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Lady Mabelle Laurent

Tomorrow is another day, another chance.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Scandalous Oathlander
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Laurent
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 4/29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: crystal blue
Skintone: creamy

Titles: Voice of House Laurent, A Glow of Honey, Laurent Minister of Population and Financial Growth, Builder of Artshall

Obituary: Lady Mabelle Laurent spent a lifetime supporting her home of Artshall, devoting herself to it till the last. At the Stand of Artshall, when all other duchies of the Oathlands evacuated and withdrew to Sanctum for a final defense, she helped lead the defense to guarantee that Artshall and its people would survive. As Azazel's legion attacked, in a final decisive moment, she called upon magic that few knew she had to personally attack the Legion of Azazel, consuming herself to unleash her soul's fury at those who threatened her home. The destruction of much of the legion in the shadowy onslaught she unleashed resulted in a total rout of the demonic horde, saving Artshall and its people.

While Lady Mabelle was known for her fashion and elegance, for her patronage of crafts and development of Artshall's newest goods, she will forever most be remembered for her heroism, sacrificing herself when Artshall and House Laurent needed her the most.

As Artshall endures, they will remember.

Description: Silken black hair falls in a sheet, barely gracing her shoulders, falling to the small of her back. The contrast between the pale cream of her complexion only emphasizes the darkness of her blue-black hair. Fine brows wing over a set of wide eyes. Black lashes frame a pair of exquisite blue eyes, the irises edged in a darker blue. Her features are delicate, almost doll-like, lending her a beauty that is at once fragile and sharp, like a glass blade. She is of just over average height, five feet seven inches, slender, her curves are subtle but there is no denying her femininity. She is a study in contrasts, of dark and light. Fragility and strength. A hint of something potentially sweet with just a touch of danger.

Personality: When she left for her marriage, she was a demure, blushing bride that was known to be charming but practical. Safe. Her return to the fold has seen some changes. This Mabelle is sharp and possibly dangerous to touch. She remains as charming as ever, but there's a more caustic edge to her humor these days. Something jaded and cynical from the things she's seen, from information she's researched. Her style is more risque too, once you get comfortable in that Lycene style of dress there's no real going back, is there?

Background: Mabelle Laurent was born into a more distant branch of the Laurent line, pretty far removed from any potential chances to inherit the duchy but not so far removed that she wasn't good marriage material. So as these things tend to go, she was found a suitable match with House Hawkmour. She wasn't thrilled with her 'older' husband, a man in his early forties who had already been married once before with children not much younger than herself. But it was asked of her by the late Duke Edmund Laurent, so she agreed to her distant uncle's request.

Mabelle was pretty, charming and most importantly, far more clever than her family had realized. She settled well into her new life and even managed to form an alliance with her new husband. One that didn't involve her sleeping in a different bed most nights of the week. Her hobbies and interests grew during her time in the Lyceum and she developed a close bond' with the family apothecary, a rather eccentric woman that spent a significant amount of time in a lower levels suite (read: basement) of the castle.

It was here that she learned the healing arts as well as other more esoteric subjects that most in the Oathlands would have shied away from or condemned. She became quite skilled at mixing and matching different compounds and while crafting isn't a thing nobles do for silver, she enjoyed it nonetheless and took great pride in what she created.

However tragedy struck when her husband, a rather shrewd lawyer with numerous political connections turned black in the face and expired at dinner. There were countless suspects and Mabelle unfortunately ended up on the list. Largely due to the mercurial nature of their relationship and her now expansive knowledge of a trade that could lead one to believe she might have known /how/ to poison her husband.

Not having quite the needed connections to survive such a scandal, she made an impassioned plea to her distant cousin the duke to be allowed to rejoin the family now that her marriage was tragically ended. With approval granted from all parties, she's gone to join the Laurents in Arx and hopefully have a fresh start there.

Relationship Summary

  • Edward - My guide to the unspoken truth.
  • Vincenzo - Brings color to my life.
  • Alessia - Lady Mischief
  • Athaur - One of my best and closest friends.
  • Zoey - My fashionable, knowledgeable cousin.
  • Ryhalt - Business partner in crime
  • Iseulet - Got my back.
  • Zara - Yes, we judge you.
  • Vanora - Same mind, different fealty
  • Romulius - Eloquence that makes me smile.

  • Family:
  • Cristoph - My Duke and guiding light.
  • Flavien - Beloved Cousin
  • Sanya - Sister by choice
  • Naka - My intelligent young cousin.

  • Protege:
  • Saverio - A mutual mentorship
  • Kritr - Expanding my cultural horizons.
  • Felix - Has a little faith in me

  • Patron:
  • Liara - A fashionable fountain of knowledge
  • Name Summary
    Aahana Always fun to catch up with old faces.
    Abby I love my fellow bees. Mabelle is a ray of shining light on darker days.
    Adalyn I've a feeling she has as much a propensity for getting into trouble as I do. Perhaps we will have to see what mischief we can get into soon!
    Adrienne I met the Lady Laurent for the first time while in Arx, to my own regret. Belle is a self-professed social butterfly, and a woman who knows everyone. Who could be more valuable of an acquaintence to a stranger to the city than that?
    Aedin A pretty and sociable young Lady.
    Aelgar Friendly sort, very outgoing. Brightens the room. Very much a target for new friendship. WIll be fun.
    Aella The Laurent lady is better suited to this courtly grace thing than I am, but something heavy weighs on her, I think.
    Aerandir A chance meeting within the Shrine of the Lost. Her ladyship seems more open and affable than most ladies I have met in recent memory, a refreshing change of scenery, especially in the wake of her offer to help me adapt once more. Lovely dogs to boot, no less! I shall have to ruffle their ears again...
    Aethan A Laurent lady, very pleasant company.
    Aethan Inspired by her people, she has brought wealth to them through trade and growth. She is one of Artshall's finest.
    Agostino An amiable noblewoman with an apparent taste for cookies. Easy on the eyes as well, she is definitely one I'd enjoy meeting again.
    Ahmar A Laurent Lady. She seems mostly concerned by the health of the people involved at the docks. I like that.
    Aiden A lovely lady, with a lovely smile, that will be a lovely light in this city.
    Ailys A Laurent lady who seems like she would be great fun under less sorrowful circumstances. I approve of applying cake to one's grief.
    Aine She seems to be as enticing a person inside as she is outside. I hope that we can be great friends.
    Aisha When I say that Lady Laurent has diabolical creativity, I mean it in the -best- way. I hope I will always have room on my calendar for her parties!
    Ajax A chatty lady, but good for her that she's learning to practice the blade.
    Akamos Stunningly beautiful Lady with a truly impressive amount of titles and dogs.
    Alaric She put the Princess Sorrel and I to the test - a woman of beauty and grace both.
    Alarissa A nimble little laurent, filled with determination.
    Alarissa Would that we all have had her courage.
    Alecstazi Boisterous is not necessarily loud, but she is both. Charming though.
    Aleksei I don't know her too well, but she's had some public scuffles!
    Alessandro Lady of Laurent, and a very good traveling companion. Knowledgable in her field, as well.
    Alexis Lady Mabelle Laurent is a very interesting figure. Whimsical, but in a very charming way, and she's obviously both intelligent and insightful.
    Alina She likes cake. Apparently, she eats it for breakfast. This is very odd. However, she is welcoming to me.
    Alrec I suppose I shouldn't be surprised if the doctor wants to fix me and I am sure she can but I am also sure there is a lot I can teach about the south.
    Amaranth Another lover of animals. Why, you know exactly how to get on my good side. I think we'll become fast friends.
    Amari Quite different from the other Laurents I'm familiar with, but that's not necessarily a bad thing at all. She's a delight to speak with over tea and cookies, and it's really no surprise at all that she excels at diplomacy.
    Amund The fashionable, artful and mischievous Laurent noble.
    Andromeda The Lady Mabelle Laurent. Fond of sweet things. Eager and curious. Maybe we'll get her chocolate. This is the kind of people the Compact fights to protect.
    Anisha Lady Laurent is a wondrous and bright woman - and I am sure she makes her occasional pink look -stunning-.
    Antea My first thought was that she was another flighty and frivolous noble with too much time and coin and not enough responsibility. But there is a keen mind behind that smile and she works harder than it would seem. I shall have to try to convince her that wearing dresses and dancing are not fun for me.
    Apollo Quick to soothe even the smallest of slights - and with cookies to boot.
    Appolonia Bubblacious, a term I have just invented which combines bubbly and vivacious. I think I am neither of them.
    Arcadia Quiet and poised. Definitely a real lady.
    Arianna What a gentle soul. She understood my humor and seemed nothing less than lovely. Quite something!
    Arman The Lady Mabelle ever the delight to chat with and such stunning fashion choices.
    Armani A musician with a fine sense of style - maybe more of a Lycene at heart than most Laurents. We'll be good friends.
    Artorius I am grateful that she understands that some things are bestowed, not simply given.
    Artur A cousin that keeps many dogs. She still carries the Lycene influence with an ease that is good to see on her, and that she was more than willing to help me with my falcon will be appreciated! It's always good to find a cousin to get in trouble with.
    Artur My cousin may be one of the most fashionable people in Arx, but I still maintain that she learned all she knows from me. She'll never admit it though. It's that Laurent blood in her.
    Asher She seems fun, and likes to buy things just because they look pretty - exactly what any merchant of fashionable items wants to hear.
    Ashur Under the concerns about mud on her gown and chatting over jewelry, she is a lady of casual strength who confronts tragedy with iron will.
    Aslaug She showed up with a beard to the Beard and Brews... and kept finding all sorts of useful things in it! I might like this lady. Go figure.
    Asralyn Pleasant, that one. Doesn't know a polearm from a broom, but generous. Not something I'm use to finding.
    Astrid A very kind customer who has offered patronage. Her heart is very clearly in the right place.
    Athaur A very curious sort. I don't think we have ever had a noblewoman wander into our expanmse before! But it was a pleasure to meet her.
    Athaur My closest and most dearest friend. I would be nothing without her.
    Atria A gracious host, a beautiful rose in the garden, and most knowledgable. I believe this is called a Triple Threat?
    Auda Such a social butterfly! Her events are always fun.
    Audrey She seems kind, and generous enough to make a newcomer feel welcome. It's pleasant to be treated as just any other person newly returned to the city.
    Azova Someone who is willing to plot some mischief with me? Count me in! Also, excellent taste in canine companions.
    Babette Mabelle's herd of cute dogs are always an icebreaker.
    Baldessare An Oathlander who, somewhere along the way, seems to have dislodged the stick up her ass that I thought all there were born with. I may have to reconsider my opinion. At least with Lady Mabelle.
    Baltus Lady Laurent. Modest in her new appointment. I bet she does well at it.
    Beatrice "Lovely and well-accomplished." Lady Mabelle is not wrong.
    Belladonna An soulful woman with the potential for true greatness. Still an Oathlander, but there is a charm to that.
    Bellamy Mabelle Laurent is Bellamy's cousin! A member of House Laurent and such a pleasant person to be around. Don't tell anyone but she might be one of Bellamy's favorite cousins!
    Bethany A pianist, at least by her own word. I hope someday to hear her play.
    Bhandn She shared some strong drink with a young man claiming to be a Prince of House Redrain. With how the young man behaved and what he said, I can't decide if it was due to manners, risk-taking, or pity.
    Bianca A peculiar woman at first greeting, though that seems mostly due to some confusion surrounding our introduction. Otherwise she seems quite cheerful and warm with a good sense of humor.
    Blacktongue A well dressed and well spoken lady with pretty dogs.
    Brady Are Oathlanders sexy? I didn't know they could look like this. I demand a dance.
    Brady Baked goods and honey and decorative knives!
    Braelynn I like her! She's passionate about plants, so she's good in my book!
    Braith Joyous, joyful,full of energy and verve.
    Brannen A Lady of house Laurent whom I met in a her cheery conversation with the owner. She appeared earnest in her welcoming frankness, and I wonder how she might be related to the other members of the house.
    Brigida A pretty thing. I hope there is more to her than that though. Arvum doesn't need another empty-headed aristocrat.
    Bruce A warm and welcoming personality. Always pleasant, this Lady Laurent is a fine example of the nobles of her house, despite her tragic past.
    Cabrera Wants to do proper charity for the commoners, not just tossing gifts and silver around. That's a good Noble.
    Cadenza A charming lady who runs a wonderful establishment. Some of the best cider I have had and wonderful stories. I must return to talk more.
    Cahal A Laurent with memories of the Cloudspine from her childhood. What a shame I never knew her.
    Cahal Working hard for her House.
    Caith Finally! A person more focused on dogs than children. I no longer feel so alone.
    Calla A very nice Lady I met at the Black Fox, gave the sweetest compliment and a smashing wine recommendation.
    Calypso Lady something-or-other. Has cake.
    Cambria If you don't know who Mabelle Laurent is, then you've clearly been living under a rock.
    Camilla Steel beneath silk. Not someone to be trifled with. But a delightful companion with impeccable taste in fashion.
    Caprice A very generous lady, overflowing with ideas and interest in bringing people together.
    Carmen An absolutely kind lady from House Laurent. She brings gifts and kindness and I've only ever heard good things about her.
    Caspian I can't wait for her to chide me as she patches me up after a lost duel...if I ever lose.
    Caspian A woman who seems to be able to talk to anyone about anything. courtly, adventurous, generous, kind, brave, brilliant.. the list goes on. If everyone in Arc were like her, the city would have solved its woes by the end of the week.
    Cassandra My flirtatious cousin. She has so many freedoms in her life, yet I know there was so much held over her. I can only imagine how I may have turned out with the same leniency and have to admire her for what she did with it.
    Cassian She seems pleasant enough, though not entirely all there, if she thought the pub was an apothecary's...but maybe she's just got a lot on her mind?
    Cassima Mabelle is my favorite Laurent. And that's saying something, given the people in her family. I hope to see her often in the city, I may even have to wander over to the Valardin ward to ensure it.
    Cassimir I both deeply appreciate and envy Lady Mabelle's ability to breeze into a room and command it without fear. Her confidence abounds, so much that it has the effect of soothing those who are lacking.
    Cassiopeia She's a helpful sort, resourceful and has a great eye for fashion. The type of person, you want to stumble across, when you have a question.
    Catalana She confused me for Wash's second or third love. What a strange woman. Not sure what to make of her.
    Catriona A kind as she is beautiful, this woman is the embodiment of the fine pastries she offered me.
    Cecilia One of the most amazing women about town. If I were a creature of envy, I would envy her fashion abilities.
    Celine There's a warmth to the Lady Mabelle that puts a person instantly at ease. I would love to know her better, and hopefully shall. She has some interesting stories to tell, some which I am inordinately jealous.
    Celine Lady Mabelle remains, as ever, the loveliest of inspirations. The touch of her hand can be seen everywhere in Arx, and even moreso in my closet. Honeysilk. I /adore/ it!
    Cerys Lady Mabelle Laurent: Much like myself she is a wonderful dichotomy of fealties and fostering. Never let it be said that a well-rounded education doesn't give a body an edge! I would wager this woman is sharper than most give her credit for.
    Cerys So nice to see the Laurent Lady again, should seek her out for some widow talk sometime.
    Cerys Beauty and competence has been distilled to their very essence in this woman, a combination that is equally rare as delightful.
    Cesare Obviously well-versed in the fine art of how to make an impression, and lives up to every last one of the wildest praises of fabulous fashion and confident charisma I've heard. I don't think I've ever seen someone quite so dripping in dragonweep for a casual outing.
    Charis Bold in fashion, bold in colour, bold in conversation. She wears flair as easily as that fox stole.
    Charlotte A Laurent physician of bright beauty and wit alike. She seems like she'd be an excellent partner for tea and chitchat.
    Ciro A charming young lady who has seemingly done quite well for her house.
    Cirroch Knows their way around a couple of whiskies, sparring with the wit of their tongue, and has many delicious cakes.
    Clara Although our meetin' was brief it seems ta me that she's a nice person. I'd love ta have a drink with her sometime when I am more awake ta actually meet her.
    Clover Asked some very interesting questions of Tyrval.
    Constantine A kind and welcoming woman and the first to greet me upon my return to Arx. I enjoyed our conversation and now know should I need the aid of a physician who I shall be calling upon first and foremost.
    Cornelius A lady I met at the Ebb and Flow. It was quite crowded and she seemed at ease.
    Corrigan 'Dire Bee Lounge'? Why /lounge/ when you can /ride/?? I imagine more abstract conversations with Milady in the future.
    Cosimo A delightfully charming Laurent. Industrious as the bees of her House and one who knows the pain of loss.
    Cristoph May the gods help me. Between Mabelle and Braden and Eiran? I don't know how I'm going to keep my sanity. At least they all mean well. Mabelle is a sweet girl under the apparent ability to /stab/ people.
    Damiana It's polite and intriguing for a lady to leave an air of mystery around themselves and lady Mabelle wears mystery like a long-lasting perfume that dwells in your mind after she's left.
    Damik Lady Mabelle of Artshall is intoxicating. This is why one drinks milk, to not be too intoxicated. This is wise.
    Dante Incredibly beautiful, a constrast of darkness and light - like a painting or a poem. Eyes like crystals and a vibrant wit. Might be a distant cousin, but that's most of the peerage. She seems very friendly and personable.
    Daria A noble Lady whom called me a Lady. Me? She seems very polite and well known though. I hope I can remain in her good graces
    Darren The population minister for House Laurent is sparkling and full of love for her dogs. Others trust her with their dogs. I consider this a good thing.
    Darren A patient (and hopefully forgiving) hostess.
    Decius How can this stunning woman think any would overlook her. A crime to do so I think. Is she married? No no no, I am here to drink, only drink and not run from angry husbands.
    Delfina A charming woman, filled with grace and enthusiasm. I suspect we might have a few things in common, and I'd like to get to know her better.
    Delilah I like anyone willing to wear a raspberry beret. Stylish!
    Denica Lady Laurent. I had heard recently she threw quite the party. I am sure we will get along just fine.
    Denica Vibrant, floral, swirling Mabelle commands a room - have you seen her? Of course you have. And she was a vision.
    Denica The best dressed woman I've ever met and she always has cookies. Such a perfect combo!
    Deoiridh A lady amongst many, though she seems kinder than most of the cityfolk I've spoken with. Perhaps even generous? No hint of judgement, or perhaps she masks it well. She carries a curious assortment of jewelry... I wonder if she is important.
    Desma Met on the beach, a kind and encouraging noblewoman who seems interested in helping me find my feet, and also to improve myself. I look forward to where this might go.
    Desma Elegant and beautiful and gifter of wonderful cake.
    Dianna Charming, strikingly beautiful, and somehow there is a touch of the Lycene in her, I am sure of it. I shall like to see these creations of hers - if only she will not hide them under so very much fur!
    Dimitri A Lady of the Oathlands and not what I would have expected. Stunning in style and quick of tongue.
    Dio Nothing's more alluring than beauty speaking of art in an Oathlands accent.
    Domonico A Laurent. Seemingly quiet attentive. Willing to get out of her comfort zone and try something new. I approve.
    Donella The woma of scandal. I am curious to hear the story of her now dead husband, but at the same time I am curious of the woman. I am sure that she is making an impact upon the city. I will perhaps call her for tea or whiskey in the future; perhaps we can see if she is the scandal or above the scandal.
    Dorian A fairly inoffensive noblewoman who keeps rather questionable company. I'd like to taste her honey.
    Drusila What can I say? She's an absolute treat.
    Duarte A physician who tended to my heir but as well presented a powerful imagination at my impromptu event. A classically good time.
    Dustin Crystal blue orbs that trap you in her gaze. I never felt so helpless like a deer caught in a trap.
    Dycard A charming young woman, quick to smile and thankfully non-judgmental, given her introduction to me.
    Dycard A charming woman who seems to move in esteemed circles. Certainly someone to get to know better.
    Edain Charming, impressionable with an apparent business savvy that begets immeasurable success in all that she touches paired with an unexpected humility. Edain will keep the lady in mind when he inevitably needs someone gifted in the realm of economics.
    Elora Her dogs are so sweet and she is, too! I appreciate what it means to have several animals and Lady Mabelle handles hers so well. I'll have to introduce her to mine the next time we meet.
    Elora She has a lovely smile, I think.
    Elsbetta Well, this was unexpected. I very much like Lady Mabelle which means I'm going to have to ensure that she and I become friends.
    Emily A thoughtful Lady who seems to want to keep the peace as well as offer aid and humor. A nice mix!
    Emma The many accomplishments of Lady Mabelle Laurent are well known. Upon meeting her at the Sleepless Nights, I witnessed in person the dynamic energy and easy charm that must surely have been a significant boon to the Lady in the fulfillment of her ambitions. I suspect she's the type of woman who will not rest until she has achieved the goals she sets for herself.
    Erik an unexpected sweet delight. Of cake and coffee - with an unexpected depth brushing past a variety of topics
    Esme She seems like this is a start to a good friendship. Also. Cookies.
    Estil Sweet and optimistic young lady. I can see why Turo would like her.
    Evander She's got some humor to her. Lively and kind. Seems to have a sweet tooth as well.
    Evangeline The Lady of House Laurent is always a delight to see. She has impeccable style and is in a class all her own.
    Evaristo Charming and a real social butterfly and just as beautiful as one, as well. It was a delight to meet her at the Malvici breakfast.
    Evelynn A wonderful hostess who really knows how to bring out her guests' creativity.
    Everett Saw m'Lady Laurent in the Valor Park Gardens, where her small pink puppy had run off out behind the wisteria. While her servants searched for the puppy, we'd got to talkin' and then we found an unexpected but most highly welcomed common ground in learning how to make new things, especially when they revolve around food!
    Ezra Typically there are few things that actually demand you attention. This woman's casual statement of giving someone a piece of dragonweep left you with three conclusions, she's fabulously wealthy, a jokester, or in illegal trade. At a shallow level of interaction, you hesitantly conclude the first point with the realization that another option may exist that you have yet to evaluate and may be more likely.
    Fairen A lively and friendly spirit with a great fondness for puppies. I wonder if she's a scholarly sort?
    Faye Not a typical Laurent, but pleasant to speak with and filled with creative ideas. I hope to get the chance to talk with her more in the future.
    Fecundo An entrepreneurial lady I met at the Patronage gathering on the beach. She seems to have a good broad range of interest. I hope she finds what she seeks.
    Fenia Fashionable, kind, and generous. A little distant, but also has puppies, so it balances out.
    Fiora She cuts a lovely figure but... If /I/ am being the interesting participant in a conversation, something is very wrong.
    Flavien My closest cousin and the one I find myself having lingering conversations with.
    Flynt Noble Lady that dabbles in medicine and seems to care about others. My patron!
    Gabriella I admire her dedication. It is a beautiful thing to see such drive -- even when it means being riddled with spider bites.
    Gabriella She always has something interesting to say or a bright idea to all my questions. I guess I'll be learning a lot from that one!
    Gael She fixed my hand, but hurt my soul. The worst kind of medicine-woman.
    Gaspar She's going to get me into trouble. I can hardly wait to see how much.
    Gaspard A lovely lady with a good fashion sense and intriguing stories, she seems well versed about the city and its people in general.
    Gaspard An incredibly smart woman, with pleasant company all around. I look forward to running into her again.
    Gaston She has claimed that she can brew a drink that will floor me, but taste of feet. Challenge accepted.
    Gehenna What an astounding person. Graceful and a person who can likely elevate any item by wearing it.
    Georgine A social sort and an adept handler of social chaos.
    Gerald An interesting young woman. Very not what I would expect from an Oathlander, but, that's alright. Stuffy sorts, most.
    Geralt If I'd not been told otherwise, I'd have sworn she was a Lycene, not an Oathlander. What? It's a compliment! No, she didn't try and poison me!
    Gerrick Very creative and productive. One of the better nobles in this house.
    Gianna A truly canny noble with an eye for the fashionable. Not to be underestimated.
    Gio Supporter of the arts, a leader in the city's fashion. She makes her own way while still remaining true to her family's legacy. Admirable.
    Giorgio Lady Mabelle certainly seems to be a resourceful lady. I hear her name mentioned about town quite frequently, which leads me to believe she is quite well connected. It will be interesting to learn more of her, but she has been a pleasure to do business with thus far.
    Giuliano A devoted fan of the cookie, her shape is in no way diminished by it. I wonder if she's ever eaten a cookie while. Nevermind. But I will see how her cookie crumbles.
    Giulio How delightfully scandalous. One does so enjoy these little moments.
    Gloriel A woman with more style in her hat than I have in the whole of my wardrobe.
    Godric Physician peer and Laurent Lady. Seems to be terminally curious because she's always asking questions. That's perfect for someone that's in medicine.
    Grady Lady in red, patron of the arts, sleeper in wagons. I don't think I shall ever be bored in her company.
    Graziella One of the most notable fashion icons in Arx, I'm sure we could talk about fabrics for hours... I do adore her honeysilk and I look forward to learning more about how it came into existence.
    Gretchen A Laurent who has only recently returned to Arx. She seems stylish and proper, if a bit quiet.
    Gwenna My dear cousin Lady Mabelle Laurent is rather extraordinary. She has an incredible sense of fashion and has no few projects she always seems to be working on. These are not small endeavors, either, but rather ones that have heart and ambition behind them. Speaking of heart, she is also rather charitable and considers others in all that she seems to do.
    Gwenys Lady Mabelle Laurent is one of the warmest people I've foun in Arx so far. I appreciate her kindness.
    Gwenys Made me choke on my drink and offered to lend me some dresses for any stuffy events. A good egg, all round.
    Haakon Not fond of fair hairs. Curious sort, likes being talked about. Won't chase a joke duel, at least, so there's that. Haven't seen the King yet, but she doesn't think him a looker.
    Hadrian For a near stranger, she's exceptionally polite and friendly. Her invitation for a future discussion between the Marquessa and I will be a superb opportunity to get to know her.
    Hamish An Oathlander lady who acts more like a Lycene. Rich in stories, friends and money.
    Harlan A lovely Lady Laurent. A fun conversation, een if she selfishly won't let me steal her dog!
    Harlex I didn't mean to scare her, not really. Maybe a little. At least I got a drink with her out of it.
    Helena Full of compliments and her own beauty and grace and easily fitting in with both strangers and familiar faces alike, I found Lady Mabelle quite a pleasant conversationalist to spend a cold evening sipping whiskey with.
    Hickson A truly charming, charismatic and elegant Lady of House Laurent. She makes a room feel comfortable and her words uplift one's spirits.
    Ian Likes sweets.
    Icelyn A young lady with all the grace and kindness I am used to seeing in the honourable Oathlands. When good fortune struck, her first thought was for the people of the Lowers, not for her own benefit. There is very little more admirable than that.
    Iliana Another cousin with an eye for fashion and finances. Some people have all the luck.
    Iliana Lovely and kind, and so talented for her age; I am always impressed with Mabelle's ease in society.
    Ilira She seems of glass and marble. Wise, too, in wit and diplomacy.
    Ilsa A kind, generous, and empathetic noble Lady. It has been a true gift to have met her, and I look forward to working with her in the future.
    Imogene A pleasant and friendly conversationalist, with an eye for fashion and an escort of dogs. And also evidently /quite busy/!
    Isabeau A very interesting and lively character. I'd like to know her more.
    Iseulet I have absolutely no idea how I haven't met this woman before! Witty, beautiful, and makes me smile. I can't wait to run into her a little more around the city. (Have you seen her dog? IT'S FABULOUS!)
    Ishmael A charming and beautiful lady of the Oathlands.
    Isidora A lady who knows how to enjoy life. Even the little things.
    Iskander Apart from the damp feathers, her ensemble was very smart. I'd heard of this 'tweed,' but not seen it yet. Appealing. On an Oathlander.
    Ivy Another physician, but one far more sociable than I am. Perhaps I can learn something from her. She also has the best pack of animals.
    Jace I'm pretty sure I could lug her around all day if I needed to. The tiny horse can't come on the boat though, so it probably won't happen.
    Jaenelle I have heard that the Compact is made even more beautiful by her drive to accomplish much.
    Jamie Lady Mabelle was the physician on duty when I arrived at Saving Grace with a shoulder injury. I'm grateful for her medical assistance and appreciate her wit -- as well as her chiding.
    Jamie Polite, and beautiful. Lady Laurent always sets the welfare of the people as her first priority, as far as I can see.
    Jan I think she is related to Zoey? I'm not sure, I was blind drunk last time we met. Seems like good company though.
    Jasher A physician. Easily underestimated at the surface, yet beneath lies a temper and wit, sharp as a new cutlass.
    Jasher As I was once, years ago, Lady Mabelle exemplified inaneness that ought not be tolerated among members of the peerage. However, in recent years, as my understanding of the world and its intricacies and evils has expanded, I have come to regard the lady's levity as a necessary breath of fresh air.
    Jasper A very quick-witted and charming Laurent, who knows how to win hearts and minds the right way.
    Jeffeth We wish Lady Mabelle well on her project she is pursuing most ardently.
    Joaquin Do not leave it cooking for too long, or you'll waste all of the seasoning that gives it its unique taste! She's able to keep up, which is good! I can't have all of my material go to waste.
    Josephine One of the Laurents, and a lovely one at that. A joy when she comes into my shop.
    Joslyn Surprisingly pleasant. I'm not sure what I got myself roped into with her, but I think it all went far better than I had any right to expect.
    Jules A finely dressed noblewoman, she's agreed to model in a painting session after recommending I model. A pleasant potential employer.
    Julian The lovely Lady Laurent. Not at all what I picture when I think of an oathlander. But that is not a bad thing. I like to get to know her better.
    Juliette She dresses like I can only dream of dressing. It is no great surprise to learn one with such an eye for beauty would be responsible for bringing such to the Compact with the innovative weave of new velvets.
    Juneau So sweet Very Lycene for an Oathlander. Or maybe very Oathlander for a Lycene. I don't know! She has the cutest puppers!
    Kaia My darling Laurent cousin with whom I share so many interests! I would dare say she's my favorite Laurent cousin of all my Laurent cousins...which seem to be so many!
    Kaldur Never fear, my Lady, the Shrine of Lagoma's nature is rebirth. A little exploding is only a moment's a problem... and it surely wouldn't happen again. Hopefully. Sit in the back.
    Kanean She may be inspired by my dog to get her own, but none shall be as cute! Will be fun to see her by the strand again.
    Karina The Lovely Laurent Lady who lavished us with a lustrous layered apple pie. Alliteration aside, her support and praise was as sweet as her pie. She purchased a painting most dear to me, which I believe to be in good hands.
    Karina She names her dogs after candy, how incredibly cute! And is a supporter of the arts. I like her already! I think we could become fast friends. I look forward to showcasing at her Art Festival.
    Karina The warm and vivacious lady of Laurent has the soul of a fellow artist, and truly it shines in her patronage of the arts, and bravery in seeking to explore and share more of her own talents.
    Kasa Sweet dogs, sweet treats... And a sweet person, it seems!
    Kastelon Lady Mabelle is a playful woman, the minister of population for House Laurent, as well as many other occupations. Pity all the cakes don't make her nice and fat.
    Katarina Lady Mabelle comes off as so selfless in her pursuit of ventures that will make the Oathlands healthier, safer, and better learned. That level of ambition, paired with such altruistic intentions, is to be admired.
    Kedehern One of my more social family members. Always out and about, making friends. I don't have that talent, I'm afraid.
    Keely Enchanting and creative. I am refreshed and delighted to have made Mabelle's acquaintance, not to mention inspired.
    Kia A warm and friendly noblewoman of House Laurent. She showed an interest in the Cyrto Archipelagos and I was more than happy to tell her of them. She is Voice and Minister of her House, and if she is willing I may, from time to time, seek her out for advice.
    Klaus My vibacious and energetic cousin. It might be good to build bridges with the old family again.
    Korka A charming Lady of House Laurent, a physical, an apothecary, and probably not a murderer. What interesting breakfast conversations were had with her.
    Kritr A Laurent Marten. Or possibly a Stoat. Not as comfortable around prodigals as she'd like to be. First woman to turn me down since the Everwinter. Won't be the last.
    Kritr I don't know what a pick up line is. But I think that I raised her spirits.
    Ksenia Elegant, intelligent and charming. This noblewoman is what I imagined to be the best example of the peerage.
    Kyler She made a rather loud entrance, but she seems to be friendly and enjoys a joke.
    Lailah A pleasant lady, though I'm finding it hard to read her. I'll have to get to know her better.
    Lailah Lady Mabelle Laurent is ambitious, and passionate, it is clear; but with a heart turned towards the betterment of her House and those within her domain. I do not doubt that every project she takes on succeeds, as underneath the sweet manner I think there is likely a will of iron.
    Leena An attractive sort. I feel that both myself and Romulius are drawn towards her. She can draw in a Thrax and a Velenosian, that's saying quite something. She isn't quite like oathlanders I've met. There's a softness, sweetness, regret to her. I somewhat sympathyze with her, but could never imagine myself quite in what she's gone through. No..that's untrue, we all do of noble birth, but she has lived it. She's variable - that's to say I think she has crafted how to read others and adjust to their level of perception. I have a feeling there's an inkling of a very strong woman underneath the hurt and pain she's experienced. I do hope our paths cross more often, I would like to see more of her - I have a feeling that perhaps we might be good friends, unless of course - it's all a facade. Which is possible.
    Lena Talks... a lot for someone wounded. Good to study for authority from a place of weakness.
    Lena A thoughtful and practical woman, covered in butterflies.
    Lenard She seems to be someone who can understand the pain of others and react empathically to it, while having lived some of it herself.
    Lenard A pleasant noblewoman, whom I owe a walk through the gardens.
    Lenard She's of course smooth as honey but don't forget she wields that intellect like a sharp stinger.
    Lenne Jules holds her in incredibly high regard. Singularly so, I expect. So I should make sure to be on my best behavior. She's another physician too! A happy coincidence.
    Leola A polite enough noble, though she was in her element amidst silk and gold. I wonder what she makes of it all, or how much she truly thinks of it?
    Leonel Lady Mabelle is an absolute treat to engage, a lovely woman with a vivid imagination. I'll never look at the cake the same way again, at all.
    Liam Introducer of people to other people which means they know a lot of people
    Lianne An appropriate appreciation for cookies. It's a good start.
    Lilia Paradoxical. She claims to be a social butterfly but it is clear that there is more than meets the eye.
    Lisebet The more I see Lady Mabelle the more impressed I am. Competent, cheerful, friendly and beeyutiful. A honey of a treasure for House Laurent.
    Llewella She likes rum and talks freely about things far more entertaining than ledgers. This woman is absolutely adorable and precious.
    Lonzio A lovely lady who has taught me the value of reading up on the history of the noble families.
    Lora A line of connection drawn over Hawkmour's brass road. It is always bittersweet to meet someone who has these things in common, but the Lady Laurent makes this more sweet than not.
    Lore A delightful noblewoman of the Oathlands persuasion. This is the second time I've run into her and I've enjoyed both experiences. Perhaps I can help her out with something special.
    Lorenzo A cousin by marriage, this time on the Laurent side. She is delightful company at a party.
    Lottie One of the most delightful members of the Peerage I have met and also an avid fan of cookies! We worked together on a birthday party and she was wonderful to work with. Enthusiastic, but not demanding. To my fellow crafters I would say, if you get a commission request from the lady, TAKE IT. She is neither stingy nor pushy and knows that quality comes at a cost.
    Lou Lady Mabelle and her creation of the Artshall plums has been an inspiration. I'm glad to have helped her with that project and many others in the past. The rebuilding of Artshall is taking shape nicely under her guidance.
    Lucie Mabelle's good natured ribbing reminds me I'm with family here, and has made me feel at home in this unfamiliar place.
    Lucie My cousin knows how to make me feel at home even if it feels so distant. She puts the needs of others before herself, but should remember that it's even harder to help on an empty stomach.
    Lucita A cousin of Braden Laurent, pleasant natured Lady who likes music and plays instruments but is not a singer.
    Lucrezia Sweet and fun, with a hint of serious underneath. She works hard to do good things for her family, I can respect the resonate with that. We might be odd to be friends, but it seems we may come to call each other that one day.
    Lustry A fellow alchemist who I am eager to chat with.
    Lyra A warm and inspiring noblewoman of House Laurent. I hope very much that our interests mesh enough that we can work together in the future.
    Macario She came in with cookies and dogs and helped out in a moment of reflection.
    Maeve I got to overhear a discussion on some work she did to help establish trade in different lands. I find her solutions innovative and creative!
    Magaen The lady is extremely well accomplished and gracious with her time and knowledge.
    Mahir A Lady met at the Shrine of the First Choice, she exhibited fine taste in her choice of attire and an interesting conversationalist on a great number of subjects. She seems to be generous as well, so all around an excellent meeting.
    Mailys Ah, yes. The Oathlander turned Lycene, and Oathlander again. One has to wonder what secrets she holds.
    Malcolm She's got the gentility of the Oathlands with the Lycene edge that's always so interesting. Also, she eats cake as though she's stabbing it -- this means she must be a fun person!
    Maren A scion of the Laurent family, this young woman has a charming manner, a gracious spirit, and an enjoyment of the social whirl. May she enjoy these days of dancing with all that life in Arx has to offer.
    Margerie The most fashionable of the Laurents, and perhaps the most likely to relate to my experiences now that she is older and wiser.
    Margerie No one should underestimate the care and passion she has for the people of Artshall or the Compact beyond. I have always been, and continue to be, proud of the woman she has become.
    Maris A strikin' beauty with captivating blue eyes, far above my station, who I'd like t'get to know better. Is that such a bad thing? Gods? Limerance? Anyone?
    Marisol She is a strong lady, one that I can admire for her abilities that stand in contrast to my own. Brave. Adventurous. She reminds me of my twin. I have long been in need of a friend like her.
    Martino A woman who adores Lyscum fashion. Doesn't that tell you something?
    Marzio A friendly Lady of house Laurent. Cake in the morning, it was a surprise, but not an unwelcome one.
    Mason Mason is a fan of the Laurents and Mabelle seems to be cut from the same cloth. Friendly, polite, and well-versed in treading the social waters, the prince enjoyed speaking with her when they first met.
    Mattheu The lovely lady of Laurent knows Athaur and claims to be a greater cause of gray hairs to dear Eshra than I. This could be seen as a challenge, though one that would put Eshra in the seat of probably seeking my head.
    Maya She has so many animals: what a joy it must be! Animals are a pleasure for they can hear our deepest, darkest secrets and not only are they unbothered, but they can tell them to no one. One must wonder how many hidden things the Lady Mabelle must be carrying to need so many silent confidants.
    Medeia Breathtaking. Both in figure and fashion. And she has a cookie attendant!
    Mercedes Sweet, generous, and kind. All too easy to be charmed by. I confess a wariness at such, but any friend of my sister's is a friend of mine. Until they're not. Still... she gave me cookies.
    Merek I like friends that like to make their cookies also!
    Michael A beauty, of course, but why mention it? At home in the finest of clothing like I am plated in armor. Pleasant company, but don't tell her I said that.
    Miella Clearly a woman with an eye for taste, hopefully a returning customer and chance at expansion for the family business down the line. The doggos are adorable too.
    Mikani Cookie lover, especially of the artistic variety.
    Miranda More than she seems. Another doctor, which is always good, but quick, too. Leaving a bad situation before it became terrible. Good for her. Look forward to getting to know her better. Could be handy to know her!
    Mirella I'd like to talk to her again. She seems like she'd be someone worth getting to know. Someone people just have that air about them, I suppose.
    Mirk A newcomer to Arx. Strangely disconnected from her family, but hopefully that will change.
    Monique A damsel in distress, and yet, for all that, I think she has stores of untapped courage and reserves of brilliance that I cannot even begin to guess at. But I should like to try.
    Monique Sweet and kind, yet there's a sharp edge to her that I would not wish to cross. There's no denying that in the court of social graces, Lady Laurent reigns as a queen.
    Morgan Lady Mabelle Laurent of the two cousins, the non boring one! I like her life goals. Also, funny. Nice eyes. Doesn't sing?
    Nadir Kind and welcoming, I met Lady Mabelle Laurent in the lobby of Saving Grace, performing her admirable duties Physicianing? Physicianizing? Healing. She was more than willing to helping a new gentleman in the city to find his bearings. I look forward to many more future conversations.
    Naka Laurent cousin. Rather busy and knowledgable and helpful. Really, if you're the third, though, you tend to somehow inherit the other two. Smart enough to not let herself be overwhelmed by it all, either.
    Naomi I was dubious when she arrived to the training center in impractical clothing and with her dogs in tow. Then again, she says she's a diplomat and a healer, so maybe there's more to her than meets the eye.
    Narcissa Eccentric in a subdued, well masked sort of way - a practicality that asks why she bears the name of Laurent, and none of the Lyceum.
    Nazmir A charming young woman and one who is more then capable of carrying on a pleasant conversation. I look forward to further chances to converse with her.
    Neilda I'm sure I confused her, but that seems to be what I was doing that night in general.
    Neilda A very fashionable woman at the beach with a love of art and a greater love of her family and House.
    Neviah At first, unnerving. Unsettling. Put me on edge. I am unused to people being so warm and friendly. Perhaps she isn't so bad after all. She did give me time to try to open up. I tried. I think I failed, but...
    Nigel It's not so often when someone of astounding wit and charm can stun me to flushed, muted silence. She did this and made me pass out in my cider. Remarkable.
    Niklas Lady of Artshall, though with a touch of the Tor. An interesting combination. Seems to have had a bad run-in with a mutual acquaintance. Will have to follow up on that.
    Nina She ran a lovely poetry event, and is an astonishingly fancy dresser! Perhaps some day I will learn to be so bold in taste!
    Noah Yeah, this one is social. I can just tell. She tries to keep the conversations proper for public and I'm not sure she likes me much. However, I'm sure she does well in the social arena of court. She also said I wasn't that tall. Noted.
    Norwood Her sorrow seems to hang much less heavily upon her. For that perhaps Lord Braden's arrival could be considered a good omen. However, I hope it does not encourage her to the other extreme.
    Oddmun -another- supplier of free edible treats. Have to wonder how it is not everyone in Arx is enormous. Still, pleasant enough company, and it takes a kind soul to hand out food for free.
    Olin A noblewoman and an alchemist! A surprising combination, but her interest in the craft appears deep and she spoke to me first as a peer.
    Olivia One of the Laurent Ladies. Not exactly what one pictures when they think 'oathlander' but amazing none the less.
    Olivia A brave and intelligent woman with many skills, including her vast knowledge in medicine.
    Olivian Lady Mabelle Laurent. Purveyor of cookies and Artshall velvet. She seems very sweet.
    Olivian A woman of taste, elegance and wisdom. She seems the sort of person who everyone should want to know and be close to.
    Ophne Lady Mabelle is probably the type of person that my mother wishes I would be. Apart, that is, from her confessing that she fell under suspicion of poisoning her husband, of course. I wonder if she did. There's nothing like hiding a secret in the open they say.
    Orathy She be hurtin me damn feelins, callin me Rat. Shit, and her laughter is like a damn knife to the gut. Ahh, ya never know what sort of shewolf yer messin with until ya mess with 'em.
    Orchid She is forward, I think? Still tryig to get a proper opinion on how she is.
    Orelia I'd have never believed she was an Oathlander. I doubt they know what to do with a woman like her.
    Orick Kind, curious, and seemingly affected by her own beauty... just the sort of noblewomam who might purchase my Delicate Wares. I do hope we can run into each other again soon.
    Orland Gods, I think I should get hurt more often.
    Orrin A generous and warm woman, it seems. Not that it comes as any surprise - I've never heard a single ill word spoken about a Laurent.
    Orrin I had the opportunity to speak with the Lady Mabelle at her very own place. She has quite the eye for style and an interest in diving, even if it is for treasure.
    Orvyn Another Laurent, kind and caring, though wishing to set fire to fields of beans all for a cake... the world has not been kind to such tyrants... still cake is cake and one should respect such things, regardless of the atrocities and mass incinerations they may cause. Oh, and she does seem rather lovely as well, Mabelle, not the thought of cake, though that seems nice too.
    Oskar She walked in with a tiny dog. Little did I know she had such a big personality. Capturing the room with mere presence, our wits collided and were found compatible.
    Otho She's terribly enthusiastic about, oh, everything. One should take precautions not to be infected by it.
    Pasquale She has a solid head on her shoulders.
    Pepper Bold and fellow cake lover. Seems like a good person to talk to so far. Look forward to more opportunities to talk here in the future.
    Peri She enjoys hearing about the unknown and far off places. Tell her a story!
    Petal She seems nice and interested in all sorts of clothing, not just noble clothing.
    Pharamond The Lady Laurent is certainly the most fashionable physician and has a bedisde manner that makes going to the hospital a lot more pleasant
    Piccola She seems nice and welcoming, and she holds Sabine in high regard, but I won't hold the latter against her.
    Porter Lady Mabelle Laurent as graceful in social situations as she's always been.
    Quenia Mabelle was kind enough to help me with an interesting dilemma. I feel as though we may have learned much about one another.
    Quintin I've seen her blush quite a bit, and I believe she's good with animals?
    Raimon A friendly Noble Physician. Good sort to know
    Raimon An old friend - of - the family. Unexpectedly reconnecting. So much is familiar; yet, so much has changed!
    Raja This woman is like a queen of honey! She is a pleasure to work with and a great conversationalist!
    Rane A lovely woman from our liege house. I hear her name whispered all throughout Arx for her philanthropy and sweet spirit. I hope to know her more.
    Ras She has fruit and nice ideas. Kind ideas. I think she's probably a good person.
    Raven First time getting stitched up without whiskey, not my favorite way, but she's got nimble fingers, and has a great bedside manner.
    Rawen An intriguing woman, though I suspect she may not be fond of my preferences on patterns and colorings of animals.
    Raziel A Lady who has befriended one of our newest members of the Compact, and with a cousin who may prove useful besides. Young, but not mindlessly so. We'll see what the future brings.
    Rebecca She's so very sweet! I hope I don't get a stomache.
    Reese An interesting Lady with a great hat. She seems to have an inner strength and not mind brawl and the like.
    Reigna She seems sweet and good hearted -- but she is Laurent so is that any surprise? She clearly has a desire to help those around her. A trait I find most admirable.
    Remus If I thought honey was marvelous and multipurpose before, Mabelle has opened my eyes to its true potential. Of course, it could just be the head injury talking. That does not detract from her brightness nor charm, those are authentic.
    Renata Quite the social butterfly from what I've seen of her. She works hard to bring joy and brightness to the lives of others.
    Renata Her presence exudes creativity, and her every step seems to have a touch of artistry. With a keen eye for detail and an innate sense of beauty, she has crafted a legacy in the fashion world, weaving together countless fabrics and pieces that have redefined the industry. Effortlessly chic, yet always pushing the boundaries of conventional aesthetics.
    Revell I didn't try her sweet - my tooth is decidedly not sweet - but it was kind of her to share with everyone. I really, really like her dog though. The bow, the panting, the way she looks so happy when you rub her behind the ear.. Eherm. I was supposed to tell you about Lady Mabelle, wasn't I?
    Rey A warm and friendly woman, from a large family, and who shares many of my own interests. With a lovely laugh smile.
    Rhue Lord K- no, Krit's patron. She invited me to visit the College of Agriculture in Artshall, and the teaching hospital, just like that! She's lovely.
    Richard People like Mabelle remind me why I do what I do, and stand against what I stand. An Arx where people are allowed to live so freely and speak of such fanciful topics is something that must needs be protected.
    Ripley Happy twenty second birthday to you! Twenty third? Twenty eighth? Fortieth? No, probably not fortieth, she doesn't look forty. Maybe twenty second. I'm not sure. I like her eyes though. They're this pretty shade of blue that I saw once in a lagoon in Lenosia while I was on the road and decided to go swim in it. Yeah, that's the color of her eyes. Lovely.
    Romulius A friend of Dycard and Rowynna's. Charming, and tolerant of our antics - Arx suits her.
    Ronja I think I'd get along well with this one. She seems like she knows how to find the fun in things.
    Rook Very conversational and talkative. Will strike a conversation on anything it seems and hold it. Multi-talented then.
    Rook How she keeps dog hair off of her ensembles is a secret worth selling to the fashionable of Arx.
    Rook Lady Mabelle, a true patron of the arts and champion of her culture. She intends to build a theater in her home and I would very much like to be a part of that. There is so much I can learn about her people.
    Roran A woman of depth, with many worries. May she never fail, but should she, I pray she will see it for the positive. Lovely hands.
    Roran What a delightful and caring young lady that has such a big heart for others.
    Rorik Lady Mabelle seems very pleasant. She's got really adorable dogs!
    Rosalie The social Laurent lady. I have heard much about her, thus far all of it seems to be true.
    Rosalind I bet she has stories! I wonder what they are...Aim to find out!
    Rosemary A little sensitive but I can see myself losing some hours at Traders with her. Might need it to toughen her up, and in return she can introduce me to whoever takes care of her wardrobe. I need someone who understands curves.
    Rowenova Sweet as honey, throws great parties, and spends a lot of money on her clothes (but they are amazing, and she designs them herself), fun to be around, and a bit forgiving when it comes to financial questions!
    Rowley She is a chatty one. But not in a way that is annoying. She has an appreciation for the arts, which is refreshing to find. Hopefully we will have future dealings.
    Rowynna Lady Mabelle is kind and generous of spirit, and has offered to nurture me at least a little as I grow into my role as Minister of Population for House Blackshore. I hope I will be as successful for my House as she is for hers.
    Rowynna Lady Mabelle puts together the most interesting and fun events, I shan't forget her sticky fingers in a hurry, and feel that, on the whole, there is much that I can learn from her.
    Roxana Sweet, beautiful, and a talented alchemist. I like her.
    Rukhnis A fellow physician dedicated to bringing together all fields of learning for the betterment of the field of medicine. I very much look forward to seeing her teaching college succeed.
    Ryhalt A frequent customer at Bold Expressions and a Laurent, so that makes her a mutually beneficial customer and someone I'm sure I'll see often.
    Rysen A creative lady of House Laurent with a great sense of humor and a willingness to embrace the spirit of the Northlands.
    Sabella Charming and funny and a great conversationalist and she knows how great the biscuits are at the Sleepless Knights! AND SHE LIKES PARTIES! Definitely best friend material!
    Sabella This one is always fashionable and doing something compelling. It is time I got caught up in her incredible schemes.
    Sabella Lady Mabelle is as sweet as the treats she surrounds herself with. Absolutely wonderful company with an impeccable taste in fashion to. I'm sure she does her house proud with the way she speaks of her people, nothing but love and compassion. We need more of her in this world.
    Sabella Absolutely lovely host!~ Her parties and events are always so much fun including this Honey Festival. Shaking stingers.. who would've thought it would be that much fun! Bee-utiful fashion sense as well!
    Sabine She is as lovely as a sun-kissed blanket of snow over fresh grass.
    Salvador An Oathlander so scandalous as to not drink milk, and cavort in Lycene bars! She has the guile of a Lycene woman, however, and a sense of fashion to match.
    Samael Quite a vision in rose gold. She offered us all cake, which was remarkably pleasant.
    Samantha The Lady Laurent is one of a kind. She has this sense of excitement about her that makes me want to stick around longer than I usually can. I'm really grateful for her charity, that cake was absolutely delicious!
    Samira A fashionista with an eye for beauty. She seems to enjoy leading by example and possesses a great deal of confidence.
    Samuele Fun and funny, she and her friends seem to know not to take life so seriously and to enjoy fun moments.
    Santiago Lady Mabelle Laurent is a bright woman of many qualities. Cousin to Duchess Calista Fidante. She has a love of pastries, and other sweet things.
    Sanya One of the sweetest people I've had the pleasure to meet in the city.
    Sanya A dear friend with a sweet soul (and tooth). Don't let her fool you, she shouldn't be underestimated.
    Saoirse Lady Mabelle Laurent entered a room, sat down, and stared at me ...smiling. WTF are they doing in that fealty? are they all on drugs?
    Sasha A brilliant lady who I am excited to work with upon something stunning for fashion.
    Saverio She's not a black widow. Yet. Ruthlessness looks good on her.
    Savio A Lady of many talents, many responsibilities, and perhaps many secrets. Not just another pretty face, and someone from whom one can learn much, if the time is taken to listen.
    Scythia A fashionable Lady indeed, and quite pleasant company as well. Her manners leave little to be desired.
    Sedna A good natured patron of the arts with an excellent fashion sense and.. a wild imagination, apparently!
    Seren What a delightful Laurent! And I think she both invited me to go swimming and may start stalking the shop. Either way, it works out for me.
    Shae A fellow dog lover it would seem, and a woman that can keep her calm in the midst of chaos. I hope to get know my new cousin more in the future, ones that don't involve burning dresses and docks. Perhaps adorable puppies, instead.
    Shazza A promising partner in beginning equestrianism. I suspect she has sweets always close to hand, a point in her favor.
    Siegward A certainly shrewd noblewoman with little to no filter when it comes to speaking her mind or favoring towards her needs. She's also generous in her purchases, and that's good- generosity I consider a moral imperative when it comes to matters of the state, and that pertains all nobles.
    Sigurd Words fail me truely. Though she does inspire them greatly.
    Sigurd Doesn't hold things against me being an arse so she has a kindness that goes along with her allure. She's always been fun and always manages to get something more out of me. I don't know why that could be.
    Sigurd She's still just as lovely as I remember, with a radiant personality that can brighten anyone's day. We've another chance at friendship, and it's not one that I intend to squander.
    Silvana She seems to be all up on fashion things. She has good taste in it too. She needs a little more of a Lycene style, I think.
    Simone Entertaining, lovely, funny. I can't imagine how blind the men in our Compact could be to not be pursuing her night and day.
    Simone I envy this woman and her attention to details great and small. We will do wonderful things together, her and I.
    Sirius A creature of sharp, mischievous wit whose book of cookie-related debts must be running out of space with all of these cookie loans.
    Sofia I'm not sure I've ever met a more productive person. How does she have time to sleep?
    Sophie What a sweet woman. I should invite her for tea..
    Sorrel A Laurent, so of course she's lovely. And this one is fashionable, enthusiastic, charming, and generous. She really does fantastic things for Artshall and she seems quite the credit to her family.
    Sunaia Oh, my, all the dogs! And quite the taste in jewelry. She simply shines when she enters the room.
    Sunniva As beautiful and charming as ever. It does not surprise me that she has found a way to turn her love of fashion into something more.
    Svana A mischievous Laurent lady who knows Jules very well and enjoys fashion!
    Sven She seems trustworthy, don't you think?
    Sydney Kind, gentle, and firm with her patients. I felt she knew exactly what to do, and wasn't shy about telling me to stop doing things that would cause me further harm.
    Sylvi She correctly figured out that I am not a sailor, despite my heritage. Clever, perhaps dangerous. Will need to investigate further.
    Talwyn Her laissez faire attitude to political matters on the doorstep leave much to be desired. Her Lycene taste in fashion partly makes up for that
    Talwyn Lady Mabelle seems to be an industrious sort. Perhaps that is not so surprising given the fact that her family is known for their honey and the bees they tend. She is a pleasure to be around, and I hope that we can learn more of each other in time.
    Talwyn Wonderful company and a disarming smile, I wonder if she learned that when among the Lycene or in the oathlands.. I look forward to more conversations and shared drinks with this Lady of House Laurent.
    Tanith I mistook her for a baker at first, but she's quite the patron of good eats and sweet-tooths. Sweet-teeths? Either way, it's been quite the lucrative business relationship!
    Tarik A very beautiful and fashionable woman. For some reason, I have never made friends with many Valardins, but she seems nice enough to make me regret it. Beside if Grayson speaks highly of you, who am I to disagree with them?
    Tatienne A potential customer, I hope she'll make use of my services some time.
    Terese A sweet and kind Lady of the house of Laurent who took me in when I got lost. I feel there is much she can teach me.
    Tescelina A spirited Laurent lady, so very lovely. Quite the butterfly catcher, too. She could capture a star with that jar of hers, I'd bet!
    Thea Chatty, enjoys sweets. I'm sure we can find something in common.
    Thesarin Clever. Curious. See why she's friends with the Lady Monique.
    Thomas I am glad to see her doing so well in the city, and back with family once more. What she dealt with after my uncle's death, I'd not wish on anyone.
    Titus In a word, kindness. Kindness doesn't mean weakness, and I feel there's more to lady Mabelle than at face value. The Caldera has many examples where beauty hides danger.
    Turo Seems to be a pleasant and friendly woman, even if she appears to like the idea of doing a census, which is just weird.
    Tyrus Lady Mabelle Laurent was met at the Ebb and Flow tavern, seeking my niece. She was polite, though unfortunately she could not stay long.
    Val A woman from the Oathlands, but from our talk, I could have easily mistaken her as from the Lyceum or the Saffron Chain.
    Valdemar Delightfully wicked, she was a source of both wisdom and much-needed levity when I ran across her.
    Valenzo Curious, but timid. She has been burned, I think, whether you can see scars or not...and haven't we all?
    Vanora The Lady Laurent is humble and sweet, as well as an unusual beauty in my favorite combination. Hint of sweet and a touch of sharp. I hope to know her more.
    Varan The lady of apples and honey, one worthy of prose and song. She is an exquisite vision in a fine feathered hat. I could write pages on her sense of fashion-- is this comparable to finding a muse?
    Vasile She knows how to have fun!
    Venturo The Lady Laurent is clearly a lover of entertainment and games. With a touch of luck, perhaps she'll convince the Duke, too!
    Verity She went wit for wit with me at a moment's notice! Always a joy to find someone with that kind of flexibility.
    Veronica She certainly knows how to fill a room... or plaza... without much more on-hand than her personality.
    Veronica If I hadn't met her on a battlefield, I would never have guessed at the strength that hides under all that velvet and glitter. I'm impressed.
    Veronica Modest when speaking of her healing skills. However, I would describe Lady Mabelle as kindly and due-diligent with manners. Always a joy to be around her. And a fellow researcher! Perfect.
    Vicente You asked to meet her in able to get an idea for Calista to remember the other side of her family. She was able to direct you to Josephine. More importantly, she made a few dry jokes, your favorite.
    Videl A pleasant oathlander noblewoman, didn't get to meet her for very long, will have to find an opportunity for a longer meeting.
    Vincenzo What can I say about the Lady Mabelle? In the years that I've been gone, she has simply gotten more stunning and I am not surprised that she has made quite the name for herself.
    Vincenzo Lady Mabelle was the first to welcome me back to the city. It is good to see her again, and I look forward to hearing more of what she has been up to since I have been away.
    Vitalis Quiet at first, but she opened up a good bit after the Shushing started. An apt shusher and student as well. Very perceptive.
    Vittorio She seems to wear her thoughts on the surface, but it also seems quite genuine, if not what I was expecting.
    Viviana Have I been in the isles too long? I don't recall Oathlanders being so lovely, nor such good company. And a physician, too. Goodness.
    Vulpiano A gifted lady brings sweets galore. She was convincing regarding her protege's skills, as a good patron should be, while being generous with her cake. Along with good conversation, what more could one ask for?
    Wagner A balancing act if I've ever seen one- not too offensive like other silks.
    Wash My first impression of her may have been right. But I can't blame her for making eyes at Catalana. Who wouldn't?
    Willow Anyone in a gown that lovely surely has wonderdil taste and is someone I want to know better.
    Wulfrum Lady Laurent's entourage of dogs is disruptive but an Oathlander who likes rum has acquired the right tastes.
    Wylla Very friendly, engaging, and creative if her many successful endeavors are any indication. Also, she has a very cute naming scheme for her many dogs, who must all be very sweet.
    Xanthe She seems to know Lucita well and is inquisitive. I don't mind that.
    Yelana A proper Lady with a fondness for sweets.
    Ysabel The Lady Laurent is someone to look to. Her choice in clothing is divine and her company is wonderful.
    Ysabel Truly one of the loveliest women I have ever seen. Her sense of style is impeccable. I imagine she lights up any room, no matter where she goes.
    Yuri What a charming woman to converse with. She knows her fashion and pieces for sure, certainly a forward-facing authority on the matter. She may become completely enveloped in the trade were she to visit Iriscal. I wish her all the luck.
    Zakhar A magically infused doctoring lady that only eats cake
    Zara She stands with one foot planted in the Lyceum and one foot planted in the Oathlands, which leaves her poised to be an excellent diplomatic envoy to soothe the tensions.
    Zara I'll always make time for her. She never ceases to liven my day.
    Zara A true friend yells at you when you're being thick headed. In my defense, neither of us has been sleeping.
    Zebulon There's a certain charm about her that makes it easy to open up. I had no plans of having a brief heart to heart during morning practice, yet here we are.
    Zoey Dear, sweet cousin. Let's set the trends and make all of Arx work to keep up with us, shall we?
    Zyanya There are two stories here: the face she turns to watching eyes and the language she wears with stone and metal.
    Zyxthylum Most gracious. We've never had an invite to learn in a proper hospital!