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Action Id: 2354 Crisis: Participants: Gianna, Sabella, Porter, Caith, River and Elgana
Status: Resolved Submitted: July 6, 2018, 5 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 11000
Economic Resources: 30
Military Resources: 50
Social Resources: 1290
Action Points: 60

Action by Gianna

Action: The newly established Bard's College has been given a task by Bliss Whisper on behalf of the Whisper House: they are to use 500 social resources the House already donated to find some of the best instrument makers in the compact and see if they can discover new sounds.

This is also a great opportunity to talk about the Bard's College in various villages, towns, and cities: hopefully this will encourage traveling musicians to make a stop at the College in Arx and might lure some musicians to the city as well.

Gianna will be holding performances as she travels, testing instruments by playing them, and so on and so forth. Basically, she will use her charm and skill to hype the college as much as she can, which should help legitimize it in the eyes of the Compact.

Action by Porter

Porter isn't what one would call connected within the musical sphere of influences, but there are a number of musical instruments that do have their uses in the navy. Drums to keep the beat of the rowers, signaling horns, and even more for parades and events. And he has a few ancillary connections, socially, that he can direct toward the Bard's College. Porter will primarily seek out his military contacts, as they are industry sources. Even if they aren't able to meet the needs, they surely know who the bespoke instrument dealers are.

Action by Caith

Performances you say? Well, performances need audiences and Caith is just absolutely adorable and charming AF -- she is sooper dooper good at flittering into bars and taverns, salons and dance houses, theaters and halls and getting people excited about hosting a performance by Gianna -- THE Gianna -- from the Bard's College. Oh yes, the Nightingale herself! These concerts become the /must-attend/ events everywhere they go and anyone who is aaaaaanyone makes certain to be seen at these parties.

Action by River

River has been touring the various taverns inns, and concert halls putting his harp skills to good, use, using his small area of skill in the area of social areas to talk up the bard college. While he doesn't seem to have much in the way of military connections he is plenty connected to the various circles of lords and ladies, his music and talent allowing him to be at various parties and events, where he is able to let others know of the Bard's college's work. This increases his donations of silver, with many benefactor's pushing both social clout and Economic backing to the college.

Action by Elgana

If there is one thing Princess Elgana Redrain loves it is a good show. When word reaches her about Gianna's tour she jumps at the chance to bring the Nightingale, and her talent, that much closer to the North. She'd accompany the tour as far north as Gianna dares to travel in winter using her own social contacts, and pull as a Princess of Farhaven, to spread the word amongst the populace and help secure lodging and even helping hands for the tour. She'd ensure that not a single person was left not knowing of the Bard College or Gianna, the Nightingale. Back in Arx, she'd see about working with any others on getting crafters excited to be a part of the Bard college by either helping fix up the college itself or create musical instruments for its use.

Action by Sabella

Sabella will happily reach out to any contacts she knows, both those in the crafting world when it comes to people who might make instruments and also just people in general in the areas that Gianna is traveling to in order to secure lodging and talk up the Bard's College. If nothing else, maybe it will allow her to stay in elevated lodging and play for some nobility while she's at it! To add to this (and ensure the nobility trust that the Bard's College is totally serious and on the up and up), Sabella will accompany Gianna on a few of her stops, happy to talk up the Bard's College, but also the perform with the Nightingale (should she be all right with it!) to show that hey, if the Bard's College can teach a princess to sing that well maybe there's hope for everyone!


With a mission and with friends, the Bard College denizens sally forth to find better quality musical instruments, and maybe even uncover something new! Lord Porter helps, with contacts far and wide. River Whisper helps too, holding concerts and showing off his harp skills. Princess Elgana helps as they travel north, introducing them around and bringing the Nightingale to cheer the Northern taverns and push away the cold up in Redrain.

Princess Caith and Princess Sabella choose to divide and conquer, working together to spread the word far and wide in support of the Bard College and the concerts they're holding. And overall it's a huge success. In the dead of winter, the warmth of music is an almost tangible thing, and the travelers find themselves welcomed everywhere they go. And the merchants are glad to show them their finest instruments, and these journeymen bards get their pick of some of the best instruments in the realm.

And the absolute best find is a beautiful, masterfully carved instrument something like a viole, called a "citole" by the peddler who offers it to them after a particularly fine performance, telling a story of how it was passed through her family for generations, but she can't really even play it. And so they return to Arx, their mission successful and a new instrument to try to figure out during the rest of those cold winter nights.