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Action Id: 2526 Crisis: Participants: Sabella, Gabriel, Niklas(RIP), Fairen, Tabitha, Kaldur(RIP), Delilah, Roxana, Liara, Coraline and Gianna
Status: Resolved Submitted: July 24, 2018, 11:28 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Economic Resources: 1000
Social Resources: 600

Action by Sabella

To introduce the newest Grayson Prince to their subjects, Princess Sabella and Prince Niklas will embark on a tour of the Crownlands taking with them family and friends that will help entertain the populace and make good impressions all around. This is not only to show people that Princess Sabella and Prince Niklas are amazing, but to introduce them to other family members (or in the case of Cassima should she join, future family members!) and remind those around Bastion that the Graysons truly do care about their people! There will be a parade, some charity work/donations, some free concerts, short one act plays, and maybe even a ball put on for commoners and nobility alike to attend! None Greater Than Grayson!

Action by Niklas(RIP)

Is Niklas writing those one act plays? You bet your ass he is. Is Niklas occasionally singing with Gianna when she's okay with it? Uh, yeah. And, should Tikva decide to join them, is Niklas joining the Princess to banjo the living shit out of the good people of the Crownlands? Oh yes! But what Nik is really there for is gladhanding. He's there to let people know that as the new Prince of Grayson, and as the husband of Sabella, the People's Princess, he's there to be the People's Prince. As such he will be putting the majority of his effort into making friends with locals, especially the magistrates or mayors of the little towns and villages they visit along the way, as well as important commoners in Bastion itself. This isn't to say he's ignoring the Grayson family or their vassal lords at the steadfasts where they make their stops, but he wants to make certain the people know the story of Niklas and Sabella, the difficulties they faced and overcame in making their love match become a reality, and the happy ending that they're going to have. The two of them are the fairy tale so many commoners would like to believe the nobility live, and his job is to give each and every person he meets share in that magic.

Action by Gianna

Gianna is doing what she does best: singing. Singing and music, but she's always on about her best instrument being her voice, so really, she's just accompanying herself on the citole. May as well use that new instrument!

Action by Delilah

Delilah will gladly contribute to gathering stories, charming the populace, and listening to the various tales and concerns of the people. She's all about listening and showing a direct interest in the pulse of affairs in their home. After compiling all the information she can, she'll present a bound book of stories, legends, tales, and findings -- such as is appropriate, obviously any ribald love poetry or such gets a good scrubbing -- to the happy couple.

Action by Roxana

Roxana will be turning on the charm and accompanying Sabella on this diplomacy tour on behalf of her marriage and House Grayson. She'll subtly direct conversations towards the Princess' own virtues and good taste, as well as to the very successful history that Prince Niklas has as a playwright. Surely the Grayson vassals and common people can appreciate the arts, and how proud Grayson is to have such a famed talent now among their own. Roxana will use this opportunity to boost morale regarding House Grayson as a whole as well as the future of the Compact with Grayson at the helm.

Action by Liara

Liara heard that someone might want a ball for Sabella and Niklas, and now there's going to be a ball, if she has anything to say about it. It will be hosted in Bastion, in the very biggest ballroom she can wrangle up. She's going to go ahead of the others to make sure it's all arranged to her liking. She plans on an extravagant affair, with abundant food and drink, music and dance, lots of floral decorations with pink peonies (their wedding flower, as she might explain to anyone asking) featuring strongly, and one big pelican-shaped cake.

Action by Tabitha

Tabitha will naturally be talking up her wonderful patron, Princess Sabella, and the equally fabulous Prince Niklas, but she'll also provide her painting skills to add some artistry to their tour. Beautiful posters, invitations and cards will be made to advertise events as needed, and in addition she'll do whatever she can to provide decorations, props and other bits of loveliness to them. Yay! It'll be fun!

Action by Fairen

Princess Sabella and Prince Niklas are touring Grayson lands, and it seems Marquis Fairen was actually already planning a similar event, to have the Leary Family take the time to visit the citizens of Leaholdt together and show his people his care for them. While the tour goes on, Fairen makes it a point to visit with his people directly, speaking with the merchants and gentry of his Holdings to get a better, personalized understanding of the issues they face. Not to mention, he ensures to hold court, and resolve the issues he can in person, rather than through a messenger sent between Leaholdt and Arx. As for the Prince and Princess that are visiting, he welcomes them readily and hosts a dinner for them to honor not only their union, but the future Grayson Prince or Princess the pair of them have conceived. Additionally, for his own family, he encourages them to tag along, and expresses that they will get the opportunity to see the lovely Lady Valitina Leary II should they come along.

Action by Coraline

Using her incredibly commanding presence, okay not incredible but darn commanding darn it, Coraline will show her leadership capacity and help keep everything all organized and in military precision.

Action by Kaldur(RIP)

Kaldur will cut a fine and noble figure in the touring party, he and his fine, palomino warhorse Dumpling, a display of resplendent, martial gallantry. He'll turn on the charm, flash his dimples hither and yon, and polish his green griffins armor to a fare-the-well. The armor is a from none other than Princess Reese Grayson! Flying Seliki colors with the colors of the Great House to which he ultimately owes fealty. He'll also bring along Captain Hajo Xander and Cobalt, Commander of the Seliki Engineering Corps' cavalry to have the commander's face known.

Action by Gabriel

Duke Bisland arranges a warm welcome for the new, happy couple when they visit Pridehall. Though he will not be there himself, being required in Arx, he does send word ahead to his family and Voice there, so that the strong relationship between Grayson and Bisland is put on display.


Prince Niklas and Princess Sabella, newly married and eager to settle in, make a tour of various Grayson lands. They start in Bastion with a parade, and performances by Gianna Whisper. Princess Roxana welcomes them too, showing family feeling and support and carrying the glad tidings of their arrival. Princess Liara throws them a party - she likes parties and it's clear she likes Sabella, and she does an excellent job of ensuring it goes off without a hitch.

They travel through Hawkhold with Lady Delilah singing their praises (metaphorically, she's not trying to compete with the Nightingale after all), and the people are clearly taken with the beautiful artwork Lady Tabitha makes for the goodwill tour. They travel through Leaholdt with Marquis Fairen, are welcomed in Pridehall by Duke Gabriel himself, and are made comfortable and at home by Lord Kaldur in the heart of Pearlspire.

Overall it's a joyous, occasionally raucous party made all the more safe with Princess Coraline providing some security for them, and keeping them all on schedule. At the end of the festivities, it's pretty clear that the new Prince Niklas has been welcomed into the fold, and that both he and Princess Sabella clearly believe there's None Greater Than Grayson.