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Princess Terese Valardin

No true Dragon of Valardin will choose a path that harms an innocent. It is ours to protect those for whom no other will fight.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Dragon Knight
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 4/5
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: dusky

Titles: Dragon Knight

Description: Piled waves of dark hair are pulled back from the strong-boned oval of her face, but a few stray curls fall forward across her brow. Her thin lips part to bare even white teeth in a smile with more ferocity to it than most people use to smile. Her eyes are clear, a pale blue rimmed in darkness around the edges of the pupil. She is built on lean, wiry lines, athleticism muting the lushness of curves naturally inclined towards an hourglass femininity.

Personality: Terese is a warrior cloaked in panoply: in chivalry, in duty, and in a deep love of the gods. She is a knight and in part she became a knight so that she could become a Hero like the ones in the storybooks, and she strives to embody those principles. This is not to say that she is without warmth or humor, staid and stiff; rather, it is to say that her driving force is her desire to make the world a better place, protect the innocent, defend the righteous, and ensure that the values of her heart -- and of her House -- are upheld. A staunch believer in the code of chivalry and in the old guard of the Faith, Terese stands for principle, and will yield no ground upon it.

Background: Terese Valardin was a child of the White City, and grew up pampered amongst the old stones of an ancient fortress that has never fallen to a siege. The daughter of a cadet branch of the House, Terese was weaned on tales of duty and chivalry, and never lost her taste. From the first day that she was old enough to read, she devoured stories and histories at every opportunity. If there was a song of heroism, she wanted to know it. Really, if there was a story of heroism, she wanted to live it. There was no ambition dearer to her heart as a young woman than to die young, tragically and romantically, saving the world.

She grew older and trained harder in the courtyards and stableyards of Sanctum, and studied under the tutelage of the priests and Templars who resided with her family. While her brother learned the graces of the court and excelled at them, Terese found the social games of society to be pointless. Leading men and women in battle or defeating Shav'Arvani in single combat struck her as entirely more of a lure than the structured dances and concerts and 13-hour worship sessions that were the highlights of the Sanctum political game. However, as a young woman, even though she had seen battle, her first taste of true reality was when the Tragedy of Sanctum struck.

Sometimes, you are fencing with your cousins under the warm Lycene sun, and that is when reality strikes. There was nothing Terese could have done. If she had been there, she probably would have died with both her parents. Yet still, it was an awakening. The part of the Hero story that is the least best to live through; the part where she is powerless to impact the outcome. It was from this tragedy that she learned a lesson that many young knights do not: to die for a cause is easy. To live for a cause is hard. And the harder task is the more worthwhile.

It is with a warrior's strength and a paladin's passion that she swore herself to the service of her family and the Compact with renewed vigor, and now she rides to join the Valardins at the Arx court with all her faith and fierceness brought to bear.

Relationship Summary

  • Edain - Stalwart Cousin
  • Eleyna - Favored Aunt
  • Katarina - Impish Rival, The war has just started!

  • Oathlands:
  • Cullen - Gentleman or copperhead, I have not decided which
  • Lisebet - She underestimates herself though I see otherwise

  • Sibling:
  • Talwyn - Talented Troubadour

  • Mourning isles:
  • Fredrik - Refined Charm

  • Friend:
  • Venturo - A virtuoso of storytelling and imagination

  • Crownlands:
  • Barric - His lessons will be remembered
  • Name Summary
    Ailys An earnest and valiant Valardin and Templar knight who fought for Bastion. I was glad to be able to thank her in person. And she said nice things about my brother!
    Alban Headstrong and judgmental, she seems to follow the Dominus without question. I'm not sure if I could follow as blindly as she does, but I think her heart is in the right place and she means well.
    Ariella We're... in-laws? Well, she's my twin's in-law, and anything that's Luci's is mine enough.
    Artorius She's organizing a competition for Knights. She made me keenly aware of my own stance on giving people what they want just because they asked for it.
    Asralyn A fierce dragon, as lovely with a sword as she is at a glance.
    Aswin A Valardin Princess and a knight, I've gathered. She is sure of herself, which is certainly good in a warrior. Doubt opens weaknesses. I'll be interested to learn more of her in future.
    Caspian a very un princess like princess! while I think she may have never had fun, that is something we can fix!!
    Celine An adventure seeking Princess of Valardin! What are the odds that we would meet. While we have many differences in terms of our standing, whether it be social or fighting, it seems we've much to learn from one another. I look forward to continue our conversations of said adventures!
    Celine I'm so enjoying getting re-acquainted with my cousin. We're as alike as chalk and cheese, but in that way I think we complement each another well. I want to dress her up in silks and brocades, and she would like to see me dragged backwards through an obstacle course. We're going to have fun, I can tell.
    Desma Needs to pay attention to the weather a lot more
    Edris A Valardin princess and most capable and challenging sparring partner. I hope that in the days to come I shall learn more about her, both on and off the field.
    Ember I'm trying, I truly am, to not hold it against her that she's an Oathlander.
    Erik Trying to slip past during breakfast time wearing a mans shirt is quite the first impression!
    Evander She strikes me as a friendly and honorable sort, with a desire to help. Something more people ought to have. I'm certain given time she'll do just that.
    Gehenna Another Princess who insists on fighting and being a 'great warrior'.
    Grady A knight, and from the Oathlands, no less! She seems interested in bringing the knightly values of her homeland to the attention of the people of Arx, and that, I think, must be a good thing.
    Ilira Beautiful girl! I enjoy her in all her spurious stoicism and dry humor. Perhaps we might spar sometime, pit one artform against another.
    Imi Her Highness has a vision and a drive. The same has been said about some of the most notable, and some of the most dangerous, figures in history. I think she's one of the good ones though.
    Jaenelle A woman who exemplifies the honor of the Oathlands.
    Karina A sweet and genuinely nice Valardin Princess. I may be biased but she has a wonderful eye for art.
    Katarina I encourage my cousin to leave the pursuit of baked goods to me. She means well, but I want more of them for myself.
    Keely Like no other princess I have ever met. She is brave and practical, but there is something unique about her that I cannot quite articulate.
    Lena A Princess who looked uncomfortable dressed in her jewels and finery.
    Lenard A fellow Oathlandic knight, she exemplifies some of the best traits you'd expect. Determined, unyielding in what she sets out to do and I think she is setting out to really make a difference in the world.
    Liam Serious and proud Knight and leader for the Academy of Chivalric Arts. Knightly woman of some grace.
    Liara Princess Terese seems lighthearted and amicable. When martial matters arose, she became rather more serious; she seems to have a strong sense of duty.
    Lou Found this Valardin princess wandering the Explorer's Hall seeking entry. She tried to downplay her abilities, but I'm certain she likely has more experienced then some of our newest exploders do in their pinky. She'll fit in well, if she decides to join.
    Mabelle Demure yet kind, eager to become a hero. I'm sure she will find her fame, hopefully without dying trying.
    Martino Proud of her craft and of her idea for the Academy here in the City of Arx. Was -really- hungry when we met. Like really hungry. Lovely to meet, will be better to know in time.
    Mattheu An amazing catch when I stepped forwards, then to be lead in a fun dance. If she will allow me, I will always ask her for a dance.
    Noah Is she Valardin? She should be. She seems ... proper. Take that as you will.
    Odin A kind Princess, apparently knows the Lady Veronica! She makes for good company. No doubt worthy of the House of Dragons.
    Oskar I think she's entirely too excited about life and her endeavours. I need that kind of enthusiasm in my own, fortunately.
    Pasquale She seems a lot like the sort of person who would become a Templar.
    Remus The Dragon Knight. She lives up to the title, most certainly. Strikes quite a figure in all of that Valardin armor and the battle hardened air about her - and the chivalrous manner in which she conducts herself. I shall have to try these debates.
    Richard A woman committed to her role, and to the Valardin, as well as the Gods. Little more can credit a person better than all of these things, and the Princess-General upholds the values she espouses.
    Ryhalt She wants to spread knowledge of knighthood, it seems a worthwhile aspiration to me.
    Savio Always an honor to fight a talented knight. I respect the skill and dedication she has clearly given to her craft.
    Tarik A Princess who fought at the battle of Bastion. She seems nice enough. I think she is interested in Prince Aindre. I could be mistaken, but I do know she wishes a dance with him.
    Thesbe A wonderful Valardin Princess who really has a penchant for seeking out fun! I can see she holds herself with esteem and intellect but doesn't let titles get in the way of being warm and welcoming to everyone around her. Her smile truly brightens the room.
    Triton Seems pleasant and unpretentious, enjoying herself without concern for formalities. Good first impression to make.
    Veronica There is a thoughtful silence about the Valardin Princess. She may be quiet but I can see that in her eyes she hungers for adventure and fun. Nothing wrong with that combination, in fact, it's refreshingly welcomed!
    Vesper As I would've expected, she did not fail to impress in battle. Not very stuffy, either. I approve.