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Lady Eirene Riven

Death claims us all someday. Your job is to send others to her sooner. Mine is to see that you don't meet her just yet. Do your job right, and I won't need to do mine.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Sardonic Battlefield Medic
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Malvici
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 38
Birthday: 10/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Medic
Height: average height
Hair Color: salt and pepper black
Eye Color: warm blue
Skintone: lightly tanned

Titles: Savior of Astarrea, Grayson Minister of War

Description: Time has finally caught up to this woman, the just reward for a long and full life. There's more salt than pepper to her dark hair now, with two signature white streaks framing her face. Age lines cluster around the corners of her full lips and wrinkles spider delicately outward to further accentuate her deep blue eyes, the aftereffects of decades spent smirking and narrow-gazing. Still, she's far from 'old,' and there's a visual refinement to her now that runs contrary to an otherwise oft-blunt demeanor. Her build is thin, softer than it is muscular. Her posture either slopes in lazy comfort or embodies a military-like stiffness - there's no in-between.

Personality: Bedside manner is for cushy quacks catering to nobles with a runny nose. Eirene is the kind of medic you want at your side when your wounds take you off the battlefield and into the triage tent; blunt, factual, and entirely dedicated to getting you back on your feet to kill the bastard who did this to you. She's become jaded and gruff over the years of seeing 'their little buggers' die but she genuinely cares. She just can't afford to care too much. She's a queen of gallows humor and can find anything funny if she wants to.

Background:     Malvici's sons and daughters are usually raised as warriors. Eirene is no different although she found a different path- Eirene was tutored in the usual martial arts and strategy as all her kin, younger sister to Adona and aunt to the current Duke. She found her passion for medicine at eleven years of age after a sparring partner broke his leg and the surgeons reset it. The sight of blood didn't repulse her and the fact he could walk again afterward impressed on her the usefulness of the skill.
    She began her studies then; medicine being less a science and more a skill. Clean wounds heal faster than bloody ones. Maggots will eat dead tissue. Leeches can help in -some- cases when blood pools in a bruise. Stitches can mean the difference between healing or losing a limb- and she wasn't afraid to take a leg if it was the best way to save the patient. Southport's medicinal gardens became a second home. And the war with the Fidantes was all the hands on training she would ever need.
    Eirene does not care for the politics her nephew the Duke has to muddle through. She's never been approached by the family to marry and by all accounts doesn't take lovers. Intimacy isn't something she can afford. Nor is her persona conductive to sweet courtship and romance; she's a jaded curmudgeon of a woman who will laugh at a funeral and roll her eyes at a wedding. She dislikes nobility who coast by on the deeds of dead ancestors and don't respect and care for the peasants and serfs under them.
    Eirene oversees the training of new field medics for Malvici's standing army and ensures each is as capable a soldier as they are a physician. After all- who is to say that field hospitals won't be attacked? And those who know how to heal often know how to do the most harm...

Relationship Summary

  • Mihaly - It was love at first sight, as dumb as that sounds. Then it became friendship with a deep love and comfort. My children love him too, which means the world to me.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Saedrus - Far too pretty but useful
  • Leola - Not an owl. Not a bunny either.
  • Max - Seen his share of shit. Good rum.
  • Victus - Thraxian badass who hates horses as much as I do.
  • Aislin - Collector of lost shit and level-headed explorer.
  • Sophie - Princess Mercy - can trust her if I get jacked up.
  • Dawn - Level-headed half-princess regent. Do not envy her life.
  • Larissa - Very buttery
  • Leo - Wants to fuck up evil more than I do. Good to know.

  • Friend:
  • Eos - Good man, good soldier, bad luck
  • Freja - Princess who can drink me under the table
  • Orazio - Similar ideas if not methods of execution. Ironic I count an Archlector as an old friend.
  • Kima - Sword of Southport, the Lioness. Has my back and she mine.
  • Juliet - Good booze and better company
  • Tristram - We think way too much alike; it's scary.
  • Costas - Blah blah loyal retainer, blah blah trusted.
  • Cassius - The one person who frowns more than I do.
  • Armel - Grumpy veterans of 'too much bullshit' need to stick together.

  • Family:
  • Calypso - Niece. General. Competent.
  • Hadrian - Newphew. Clever schemer. Let him handle the politics..
  • Anze - Future Nephew. Love him like one of my own. Moron.
  • Inigo - Nephew. Master Bladesman. Going to be Duke of Tor.
  • Mihaly - Husband and soul mate(?)

  • Deceased:
  • Cicero - My late husband. Died too soon because he meddled in things he shouldn't have. I'll never forgive him for it either.

  • Sibling:
  • Roxana - My baby sister. She and i are opposites except in snark.
  • Name Summary
    Alarissa She is a lovely woman, with tragedy, but perhaps future joy.
    Calypso I'm finally starting to feel sane again.
    Domonico Legendary for her loyalty to Malvici as well as her ability to curse like a sailor.
    Eleyna I'm sure there are many that like the Lady Doctor in spite of her foul mouth and fouler temper, but I find I rather enjoy her company because of it.
    Kaia The Malvici aunt seems to be a woman of great character. She strikes me as a firm and resolute woman; with a love for whiskey some may consider perhaps an addiction. Still, I get a feeling she's the type that likes going straight at the problem, tackles it and cuts its head right off. I like her!
    Lou Don't let her gruff exterior fool you. Inside, she's a big softie with a huge heart. You never heard that from me though, and I'll deny it if you say it. I don't want to be on her bad side when she's healing me!
    Martino The Aunt of our good Duchess has returned to the city to help guide us once more. Her wisdom unmatched in Southport as she speaks with such confidence to us. Thankfully, as of yet, I have not got onto the side of her that has a temper.
    Mirk A combat medic, I heard her called, and I see why: She has a cool head in a crisis and can assess a situation in a moment.
    Reese Eierene is very funny and is quite the healer! Reese likes to try and stay on her good side, because she gets hurt alot. She remembers Eirene the most clearly from when Eirene tried to help her after the magical bringer attack. She sees Eierene as very skilled and one who doesn't take any bs. She has respect for her.
    Sophie Ah, but it's good to have her back in the city! One of my oldest friends. Well, she's not *old*. Oops.
    Thesarin A cool head in the heat of things, and a damned good skin-stich.