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Lady Hannah Wyrmguard

I have seen the Arches of Maa'Drusta but I cannot recall my mother's smile.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Explorer Seeking Home
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Wyrmguard
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 30
Birthday: 4/18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: average height
Hair Color: honey brown
Eye Color: darkest blue
Skintone: tanned

Description: There is an athletic appeal to Hannah Wyrmguard. Her body moves with an impeccable grace. Not the glide of a dancer within a ballroom, but that of a big cat prowling through the woods. Her body is her own, she knows what it is capable of and there is a confidence that comes with that knowledge, a confidence that enhances the inherent attractiveness of her features. She has large eyes, their color a blue so dark as to be thought black from a distance. Her hair a light honey shade, rich browns with sun-streaked highlights of gold. She is beautiful, and gives an air that she does not care about such things.

Personality: Headstrong. Hannah is the definition of the word. Even as a young child she knew what she wanted and was stubborn enough to see it through. At 5, she was told she was too young to learn swordplay, and so she practiced anyway proving that she could. Reckless in her youth, she has mellowed, some, and now she puts thought into her actions. But she still has trouble letting go of the things she really wants. Luckily she is not a fickle creature, she has honor and is loyal to causes she believes in. Once she's given her word, she means it.

Background: Growing up on a small estate in the middle of nowhere was booooooring. And if there's anything Hannah cannot abide, it is being bored. Her father, on the rare occasions he was home, had the BEST stories. A former Ashford before he married into the Wyrmguards, Erik's stories were Hannah's favorite things. The places he'd been, the people he met... all of it was so much more interesting than Apsfel Falls.
As a child, Hannah made up her mind. She would grow up and see the things her father had seen, and more than *that* she'd discover things he didn't! Being the sixth child of seven, there was not a lot of 'new' in Hannah's life. Yet another thing to do away with when she grew up.
Not everything was terrible, of course. She was Wyrmguard and had the honor of that name drilled into her all her life. All the duties and responsibilities that came with it, the understanding that she was part of this chain of lives stretching both into the past and forward, into the future. It weighed upon her as a child. Still, the desire to be free, to be like her father, that was a touchstone she returned to, again and again. A promise she made to herself. As soon as she was eighteen, she would leave, head out for adventure, explore! She was dedicated to her training, both physical, in swords and daggers, as well as mental, studying, often with the youngest of her siblings, Reigna. Freedom was only a few years away.
When her mother came to her and explained that a match had been made, to Hercan Gilden, she was not about to let that stop her. The most expeditious way to get her way was simply to agree to the match. So she got married. And then, she promptly left to go on her adventures. She'd spoken to Hercan every now and again. They would meet every few months or so and spend a few awkward hours speaking before they left to pursue their various interests. When the banners were called, word came to Hannah that both she and her husband were expected to muster at Setarco. She had not seen Hercan in several months and their reunion was typical, an awkward hug, kisses to the cheek and stilted conversation. As the days of tension leading up to the battle continued, she and Hercan spent the most time they ever had together, and she found, to her surprise, that he was a funny man, with interesting ideas. Then the battle came and Hercan was taken down in the cavalry charge.
Losing him was not painful, she still did not really know him very well. Theirs was a poltical match in all ways and yet, the potential lost opened Hannah's eyes to the other relationships in her life that she had been neglecting for so long. That would change. She has decided to move to Arx and look up her sisters and get to know her family, before it is too late, again.

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