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Action Id: 2504 Crisis: Participants: Sorrel, Turo, Titania(RIP), Gailin(RIP), Galen and Coraline
Status: Resolved Submitted: July 29, 2018, 1:04 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Action by Sorrel

A moderately sized group of adventurers sails together (with @action 2557) to the Isle of Storms, seeking some of the knowledge that is contained thereon. Sorrel leads this part of the adventuring party, who will be there to survey the island, looking for interesting buildings, ruins, or other structures. They'll be mapping things out and looking for things of interest, particularly in relation to the Marin sisters (Cobalt, Pena, Serenity). Instead of going down into the tunnel, they're going up onto the island itself.

Action by Coraline

Coraline will be here to protect the researchers as well as exploring. She will help prevent harm to come to the team.

Action by Galen

Every trip across the sea needs one thing at least, a ship! And so Galen has his crew prepare the Serpents Tide for departure, of course, the Warlord cannot travel completely solo, so a quad of ships to deploy with them for security and additional resources should the need arise. Once on the island, he is fine with falling back and letting Sorrel do her thing, though he is ever the watchful guardian of his wife and those who have set out with them.

Action by Turo

Turo's going to make sure everyone gets there safely, and to provide the naval support for this sort of activity. And then he'll do his level best to be helpful on land, whether that's in doing translation (in case they meet anyone whose language he speaks) or just generally providing leadership.

Action by Titania(RIP)

Titania will be joining Princess Sorrel and the others to sail to the Island of storms. She will be helping look into the Marin sisters as well (Cobalt, Pena and Serenity). She will be also trying to look into finding a way to become more connected with Mangata white there since she is a disciple and she feels a strong connect with her already.

Action by Gailin(RIP)

Gailin is tagging along for the first time on an explorative mission with Sorrel Titania and the others. Hell be there as martial back up as needed and to help their expedition in any way he can.


The wind swirls around them all, but they do not hear another song in response to Sorrel's. And so they make their way back, with more questions than answers truly. Where is the key, and where the guide? What are the four guardians and how can they be found and vanquished? Is specific blood needed to access the knowledge here? For all its beauty this is a puzzling island indeed.