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Prince Jasper Velenosa

The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you weren't worth the truth.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Lovelorn Knight
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Steelhart
Gender: male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 25
Birthday: 01/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: grey
Skintone: fair

Description: Lord Jasper Steelhart carries the broad shoulders and barrel chest his family is known for, taking after his ancestors from Highhill. He's at the height of his physical prowess, his powerful body filling out his armor well. There is a maturity to the young man that shows he's had to take a lot in the last few years. His smiles are few and far between, and his grey eyes have a jaded look to them. His face carries a shadow of beard, because the man is oftentimes too busy to shave. His black hair cut closely in a military style common for Valardin knights.

Personality: Jasper once was a young, brash knight who let his heart lead him to make great acts of courage and valor. But since being left at the altar and subsequent scandal, the young man has become a bit jaded with the world. He doesn't trust as easily as he once did. He finds more darkness in others than light. He definitely doesn't seem as enamored in rescuing damsels.

Background: His father, Lord Aaron Steelhart was cousins to Roslyn, Frederik, and Gregor Steelhart. A minor lord, he supported the main family by manning his fortress by the sea and assisting his cousins with protecting the shoreline. He married to Lady Lilian Ashford, while still in his mid-twenties and bore Jasper shortly afterwards. The oldest of three, he often found himself the protector of his two sisters. With his mother's tales of knights and valor, bolstering his Valardin heritage, and his father's fine example, Jasper knew that more than anything he wanted to be a knight.

For many years, Jasper's life was consumed with his training. He excelled with not only the joust but also in melee with his sword. He even had an opportunity to foster with Frederik, developing connections with his other Steelhart clan. He spent time with Lionel and Sara. Even Padraig and Seth. When news of their betrayal that led to Lionel's death and Lady Lydia's suicide, he was devastated. His loss did not stop there. His parents were murdered at the Tragedy of Sanctum, suddenly trusting him sooner than he wanted into being the head of the family and caring for his little sisters.

He met a woman, claiming to be Lady Blackshore, who was suddenly there as a friend, a confident. She had recently lost her fortunes and being the kind host, he offered sanctuary to the woman until she could contact her family. With all the pressures, he found himself leaning on her more and more. Obligation become love and finally he proposed marriage. Everything moved quickly as his bride urged him not to wait, to move forward. Eager to start his own family, he went along. Except the wedding never happened because his bride disappeared the night before their wedding day. He contacted the authorities, fearing the worst had happened to his bride, only to find this woman never existed. She was false in her words and took advantage of a young lord. Jasper learned a hard lesson on trusting others.

The next several years were spent getting things back in order, rebuilding his finances and seeing to the education of his sisters. Dreams of being that dashing knight were put aside for more practical matters. Although, with the recent rumblings of war and call to banners, Jasper has felt the stirring once again. He finds himself in Arx to find husbands for his sisters and perhaps become the knight he originally put aside to see to his family.

Relationship Summary

  • Seth - My cousin, and Voice of Highhill.
  • Name Summary
    Calla A knight who's House has seen tragedy, but seems to have risen above it. Pleasant conversationalist.
    Clover One can just see the sorrow dripping right off of him. I feel so sorry for him.
    Eithne Prince Jasper Velenosa is one of my clients. He has very good taste and seemed pretty happy with his alaricite chausses.
    Ignacio He seems like an honorable knight whom is modest about his skills. Likely a good man over all.
    Jaenelle Lord Jasper seems to be a man willing to try, one of high morals and value. He will do great things in House Velenosa and I can't wait to see his accomplishments.
    Llewella A very serious man with a sad past. I hope he can find some resolution.
    Mabelle A curious Steelhart Lord. I've heard tales of them, but I never met one. I'm intrigued, esepcially by one who would call his dog Stormbringer.
    Medeia For having such a tragic loss of family to deal with, the lord is doing all the right things to ensure his success in the city. I hope his goals are attainable.
    Mia A man who makes wise choices despite the weight of grief that bears down on him. He has my respect, and my hope of his success.
    Pasquale What happened at High Hill was a tragedy but one that scions like Jasper can yet repay in kind. I wish him luck.
    Raymesin A swordsman with most excellent armour, and a desire to learn.
    Sabella He really shouldn't give my ideas serious thought, but I do appreciate that he tried. And that he is polite. Lovely company, really!
    Thea He's overcome loss, but he's risen from the ashes. He will do so well.