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Lady Ennettia Igniseri


Social Rank: 5
Concept: Indolent Noble
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Igniseri
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 28
Birthday: 8/4
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Merchant
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: dark hazel
Skintone: olive

Description: She is a painting in warm colors: a portrait in warmly golden olive skin, with a backdrop of dark, dark hair hinted with whispers of auburn that tumbles in waves past her neck and shoulders to cascade over her back. Languid eyes of hazel, deep and dark, center her features, beneath the sooty veil of lashes. The soft bow of her full mouth is lush, especially when tilted in a wicked curve, sensual and languorous. Lissome grace informs her movements, flowing in an indolent elegance, as though she does not walk about the world so much as pour through it.

Personality: If there is a chair in a room, Ennettia will sit. If there is a chaise or bed, she will lounge. If there's a bowl of fresh fruit she'll lament the tragedy that it is unpeeled, and if someone peels the fruit she'll request it also be cut in bite size, aesthetically pleasing portions. Ennettia is, in short, never one to skimp on her own comfort. Words like vain, lazy, narcissistic, self-indulgent and spoiled are scattered before her in a reputation only a Lycene would admire. And yet she's charming despite - or because - of her honesty in regards to her pampered nature. Nor is she materialistic, or greedy: she is generous and affectionate to her friends, loathes only the painfully dull, and has a mind as sharp as her tongue, when she bothers to use it.

Background: Growing up, Ennettia was overshadowed by her brilliant, talented older brother Karadoc-- and she loved him dearly for it. It removed all pressure from her to be outstanding. Sure, their parents encouraged her to apply herself, but in the end...everyone knew who the future of their Saik branch depended on. Instead, from an early age Ennettia knew precisely what she wanted from her place in the family: out of it.

It wasn't that she had any problems with her family members. It's just that Ennettia longed for a more luxurious existence, and while she admired her family's ability to be satisfied and comfortable in their genteel poverty, she firmly decided such things were not for her. Of course her family did their best to instill good values into her... but she still insisted she was better off married to someone wealthy. And so in the midst of growing frustrations with their son's apathy towards his future, Ennettia was happily shipped off in marriage to Ilsoreno Igniseri, and moved to Granato.

She had quite a comfortable, pleasant life, happily spending her husband's money and supervising the nannies raising their son. Until, unfortunately, the death of her husband in by opportunistic thieves threw a wrench in her plans to live the pleasant life of an elegant leech. Between the Arxian Siege, Ilsoreno's ill-organized records, and the lost of the Igniseri heirs in battle, Ennettia, with much lamentation, applied herself to making sure her husband's businesses did not fall.

As the business recovered in the following years, Ennettia choose to relocate to Arx... and for whatever reason, also applies - and is accepted - into the forces of the Inquisition. This was as short-lived as her time in Arx, and she left a while later, back to her estate with her son. Only years later did she return, son in tow, back to Arx - apparently still on a whim.

Name Summary
Aethan Likely not half Nof'Alfar. But maybe.
Agatha She knows my sister! She's a little clever about it. Makes me wonder if they're really friends, or something else! But if they're friends, then I will have to keep her safe to make Elgie happy!
Alaric A convivial delight, I was quite happy to hear that she works for the Crown. Or at least I hope she does some actual work sometimes.
Appolonia An interesting woman who is both indolent and charming. There's a smooth layer of something beneath the surface that she keeps carefully concealed but I spy it now and again in her gaze, her movements, that smile. I like this one already.
Ariella How in the world do you describe Netty? She may seem lazy and slothful and indolent, but secretly she's very smart and observant and lazy and slothful and indolent.
Astraea My sweet cousin returns to the city! Where has she been? I heard she joined the Inquisition. I love her dearly and worry so but she makes me proud nonethless.
Aurelian A curious woman, but not totally abnormal for a Lycene. Still for one who dwells so heavily in a slothful life, it is curious she would take the path of an Inquisitor. I suppose we'll find out soon enough if she thrives or wallows in her choice.
Barric Indolent. Apparently lazy. Probably Lycene. Which in that case there is always more than she seems even if she doesn't want to show it. One day she might even remember my name instead of my outfit at the Pravus Spring Ball.
Dante The Igniseri are all as different as can be, and yet all intriguing in their own way. Lady Ennettia is no different with her easygoing indolence, biting sense of humor, sharp intelligence and pride. Certainly someone whose company I could enjoy for probably a whole day!
Duarte Simply delightful. A remarkable---ly dry sense of hunor.
Echo She's exactly as I remember her. I can only imagine the kind of shenanigans she gets up to... When she's feeling like it. But when she is -- It's probably all sorts of fun!
Eleyna The thing that some don't realize about the Lycene is that we are used to a slower pace of life in the South, but just because one cannot see a frenetic expediture of energy doesn't mean things aren't getting done. Lady Ennettia reminds me of home.
Elgana A house cat. This woman is the embodiment of a house cat: languid and aloof, amused by something none of us can see. I imagine there is much more beneath the surface.
Emily Luis' cousin-in-law and a decidedly interesting woman. She's got a way with words and is interested in blackmailing Luis. How very curious!
Eris What lessons we could learn from a coquette with layers. I think I am a little in awe.
Faye An amusing companion for conversation and to share a drink with. Is it awful I cannot imagine her doing any actual work?
Gareth What a stunning creature. I can't wait to watch her interact with all our colleagues as I sit in silence.
Giulio What a lovely treat of a lady, I do look forward to getting to know her better. She's Lycene, so she's clearly plotting something, but, its how things work.
Jeffeth She likes when I take my shirt off.
Jordan It's a bit of a contradiction when a Lady asks a girl why she's one-eye-blind and then tells a knight to be charming. Or maybe it's all a game. What could it be?
Joscelin Sweetness and energy, definitely an honest-seeming soul. I like her.
Laric My gut tells me there's more to her than what meets the eye. Let's hope time doesn't prove me wrong.
Lys A sweet lady, who has no desire to be involved with romance and she has a child.
Margerie What an interesting woman. She talks about children so frankly, so unsentimentally. There's a quality I can't put my finger on. I look forward to more meetings with her to try and figure her out!
Mirari Every so often you meet someone who is clearly on the same level as you. Not with titles and the like, but...mentally. She is quick, and uses her self like a sketchboard, where life is the color palette. I bet she'll end up being a very creative piece of art one day.
Nicholaus She reminds me of myself -- back before I took that fated trip of mine. I don't know if I pity her, or envy her.
Orazio Oh goodness. She is precisely like Orazio remembers, in all her languid, lazy glory. Orazio isn't sure whether to try and whip her into shape, or just picture her with Laric and laugh. And laugh.
Quenia I cannot begin to explain how much relief it brought me to have another member of the Igniseri family /at home/ when so many of us are away at war. Ariella, Luis, Lucita - all gone to Setarco. Echo - gone to Crovane, and possibly injured. She and her son will bring light and hope to the house, and I can't wait to get to know her better.
Rinel She's got... very Lycene tastes in literature.
Romulius She seems every bit the noble lady: Vayne, self-righteous, uncaring of others opinions, judgemental, and the type who would eat her own child if it furthered her life or made it easier.
Roxana She has a keen eye for fashion and gives her critiques thoughtfully. Perhaps we can go shopping together one day.
Sparte Incredibly laid back for her station, which is fine. A person should know how to relax. I just hope she is good at delegating too.
Theron A pleasant Lady of House Igniseri; charming, engaging, very bright. And she seems to like my brother, which does make me wonder.
Tynan A Lady that has embraced all the positives of her nobility, deciding for a life in comfort and luxury. Who can blame her? With all opportunties laid bare, pick what makes you happy.
Vercyn Lady Ennettia is someone who knows what's important in life. The other young ladies should learn from her!
Wren A carefree Lady of the southern city-states with an eye for comfortable fashion, relaxation, and who can blame her? She's keen of eye and fearless with her opinions. She'd make a terrible foe if one were to ever cross her--but they would delight in her pacing, for just the concept of hard work tires her out. I'm anxious to know more of this one and attend her whims within the marketplace if ever graced with the opportunity.
Zaina Training. I underwent my training likely before she was born, and none of it involved bells -or- perfume.