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Why wander? The world comes to me in books.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Gentle Bookseller
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Aurum
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 33
Birthday: 03/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Artisan
Height: average height
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: pale

Description: Soft. If there were one word used to describe Gisele, that word would be soft. She's a creature of gentle curves and retiring presence, exerting only a quiet influence on the world around her. Curling strands of white-blonde hair drift around her brow and occasionally obscure cornflower-blue eyes; the rest of her hair is typically captured in a loose braid that is as sloppy as it is practical. Her face is round, her features typical in their arrangement, with the first marks of age beginning to appear as she enters her third decade of life.

Personality: Gisele isn't shy, not exactly. She maintains an interest in other people that was seeded during her training as an acolyte of Vellichor. But she is a gentle creature; some might even call her too soft or too tender for the world. A retiring and unpresuming woman, she is most comfortable when at home, surrounded by the books she loves and illuminates.

Background: So many Aurums join the ranks of the Scholars that it was no surprise to the family when Gisele pledged herself as an acolyte. What did surprise them was her leaving the order instead of continuing on with her training. She's been reticent to speak of why but claims to be satisfied with the course her life took afterward: she opened a small shop that sold books and writing materials to the public. It has never been a booming business, not exactly, but between sales and the work she does illuminating manuscripts for select clients, she's made enough to keep a roof over her head and food on the table.

Relationship Summary

  • Aurum Texts - The world in miniature.

  • Friend:
  • Orazio - Legate of Concepts. A good man.
  • Fortunato - Painter. A confidante.
  • Aureth - Fortuneteller. A clever fellow.
  • Aleksei - Champion Knight. An unpredictable friend.
  • Sophie - Princess Mercy. A kind woman.
  • Donella - Voice of Thrax. The best of patrons.
  • Benjamin - Barber Surgeon. Unrelenting.

  • Family:
  • Aldwin - Grandfather
  • Name Summary
    Aislin The first time Aislin met Gisele was in the middle of Aldwin's inaugural Committee of Spiritual Inquiry meeting, where she piped up to ask about immunity to the Despite. Since then, Aislin has come to realize what a sharp mind that shy exterior holds, and values Gisele's input on any given puzzle quite highly.
    Aleksei A fiercely good heart hidden behind nerves. She's so much stronger than she realizes.
    Alexis Sister Gisele. Of Vellichor, I think I heard the Confessor say? She seems dutiful and hard-working.
    Asher By the GODS this woman has information. If ever I need to know something, I'm coming to her.
    Aureth It's nice to have a source of deep-rooted compassion within easy reach. There's a solace in kindness truly meant, and I will never overlook yours.
    Calaudrin I came to Sister Gisele looking for one thing and found myself on a path to another. I hadn't really confronted how greatly the events with Calbert had shaken me, I've been so focused on other things. It eases my mind to have a personal direction, something to focus my efforts on. I look forward to speaking with her again.
    Cristoph That Gisele! With the books and the! Well, he didn't realize it until nearly halfway through the meeting. But he enjoyed talking the importance of historical politics with her. He look forward to a meeting in the near future when they can do this again!
    Fortunato Gisele's transformation has been as gentle as she is, from deeply withdrawn bookseller to quiet, fervant battler for the gods. For history. Memory. She's grounded, optimistic, and empathetic, a natural priestess. A natural companion. Our moments alone make me feel stronger in every aspect, ease me through needless doubt and vascillation.
    Hana A shy but scary-smart bookseller; the first time Hana really met her was when she went tearing through the Murder of Crows while Aleksei was awkward-flirting. But even if Hana doesn't know her that well, she's part of the extended 'family', and therefore worthy of loyalty.
    Jael Quiet and kind, and acquitted herself much better at the auction than many others with more prestige. I hope to encounter her again.
    Killian Gisele remains somewhat of a mystery to Killian, but he definitely likes the woman. Especially considering how generous she was in offering to use her gift such that he would be remembered to those he loved, if the worst came about. She's bookish and quiet, which are somewhat unusual to him, but she seems so very sincere and kind that he can't help but feel a warmth and protection for her.
    Magpie Magpie first met Gisele when he was recovering from a pretty brutal Dust binge. She proved to be a 'person that knows things' and he was questioning her about Primum. At first he found her frustrating because she seemed to be withholding knowledge. Eventually, though, as he learned that she was only doing so for his own safety, the sailor grew to appreciate the scholar and her years of accrued knowledge. She seems to genuinely care about helping people and has some incredible talents.
    Mason Mason knew Gisele in passing over his time in Arx, but it wasn't until he spoke up against slavery after the Charity Auction fundraiser event that he and Gisele really connected. She's been supportive and offered many excellent ideas on how this new battle can be approached.
    Orazio Orazio first met Gisele a while back, and found her quiet, compassionate, and intelligent - if a bit timorous. Although she impressed him both by her knowledge, and by the fact that although these explorations clearly terrified her, she did them anyway, because she believed it was the right thing to do.
    Sasha A brilliant minded priestess who is talented with her sketches.
    Thena She is so kind and easy to talk to. I'm lucky to have her among my new teachers and colleagues.
    Tikva I first met Gisele buying beautiful books at her shop, but she's since become a Sister of the Faith and a darling support to me whenever I've met her. She is pure and passionate in her faith and she warms my heart with that grace.