls and what goes in jars. Also, real straightforward when he gets snubbed by sassy ladies.
    Rosalind He's a giant who likes sailing! But apparently not sparkles, which is weird! I swear when I first met him, he was glittery! I need to further observe..
    Tescelina He has a laugh like a Fomorian. It was quite surprising. Though he is friendly and he has excellent tastes in hats. He is like the sea in that way, big and vast and capable of surprising things.
    Thea He holds his liquor alright. But I mean...well. He's better at sailing.
    Tyrus Porter is... Well, Porter. It's good to see he's yet among the living, a rare constant in a world of change.
    Zoey The fun big brother I got when I married into this family. No matter how dark it gets, he brings the levity we so desperately need.