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Action Id: 2618 Crisis: Participants: Gianna, Sabella, Wylla, Niklas(RIP), Quenia, Porter, Elgana, Aahana, Perronne and Eddard
Status: Resolved Submitted: Sept. 15, 2018, 10:02 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 100000
Economic Resources: 600
Social Resources: 900

Action by Gianna

For the past half year, the Bard's College has been under construction. Curiously, it was essentially the perfect building when Gianna first found it; the work has mostly been restoration and the construction of a stage suitable for putting on plays. Donations from various supporters has fueled rapid progress, and now the College is ready to open, fully functional. There will be an event. Gianna will perform at this event.

Action by Niklas(RIP)

As the Voice of the Bard's College, Nik will be pulling all the strings he has to make certain that the grand opening of the Bard's College is seen as a momentous and defining cultural occasion in the history of Arx. The Black Rose what? The Empyrewho? It's all about the Bard's College. Your premiere source in the entire Compact for becoming the best performer, musician or singer possible and, for the party host, your source for the finest entertainers in the whole damn world. You heard me, Cardia! Your barbershop dragon quartets got NOTHIN' on the Bard's College! So he'll gladhand his fellow nobles and convince them that the grand opening of the Bard's College is easily the most incredible thing that's ever happened to them, even if they have beautiful children or fought in ugly wars, the Bard's College still comes in at #1! This could be THE moment of this era. Why would they not want to be part of it? And if they're going to be part of it, why wouldn't they want to donate so they can /really/ feel like they participated in a generational shift for Arvum? What's a few (thousand) silver if it means you can be a part of history? Legends come and go, people, but Nightingale Gianna is an ICON and ICONS ARE FOREVER. Be a part of her story! It'll only cost you your money.

Action by Sabella

Sabella will be going all out talking up the Bard's College opening to anyone that will listen! It's the first time something like this has opened in Arx and don't you want to be part of history?! Especially nobility--there's always a need for skilled musicians at parties and wouldn't you like the Whispers you hire to be able to mingle? Well, now they can because you'll have such wonderful, trained musicians to choose from thanks to the Bard's College! Why not show up for the opening and maybe make a donation!

Action by Porter

Porter Kennex spends some time dragooning the more urbane ship captains, and the ones who were just inclined toward music in general, about the opening of the Bard's College. They should come. Bring your wives, they'll love you for it. Most especially, he provides a donation and starts a stipend to the Bard's College.

Action by Aahana

Aahana is using her charm and ways of conversation to mention EVERYONE who is ANYONE should attend the grand opening of the Bard's College. She provides social and economic writs in aide.

Action by Elgana

Who loves the arts? Elgana loves the arts! And nothing makes her heart soar more than the idea of assisting with the grand opening of the Bard's College. She knows how much love, blood, sweat, and tears (and maybe booze) that Gianna has poured into this, so Elgana will do her part, play her role, and ensure that it is the talk of the city, the Compact, for years to come for all the right reasons. Anyone who will give the Redrain princess a moment of their time will leave her presence knowing it is the place to throw their silver, their time, and the place to be seen if they want to be at the forefront of the social scene. Who doesn't love a good bard? And since she knows how much Prince Niklas and Princess Sabella love the arts she'll work with them as well to assist in spreading the love and the word to get those donations rolling in.

Action by Quenia

Given that Lucita is part of the bardic college, and Quenia is Lucita's protege, she wishes to see this organization thrive. She puts some of her social might behind it, as well as some of her economic might, and talks to all of her friends and allies about the organization, and how they teach others how to be the best performers they can be.

Action by Wylla

Wylla loves art! Of course she does. She wants others to love it too. She'll be providing a blessing at the opening of the Bard's College, and will be using her status as the Archlector of Jayus to throw some theological weight behind the college as well.

Action by Eddard

Eddard Clement takes to announcing himself as a member of the Bard's College everytime he performs at a low-key corner of a tavern or pub. Then reminding patrons of the soon upon them Grand Opening of the Bard's College! His time is well spent practicing songs of this sort or the other to ensure he is ready to *perform at the grand opening*.

Action by Perronne

Perronne does not necessarily LOVE art, but she likes art! And she likes the idea of the Bard's College, so she will go to her fellow merchants and speak with them about the economics of an organized group of bardic entertainers, who could potentially aid in the promotion of various goods and services, if well-payed and well-treated. She also points out the value of hiring bards on long caravans, and that bards trained and patroned by the College have a much lower possibility of being thieves or brigands in disguise. She donates significant of her own funds towards the opening and initial support of the college, and encourages her peers to do likewise.


The opening of the Bard College is a grand affair, hosted by - and hosting - many notables across the breadth of the city. The Nightingale herself performs - this is not a surprise, since the establishment of this has been her focus for years now. Prince Niklas handles publicity, organizing an army of people to talk about every facet of the upcoming event - Princess Sabella, Lord Porter, Lady Aahana, Princess Elgana, Marquessa Quenia, Archlector Wylla, Lord Eddard, and an adventurer named Perrone move through the city doing their best to make sure everyone knows what's coming.

And people show up from all across Arx, some even coming to the city for a visit with plans to see the College. The bardic tradition is important, and rumor has it that this old building, newly-refurbished, is quite beautiful indeed. And on the night of the grand opening, everything is stunningly perfect and polished within an inch of its life. The music is glorious, the company sublime, the acoustics absolutely amazing. And the mural? The mural on the floor is gorgeous, and no one can seem to agree on what they liked best about it.

In fact, upon closer examination the mural seems to shift depending on who's looking at it and when. Cleaned and restored, the night of the party people mention their favorite parts of the mural - a hooded figure with a lute, a woman with laughing green eyes and a sly smile opening her mouth to sing, a choir of figures singing in the woods, and sometimes it looks like the trunks of the trees have faces. It's a fascinating piece of art, and new details are seemingly noticed every day.