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Dame Bree Hartall

With the light of the Gods at our backs we will strike down all the darkness in the world! Except for dark chocolate. We will eat all of that!

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Knight of Butterflies
Fealty: Crown
Family: Harthall
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 4/20
Religion: Pantheon(Gild)
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tanned

Titles: Knight of Solace, The Divine Shield of Solace

Description: Relatively tall, this brown haired woman is of an obvious athletic frame though she still has retained some womanly curve. While she is not bulky by any means, she certainly has a good amount of muscle, toned and athletic throughout. Her skin is sun-kissed, goldened and tanned from many days under the beautiful light.
     A set of bright blue eyes rest at the center of her picturesque face. Young and pretty, she is generally seen with a radiant smile that really pronounces her beauty. Her gleaming smile may very well be deemed the most beautiful thing about her, and it is often on display.

Personality: Bree's family always said that ever since she was born the sun was just a little bit dimmer, because it gave part of its light to Bree. She has always been addicted to stories, and becoming the hero of those stories. She is radiance and generally the most optimistic person in the room. It is hard to dim her mood. It is extremely difficult to take away from her jubilance. Bree is extremely talented at finding the silver lining in things. And also extremely good at shrugging things off. If people don't like her upbeat attitude, she is rarely offended. She is aware that she is somewhat naive that her bright and excitable nature could lead some to take advantage of her... But she's pretty sure that won't happen! Why would people do that when you're nice to them! She takes everything about Gild VERY seriously, and is a firm believer that all problems in the world can either be stabbed to death with her blade, or hugged to death. But not really death. Just until it's brought around. Even with her upbeat attitude, she's still a soldier. So at times she can be slightly offputting when she's being so cheery after she's just felled an enemy of the compact, blood still on her blade.

Background: Bree and Brannen Harthall were born twins and from the moment they were born their lives were planned out. From early formative years, Bree took to the Valrdin way of life. Chivalry! Duty! However Bree always had a very bright twist on the Valardin way. She was strange, as many Valardins are more reserved and conservative Bree never was. From her childhood she was the most outgoing, the most exuberant, the most enthusiastic.

Because there are dragons out there to slay/befriend depending on the particular situation/dragon. Bree loved stories and when playing as a child often got in trouble for being so violent. Her excuse generally was that she needed to see how hard she had to hit in case it wasn't her brother she was fighting but a skeleton risen out of the earth. And so her training began early.

Bree took to fighting like a fish to water. While her brother became more tactical, more keen, Bree spent her days training and fighting, interspersed with flower picking, running on the beach or watching the sunset. Though she was driven she never had an issue with the work life balance. Bree has always known how to live, even in her most prepatory years. She also became closely attuned with Gild. She would often talk to the goddess at night, worried about those worse off than her, promising Gild she would help them in the morning.

It was Bree's dream to become a Knight of Solace, to protect the weary and downtrodden, but she was destined to become a knight for her house and to serve as a champion of Harthall. Brannen constantly reminded her of her duty, to house first. Unfortunately tragedy struck. In a horse race with the heir of the House, their cousin Odhran, Bree and Brannen witnessed their cousin die in an accident. Stricken by this great tragedy, Brannen finally relented and the two have recently taken their oaths as Godsworn. Foreswearing marriage, titles, children, and have instead recently been inducted as Knights Of Solace. Eager to protect the weary in the City of Arx!

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