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Lord Pasquale Malespero

Learn the core values that describe exactly who you are, and want to be, and hold them dearer than your very life. Once lost they can never be recovered.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Driven Invalid
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malespero
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 11/17
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Commander
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark
Eye Color: dark green
Skintone: pale

Titles: Knight-General of Nilanza

Description: Dressed in the dark silks fitting his station, Pasquale looks rather regal and even a bit imposing. Pale flesh (unusual for his end of the Arvum) contrasts with dark hair and dark green eyes. High cheekbones, a straight nose, and sharp chin allow for proper upturning of said nose. Of course, this visage is carefully crafted to hide the reality that the man is incredibly lean - gaunt, even. One might guess, seeing him out of his regal uniforms of dark fabrics, that he's sickly and maybe even a touch frail. Such a guess would only suit the man. That look in his eyes, that thoughtful intensity, it speaks of someone who knows what he wants and takes it, and underestimating him would be just fine.

Personality: Too sick to train to be a knight, too sick to captains ship, born too late in the family line to rule, Pasquale was raised in constant disappointment: his own, his parents', his brothers'. Realism became his guiding force and a force of will stronger than steel propelled him forward. When his family was almost entirely wiped out by the Gyre, grief and frustration entered his heart, replacing much of the hope that had been living there. He knows that he'll need to fight for what he wants, and as his weak constitution has always limited him, he'll need to use a cunning intellect in this fight. Even if his bitterness gets the best of him some days, he is all too aware that respect and kindness go further in this world than the opposite, so he tends to save the worst of his foul mood for behind closed doors.

Background: Born the third son of a rather forgettable baron, Pasquale was never meant to rule. Born with a chronic, nagging sickness of the lungs, he'd never be riding into battle. Born with a sharp mind and decided hunger for knowledge, his family was eager for him to join the Faith, but he never much wanted that. No, Pasquale grew up bedridden and passed the days reading books of war, and history, and politics. He wanted to lead armies, not save souls. And after pushing hard enough, his father granted him command of a unit, called The Knights of the Chalice.

The Knights of the Chalice sounds important and meaningful, but it's anything but. To the north of the barony, in wine country, a small unit of soldiers was assigned to guard the place. There never was anything to guard against, and mostly the soldiers lazed about, got drunk, and harassed the farmers and vinters. Pasquale was undeterred. Hard work, determination, and a mind for leadership paid off, and this unit slowly became one of the best trained units in the barony, and all were fiercely loyal to their commander.

When scouting reports came in with news of the Gyre's scouting fleet approaching, the barony's army was mobilized. Pasquale begged to move his unit south, where a band of the enemy was set to land, but his father and brothers ordered him to stay put. He obeyed orders, until news reached him that the defenses of the family estate had been breached. Pasquale rushed south and managed to ambush the Gyre's substantial forces. With a well-trained unit, a vast knowledge of warfare, and no small amount of Lycene trickery, Pasquale crushed the Gyre's force.

Sadly, The Knight the Chalice arrived too late to save the baron and his wife. Pasquale's older brother also fell. His middle brother was left to inherit the throne, and in an underhanded effort to restore the family reputation, he blamed the deaths on Pasquale. It was a bitter, frustrated, pariah of a man that Marquessa Lianne found, when touring the damage to her holdings. Pasquale is no liar and not prone to exaggeration, and she believed the man, and promptly offered to adopt him into the newly made Malespero family, as her general. It was finally the chance he felt he was entitled to, and he grabbed hold with both hands.

Now, Pasquale wants nothing more than to make Nilanza's forces into something truly feared. His mind is on training his men, researching military tactics, and pursuing some of these rumors of ancient, mystical weaponry. He's come to Arx to meet with his Marquessa, to meet the rest of the leaders of Velenosa, and just recently joined the Scholars.

Relationship Summary

  • Chiara - Ingenuity of a short Nilanza is fortunate to have.

  • Friend:
  • Venturo - An artist in liquor, bringer of joy and good morale the lands.
  • Juliana - The purveyor of colour
  • Thea - Pulls no Punches

  • Family:
  • Lianne - Marquessa in service. Sister in oaths. Brilliance and grace. I am prouder to aid in the building of her lands than I can convey.
  • Carissa - None better personifies the idea of 'from tragedy, strength.' Those who underestimate her are to be pitied.
  • Rebecca - Seeking to better yourself is rarely bad.
  • Agostino - A House that wishes to be well-armed cultivates sharp minds and keen eyes.

  • Sibling:
  • Arrigo - Family by blood not deed.

  • Spouse:
  • Sunaia - Vanished into the north one day and never returned.
  • Beatrice - Left Arx for Nilanza one day and never arrived.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn He possesses the sort of leadership qualities I wish I had, remaining calm and commanding even in the midst of a potentially dangerous situation.
    Adrienne I met the Lord Malespero at a small gathering hosted by Juliana Ignisieri. He is quiet, direct. A man of few words and those chosen with care. He is unwell, and I can not help but worry over him.
    Aelgar A very interesting man who seems a deeoer thinking than your average warrior and leader. I am sure he has much to offer, but the greatest value I found is that he has me thinking with every other comment. I will enjoy this association.
    Agostino It is good to have Lord Pasquale back in Arx, though the time away did wonders for him, it seems. I am glad to have his advice and knowledge behind me once again.
    Aiden Twice in as many days, this man has a tight hold of what's going on around and strong logical opinions and ideas. I think he's certainly one of the stronger peers to look toward in the coming conflicts.
    Alarissa Though not one I often cross paths with, he is by far one of the more enjoyable people to come from the southern waters.
    Alis It's not often your first chance to really speak to someone is a conversation on deeply philosophical subjects. It was an enlightening conversation, and he is very astute and empathetic about the issues we had to discuss.
    Anisha We've met before, Lord Pasquale and I. But now we have been introduced. He's a genial gent, a lord of taste and refinement, and with keen insights he generously shares. All in all, I expect we shall make wonderful friends.
    Ann It was nice to see him and to share some small talk with him. I am curious to see where this will go.
    Apollo It's good when someone still has a head on them to give some sort of direction. There were lots of folk steering the ship, and but few steering me.
    Arianna What a bold guy who really must enjoy the taste of hot steel! I know he's invalid but that doesn't make me think he's incapable. Not by any means.
    Ariella Love it when people include me in their pirate hunting. Keeps the rust at bay. He seems capable and I look forward to seeing what comes of this venture.
    Arman Good to see Lord Pasquale again, genially as always, and good to see we share similar goals.
    Aswin I do not know much of the man, but what little we spoke leads me to believe that he possesses a very sharp mind. It would be interesting to sit down with him someday to see what all he knows.
    Auda Every time I think I know him, I see another facet.
    Audgrim Met him on a hunt - seems an adventurous sort.
    Avary Conflicted. I hope his devotions bring him the clarity he needs.
    Bethany He seems frail yet seeks to go on adventure. I can admire that.
    Bhandn Not many people ask me straight out the question he did, and certainly not that quickly. It has me wondering what he would see in certain others I can call to mind.
    Brigida A lord who is organising charitable works that are worthwhile. We need more Lords like him.
    Calla Caught a glimpse of him at the Black Fox but things took a turn before we could properly be introduced. This City certainly has its exciting moments.
    Calla He has changed much since I last saw him. Even though we had went different ways, when we met up again it seems we had matured together after all. A darling man I am privleged to call a dear friend.
    Caprice He's impressively intelligent, except in matters of basic interaction.
    Caspian he claims to not be much of a fighter, but gives this man a trebuchet and watch the carnage! he is a brave leader and one i am proud to stand by.
    Cassiopeia He seems knowledgable on culture, and has a healthy interest in others. I would be curious to learn more about wine from him, which he seems to be an expert on.
    Catalana Ian's friend. A pleasure to talk with. Clearly a scholar as well as martially inclined.
    Cato Noble blood, noble nose. A war man, through and through; he's got the bearing. Not sure he trusts me, but I'll bet he spends his whole life with his guard up. A name to note.
    Cecilia Wonderful Host. Has a great supply of wine and good stories.
    Celine Allergic to pink, or was that /all/ pretty colours? What a confession. I suppose that there's an integrity at least in being honest, and I do like integrity. And honesty.
    Cerys Perhaps we are both sworn to be better, Knight-General. Perhaps all Knights are.
    Cesare Lord Pasquale is a cipher. I have known him for months but he seems to exist mostly as a shadow, observing all and saying little. I'm sure there's a deep well of knowledge there; I simply don't know what it is, or how to reach it.
    Cirroch Tall, lanky, and good with a branch of berries. Odd choice of clothing for the side of a mountain.
    Corrigan Knowledgeable and surprisingly accepting of a whimsical Burrower like me. Gods know how he does it, as I can't stand me most days.
    Delilah He's smart, a finely honed sword. When he chooses to speak up, listen. Those words often come alloyed in a clear, valuable insight that deserves to be heard.
    Denica The man certainly knows his way around ships and sailing. Always keen to help and engage with others, a pleasant conversationalist.
    Desma I think his gaunt looks belie the nature of the man. There's steel in there. You don't get to be a general from the conines of a sick bed.
    Desma It's good to see Pasquale again. I'm glad I put on a suitable show for him.
    Dimitri There's a devious little streak that Lord Pasquale hides behind the guise of good natured entertainment. Which makes him all the more exciting to be around. I look forward to what future troubles may arise as a result.
    Dio A polite lord of House Malespero bearing the arms of a warrior. Seems familiar and well liked by Lady Thea, which says much about his character.
    Domonico A General of Malespero. Doesn't look like the physical sort but then again battles are not necessarily won by a leader on the front lines.
    Elsbetta Knew a fair bit about myths of the North. Like me, believes fairy tales are important tools for teaching children.
    Ember The sharpness of blades might not suit his skill, but the sharpness of his mind cuts just as deeply.
    Esme Attempts at modesty. He seems rather friendly and I adore friendly people. I adore most people, but then he says things. I find it not what he says, but what he does not. We are sure to be friends.
    Evander Polite lord who seems to be in the know.
    Evaristo Another sailor on a sailing adventure, that's always great. Seems like he knows what he's doing - this will be an interesting thing.
    Evelynn I enjoy meeting someone with an unquenchable curiosity and a determination to achieve their goals.
    Everett Would seem to be a regular at the Black Fox, m'Lord Malespero would be, I'd reckon. Walked right on in with a powerful confidence, like as most o' them noble folks have got to their name. T'were a kindness, as he let there be music, which brightened the day in the Fox as for sure. Got up the courage to ask him 'bout 'pollo, and he done confirmed that he were at that mask dance. Not as to say which one, as that I still don't know, what on account of them masks be confounding!
    Fatima A surprising man in many ways that shrouds the depths of himself with quiet and grace. His still tongue is also quite the prize.
    Gabriella He certainly knows how to choose a drink. I'd be happy to chat with him again about all manner of military topics, or maybe just ask him when I can watch his techniques at the training center. In truth, I look forward to it.
    Galatea A bit odd, as he himself admits, and perhaps sickly, but he seems good-natured and garrulous, at least.
    Gaspar It would have been easy for tempers to flare between Lord Pasquale and myself, but cool-headedness won the day and difference, while still remaining, came to be understood. His passion to keep his House safe in the face of war is beyond admirable.
    Gaspard At first, I wasn't sure if this was his first battle in command. With so many ships, you would think so, but he started off rocky. How wrong I was. Like me, he is a diamond under pressure. He just needed a push. I look forward to speaking with this man after it's said and done.
    Gerald I appreciate a fellow with a mind for charity.
    Giada We're all a bit Stoic here.
    Gloriel A polite Lord with great ambitions for his House and name.
    Grady There seems to be a bit of a hard edge to him, but at a glance, I couldn't say whether it's intentional.
    Graziella I believe I may have insulted his sensibilities by suggesting people make excellent tools but my intuition and faith insists the gods agree with me.
    Haakon We've killed folk together, and I'd do it again.
    Ian He beats against an ill wind as much as I do, but it hasn't stopped him from sailing.
    Ilira I missed you more than I knew, sweet one. I'm glad I can be here for you. Your tragedies will linger, as pasts do--but company and conversation warms the ache. Let us maintain it, this round.
    Isabeau A pleasant enough fellow, and hopefully a good match for my cousin. Don't give him green shirts though, if rumor is true.
    Iseulet A keen mind and a sharp tongue are powerful weapons indeed.
    Jaenelle While I have a fondness for all House Malespero, Lord Pasquale shows a dedication and drive that I respect and admire. One day we shall have to actually speak beyond missives and social passings.
    Jasper A generous Lord and a renowned strategist. I hope I prove to be a worthy student.
    Julian General Malespro. An interesting man with a sense of humor.
    Juliana I forgot how easy it is to talk with him. Make note, don't neglect those you care about.
    Jyri Pointed, intelligent commentary. Good.
    Kaia An eager student and fellow archer! Surely, he would make a good friend.
    Katarina A true friend is one who will fight by your side in a war, but offer you their shoulder in peacetime.
    Keely It is said that we can be defined by the company we keep. I cannot say from our brief interaction if Pasquale is as charming as Mar, his bird friend, but I am so pleased to have encountered them both.
    Ksenia Tall and dark Lord. A friendly one thankfully who seems to be an admirer of the arts.
    Lark His lordship has the outlook one might expect from a man of his circumstances. I do hope he gains some optimism once his ambitions are realized.
    Liam A Minister of War who is in touch with what is happening in the city. One who is measured it seems in when is the time to strike, and when is the time to hold back. Clear heads saves lives.
    Lianne Eternally pragmatic and level-headed. The finest brother a girl could want.
    Llewella A bookworm and warlord who strolls on the beach at night. I'm not entirely certain of what I think of this man, but time will surely fill in the gaps.
    Lucie He is capable of presenting challenges in a succinct and pragmatic manner. Friendly company. There's a reason why the bird follows him around.
    Lucita Though have encountered Lord Pasquale from time to time, was not till Neilda got 'sick' that I really got to speak with him enough to form an impression of him. Kind, loyal to friends, well spoken, knowledgeable and willing to listen. He makes a very good impression.
    Mabelle Easy going, constantly carrying wine and loves cookie, what's not to like? besides, must love a man with a story!
    Macario He didn't even tell me a ghost story. Just inferred to one. And I wanted to run away. Wicked smart.
    Mailys A couple passing glances. A bow, a sword, and a very nice star iron ring. How far does his reach extend?
    Marena An introspective man. I'm interested to tap the wealth of his military knowledge. I think I could learn from him. I think he could learn from me.
    Maris He's certainly not an easy read. Seems intelligent enough, with a lot going on behind the scenes. A touch of ambition, but still prideful of past achievements. Probing, but reserved. Wry, but dry.
    Mark You speak of yourself outside of the Compact a half a dozen times or so and suddenly people are suspicious.
    Marli Lord Pasquale provided pleasant company on a ride over the beach.
    Martino A dedicated, hardworking and dear friend who has focused themselves to be the best in everything they do. He does not rely on luck - as history shows he makes his own fortune.
    Mattheu An awkward man with a sense of humor to boot
    Medeia Who just walks into a person's house like... Oh, he's supposed to be here? Actually, I don't hate this. Or him. Hm. He can stay.
    Mikani I always enjoy talking languages. Anyone to lets me talk off their ear is a bright spot.
    Miranda Pasquale Malespero's an interesting man. Braver than me and with some skills I can easily be envious of. I don't know what I'd do had I lost my siblings, but he's remade his life and family. I can appreciate that.
    Mirk A quiet sort. Not much in common with the others of his House that I've had dealings with, except perhaps that there's a similar intensity there. Quiet, but driven.
    Monique All charm and irreverent style, but with an underlying intelligence and influence that would be invaluable to know better.
    Monique Needs to be more spontaneous, seize the moment, stop thinking so much. But for all that, it's clear that he's a planner of great skill and not to be discounted when it comes to tactics and the employment of them.
    Narcissa What a weight family can be, no?
    Natasha Agreeable and charming, but in spite of these, he is pragmatic in the advice he dispenses.
    Neilda I've never had a man ask me if we're flirting before. It's not without its own charm.
    Neilda Look at him. Look at a compass. Then, you'll understand.
    Neilda He's grounding in a way I need. But my heart tugs me ever away to distant shores, and he knows it.
    Noah He's slowly growing on me. Like Moss.
    Olivia He is a very kind man who definitely needs more delicious pastries in his life, but I look forward to getting to know him better.
    Olivian A formidable mind it would seem, seems very mysterious.
    Ophelia A promising archery student with determination and dedication. I admire these qualities! And I am glad that I can assist his efforts to sharpen his skill set. Perhaps one day he and I will go forth together and hunt upon the sea. Now /that/ is an adventure I look forward to.
    Orland The fool speaks, the wise man listens, or perhaps it was the silent man is the best to listen to. Either way, while our interactions thus far has been limited, I think his mind is one that is never idle. Perhaps we have that in common.
    Petal The Lord seems thoughtful and is chasing a murderess. I hope he finds her! I don't like the idea of her on the loose! He seems like a smart sort of noble.
    Piccola I can appreciate an intelligent man who thinks through issues, but I will never accept tea in lieu of whiskey.
    Poppy He has an octopus. I want to know why!
    Portia Lord Pasquale has a lot of titles attached to his name, but his conversation lacked the notable signs of the self-absorbed which so frequently accumulate such decorations for their name.
    Quenia He is a hard worker and has been working hard for the Mirrorguard. I appreciate that once given a task, he takes initiative and doesn't need to be hand held through the process of seeing things through. It's a rare trait.
    Raimon A meeting of pure chance and happenstance at the brewery nearby the carnival square -- although I'd seen him around and about, from a distance, and from time to time. Seems the sort to possess an ineffable zest for life, . . . one to advocate a boundless and unrestrained enjoyment of what there is to be properly enjoyed in this world. He might well be the 'Life' of the Right kind of parties . . .
    Raja A noble man with an eye for creating a wonderous story and a rather remarkable bow. I look forward to working with him on this project.
    Ras Never wanted to not-get-mad at somebody so much, but he's got a knack for getting under my skin.
    Raymesin The man knows a great deal. Definitely not the average silk.
    Rebecca Our inital conversation was pleasant and he seems to be a very clever man. I appreciate him making an effort to help me better my station in Arx. It such an overwhelming city, its good to have family, even if that family is written in oaths and not blood.
    Reese An intelligent general. I hope to speak with him more in the future. I think he will make good company and be a good source for talking tactics.
    Reigna A Malespero lord with a quick wit and a charming smile, despite the seeming fragility of his tenuous health.
    Rodica Doesn't take his own bets. Smart man.
    Romulius An interesting sort. I am told he's a fine enough leader of men, though we don't see eye to eye on all issues.
    Rosalind He is super open to going on adventures! I know, I invited him to go camping! And he didn't really squirm! Not even a little! Well--maybe a little!
    Rowynna A quiet and unobtrusive man, but charming with it. Apparently had the misfortune of ill-health when a child, but there's no signs of that now.
    Rufio To be honest, given how that bird was dropping things randomly on us, I expected it's... owner... friend... dad? To be a little more eccentric. Ser Pasquale actually seems to be a quite man... knowing his background, I'd like to see him a fight to be honest.
    Sabella A wise man, beyond his years, I'd imagine. He seems older by his words then his looks. Seems knowledgeable, and can ease into conversations effortlessly. I do hope him and Messere Caspian don't break down a wall with a ballista.. If they do, I didn't know about it.
    Sabella The Botanical Gardens are a lovely place to have conversation and I'm glad I ran into Lord Pasquale during my morning stroll. He seems contemplative, a man of many layers. Can only imagine what's going through that mind of his. I do wish and send every good prayer that I have, that his wife return back to him. I understand that feeling all too much. I can tell he loves her very much.
    Sabella The Malespero lord has always been polite company, but something about who he has been spending time with appears to have lightened his mood.
    Sabine Like honey on an open wound, he does know how to soothe a sting.
    Samael A pleasant, affable sort of Lord. I'd appreciate time to quiz him about Arx and the world over a few glasses of wine.
    Samira We inhabit such disparate worlds, but something tells me he understands the value of facing hard truths far more than most.
    Savio A fellow helmsman when the seas get rough! He has my respect, and we'll have to meet again sometime when everything is less dire.
    Scipio General of Nilanza. Met him at a tea party hosted by the Archscholar, of all places. And while a templar was holding a recruitment tournament no less. And why? For "good tea and good conversation."%r%rAs expected. People rarely ascend to exceptional positions without being exceptional people. He's not one to be underestimated.
    Seia I did not spend long in Lord Pasquale's presence, but he was polite and as helpful as he could be.
    Sirius An incisive and troubled Lord whose staging point for most arguments that I've seen oft comes with a strong approach bore of wisdom and merit. I wonder what will be of him, at the end of all things.
    Sparte He is the sort of person who pays attention, so it stands to reason he is the sort that needs paying attention to.
    Sudara Politely chivalrous, and with what seems to be a good taste in friends.
    Tanith A nobleman with charitable intentions; intelligent and sincere.
    Terese A fairly quiet Lord. He seems quite knowledgable and kind. I hope to find time to learn more about him soon.
    Thea Smart--There is a determination behind his eyes that is quite admirable.
    Titus A man with an intellect that's sharper than any blade and keenly wielded like an expert fencer.
    Tyrus One determined to achieve their goals is always admirable. One who does so while having to push through the doubts of others, doubly so.
    Valdemar As pleasant as I recall, and surprisingly insightful.
    Valerius As a Minister of War an interesting fellow of well read and seeking the best for the family. As a Brother in-law, there's something troubling them, but nothing that a drink can't help sort out.
    Venturo Sometimes when you meet someone after an extended absence? It's like meeting them again for the first time twice over. But as always, he has proven himself invaluable in conversation.
    Videl A frail lord, he reminds me of who I could've been, had I followed the path everyone expected me to take.
    Vitalis Thin as a blade, and just a sharp. Would that we'd found sign of her...
    Wash I like a man who can keep an even keel.
    Zakhar To make Iron Wool not be itchy, this could be similar to keeping the pot on the ground. Though that was successful. Challenge accepted.
    Zoey A learned man, trusted by many whom I trust. Likely good to keep around.
    Zyanya It is not the deep pool that draws the eye but the spark of light glancing from its surface. Then you come close, then you look deep.