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Marquis Orvyn Harthall

Everything has a price, and even then I'll get it for less.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Merchant foisted into Marquis
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Harthall
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 27
Birthday: 10/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Merchant
Height: tall
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tanned

Description: Piercing blue eyes and brown hair that is cut short enough to fall over on its own, but not hang past his ears, Orvyn strikes the pose of a man used to being obeyed. His sweeping nose and subtle lips are set amidst a field of windswept, tanned skin that has seen years upon the ocean. While ruggedly handsome in his own right, Orvyn's form is soft in places, his arms lanky, but firm, legs proportioned, yet there is something about him that speaks of a life spent in delicacies. It is his gaze however that speaks of a lifetime of experience and that if he has had a delicious lifestyle, it is because he has worked and shed blood, sweat, and tears to make it so.

Personality: Mellow is the easiest way to describe Orvyn, of course if that was the way one only described him, they would be sorely lacking in the exquisite nature of the merchant who became Marquis. Always interested in a deal, and always looking to drive a harder bargain when it will aid his house. Loyal and strong of character and mind, reputation is everything to him and when he enters business contracts, he ensures that his end of the bargains are always met. Though being a successful merchant means that one has often suffered losses in the past and so it is with Orvyn, having been caught in several bad deals, the man has grown to be much more clever and ruthless when it comes to the bottom line, willing to truly evaluate a partner before signing anything.

Background: If ever there was a man born to be a merchant, it is Orvyn. Trading and exploiting his cousins and other kids his age, or older during his childhood to trade up and cash in, whenever it was possible, and sometimes even when it was not. Routinely setting up schemes by which to make some money for others, but mainly himself, he became known as the one the other kids would go to to get things that their parents would not get for them themselves.

It was clear, as a second son, that Orvyn's talents were to lay outside the keep, and instead of learning the nuances of court life, he set out upon the sea, Captain of one of the family's trading ships. He travelled all around Arvum, trading where he could, opening new contracts and learning about all sorts of foreign ideals and customs. It was early on in his trading life that he met with the Laurent family and it was not much longer that the courtship with Sunniva began.

While his trading kept him away for most of the days, there were still the cherished few that he was able to visit and meet with her, growing to know her in small increments over the course of two years before they were finally married. Of course that was the happy news of the year, and as all good merchants know, good things always come with a cost. Later that year, his older brother, the heir apparent was killed during a bad horse accident, forcing Orvyn into the role of heir for the family's March and all their agreements without. Troubled at the loss of his brother, he returned home, new bride with, and stepped off his ship for what became quite an extended stay in Fair Harbor.

Slowly learning the required skills and acclimatizing himself to the world of nobles and functions both from the aid of his father and from his wife, Orvyn began to gain some rudimentary aptitude for dealing with the day to day running of the march. Figuring the man still had much more time to learn, he did not throw himself too deeply into his studies, still longing for the sea and all the adventure that it held. This longing is what distracted him and caused him to be caught completely off guard when his father passed away suddenly, thrusting Orvyn immediately into rule. Now he is struggling to catch up, through plying the skills that he had learned long before he had an inkling he would be a Marquis.

Name Summary
Adalyn Marquis Harthall seems to be an easygoing, amiable man and pleasant company. He holds great enthusiasm for sailing and, although its not a sentiment I share, I can appreciate the lure of freedom and adventure that it must bring. He's the husband of my dear childhood friend, Sunniva; it brings me joy to see that the two appear well-matched and truly fond of one another.
Adelphie My cousin and liege. A merchant in nearly all respects and no less capable for it. /Somebody's/ got to count the coins.
Appolonia "My people!" he said, and for a moment I truly felt it were so. What an intoxicating feeling.
Bliss I think the first thing I would have to say about my experiences with Marquis Orvyn so far is that this is a man with a focus so intense that you can feel it coming off of him in waves. There is a strength behind that, and a determination to do what is best for him and his people - something that just comes from his very presence. I've only seen him in formal settings, but I am curious if he brings that same intensity to everything.
Cambria Refreshingly noble, without being overly sensitive, as many of the Oathlands tend to be. I found him refined, intelligent, and of good humor.
Cleo A Marquis! I hope I get a chance to know him better but he left so soon after I arrived!
Coraline A merchant but one who has a deep appreciation and respect for the sea, there is no doubt Mangata calls him strongly to the waters which is something I can understand on a deep level. I find his sense of humor and his personality great company. I look forward to getting to know him better in the future.
Delilah Does the Marquis ever know how to make a cut! His bon mots are surprisingly good.
Grazia So thorough in his teaching that he threatens to be boring, but really, the Marquis is quite the gentleman and scholar and I appreciate his knowledge. He knows a great deal about economics and interpolitical relationships, and ought to be a handy ally to have, even if he is a stuffy Oathlander.
Gretchen Quiet, studious, and seems interested in numbers and profits or else why would be at a Consortium meeting?
Jacali A curious land of possibilities in the dastardly form of a man that likely thinks himself better'n me. Is that it, ey? Ey?? Think you're better'n me?? I'll have you, old son, I will. Fisticuffs!
Jeffeth He has been a solid ally to both the Solace and myself, a good man.
Lou He's very interested in the Society of Explorers and its ventures, and suggested a business venture with them. I look forward to his proposal. Anyone that wants to explore is good in my books.
Mabelle Handsome Marquis. Looks tired. I hope I can redeem the Laurent name in his eyes!
Margerie This man has made Sunniva happy and given her a place to truly call home. For that, I am grateful and will extend to him familial kindness.
Melody A very focused Marquis with his mind on the trade -- A business partner of mine who has been more than happy to work with me in our various endeavors, and he's got a rather wonderful eye for the prettiest of gowns.
Mikani To be so locked into the city that he can't sail! It's a crime. Good thing I'm here to help.
Norwood A calm man who seems to be able to see to the heart of matters quickly. To see someone so warm and welcoming with Sunny is a delight to this old soldier's heart.
Ouida My close and adored companion from my first days, it's good to see that married life has been good to you, and you are conquering the city rather than it conquering you. While the gods may have seen fit to take our brother from us, I am glad that my favorite one remains. I probably should regret all the times I dunked your head in the cistern or shorted your rigging line before a race when we were children, how was I to know you'd end up Marquis? You have my love and loyalty and sword until my last breath. It is a joy to be under the same roof once more.
Petal He seems really nice and welcoming. He seems smart and insightful as well. I think he has kindness and wisdom.
Quenia The Marquis of Harthall is a genuinely pleasant man to speak with, and shares some of the same goals as House Igniseri. It would be interesting to share notes, even if his expansion of Harthall is confined to the island where his lands are located.
Reese A fine leader and a cheerful encouaging man!
Reigna A proud and proper Oathlands man. He says he was not meant to be the Marquis, but he seems to be quite adroit at it!
Rinel I haven't met a Harthall before! He's very gracious--seeing someone understand Wynna's busy schedule is a welcome change.
Snow A competent man who seems both nice and invested in those he speaks with. I can't wait to get to know him more.
Sunniva I've been away for years, and yet it is as if I have been gone minutes. My heart swelled at my first glimpse of him, so very changed and yet so very much the same. He still has the same warmth to his smile and twinkle to his eye that I first fell in love with, and still makes my heart skip a beat when I see him. We both may have changed over the years of my absence, but I sense that we have not grown apart despite the time away. I married a good man, and find him still such a man. I hold high hopes for our future.
Verity His intense eyes are surely windows into a mind sharper than an alaricite bear trap.
Violet The Marquis is a well spoken man. Not surprising given his merchant roots. I look forward to what the Blades can offer Harthall, and what they offer in return.