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Prince Theo Velenosa

Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Dangerous Courtier
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Velenosa
Gender: male
Marital Status: divorced
Age: 31
Birthday: 7/8
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: jet black
Eye Color: deep blue
Skintone: tan

Description: Tall and classically handsome in the Lycene fashion, Theo Velenosa cuts quite a figure. He sports one thin scar on his eyebrow, but it only gives the ruggedly handsome prince a sense of soft danger. His eyes are large and vivid, hair unkempt, and he always seems to have just a hint of a beard. He has an intelligent demeanor, but a stern one. Theo exudes confidence and a studied poise.

Personality: Responsible. Dedicated. Theo Velenosa is a calm man and easily swings between social groups. That does not mean he is particularly gregarious. To the contrary: Theo is prone to quiet contemplation. But he is able to get along with whoever he needs to get along with. Provided there is something to be gained, of course.

Background: Theo Velenosa is his father's son... and rightly so, for Armando spent nearly every day of Theo's life molding him into who he is today. Responsible. Dedicated. And classically trained in every way that one of the Southern Foxes of House Velenosa should be. Charming, practiced in social games and forever looking to improve the standing of his family at court and to never allow his family to be caught unawares by impending danger. It is his duty, and he has a talent for it.

Theo had several brothers - but not one of them made it to adulthood. Theo himself was the only child of Armando's branch of the Velenosa family for quite some time ... until his younger sister Saoirse was born. The age gap is quite large and Theo took his father's lead in how he treated his sibling: distantly.

Saoirse's birth itself brought about the death of their mother Miranda, but Theo was already a teenager and had long since grown out of clinging to his mother's skirts. Truth be told, his father never allowed that - and Theo has been pretty independent his whole life. Armando himself took his son under his wing; together, they are responsible for keeping a gentle pulse on all of the Lycene houses. If conflict is brewing, Theo will know. It means he has to keep generally calm relations with all of the Lycene and courtly 'informants' ('spies' is such an ugly word) in different houses. He is Armando's "boots on the ground" and he's good at his job.

Name Summary
Calista Dangerous and charming; The Prince epitomizes true Lycene qualities I can neither ignore nor resist.
Denica A prince that isn't afraid to get a little dirty and embrace his colourful side. I suspect a sense of humour.
Giada As long as he keeps growing, he'll do just fine.
Ian Seems to be around a lot.
Lys The absolute /audacity/ of this man!
Martino A deep and mysterious Prince who puts away a foppish calling to observe and serve.
Medeia The prince has a streak of drama within his Velenosan charms, sure to keep one paying attention.
Renata Pleasant upon the eyes and listens versus filling a princess' head with thoughts of what they enjoy.
Zara Tall, dark, and double-fisting cider and wine. I shouldn't, and yet, I find something interesting in him.