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Lord Kent Harthall

"Thank the goddess for war."

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Gilded Noble
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Harthall
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 25
Birthday: 4/14
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Master of coin
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Pale

Description: Kents appearance and attire is a study of contrasts. He is not particularly tall standing at 5'9". His build is rather average, weighing roughly 175 pounds, though his physique it lends itself more to signs of indulgence than any great athleticism. Yet, the care he doesnt place in his overall physique is countered by other aspects of his appearance. His ebony coloured hair is gracefully wavy and comes down to his shoulders and always impeccably kept. His attire is equally a sign of contrasts, he often employs fairly humble shirts and leggings while accessorising with lavish cloaks and jackets. He carries himself with equal ease amongst the aristocracy and common folk.

Personality: For Kent Harthall nobility is not simply a name for the class he belongs to but a description of behaviour he seeks to embody and expects of others. For him words like loyalty, honour, and duty mean a great deal. He is shrewd with money yet charitable, pious but not saintly, scholarly but not bookish. He is extremely committed to advancing the station of his house but he is also a man with his own goals and not unwilling to compromise his higher virtues to achieve them if the opportunity presented itself.

Background: Kent Harhall is the eldest child of the late Lord Duncan Harthall and his late wife Lady Onora. Duncan was the younger brother of previous Marquis and uncle to the current one. As a second son, never expect to inherit the family title, Duncan had made his career in the Harthall fleet and it was expected that when he came of age Kent might follow in his footsteps. The most charitable thing that could have been said about Duncans career over the years was that is was filled with bad luck. One more than one occasion his ship was declared lost at sea only to reemerge later with little to show for his efforts. His fathers long absences meant that Kent never developed much of a connexion with his father. And before Kent could ever follow his father off to see his father once again was lost this time not to return.

It was then natural that Kent should be closer to his mother and to more follow her lead as pious and scholarly woman. For many years Kent had even considered a religious vocation for himself. Ultimately, however, his fathers long absences and his mothers declining health met that from a very young age he would take an active role in managing their household. By the time they were both gone he had become quite adept at managing their affairs and it seemed only natural that he would continue on this path within the wider household.

The untimely passing of his eldest cousin and later his uncle would provide quicker opportunities to utilise his talents for the benefit of the wider family. By the time his cousin Orvyn became Marquis, Kent found himself managing the financial affairs of the whole Harthall has alongside him. It is a vocation he has thrown himself at with unswerving dedication, but not with complete altruism.

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