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Lord Nadir Seraceni

There's nothing to be gained by losing your temper.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Charming Politico
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Seraceni
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 24
Birthday: 12/15
Religion: birthday 2/12
Vocation: Lawyer
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: black

Description: Nadir's very presence exudes charm. From his perfect moustache to his neat hair, he's a man who cares very much about appearances. No part of his appearance is as remarkable as his smile. Broad, with neat white teeth, when he breaks into a grin and his dark brown eyes sparkle he can seem taller than his 5'7" and more worldly than his 20-something years should allow.

Personality: Nadir is a natural politician, gregarious to all his friends and acquaintances and a shining star in social situations. He remembers every name, every face, and usually a few details about every person he comes across. This is because, despite popular belief regarding politicos, Nadir genuinely cares about people and what is important to them. After all, how can he expect to rise to power if he doesnt know what the people want in their leaders?

Behind that broad smile and sparkling eyes is an extremely keen mind, one that finds true enjoyment in games of strategy and legal studies. He is constantly seeking another puzzle to suss out the answer to.

When it comes to his own thoughts, however Nadir keeps his own counsel. As charming as he is capable of being, so too is he equally capable of being enigmatic. He is constantly in control of his own emotions, and will never, ever lose his temper.

Background: Nadir is the youngest child of a line of fierce Ischia corsairs. His father, Abin Faruq, was Sword to the Seraceni family while his mother, Amadallah, was a shipwright and built many of the vessels her husband served upon. His ancestors came to the island many generations prior, and were actually raised to nobility to eventually; something their branch of the family is very proud of.

Both of Nadirs elder siblings followed in their parents footsteps. Both were born for war and the sword and the sea; from a very young age, small Nadir knew that he would need another route to distinguish himself and to get an edge on his siblings. Theirs was a good-natured rivalry in childhood that grew to mutual respect in adulthood.

None the less, Nadirs choice to utilize his mind as his weapon rather than his arm makes him the black sheep of the family. He loves them, esteems them, but is always a bit separate from them. Instead, he found a kindred spirit in Isabella Pravus, mother to his cousin Lady Appolonia Seraceni. From this Pravus connection, he learned the importance of charm and calm, and by now he has mastered the concepts.

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