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Lady Ouida Harthall

When love and duty are one, then grace is within you.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Ardent sword turned steady shield
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Harthall
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 25
Birthday: 2/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Fair

Description: The statuesque Oathland lady could be called stoic save for that her noble features are often lit with a smile across her full lips. Almond shaped bright blue eyes hold a keen enjoyment of the world around her with the often open regard she offers it. Dark sable hair falls to past her shoulders, often plaited into a braid or several to keep it from her face. Her regal appearance is made more imposing by the toned frame she has come to know in her years of training though none should be surprised that she carries her own mother's subtle but noticeable womanly curves.

Personality: Ouida's smile is quick to appear, and slow to fade; she may act with carefully calculated decorum as would be expected of one charged to protect her brother and Marquessa, she hasn't lost the twinkle in her eye of her more carefree days spent wooing and enjoying the attentions of many a courtly lord or lady. Gently spoken and chivalrous to a high degree, it's hard to imagine her in the heat of battle and bloodlust and perhaps that is part of her rather unorthodox type of Valardin reserve. In the presence of a threat, however, the warmth and courtly grace evaporates into something far more... expedient.

Background: Ouida is Orvyn's younger sister, close enough in age to have been more a companion/partner in crime than annoying hanger on. From the start she was much more inclined to athletic and adventurous pursuits than the intellectual. She may not have been able to argue her way out of anything, but that's what fists are for! Luckily her energies were quickly channeled into preparation to become a knight, and that finally gave quite a bit of discipline and structure (and infected her with quite a sense of courtly chivalry) before she became too much of a bully. She has seen a fair degree of combat over the years, despite her youth-her knighthood came on the field, and she's had a reputation for choosing to uphold the objective (like someone's protection) over personal glory. She has fallen rather easily into the role of defending her family's honor physically as necessary; she takes that role very seriously, and as a result has become rather soft spoken (she'll let Orvyn and Sunniva be the ones to start things, with her role as finisher, so as to not clutter up things up)... People who assume that soft spokenness for hesitancy to act generally only do so once. Outside of her duty, Ouida loves the pursuit of courtly love in all forms, and is quick to ensure that those that find themselves alone or shy or awkward at a gathering, male or female, young or old, have a winsome knight dancing attendance on them if they wish it. It's her one saving social grace, as more clever/complicated intellectual pursuits are not and have never really been all that interesting to her.

Name Summary
Adelphie Another Lady knight of our proud brood. I pity anyone on the other side of a battlefield from her, least of all the both of us!
Alessia A well spoken and clearly intelligent woman with many insightful viewpoints.
Andry Charming and sensible
Apollo It's always lovely to see her - she's got such a balanced head on her.
Braden A fellow Oathlander who seems to prefer armor over silks despite her last name. I respect this.
Brigida Perculiar. If complimentary.
Brigida Polite and Proper. Exactly how an Oathlander should be. Not that that is always a good thing.
Charlotte Courteous and radiant, and delightful company at the tearoom. Hopefully I'll see her again soon!
Cristoph It's not often that I run into a Harthall, sometimes it's very easy for me to get wrapped up in Laurent's dealings and not meet as many of the other voices and heads of houses that I should. I was impressed by her knowledge, temperment and eagerness to lend aid to the other houses tonight. I look forward to working with Lady Ouida in the future.
Delilah A woman every bit as honourable and upstanding as her reputation would have you believe. She embodies an earnest, realistic view of the world, tempered by a deep core of quiet belief. I would dtrust her in a difficult situation and welcome her company wherever we are.
Emilia The lovely lady is so straightforward, honest and polite. A great warrior too! It's been a long time since I've felt the sting of a sword wielded with such duty and honor!
Gianna A rather sensible-seeming knight who asks the right questions.
Harlex In her eyes--the color of the unobstructed skies of the Oathlands, clear and blue and honest--I see all that they dream when they talk of knights, I see the fierce and driven bulwark defendin' all that is held dear, I see the best qualities of a warrior. So it would be my pleasure to fight at her side, whenever she should ask.
Isabeau Quiet, kind, generous, formidable. Lady Ouida is all of these things and more. I do hope that I'll have the chance to get to know her better.
Jacali Eager, that one, in all the right ways. Seems a sturdy sword, that one does, with an appetite for a great many thing. Could well be friends, we could, were it not for the silk caught between the plates.
Jordan Good competitive spirit. I see a good future for her in the martial field.
Kenna Her devotion to her lands is clear. She is one I would have as an ally in matters of trade.
Mabelle A playful, funloving Lady. It was a pleasure seeing her enjoy herself.
Maja She is very kind! And knows how to throw a party .. I think. I just showed up at the end, just as things were winding down. But it looked like everyone had a good time and she let me take a bunch of food home with me so that was great!
Martino The young Lady is wonderfully proud of her House and her home. One knows that she will be leading, supporting them, with her all
Miranda She thought ahead! Foodstuffs! Snacks! A girl who eats! Will wonders never cease? Now... how to get her to part with them.. And did she bring wine?
Niklas A well spoken lady of Fair Harbor. Quite capable of having a point and making it clear.
Norwood She has a, um, ah... words. She has the ability to say words dramatically.
Orrin She knows leadership - the way she speaks about it suggests she lives it.
Oswyn A formidable warrior woman with a hearty laugh and a kind smile.
Pharamond She is a busy woman but I look forward to helping her further with the Academy. She is gracious to allow my aid!
Reese Welcoming, friendly, well spoken. She also seems to have a confident energy about her.
Reigna A sweet and gracious hostess and forgiving of my lapses. She is the embodiment of Oathlands honor and charm and does a service to Harthall as an amassador of their House. In time I hope to know her better.
Rukhnis She seems an interesting woman -- well-traveled, thoughtful, and deeply kind in her courtesy towards a stranger. I would be glad to speak with her more one day.
Rysen A skilled sword fighter, and an intelligent, chivalrous knight.
Sabella She is very well spoken and sharply clever! I do not run into her as often as I would like and should very clearly remedy that!
Sabine Where did the girl with hungry eyes and a laughing smile go? Oh, what a sin courtly lacquer can be.
Selene Lady Ouida is a puzzle box for me. A Sword and peacemaker, the dichotomy is a surprise. She writes with the hand of an erudite academic and speaks as gracefully as any stoic orator, yet depricates upon the limited experience of the Oathlands when I could not name many able to show the signature self-awareness she possesses. Who /is/ she? I am not sure, but she is laying groundwork for me to make it my mission to solve the mystery.
Sunniva I have gained a dear soul and true sister in my marriage. Ouida is a smart and quick witted leader and no one else could hold the position of sword as she does. Gild be praised she has come to join us.
Thorley The Sword of Harthall - I look forward to fighting pirates and gargantuans with her.
Vandred Was friendly with Jacali. Honestly, this means quite a bit to me.
Venturo A beautiful and sharp oathlander, one who has clearly taken the best bits across the five fealties and made them her own compass to live by. A refreshing shared moment after a tiring week, just what was needed.
Violet I've got to admit, I find the sword of Harthall a warm and personable sort. But she is -mean- with a blade. That must be where any meaness went. I think I've had enough whiskey now...
Vitalis A wonderfully nuanced position on the relationship between diplomacy and war with a clear understanding of the costs of both. Well said!
Willow Must have exquisite taste. I have never seen a more beautiful gown.