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Count Drake Wyvernheart

Oh of course, my lady. I would love to escort you home to make sure you're safe.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: The Knight Who Loved Me
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Wyrmguard
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 25
Birthday: 4/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: sunkissed

Titles: Sword of Highhill, Count of Highhill

Description: Lean and athletic, the young man standing here is a prime example of youthful exuberance. His waist is narrow and shoulders broad in that V shaped torso that comes from regular exercise, the slimness of youth and the define musculature to match. A curly mop of finger length brown hair sits on top of his head with natural cowlick and waves that keep it out of a boyishly cute face. Eyes the same shade as his hair are bright and light up even more when he gives an easy, straight toothed smile.

Personality: Friendly and amicable, he has always been one of the more easy going Wyrmguards. Of course, that's a result of his older brother taking the brunt of responsibility, and so he was left free to wander the world and have his own pursuits. He is loyal to his family almost to a fault doing what he can to support them when needed, but sometimes he gets distracted when an aesthetically pleasing person comes along. Still, like his older brother, once you've earned him as a true friend, then he is one for life.

Background: The youngest brother of Richard Wyrmguard, Drake has always been the mischevious sort. It was only his admiration for his father and his uncle Marquis Denis Wyrmguard, that his natural inclination towards mischief and trouble was tempered. Still, he got along well, and has always been a bit of a charmer, and the stories of knights and how people responded to such stalwart protectors of the land is what drove him through his training. He was always close to his family, as loyal as any Wyrmguard can be, but there was an untapped wanderlust that drove him to explore the city of Arx and other lands much sooner than his big brother. It was there that he learned and trained to be a champion as well, often leaving a trail of broken hearts along the way. On one such encounter, he met Prince Luca, and was trained in showmanship. He was fond of the older man and eventually joined the Champions guild as a result, befitting his talents.

After the reclamation of Highhill, Drake found himself with new responsibilities as, first, the Sword of the newly renamed Wyvernheart house. One responsibility lead to another, and the once-carefree younger brother found himself newly driven to take on a leadership role both in and out of battle. He's been newly appointed Count and steward of the land. Though he doesn't have much head for numbers or details his personality drives him to inspire others, and he has his family to keep him grounded about the important things.

Relationship Summary

  • Richard - My older brother keeps me grounded. Or, at least, he does his best to try.
  • Kiera - My sister always has the answers for questions I didn't even know I was going to ask.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn A lord of House Wyvernheart and a fierce opponent. A man who seems quite capable of handling himself and any weapons in his grasp. I'm eager to face off against him in future, whether it be on horseback during a joust or for a spar on the sands.
    Adrienne Lord Drake was one of the first friendly faces I met on arriving to Arx. Over our acquaintance, he has proven himself a model of chivalry and a champion worthy of the name.
    Aella Thea's husband, seems as out of sorts about having kids as Thea. Good sense of humor, though.
    Alarissa By far, one of my favourite Valardins.
    Alecstazi A solid Oathlander from all appearances. He seems astute, with a good head on his shoulders and given the similarity in our hobbies and appreciations, he has excellent taste. That he chose *me* as his patron only furthers the evidence of his wisdom and taste.
    Alexis Lord Drake is as easygoing as ever, it seems. And I knew he'd eventually find a duty he'd thrive in. Perhaps I can aid him in that, if High Hill goes as we hope.
    Amari Drop an obstacle in Lord Drake's path and he'll make for it head on. Ask for a volunteer to climb a tree? Blink and he's at the top of it already. He definitely has an abundance of courage and enthusiasm.
    Anisha I'm pleased that a Lord of Wyrmguard saw fit to indulge himself by joining the Sermon held at the Shrine of the Thirteenth. I'm tickled that he seemed so enchanted with the temptations on offer.
    Appolonia A good sport and a good man. Someone who listens to a scholar. He'll go far, if he's not eaten by zombies.
    Arcadia He's just charming. Charming and funny. He made me glad I ventured out in the end.
    Asher He won the duel against Brianna, and yet is even humble enough to congratulate a commoner on something. More nobility need to act like that.
    Aswin I saw the man at the Sip n'Spar a while ago. While I did not get to see him fight then, I saw enough at a challenge recently to be curious how I would hold up against him in the sparring ring. He is a skilled fighter, there is little doubt of that.
    Athaur A well thought Lord. He found information that my people were in danger and he shared it with us. He will always have my gratitude.
    Bellamy I'm sure he's quite charming, but I'm glad he kept that charm focused else where.
    Berenice Always a pleasure to run into. Quite a delight.
    Bhandn It was kind of him to share information that gave me another clue to my own research. I meant what I said, that I do not forget favors, and he did one for me. I will have to find a way to repay in kind.
    Bianca The light-hearted counterpart to his ever-weighted brother. In some ways, I worry he might lack the sense of responsibility Richard possesses... but perhaps I am letting my own losses burden me with unnecessary concern. At the very least, I think now more than ever we need people like him.
    Calista The man knows a thing or two about swords. He makes for excellent conversation and is rather easy on the eyes. I can only imagine what sorts of dastardly deeds we could get ourselves into.
    Calla Nice enough that I can overlook the fact that he's a Champion, not that I would hold that against him.
    Calypso It had to be done.
    Caprice A polite Lord, willing to answer questions from a random new acquaintance, but I think a little too quick to leave others all the attention. I guess it might have been because all -his- attention was on his Lady friend!
    Caspian If even half of the things i have heard about him are true, the man is a force in the sands! his humility about it only solidifies my thoughts. i cant wait to train with him and speak again!
    Catalana A handsome party crasher. He's fun and a welcome breath of air at the Kay.
    Charlotte The champion cousin. I certainly understand why all the girls sigh and giggle, but I am certain there's more to him that just showmanship. I just know I can trust him with anything.
    Cirroch The tutor's brother, compentant, must have a good humor to be willing to go toe to toe with the witt
    Clara I don' know him much but I do know that he appears ta be a good man. We fought side-by-side against Drowned Cultists... Hopefully, we can have a drink later an' get to know one another a bit better.
    Cristoph Count Philippe had a lot of positive things to say about young Lord Wyrmguard, but he never mentioned how great he is at climbing trees. Look at that!
    Damiana A lord that keeps duty high in his heart, and the Faith closer. I'm looking forward to him participating in these journeys and the tales that will arise from those.
    Denica A Wyrmguard who seems more at ease with life than those I've met before. Besides knowing how to enjoy himself, he also seems to appreciate art and has even invited me to see some of the dragon paintings of his House. Definitely promising!
    Denica What do you think about your best friends husband? If he was anything but a truly good fit, I'd have made his life terrible. But instead, I think he will be a friend, because he makes Thea happy. He's done well.
    Desma A cheerful, outgoing sort that has the sort of demeanour designed to put others at ease. A good sort to have along on an adventure.
    Desma My cousin's husband is far more interesting than I first thought.
    Dianna Gods above. He's just so damned /deliciously/ cute, isn't he?
    Dio A courteous lord of House Wyrmguard who seems imbued with a spirit of adventure. Perhaps he'll allow himself to be lured on a treasure hunt.
    Dycard A man who, from the sounds of it, has the same swiftness and lack of restraint with his tongue that I do. I hope he's a better swordsman than I am, for his sake.
    Elizabetha Aww, what a winsome young gentleman! I am happy for he and his wife to be; they seem happy--a difficult thing to attain for a noble in a marriage.
    Ember It turned out that it was a sword scabbard, because as our conversation went on, he stopped being so happy to see me.
    Esme He's interesting I'll give him that. There are apples and such that just fly around him from time to time. I'm sure that we will be the best of friends
    Evaristo A lord that tones it down a bit at the Murder. Wyrmguards do have the BEST house name, for sure.
    Evelynn A fine drinking companion. Sure to shed any stereotype about Oathlanders having a strict affinity for milk.
    Faye A man whose name I've heard mentioned on a couple of occasions, at least. I wouldn't mind an excuse to have a conversation with him in the future
    Gabriella As light with words as his brother is heavy with hand. He seems to have a firm grasp of his priorities. I can appreciate that kind of purity of purpose.
    Gabriella Sword to the Wyvenhart, he seems serious but also shares some passion about his work and duties. I can get along with someone like that.
    Gaspar Very charming, for an Oathlander. And more dangerous than most of the others. That's a potent mix in this city and he's found the right formula to work for him.
    Gaspard A formidable jouster, he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously and knows how to enjoy life. I could learn from him.
    Gerald Ah, a delightful young man. It seems Wyrmguard's are built rather sturdily, all things considered.
    Gerrick Be still my old heart, trying to play with those nearly half my age
    Giorgio A champion and house sword I met. It is interesting since coming to the city to see the various House Swords. Perhaps one day they will host a duel of their own.
    Haakon Odd sort. But damned if he doesn't climb up a balcony like a bloody monkey. Though the blood may have been more from the severed head.
    Hamish He seems like he doesn't take much seriously aside from perhaps his libido. Still, he seems a good enough sort.
    Harlex There are ways to get on my good side and ways to get on my bad side. He could go either way.
    Ian According to Lady Thea, allergic to shirts.
    Ilira A virile youth, I've interest in his swordwork and what he'll teach me with it.
    Iroh A friendly fellow and from what I hear, quite the swordsman.
    Isabeau A very pleasant Count. It helps that he is brother to my protege, of course.
    Iseulet Might have a repuation as a flirt, but he was all business with me. Which was refreshing and I think, allowed me to get a good read on him. I think he'll be a great sword for Highhill and his new house - do them proud. I can see why he's a rising Valardin star.
    Jourdain It would be pleasant, to be so young and without care.
    Jules He's a knight and does some jousting. Seems to be rather skilled at horseback riding and such. You're not one for much knighting but you expect he's pretty respectable at it.
    Kaia Lord Drake is a flirt; but, that is not all there is to him. He is brave, perceptive, and undoubtedly fearless. He has my admiration.
    Kastelon A brave warrior who sees value in the skills of his allies, and knows how to work tactically as a team. He endures pain for the sake of the greater cause.
    Katarina Words fail me with Lord Drake. He is charming, dashing, debonair, the life of any party and the soul of any fighting force. How can one describe a spirit that shines so brightly in something as small and confining as WORDS?
    Katryn Every bit the match to Lord Richard. I wonder what tremendous breadth of skills you possess? I do not think I mind his insistence on 'decorative' armor. It gives him an air of daring refinement, to go with his fine humors.
    Kedehern He seems to want to do what's right, even when it might put him in a difficult position. That's certainly to be lauded.
    Klaus It has been a long while but the squire is not a knight and lord in his own right. A good House, Wyrmguard is.
    Korka He's going to run off and get himself killed. Can't say I didn't try to warn him.
    Kritr THe Wyrmguardn family is a welcoming one, and Lord Drake skilled as well. I'd know them better when the opportunity arises.
    Lark His warmth and personal magnetism are valuable commodities. It isn't an easy feat to put nervous, distrustful people at ease. It's a highly coveted skill, particularly in a leader.
    Lena Talks... a lot. Not too much. Good to study for a righteous hero damsel saving sort.
    Leola Swords, sex, and jousting. That's his self-proclaimed specialities. Well, even if only as examples, all nobles serve a purpose, I'm sure
    Liara Easygoing fellow, and seemingly earnest in all he says. Every bit the Oathlands knight at first glance, though perhaps with more of a penchant for taverngoing than some might have.
    Lierre His enthusiasm for delicious food is as clear as day, as is his fondness for his wife. It's lovely to see such a synergtic and harmonious match. It was very good to meet them.
    Lore A brazen Oathlands lord. Not a sentence I'd ever thought to put together, but intriguing all the same!
    Lucita Amusing, witty, teases others about the things at which he is good or passionate or something.
    Mabelle A man of many words and lust for cake.
    Maris The young, handsome Count of Highhill. He moves well enough based on this game of pretend. Smooth. I wonder if we'll have anythin' to teach one another in the future.
    Martino Truly he puts on a show, and well, who could blame him! A fine performer, a fine combatant and someone that the crowd were right to cheer on.
    Medeia A lot of swagger for an Oathlander, though it at least seems to be earned. He seems to be involved in all the physical contests in the city.
    Mercedes Another cousin walking the path that I once did. He is stalwart and fine-humored; doubtless he will thrive with such a positive attitude. He must only be tempered, and I will be happy to assist if I can. Strength should breed further strength.
    Michael A formidable fighter, I have to wonder if he was pulling his strikes to be demonstrative.
    Miella Its a brave man that can listen to women go on about perfume and contribute.
    Mikani Knight and Card Player. Makes for an interesting evening.
    Miranda Bold, this one. Offering his lap to the Baroness as if he were a Lycene.. there's an art to it! Still. One must admire his guile.
    Mirari Highly over protective of poor Orelia-- or was that the other man, hmm.
    Mirk Cool under pressure, and a good hand with a sword. Good combination of qualities to have.
    Moros A good seeming fellow, even if I'm not sure I appreciate the competition in the 'young, good looking, and charming' categories.
    Neilda He's... darling. So very Oathlander. I have a feeling I'm going to be seeing a lot of him.
    Neve He's pretty for a man, though is he really a man without beard hair? He has fwoofy hair. The seems intent to let him assist her, so he must be some level of competent. I think he might have been trying to flirt with me..or he thinks I might faint in the street. I don't know how that stuff works. He seems young and eager. I hope his youth is allowed to get old and beard-ridden.
    Nijah Offered to show me around the city, and find me a place with good Eurusi food. Kind and gracious, I look forward to taking him up on the offer.
    Niklas Lord Drake? More like Lord Rake! Because he's flirty with all the ladies. Not because he's good for getting rid of leaves.
    Noah He is an interesting sort. I'd go drinking with him again.
    Norwood He fought my daughter, and now he's on our side. He's very sneaky.
    Olivia Lord Drake was very helpful in helping me understanding the matter of Highhill. On top of that, he's shown me what is now my new favorite whisky!
    Olivian A man who takes his training seriously it would seem, with aspirations to boot. I'm sure I'll be seeing a fair bit of him in future.
    Orelia I feel like I found a twin that my father never told me about. Squaring off is fun, but I also look forward to being at his side.
    Pasquale I'm not sure i've ever seen handle a horse like that before.
    Petal A warrior Lord who likes bread!
    Philippe It is difficult for me to understand how this man can be Richard's brother, but I suppose that siblings seek to differentiate themselves dramatically from each other. A man of some repute in the arena, some say, but he seems perilously frivelous. I hope that Richard keeps careful watch on him or he may end up spending his doctoring time patching him up from needless battles.
    Piccola Lord Wyvernheart is a man that I've seen many times, and yet seem to know so little about, save for his fighting prowess. Perhaps that's the point.
    Poppy He is surely the knight they use in those fairy tales. Terribly handsome and very kind.
    Porter Nice enough fellow. I didn't talk to him too much, he climbed all the way up into the crow's nest! Not that I blame him, I'd be tempted to go up there too if I wasn't hosting!
    Quenia He was a delightful partner at the Feast of the Senses, until he gave me a bit of a scare by declaring himself a contract killer! A jest, I later discovered, and then the delightfulness was back on track. He marked himself as a bit of a scoundrel, but as an Oathlander that remains to be seen.
    Raja I must admire anyone seeking to learn new things.
    Ras A weird silk who waited with me for his order at Apollo's shop in the Uppers. Actually seemed to care bout folk and how everybody's sad, and was sorry he'd never met Josephine Arcuri.
    Raymesin He's brave, I'll give him that much. Not sure about his wits, though. Drinking in the Murder and trying to get himself invited to Lowers parties...
    Reese Good company, appreciates female fighters, charming and a warrior off to do great thngs for this house. I cannot wait to see him in a duel.
    Reigna He has a kind heart and a ready smile. Most of my kin can be so very serious. It is lovely to see someone who is as enthusiastic about the wonders of the world as I am.
    Richard My brother, unfortunately, remains very much my brother.
    Romulius Either friend or family of the Malvici - a Champion, though I am not sure his blade has been whet in war.
    Rosalind I need to drag him to the north more! Or get him in the mud!
    Rowenova A Wyrmguard lord and capable combatant who knocked out a rabid shav and was good company during our recent adventure to the Seed of the Maw!
    Rukhnis At least here is one person who feels that I do not have to personally answer for the supposed sins of the entire land of Eurus. He is friendly enough to a foreigner, and more considerate than I would have expected at first.
    Rylan Gracious, as one would expect of a knight to some degree, but also apparently one who has been fooled by a cute female face before. Was that warning about flirting against me, or for me? Hm.
    Rysen Though he is renown for his charm, this knight has undeniable skill in arms.
    Sabella He seems quiet friendly and perhaps a bit of a flirt, but someone that fits into any crowd and party with ease and draws people around him into conversation!
    Sabella Quite the flirtatious swordsman - confident and brave. Yet so unsettled when surrounded by children.
    Samira An impressive fighter, though his firm handling of a weapon is not the only thing to be wary of. He's clever too, quick-witted and lightning-fast. One to watch.
    Santiago Lord Drake Wyrmguard. A rapid display of swordsmanship that is befitting the House Wyrmguard, I watched him when he was facing off against Captain-General Shard of the Valorious Few. Normally, I find fights a waste. This one, however, has caught my eye. Lord Drake Wyrmguard is not a foe I would step before in a sword fight.
    Sanya He seems friendly enough. And I think his current hairstyle suits him perfectly.
    Savio A good sport, amiable spirit, and a fine companion with which to share any party!
    Scarlett He showed direct interest in my personal feelings! Not even my father did that! SOB! To be fair my father was something of an ass.
    Seren An artist soul in a fighter. What an interesting combination of things Lord Drake Wyrmguard is.
    Skaldia A warm and welcoming conversationalist, who is easy to talk to. Friendly and at ease.
    Sophie Ahhh.. but it's good to spend time with cousins. The Wyrmguards always remind me of my father, and Drake is no exception.
    Sorrel My cousin is a bold and adventurous man, and I enjoy working with him for the greater good. And also adventure.
    Sunaia On Mother's side of the family. Apparently, not much of one to hold his liquor, so that must be an Ashford trait.
    Svana A fierce warrior who protected some of us on an expedition once. Someone to have on your side if you want a blade.
    Svoli Raced in a Steeplechase I was in. Not a bad rider, though I could give him a tip or two.
    Sydney Red armor, silver tongue, and a nose whose color I have yet to ascertain. A fighter and a flirt, of that I can be certain.
    Tanith A noble in my bar. Why do they come down here? Someone else mentioned they'd been told I was -nice- to everyone. Nice! Like serving cider with a smile is hard! He's got good taste in leather, think he and Evaristo are going to start trading fashion tips now.
    Tarik Another new person in the Hart. It is always good to see new people in the Hart, and he seems to be related to Clover too. I will try to get to know him better. He knows how to pound the drink too.
    Thea Useful to have around in slippery predicaments.
    Tyrus Lord Drake Wyvernheart was met at a wedding, neither his nor mine. Yet he proved to be good company in our little group, and I dare say the first Wyvernheart I've met. A positive impression, all in all.
    Valdemar An amicable sort, though we did not get a chance to speak much. Perhaps another time.
    Verity He is deft and charming, but I have the sense that he is just as smart as his brother. Perhaps with more of his mind devoted to talking than to smacking bones into place. Or, maybe he... wait, I have the beginnings of a bawdy joke here.
    Vittorio A hero. The scar on his chest a sign of his heroics. Its a good thing to have with current threats.
    Vulpiano A man of suitable directness, I often find such people refreshing after dealing with the Lyceum. The Count is no exception.
    Wash Lord Wyrmguard is a skilled combatant. These knightly types often don't have a sense of humor, Drake is an exception.
    Yrsa Sailors we are not. But he seems pretty good on his feet nonetheless. A warrior perhaps.
    Zakhar held up quite well in the tourney, a little mouthy though
    Zoey He makes pleasant enough company, and a perfect secret keeper once he has enough drinks in him.