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Caspian Wild

Whatever it takes for that applause!

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Devil-May-Care Duelist
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Ru'Taul
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 29
Birthday: 8/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Duellist
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Skintone: dusky

Description: Clean, youthful athleticism defines this man: corded muscle thick and sculpted beneath the smooth, dusky warmth of his skin, his broad frame might be a work of art to call to mind the sculptor's craft at statuary if he would hold still for five minutes. Despite his bulk, he is light on his feet, movements imbued with the elan and dynamism of a lifelong dualist. Bound by an ebon leather cord, his thick, jet-black hair brushes his shoulders in a low ponytail, with several strands braided from front to back along the closely shaven sides of his head. A few unkempt bangs escape to frame his face, while stubble shadows his mouth and jawline. His sloe-dark eyes are often lit with an inner brilliance beneath the leaping arch of his active black eyebrows. His teeth flash white in ready grins, grinning challenge or fey humor in a fight as readily as he might grin delight and mirth at a festival.

Personality: Caspian is a cocktail of bright and dark, layer upon layer of glitter and glitz over a deeper uncertainty. His youth was forged uniquely in hardship, a stranger in a strange land in the Mourning Isles, punished for the sins -- literally -- of his parents. His new adulthood is a phoenix rise to a brilliant pinnacle of showmanship, grace, and basically glee. Caspian is quick: quick with words, deeds, weapons. But he's not hotheaded; he's mellow, bright-hearted, ready to defuse a situation with earnest-eyed hope as well as cause one with a badly-thought-out word. He loves jokes. He loves drama but pure melodrama, to throw himself into a performance with everything that he has. He loves attention. He laps it up. Give him more. More attention. He loves parties. He feeds off the energy of life and shines with it.

Background: Caspian was a thrall because his father was a thrall and his mother was also a thrall, and his father's war debt was a lot to pay. Yet the Thrax fealty has spent the last few years struggling towards what the rest of the Compact would call progress, and in an early push towards some of that progress, Donella Thrax freed some thralls who were thralls only by virtue of their parents' debts rather than their own. Caspian was freed at 19, with scattered memories of his tribe's honestly piratical raiding traditions mostly subverted by the day in and day out of long hours of hard labor with tenant farmers and ropemakers and sailors.

He found in his newfound freedom that what he was mainly good at was a.) hard labor and b.) knives! He took the surname 'Wild' because his parents didn't give him a better one, and became a mercenary and sword for hire, until he eventually tagged into being a duellist for the Champion's Guild in Arx on account of besting a few in combat and developing a reputation for being a real /showy/ sword for hire. Though he began as a kind of desperately hungry merc with an axe to grind, he blossomed into a delighted fighter at the opportunity to pitch his skills in the dueling ring to wealthy nobles. It was exactly the life for him. Money was suddenly easier to come by, and with money, delicious attention, heartwarming acclaim, and the love and affection of adoring crowds, at least as long as he was making a show of it. Turning to away from grim guts and leaping whole-heartedly into laughter and life, he shines with the brilliance of the bon vivant, and it's clear he's here to make a killing.

Relationship Summary

  • Monique - What can you say about the minx except.. its all true and more!
  • Hali - Hell of a fighter, hell of drinker, and always up for getting into trouble!
  • Mattheu - The man of many bells! but dont let the dulcet tones fool you. he is a devil on the field!

  • Protege:
  • Ian - At first I thought he hated me. But turns out he's just not expressive. But he's a good man
  • Oswyn - The Archscholar, but honestly just a good man! always a pleasure to talk to and someone i think i can rely on!
  • Raven - Some may be put off by her blunt attitude but once you get to know her.. well she is still blunt, but she is a true friend!
  • Aella - The countess from the north! A stalwart warrior, good drinking companion, and even more fiery then her hair!
  • Olivia - A doctor of incredible skill! she managed to patch me up and that's saying something! she knows a great deal more then one might suspect, and is always intriguing to speak to!
  • Terese - The general of the White Dragons!!
  • Lore - My dearest friend from before i left the city. She is as brilliant and driven as ever!
  • Savio - My patron (a grave mistake on his part) and a man i consider a brother. One of the sharpest minds and most skilled blades i have ever had the fortune of meeting
  • Temira - She laughs loud, fights hard, and lives to the full. Someone i know i can count on and call my fortunate to know.
  • Ilira - A tailor without equal, and a woman whose talents are as numerous as her smiles. She lights up the room and lives her life with a passion, i am lucky to know her.

  • Sibling:
  • Bashira - Sister!
  • Name Summary
    Aella Met him at an impromptu musical session inside a treehouse! What fun to be had. He has a joyous and care-free attitude. This musical talent also enjoys the simple things in life, very pleasant and wonderful company!! You should totally hire him at your next event!
    Arman A large man in both stature and personality. Possessing the kind of rough easy charm that cannot be learned.
    Aswin A Champion, and I would imagine a damn good one. I have met few as skilled with the blade as him. I'd be interested in learning more of his tale and how he came to be so skilled one day.
    Audrey Whether he finds it or starts it, I believe his friend when she says that this man is trouble -- though those are often the most interesting sort. His stories certainly suggest he's in the middle of some right now, along with the rest of the city.
    Brady Honorable dualist with a need for work. Perfect!
    Cadenza My old friend. I am glad that the trials of the past are not still upon us.
    Cassiopeia He seems like a cheerful type of person that gets along in a variety of situations.
    Catalana Seems a little clumsy for a champion but perhaps that's what he's going for. Either way, he is wonderful company.
    Corrigan In the know and very enthusiastic about stamping out chaos, societal and otherwise. Could use a dash of discretion, though. A potential recruit, perhaps?
    Danvir Caspian knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go through the harships required to get it. That's the kind of man we all need around.
    Daria Seems a friendly fellow and quite helpful. I am curious to get to know him better.
    Desma An interesting fighter to watch. I'm pretty sure I could take him though if it came to it.
    Drake The most skilled of Champions, though he's certainly not a very serious sort. More of the showman type, but the audience favor is quite important in an arena bout. I hope we can get in a spar soon.
    Ember One must take care to know one's audience before speaking.
    Evander A romantic, through and through. Perhaps shamelessly, though I agree with his sentiment. Life is short, I hope his is filled with many memories.
    Giorgio A duelist of the Champions Guild. He fights well, from what I saw at the Hart. Not only that, but he proved to be engaging conversation. A rare combination.
    Grady A Champion with what must be an altruistic desire to put himself out of business.
    Ilira This room and this talk and this mood are a lot right now; my mind may be clouded. But the man is boisterous, beautiful, and as loyal as I to the same people. We're friends.
    Jaenelle We met when we were practically children. Look how far we've come.
    Karina The man is hilarious, and seems very aware of his past and eager to correct it. Especially when he commissioned an artist to paint a shirtless self portrait. But I aim to make a better painting for him to hang in his living area, for the sake of everyone.
    Katarina Quite a nimble duelist, even against a masterful opponent!
    Keely This one is what I would consider Quite Bold, but polite and warm enough to get away with it.
    Kritr A friendly sort. Not too stuck in his ways.
    Liara A Champion of some repute, he appears to be diverging into other pursuits too; I have seen him by now fighting with some of the more inimical foes facing the Compact. I appreciate his willingness to volunteer and put that capacity at arms to use.
    Lore That endearing enthusiasm is as contagious as ever. We can't go back, but perhaps we can move forward, as friends.
    Lucene He seems like a fun person though clearly not a nobel he seems like the kind of person she would hire or enjoy hanging out with.
    Mabelle Eager to get into the midst of thing. I cannot blame him, I would be the same if I had his skills.
    Macario An excellent trainer, creative mind, and clearly fabulous entertainer.
    Mailys Notes penned by Five and editted contemporaneously: Rough on dance partners' dresses but will pay for mendings, Sort-of not-retired duelist according to: Brady Grayhope, Adores the cold due to time in the desert (going mad), Most likely to play centre stage at a party.
    Mattheu Not shy at all, the truest of any bard, and one that would like to find a spar to beat. I might have found a proper friend within this city.
    Mikani I'm so proud of my cousin. He's turning into a leader of the ages. I'm proud to call him family.
    Monique Witty, warm and Savio's new best friend. How could I be anything other than impressed?
    Nina One of Raven's fighter friends. He seems quite charming, doesn't he, like a gallant duelist who also dances!
    Noah Thrallborn. Sadly, I was hoping to bait into more yelling, but I'll take what I can get. I'll bring up the worst topics around him next time to see how he responds.
    Olivia Has the brightest personality in any room, absolutely love his energy. Would love to run into him more often, preferably with less broken bones.
    Orland This guy rolls into trouble with a smile.
    Pasquale Just what you would expect from such a well regarded Champion.
    Piccola I have met many men like this one in my time. There is nothing wrong with that -- men-at-arms are always needed in times of war -- but I must admit that I am fonder of soldiers less grandiose and more guarded. Perhaps it is because I have seen too many brave men die.
    Porter A nice young man that's donating a massive amount of plushies to the Tragedy! Can never have too many of those!
    Raja A fellow Liberator. Gotta respect a bloke that will stab a slaver in the eye.
    Renata A man full of the passion of his convictions. It is not hard to see why Champion Wild's legend is larger than life. The man himself is just that.
    Renata Master Wild is a name that is heard far and wide, be it by bard or being a successful and renowned Champion of the Guild. However, you'd think with all of his accomplishments he'd have an ego far bigger then his head. Fortunately that's not the case, he is modest, friendly and welcoming. Good for conversation and enjoying an afternoon tea, he is a pleasure to speak with.
    Rowley A Champion, I've heard. Skilled with a blade. He seems to be a nice enough sort, when he stops by the Hammer and Brush.
    Sabriel Falling all over himself with enthusiasm, this one.
    Savio He impresses in every way, and I have a strong suspicion that he would be a FANTASTIC person to take on any dangerous and unwise and maybe drunk adventure.
    Sira Gregarious, bold, and a bit of a show off. Which I like about him.
    Sunaia A man of great interests: beautifully unique weapons full of mystery, an ear and desire to learn exotic languages, and a desire to explore. I'm glad the cold did not keep him away from our introduction.
    Sydney It is seldom that I meet someone with whom I struggle to keep my pace around, and this man is one of them. The joy I see reflected on his features after a battle well fought is genuine, as is his grace.
    Terese a skilled duelist/fighter. He impresses me and that is not easy to do. He also has so much enthusiasm it inspires me and killer wit and humor. I still think he made up this whole, 'fun' concept.
    Vayne He seeks out clarification on the complicated natures of choice -- I think he is wiser than he knows.
    Veronica A master of fighting skill, so it seems. Exceptionally sharp and agile. His art of fighting is like one whom moves with the dance of the winds. It's very lovely and dangerous.
    Vesper Still never heard why he hates snakes. Need more info. Also got to get him in a sparring ring.
    Vitalis I met one of the most famous Champions in Arx and didn't even know it! Though I've not seen him fight yet. Another time.
    Viviana Champion Caspian Wild is a firebrand of a duelist. He's a wonderful sparring partner as well -- and it would be an honor to duel him.