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Baroness Farrah Whitehawk

Whether we fall by ambition, blood, or lust, like diamonds we are cut with our own dust.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Wily Baroness
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Whitehawk
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 26
Birthday: 12/22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: burnished gold
Eye Color: pewter gray
Skintone: caramel

Titles: Baroness Consort of Hawkhold

Description: A woman whose beauty scarcely goes unacknowledged when in good company. Riveting gray eyes contrast sharply with her dark complexion and her curly tresses are the color of molten gold which shimmer when kissed by the light. By the canon of feminine beauty her hands are, perhaps, a little large - but they are otherwise elegant, with their long fingers and immaculate nails of a woman entirely unaccustomed to manual labor. The dresses she dons are moderately cut out at the front, hinting at her comely curves rather than revealing them. She carries herself with a bounce in her step and her gaze is almost always filled with amusement.

Personality: Above all of her many talents, Farrah is endowed with the tremendous capacity to grasp things quickly along with the ability to respond to them imaginatively. And the beauty of it all is, she seems to do it so effortlessly, making it look so simple when actually it is not.

Easily bored, she likes to keep active and busy, but sometimes she tends to lose herself so much in this hustle bustle that she loses sight of her main goal. She still has difficulty slowing down and it can exhaust her energy completely. Her newfound responsibilities as Baroness Consort of Hawkhold has done little to circumvent this tendency, though her new family helps ease her troubles in ways her blood family didn't. An odd thing, truly.

She has an unfaltering concept of art and harmony. Likely due to her upbringing, money isn't usually important to her, except to provide her with the beautiful things and luxurious surroundings she desires. Farrah wants to leave the world more beautiful than it was when she arrived.

Background: 'Born to House Malgentilega - a vassal house under House Pravus - Farrah grew up among the spoiled and feckless youths of high society. Granted every desire, and shielded from the consequences of her mistakes, she didn\'t quite understand life. Her mother died when she was young and her father might have wanted to keep her innocent of the world, but in truth he was inattentive and busy with his own social and financial ambitions. He believed that money was an acceptable substitute for love and did not pay attention to Farrah as long as she did not cause a serious embarrassment for the House.

As might be expected, Farrah\'s freewheeling lifestyle led her into trouble. When she was fourteen years old, she was already involved with drinking and carousing with the children of other nobles. By this age she was almost considered an adult and given considerably more freedom than she enjoyed as a child. Her associations and revelries bored her eventually. She sought out more exciting pastimes and found herself gradually associating with a rougher crowd. Many of her friends at this time were nobles also seeking excitement, but into this circle of friends came some who were more interested in her money than her friendship. One of these suggested that thievery would be very exciting and enticed her into the trade. Her early failures were covered over by her family, or by "friends" in high society, and eventually she grew more skilled.

But, fate took a hand as she turned nineteen years old. She planned a robbery of a temple, and during this daring raid her partner abandoned her. She was caught and created a tremendous scandal for her family. After paying a hefty fine and receiving widespread scorn, her inattentive father decided she needed to be ironed out with something to keep her out of trouble, and she was given a choice: travel to Tor and agree to study at the renown Apothecary College to learn a craft to worship Jayus and learn some discipline, or be cast out of the family and left to fend for herself as a commoner. To someone like Farrah, it wasn\'t much of a choice. She went to Tor and studied under her strict, no-nonsense uncle for three years. She grew to accept routine and the temptations which usually led her astray were removed.

When she returned home her father was delighted by her progress, but Farrah had little interest in becoming a Mercy or scholar and found herself directionless once again. She reacquainted herself with the intrigues of the court, and she kept her eyes and ears open, occasionally selling information to a small group of influential clientele. Eventually, through her contacts and information brokering, she caught the eye of one of Setarco's foremost courtiers. Seeking a new thrill and being naturally suited to the profession, she traveled to Setarco and became a lovely courtier of modest noble birth, much to the chagrin of her parents who wished for her to avoid intrigues that could tempt her into scandal. But at least she was home, and she wasn\'t stealing any more. As far as they knew.

House Malgentilega was destroyed along with its liege House Argento by House Pravus for treason in the fall of 1006 AR. While her father was found guilty of the same crimes of his brethren and executed, she and her siblings were given a choice to join him or to bend the knee to the new Count Amadeo due to their blood ties with House Pravus. Farrah wisely decided to do the latter, seeking to stay on House Pravus\'s good side even in spite of the family\'s losses. Farrah began to look for a way to better her social standing among her peers outside of being a courtier, and started marriage negotiations with several prominent families. In the end, however, those within the Lyceum were reluctant to commit so soon after the downfall of Argento and its vassals and Farrah began to look elsewhere. She traveled to Arx and situated herself at court, and eventually she found herself a husband in the newly ennobled Baron Silas Whitehawk.'

Name Summary
Braelynn The Baroness is delightful! Afraid of mice, it seems. I wonder if she likes Pine Martens.
Martino Fine Baroness who made for excellent conversation about... children. Yes. Children. Poor silken gown took quite the beating.
Rowenova My fiance has told me that I am the most beautiful woman in all of Arvum, except: I do not think he has ever seen the Baroness of Whitehawk before! Beautiful she is! But, she does not like the weird animal people talk! Hope Duke Aiden can help!
Samira Not quite sure what to think of this Baroness. She seems skittish around animals, but perhaps she just prefers dogs to small critters.