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Aurora Thornburn

Clothing makes the part as much as the script does. Who are you pretending to be?

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Inspired Clothier
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Thornburn
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 3/20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Tailor
Height: average height
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: emerald
Skintone: rosy

Titles: Legendary Tailor

Description: Curly wisps of rich red auburn hued hair frame Aurora's heart shaped face, casting an approachable appearance to the woman's already sociable demeanor. Her emerald eyes take in her surroundings with an air of naivete, a sense of wonderment and excitement projecting from her gaze at any new things she may come across. Her eyes, matched with her full lips, leaves very little hidden as to what sort of mood the woman may find herself in.

Personality: Finding the good in each person, the beauty in all things, Aurora looks at life through rose colored glasses. While not naive to the ways the world works, or shielded from the horrors people are capable of, the woman just prefers to give the benefit of the doubt. Despite this, she is fiercely ambitious. Her goals have been set, and she will do everything she is able to see them met, by any means possible.

Background: Living in Arx her entire life, Aurora could not imagine life anywhere else but in the busy, bustling city where cultures mix with one another and there is excitement to be found in every corner. The Thornburn family has always flourished within the capital city, the large family taking pride in their ability to serve the crown in various ways. Forging her own way, without using a forge at all like her father and sister Eithne, Aurora has always had a natural talent when it came to creating beautiful works of art with fabric. To her, art is the only way to describe the things she creates, and soon everyone will be seen in her masterpieces.

Relationship Summary

  • Eithne - Fiery Older Sister
  • Ripley - Faceted Older Brother

  • Friend:
  • Horatio - Forever
  • Rook - Social Compass
  • Yasmine - Beauty In Coins
  • Name Summary
    Agnarr Fine seamstress. Ain't ugly. Don't know much about her other than her husband-to-be being reduced to a fine paste.
    Alaric A costumer and aspiring theatre impresario, Mistress Aurora is poised to either launch the Black Rose Mummers to new heights of artistic achievement or engineer their total collapse in a ruinous confluence of chaos, disorganization, and potential criminal charges. Also has a very large snake for a pet.
    Arianna She's so beautiful and looks so sweet and innocent. Goodness, if I had the time I'd stare for hours and waste no time telling her just how darling she is. The little lady seems quite intelligent and she loves reptiles, I love her already and hope I can see her more often.
    Bastien She knows her work, at the very least.
    Berenice I worship at the altar of her tailoring shop.
    Dorian A bit mousy, self proclaimed boring and plain, but there is plenty to be found under the tailor's layer.
    Echo Aw, how adorable! I had heard about her talents before and even had something made at her shop, but it was even more exciting meeting the legendary clothier herself. She's awful sweet, I'll definitely have to go drag her out of her shop sometime.
    Eithne My little sister; She's always been dramatic but in the best possible way. She's become one of Arx's most impressive fashion designers and it won't be long before she's a legend in the field.
    Jeffeth A very kind seamstress, she said something wouldn't eat me. I don't know what she meant by that, but I think that's great.
    Jordan Eithne's sister and a quite generous soul of her own! She works as a costumer for the Black Rose Theatre and didn't charge me to fix my blue shirt. That means she just got a faithful customer!
    Joscelin Clever, earnest, talented, and loyal. Joscelin is proud of all her Crafters and Aurora is exceptionally talented.
    Josephine One of the foremost seamstresses within the city, she is a formidable woman and legendary on her own right. Would that all possessed her mind and skill, the world would be for the better.
    Lou A tailor of some legendary skill, whom I met at Alarissa's duel over the prettiest armor. She's one to see if you want cardian steelsilk of pyrian fireweave. She is definitely on my list of MUST SEE people.
    Luca What a feisty creature. She speaks her mind, that much is for certain. It is a bit charming that she does not give much attention to the fact that I am a Prince, but also, she doesn't do it in that way sometimes people will where they seem to be making a point of just how little they care that I am a Prince. As if showing off, or something. Also, I have it on good authority that she knows how to make a coat. Of course she does.
    Malesh A little thing, like my wife, and also pleasant and joyful. I'm sure they will get along well and that Ariel may seek her out for a fitting.
    Melody Self-professed awkward, but far from the truth. No, Aurora is lovely company and a brilliant seamstress. I look forward to catching her next designs!
    Niklas A fantastically talented tailor. Was almost my protege a time or two. I do ship her and Oswyn.
    Oswyn Very kind and generous. Also quite short. Companionable awkwardness? Sign me up.
    Petal Beautiful work, a legend in sewing and very gracious as well.
    Pharamond She's charming - snake charming that is! No, in truth an incredibly skilled craftswoman who was more than generous on our first transaction.
    Rook I'm her only friend, and she'll forever be mine. Talented, but very shy.
    Sabella Mistress Thornburn is an AMAZING seamstress and designer and I have to admit that I first wanted to become a Mummer after seeing some amazing costumes on stage and everything I've seen her produce puts all of those to shame! She is so amazingly creative and an all around wonderful person and I am so glad to know her!
    Valarian Quirky, brilliant seamstress, beautiful, and absolutely charming to be around with dry wit I can't get enough of. I will guard her shop forever!
    Valery Valery likes the seamstress. She's nice and friendly and one of the first people she would consider a friend.
    Wylla I've heard of her but I don't know much about her, other than that she keeps the company of the courtier Master Rook. I'll have to see her work! She seems like a nice person, if rather direct. An odd match with her patron, but I suppose it works for them.