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Shiara Stahlben

I'm not arguing, simply explaining why I'm right.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Prodigal Ambassador
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Stahlben
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 25
Birthday: 12/30
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Ambassador
Height: average height
Hair Color: auburn-brown
Eye Color: azure
Skintone: snowy

Description: Curvy in all the right places, buttery looking wintry skin and almond shaped eyes mark her as one of the northern Abandoned from House Aldmeris, apparently. Although her auburn-brown locks and those bright icy blue irises are a contrast to her kin's normally silver-white and golden-hazel, respectively. While she is quite willowy and otherwise unassuming physically, she has a presence of one accustomed to being heard, and tends to move with the grace of a natural performer. The most impressive thing about her is her voice and when she opens her mouth to speak, its beauty often captivates.

Personality: The Ambassador of House Aldmeris has a humble but confident swagger to her every step, and seems to balance that with a maturity far beyond her years. Accompanied by a sharp and oft described endearing sense of humor there is much to like about this Prodigal. Sometimes she can be crass but it is with an effortlessly charming degree of class that she manages to skirt the brink of scandal and courtly grace -- something she shares in common with women from the Southern isles.

Background: Born and raised in the distant north, somewhere in that blasted desert of ice, Shiara grew up. Her life wasn't an easy one compared to her southern counterparts but the Abandoned House, Aldmeris, was one of the principal ones in it's region. Which afforded her luxury and comfort of a sorts, their holding a large one that was a very well known hub of business among the Abandoned. Like most of her family the history of the Compact and their culture were part of her studies, one must always know the enemy as they say.

This was when she first began to fall in love Arx and the idea of someday traveling there grew on her until it became a nagging urge. Many of which she acted on compulsively in the past, this was no different. Without seeking permission from her father and mother she stole away from the city under the guise of a performer, conveniently timed with a troupe coming to Aldmer Castle in hopes of winning the favor of such illustrious and well connected people. Thankfully, she wasn't sold out by her companions who quickly realized how much danger they were in for helping her escape, as it were.

After traveling with them for several months the scion of Aldmeris started southward. The journey was grueling and she doesn't talk about the things she had to do to get where she is today but it wasn't very long after her arrival to the city of Arx that her family contacted her and informed her of their displeasure but because she is beloved and spoiled, she was named their official Ambassador and told to help make new alliances, trade and military pacts with any of the Southern Houses of the Compact. Which she continues to work towards, quite successfully, to this day. Even though this ultimately means that she is trying to bring her family into the fold of the Compact during a time in which it is spoken against so adamantly.

Name Summary
Anisha Lady Shiara will challenge any preconceptions you might have. About the North. About the Prodigals. About Arx itself, and the people who live here. This is a good thing. Her manners bear the polished sheen of her expertise, and her conversation is sure to draw you in and intrigue you. She is exquisite in her arts, and I only too pleased to find that we have so much in common.
Ludwig It is always a shame when beauty is wasted on those who were born outside of the Compact. At least she is doing her best to make it right, whether that is in learning our history or by simply bending the knee in the first place. I expect to see her integrated well enough that hardly anyone questions her soon.
Marina What a delectable little lamb this one is! We have taken her in, though she might not be entirely thrilled about it. I am going to enjoy seeing if she can endure being amongst the Redreef. Quite a lot, I think.
Raven A most enchanting sight in the Salon, easily bringing a smile to my lips, and obviously guarding a very bright mind behind it all. The kind you just know is hiding something interesting, but drawing out that mystery? It requires patience. At least I should enjoy the unravelling of that mystery in the meantime.
Tallius A northern woman of significant interest. I look forward to finding out more of her, and sharing stories of the land of my birth.
Tescelina The diplomat is a charming and lovely woman with eyes possessing the beautiful azure of stars. Let us hope that she takes that offer to heart.