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Gianna Delvecchio

Even the blackest crow is still a songbird.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Ambitious Songbird
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Delvecchio
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 29
Birthday: 7/26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Singer
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: fair

Titles: Nightingale of the Bard's College, Legendary Performer, Nightingale Trendsetter

Description: Gianna has classic good looks. Dark-haired, blue eyed, she doesn't really stand out amongst the beauties of Arx, save for her voice. Her voice is powerful and will be long past when her looks have faded. Her expression tends to be impassive and, to be honest, not entirely friendly. Cool. Reserved. Just a hint of steely determination in her eyes. Gianna moves with confidence, as though her rank is higher than it actually is.

Personality: Gianna has a sharp blade and a sharp tongue. Both are employed in her defense. She is not a soft-hearted girl; she knows what she wants and she will do what she needs to do to get it. Ruthless? Maybe. Gianna comes across as cool, maybe even aloof; that just means the rare displays of charm or emotion are all the more puissant. Even when she's smiling, she's just a little guarded.

Background: Gianna doesn't speak much about where she's from. Refuses to, really. She sounds and looks Lycene, so that's probably a safe bet. If she has any brothers or sisters, she hasn't said. If her parents are still alive, she hasn't said. If she has any children, she hasn't said.

While she arrived in Arx, she spent time playing songs and singing in various inns, taverns, and other public places where passersby might spare a little coin. Gianna quickly made a name for herself by becoming a Whisper and then founding the Bard's College, a social organization for singers, musicians, those hoping to better their musical skills, and supporters of such artists.

Her rough edges (mostly) smoothed over, Gianna continues to strive for recognition and riches. Gianna has an eye for shiny things, and is unapologetic about her plans to obtain them.

Relationship Summary

  • Arik - The Northern Lord was one of the first to hire Gianna to play music when she arrived in Arx.
  • Sabella - The People's Princess has boundless enthusiasm and smiles. She's also a supporter of the arts and a skilled performer herself.
  • Lumen - The Co-Radiant is the first person Gianna thinks of when she has to figure out the best way to be diplomatic.

  • Friend:
  • Amari - Good company. While they are rather different people, Gianna and Amari have enough similar interests to make conversation easy.
  • Evaristo - Evaristo is wonderfully complimentary.

  • Patron:
  • Sorrel - Princess Sorrel of Thrax is Gianna's patron. They're both very musical.
  • Name Summary
    Adora I don't like her.
    Aella I've heard she's a big deal. But if anyone saw how I was dancing they will know there's a new nighttimebird or whatever in town.
    Aethan Seems to have caught Porter's eye. Impressive for one who isn't married.
    Agostino Her nickname is well-earned, with a voice every bit as beautiful as the rest of her. It was wonderful finally getting to hear her sing.
    Ajax Huh, a whisper and a bard, seems used to the power she wields and knows the extent of it as do the people around her. I do appreciate her sense of humor, I wonder if it's as snarky as I hope it is. Makes things more entertaining anyway.
    Alarissa A whisper and one with such a lovely voice.
    Alessandro A very talented musician -- I am happy to have met her in the flesh.
    Alexandre The Nightingale of the Bards, she's certainly caught my interest for the future achievements of the Bard's College, and its Nightingale.
    Alexio Perhaps a kindred spirit. Gianna seems to understand me, and perhaps I understand her in the same way. Time will tell, but I do hope that we can become fast friends.
    Amari Gianna is a lady of determination, elegant style and fine manners. She has to be quite driven too, given the progress she's made with the Bard's College. I'm quite impressed.
    Amund The second Whisper I have met. Different style. More elusive. Mysterious. Pretty blue eyes. Knows Sabella and Niklas Grayson.
    Andry If Adora works with her without trouble, maybe her voice really is enchanted
    Anisha The Nightingale is, I suspect, exactly what you expect her to be. Stylish. Glamorous. Witty. To see her retire from active service as a Whisper is a sadness. But to see her soar on the wings, as she leaves her nest to carry the Bard's College into a new future? That is an honour, a joy, and a thrill all at once.
    Anton First Whisper I've met in Arx, protege of my distant cousin. Also, seems to have an interest in plays, I think. Good with doing voices.
    Apollo Dramatic and self-assured as I would expect. She must be truly something on a stage.
    Ariella The first Whisper I've ever met that I think I genuinely like.
    Arthen How could I ever forget Gianna Whisper? I never could, that's the honest answer, no matter what she tells you, I never once ever forgot I'd met her before, on account of how she is so dang memorable. I could definitely pick her out of any crowd. Definitely.
    Asher A Whisper, and a great musician - but perhaps distracted by shiny things.
    Auda Guarded, but that's hardly a strange quality. I'll just have to warm her up a bit, get to know her better. Despite the distance, she seems like someone I'd like.
    Audgrim Her name has carried across the continent. We even talked about her out there in the forest, far from any towns or cities. Her songs carried even there, at least performed by others. A hero of the commoner, if anyone is.
    Austen A wonderful singer and excellent performer. She seems proud of herself, and so she should be.
    Avaline The Nightingale seems to enjoy praise and is otherwise quiet and reserved. I look forward to seeing her performance.
    Barric A talented singer and musician by all accounts, kind enough to not leave me unattended at the fundraiser, at least for a time. Perhaps sometime in the future we will have more opportunity to get to know one another.
    Beatrice It is one thing to know the Nightingale's reputation. It is another entirely to see her shimmer into being.
    Berenice A positively resplendent model!
    Berto A divine songstress, and a wonderful hostess, this Nightengale.
    Bethany I've never heard anyone sing like that.
    Bianca Inquisitive yet skeptical. Two qualities I find of value when pursuing truth. I hope she finds what she is searching for.
    Bianca It is said without a standpoint reached through questionings, human beings can't acquire knowledge. The Nightingale is a strong example of one unafraid to ask the questions needed to find truth.
    Braith Helpful and dislikes spiders perhaps just as much as I. Rabbits should be far more prevalent in everything. Cats too. Definitely a fan of cats. She likely is too. All great things about the Nightengale.
    Brigida Ice cold. Beautiful voice, though.
    Brigida A truly beautiful voice. I hope she can realise that she can does not needto be defensive about her talent or slights to it.
    Calandra Such a gifted woman, there is no doubt that Gianna has a great and illustrious future ahead of her.
    Calandra In time I hope to mend our broken bridge. We birds must always stick together.
    Calaudrin Saw her at the assembly. If ever there was a place to people watch for artistic inspiration, it's when a mass of nobles get together. Whatever her reason, it's good to see commoners in attendance.
    Caspian She is one hell of a singer!
    Celine Met the head of the Bard's college at Dame Kyda's Worthy Challenge event. The Nightingale seems pleasant and sweet. I look forward to a concert at the college!
    Clara I don' think I actually know very many, if any, Whispers. She seems ta be a nice enough sort and she handled a rather awkward sociopolitical conversation with grace. I look forward ta knowin' her if fate permits.
    Constantine A pleasant woman, polite if a bit cool in conversation. All I've heard are boons toward her performance capabilities. Collected and graceful, she is a stunning sight to behold. An underlying force to her blase demeanor I hope to better understand as we are acquainted.
    Coraline The woman can freaking sing! That is no secret, but she is also an astute business woman, and the fact she got the Bard's College up and running is just amazing.
    Cristoph We met one morning over coffee, it definitely made my time in the cafe more interesting.
    Cullen Interesting. Sounds Lycene, but wouldn't admit to it. A powerful voice the likes of which I've rarely heard, and a perceptive eye. Smart. She ought to have an interesting life here in Arx, and a great deal of success in whatever she happens to choose to do.
    Cullen Still an enigma, even after making a name for herself as Nightingale. I am quite enchanted by her singing, and find her demeanor somewhat curious, but I imagine there's something there we do not know. Or at least, I don't.
    Darren What an incredible musician. I've never in my life seen a bawdy ballad turned into a composition of intuition and emotional poignance. Well done! I look forward to learning from her. She clearly understands the musical arts better than most.
    Delia Perhaps one day I will bug her for singing lessons, but until then I will enjoy listening to her talents instead! She is a pleasure to know and good company to keep.
    Delilah A woman knows the value of the goods around her, surveys them with a keen and cutting eye worthy of a hawk, and then delivers her verdicts with a raptor's precision. She is not someone to cross without tremendous confidence or social forces.
    Denica Met her at the monthly skirt and gown, and she was certainly interesting! Of course she's a whisper, you can tell that, right off.
    Denica Not only can the woman sing like no other, she can hold herself in a fight, too. An impressive collection of talents!
    Elgana A lovely songstress. Hers is a unique and captivating voice that I am hopeful to hear again. And soon.
    Emmelline Very nice sort of woman, loves fashion though.
    Erik Hark! ah, the nightingale - The tawny-throated!; Hark, from that moonlit cedar what a burst!; What triumph! hark!-what pain!
    Esme Glorious voice, I'd say it was a voice to kill for.
    Evaristo Charming and interesting - that is the trait of the whispers, and she is no exception.
    Evelynn She has a wonderful voice and she's a pleasant drinking companion. I'm glad to have met her, hopefully will hear her perform in more events soon.
    Fatima We had an interesting first meeting, as she and the Grandmaster knew what was going on and I hadn't a clue. But she's quite the lovely performer, and good conversation by that. Quite a credit to her renowned house and the new establishment she's helped put together.
    Faye A welcoming and well-spoken Softest Whisper. She does make those performances arranged for the nobles sound interesting to attend.
    Gabriel A Whisper with whom I look forward to working with.
    Gareth If nothing else, it's a lovely voice.
    Gaspar What is left to say about the Nightingale that hasn't been stated time and again? She's lovely, welcoming and I cannot wait to hear her for myself. A dream come true, meeting her face to face.
    Gaston I can see why she's known for her music, that voice is quite incredible. And she moved a knight to come dancing into a bar, so...that's something.
    Gerald Ah, to be young again. Yet, she sees the future with a clarity many lack. Even if it means understanding her limitations.
    Gilroy Holy shit, she did it.
    Giorgio The Nightingale of the Bard's College. Despite her immense fame, she seems to be quite kind. At least, that was the impression that I got from her in our meeting. I have no doubts that her reputation is well earned, if for no other fact than her fame has not caused her to become so inflated that she could not humor my brother with a kind word of praise.
    Grady The legendary Nightingale of the Bard's College! What more can be said about her, beyond that she possesses the kind of artless elegance that few among even the peerage can claim? The true mark of a master is making something terribly difficult look as easy as breathing.
    Gretchen Beautiful, competitive, and ambitious. Someone I definitely don't want to get on the bad side of. Not that she has a bad side, just maybe one that's less good.
    Gwenna The legendary Nightingale, Whisper Gianna is someone who I truly don't get to spend enough time with. Our paths cross at various events and she is truly one of the most graceful and warm people I get to mingle with. Don't even get me started on that chocolate fountain! It is hardly any wonder she is a trust Voice for Whisper House.
    Harlex A nightingale at the College. The Nightingale, from what I'm told and she did not deny. But amicable enough.
    Helena Witty, talented and graceful -- all of that makes her a little intimidating, but I can't help but like her.
    Helia Stunning in voice, elegant of form and bearing. What an intriguing woman!
    Ilira Bolder and darker than any whisper, with a steel beneath that cuts before you touch it. Even so, I find a warmth there, in blue eyes.
    Iseulet Elegant and lives up to everything a Whisper is and should be. She shares many of the same passions I do, as well as ambitions. I look forward to working with her in the future and attending her concerts - truly she sparkles when she sings.
    Itzal An apprentice Whisper? Nonesense, she's proven as skilled in organizing and hosting social events as the best of them, and has been pleasant company throughout!
    Jarel The Nightingale, a reputation well deserved. I have not heard someone who can sing like if she was some kind of divinity. Her voice is not just powerful, but also quite emotional. And it is easy to sweep you off your feet. No wonder she is the Nightingale.
    Jasher Not as much for words as expected, but what does come out is wielded by a cutting edge. Someone to consider.
    Jeffeth What a lovely songstress! She was incredibly lovely when she started to sing! Enough to make me just a touch nervous!
    John Mistress Gianna Whisper, seems like she started and runs the Bard College for the Compact. Must be truly a talented singer and musician.
    Jordan A bard who happens to be an apprentice Whisper. I think she's got a bright future ahead of her as a courtier, if she learns under Lumen, and Bliss, and so many of the other performers and diplomats of the House. I've mentioned Ezekiel to her since she's interested in founding a Bard College of sorts.
    Josephine A woman with a lovely voice and a lovely taste in jewelry.
    Juniper A peer and an example both! To see what she's made of herself is to inspire hope in others! Such as me, yes.
    Jyri Straight to the problem with the efficiency of a soldier. I enjoyed the lesson.
    Kaede A woman humble and sweet, with a painfully beautiful voice, and just enough cunning and greed to her that she knows when to grab for things.
    Keely No matter what she is doing, how she is dressed, where she goes, she is the Most Glamorous person I have ever met. Some day I hope to carry myself with her effortless Poise and Having-It-Togetherness.
    Kenna Such pretty music she plays, though her voice itself is quiet. Perhaps she is a bit shy? Or it was simply the wrong time to be meeting her.
    Lance Such a lovely woman, but such a same she is feeling ill. I do hope that the duskstone makes her day far brighter! My smile pales in comparison with jewels unfortunately. But now I know a secret for when I start to court!
    Lark A lovely young woman who has a keen sense of herself and what she wants.
    Lianne Of similar inclination in regards to the past and present. Fine company for a poetry reading.
    Lilith A very beautiful Whisper and the Nightingale of the Bard's College. She told me all about the Bard's College and their upcoming productions. I can't wait to see them. She seemed very nice.
    Lore I've seen her twice now. Once all done up fancy for a party and once dressed down for the Murder. Not sure which look I like better!
    Lorenzo A warm and welcoming event hostess, and a delight to speak to. We met at a crowded party after a play, but I hope we will have the chance to talk together again quietly at some point.
    Lou Grace, poise, polite. Those are terms that seem to distinctly describe the Nightingale. It is always a distinct pleasure to have her company within a room.
    Luca I've heard she's called the Nightingale, but she strikes me as a siren when she opens her mouth to sing. A curious creature, she is, but her ambitions seem to be in the right place, considering her work with opening that bard's college up. Gracious entertainers are always welcome wherever I am.
    Lucita Driven singer, lovely voice, organized, strongly ambitious,
    Luis A lovely Mistress head of the Bard College. She does seem polite to a fault, though she can laugh and drink and speak of those whom I know with a fondness that suggests a warm heart that beats within. She is indeed a pleasure to spend time around.
    Mabelle A fashionable woman with the voice of an angel. She is quite captivating
    Maddox a smart and dedicated lady. Her whole mindset seems to revolve around the Bards college.. which is an excellent thing, very well focused, and a pleasure to meet.
    Mailys I barely caught a glimpse of her when we were at an event last. Impressive sense of style and connections that could only come from work well rewarded. She has a Who's Who page dedicated to her in one edition somewhere, I'm sure of it.
    Martino Wore an incredible outfit to the fashion show but, I from a truly wonderful Whisper, I imagine she always wears incredible outfits
    Mattheu At least she speaks her mind and that I can respect even if we disagree. The compact would be better if there were more like her in it.
    Medeia The Nightingale is a creative guesser, which should be no surprise.
    Melody The Nightingale of the Bard's College -- One with a terribly, sickeningly beautiful voice. Oh, I can imagine that there's plenty of men and women hanging off her arms and legs after hearing such a voice. It must be difficult.
    Merek I met Gianna at the mission to meet Pirates for negotiation. She is quite a good singer it would seem, and she seems pretty nice!
    Miella Head of the Bard's College, reserved, and she seems quite sharp.
    Mikani Nightingale I was honored to hear your song. I look forward to meeting you again.
    Mirari She has a look about her that says that she might be someone you either want to fight with, or don't want to get into a fight with at all. As someone who is also contrary, I sincerely hope that she doesn't end up being boring. So many people in this city can be.
    Mirella The famed Nightingale. Elegant -- exactly what I expected. I hope to hear her sing.
    Mirk The Nightingale of the Bard's College and a Whisper. She carries herself with all the poise expected of a Whisper, and her passion for what she does is clear. I only wonder how far that passion will take her.
    Monique The most beautiful voice and clever fingers. And a willingness to sing bawdy songs! There's not much to dislike about Gianna.
    Morrighan A rather talented performer if memory serves me right, one of the Whisper House. Knows how to draw a crowd with her singing.
    Narcissa Her bearing demands attention, but her voice ensures it.
    Niklas She has a shark smile to go with her shark's eyes, but I like her nevertheless. She is a truly gifted artist and no one who adds that much beauty to the world can be bad.
    Niklas Mistress Gianna is an exceptional singer and one day I may forgive her.
    Norwood She's quick with the right words when they are needed, my gratitude.
    Nuala We assign first place of music to the nightingale, but surely she is a rarer bird than that. Such astute awareness of events and ready observation gives puts me more in mind of the arresting brilliance of the marsh warbler, her song vigorous and woven from a cloth of many shades. Out of those disparate pieces and influences, she is all the more interesting and complex.
    Orathy Reckon her voice is much like the sirens of the sea that the sailors always speak of, that she be wearin leather only makes a man wonder how true it could be.
    Orelia Got to admire someone who pushes their own boundaries.
    Orland Nightingale that enjoys a well placed compliment, has an eye for the exotic that preceeds superstituion, a skill and passion for design, and a joy for sharing what she collects.
    Ouida It was nice to meet and share company for a time with the famed Nightingale. It should not have been a surprise that her wit was as splendid as her beauty. I hope to one day hear her voice in song.
    Perronne As elegant as all Whispers are, but also friendly and warm, and willing to talk to people! A pleasure to interact with and I hope we don't die!
    Petal friendly, welcoming and can play a lyre
    Pharamond A mix of approachable and haughty - but she has the talent to back it up so!
    Prisila Oh goodness there is actually a Whisper who stands by their ideals. I so very much like her in a place where I like very little.
    Quenia I first met Gianna during the Saik fundraiser for the Bard's College. I'm glad to see that she was able to collect enough funding to get it started. It'll be interesting to see what she does with it.
    Raimon First met at Princess Donella's Concert at the Augury, the Nightingale of the Bard's College did not disappoint. She rose as far above the tumult and hubbub of the worldly conversation as do the soaring ethereal notes of an Aria.
    Ras She knows a lot of shit, and ain't afraid to talk, and ain't afraid to act. Those three things in one person, that's pretty rare.
    Reese A songbird with a voice like the seraph of song must have, if there is a seraph of song.
    Reigna The Nightengale herself. Beautiful, charming and a voice that I have been told melts hearts everywhere. Just as cool and collected under pressure as well.
    Riagnon A charismatic and fun Whisper performer! I thought she did just swell with the Northern Shav'arvani!
    River Business business buisness. She seems like she is going to be duty first and the journey to the destination be damned. A good quality, but gods it's a bit intimidating.
    Rook A singer, she says. Perhaps a song to a piano tune's duet, sometime. Not this party, but maybe the next?
    Rook Refined, beautiful, graceful and charming. Add that hint of danger and Gianna Whisper is a quality woman
    Rowenova An extraordinary bard! There are no words! Hilarious lyrics, too!
    Roxana I like this Whisper, she amuses me and is good company even in the buff. I'd like to spend more time getting to know her I'm sure.
    Rysen Resplendently dressed, and utterly graceful in all things, there is no finer voice in all of Arvum than that of the Nightingale of the Bard's College.
    Sabella Mistress Gianna is an absolute inspiration! Her idea for the Bard's College is amazing! She has the voice of a nightengale and an amazing ambition! I expect great things of her!
    Sabella The Nightingale is one of the single most talented and ambitious women I have ever met. Starting up the Bard's College was truly ingenious and I look forward to seeing what she does with it! Only great things, I'm quite sure.
    Salena I'm not one to go out of my way to find a musician or flick a coin to a bard but since I was in the area, there's something soothing about hearing a song out in the peace of a Garden. Good voice, don't know much else about them other than they seem to curry favor with Prince Niklas' and his play writing.
    Samuele Practical, business oriented, a talent for looking mysterious as well.
    Sanya An accomplished woman with a good eye for fashion. She has been very accommodating and helpful since I've expressed interest in the Bard's College.
    Saro A woman who seems to know just what she wants, and knows just as well how to get it. All things considered, I'm not objecting.
    Savio I never thought I'd meet the famous Gianna, and she is as legendary as I'd heard. Star-struck!
    Sebastian The Nightingale is an exceptional musician, and a talented Whisper on top of all that. A boon to any event, surely.
    Selene Serious, with a touch of quick humour when she wishes, and splendidly dressed as ever.
    Selene The fires of her soul shine in this diamond of a woman. She has been cut and refined to perfection, worthy of admiration, and remote to us as the stars.
    Shae Bright. Cheerful. Pretty voice. A song bird.
    Sheena I don't know what to think of her. She seems outgoing.
    Sira Not prone to smiles unless they are earned. Honest. I like that.
    Sorrel She wants to be a famous singer, and I wish her the best of luck in that. She probably should take a moment to calm down and pace herself, though, because she's got a lot going on, but she is supposed to be a really fantastic singer.
    Stygia Smooth as her voice, a nightengale spreading her wings.
    Sunniva A lovely Whisper and rather apt in in the way of social dancing. I look forward to the design of Harthall pearls she will wear. I also look forward to further correspondences.
    Tabitha An elegant, mysterious songtress with a voice that captivates and inspires.
    Talwyn In the world, Gianna is an adagio in F, of unmatched complexities that even the most deft of social operators would have trouble dissembling. The Nightingale has her remarkable songs and also very sharp claws and beak she never hesitates to apply.
    Terese A wonderful Bard. She has a lovely voice, very soothing to listen to
    Theodoric A joy of both apperance and sound, lovely and lyrical.
    Titus Extremely interesting conversation to be had across a wide range of subjects, the songbird of the night entertains and educates.
    Valarian A mysterious and talented beauty from somewhere that is not here. Dismissive of the lowers, but it's not like I spend time around here much these days. Voice of absolute clarity and strength, lovely to behold. Wishes to be a Whisper, I've no doubt she shall be. I'll have to get more songs - and perhaps her story.
    Vanora This stunning Whisper modeled some breathtaking clothing at the showcase at Crossroads Casino. She's also very personable, I should like to see her again I'm sure.
    Venturo A beautiful singer, a woman who aspires to the Whisper House. With her voice? I have little doubt they will see her potential, and will be taken in.
    Vercyn A wonderful songstress who was gracious enough to let me sing along and ruin her song, and a professional performer who understands the value of entertainment.
    Verity I think when people speak glowingly of Gianna's singing voice, they do a disservice to her fashion sense -- and her interest in fashion. Granted, it's very difficult to compare anything to her voice.
    Victus I thought a Nightingale was a sort of bird, but apparently it is also a woman. They both sing similar songs, beautiful songs.
    Vitalis Nightengales are supposed to be drab creatures. Gianna is anything but. It was rather too solemn an event to get to know her much better than by observation.
    Wash A bard and troubadour that fits right in instead of trying to stick out. I like her.
    Wilhelmina This is a very brightly person. She seems to enlighten everything with her words. She's easygoing and is welcoming.
    Willow Very articulate. Even about which desserts are better.
    Wylla She has a bard's college! And she sings! Such art!
    Wylla She's as elegant as ever and hasn't lost her very discerning eye, nor her sharp mind. She's always the best person to find yourself standing next to at any gathering.
    Yasmine There is more to being a brilliant performer than just skill. It takes presence. Gianna Whisper has that in spades. I would love to do a collaboration with her sometime.
    Zara She has the best of questions, but her voice is behind compare. Oh and when doing truth and lies, well.. so much fun.
    Zara I have met High Lords and Kings, Princes and Princesses, Lords and Ladies: but even on first meeting it is obvious that this Whisper could outshine them all in the right dress. I _must_ get the name of her tailor.
    Zeriax Darkly the night sweeps, and with it comes a melodious lure. Unseen she cuts, whirling with her voice the silver's edge, echos faded of heartstrings plucked.
    Zoey A talented musician. Thank the gods she doesn't sing -at- me, and she seems to understand that in social settings, the musicians are the power -behind- the throne.
    Zoey A lovely voice, though her choice of subject matter makes me uneasy.