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Action Id: 2633 Crisis: Participants: Sabella, Jareth, Niklas(RIP), Tabitha, Caith, Alessandro, Gianna and Evonleigh
Status: Resolved Submitted: Sept. 4, 2018, 2:49 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 10000
Economic Resources: 1000
Social Resources: 700

Action by Sabella

Since the weather has gotten good again it's time for the Second Annual Season of Free Children's Plays to start up in Nightingale Park the Lowers! Princess Sabella Grayson along with a host of others has pulled together some of the city's greats for one night a week while the weather holds to entertain the many orphans and poor families of the Lowers. Just a way to bring a little art and fun to the lives of those that need it! Light refreshments to be served at each performance with actors, painters, playwrights, musicians, and of course Princes and Princesses able and willing to talk to interested children about things after the show! The season will run until the cold of winter makes it prohibitive to sit outside. The current lineup looks to be:

The Seafoam Princess, The Fox and the Rooster, The Grumpy Gryphon, The Brothers Redrain, The Dragon and the Mouse, and The Reflection's Wish.

Action by Niklas(RIP)

For the most part Niklas' participation is in writing the plays and helping Gianna write the songs. Otherwise, he goes where needed. Need an actor for a show? He's there. The Nightingale's got a cough? He'll sub in. Need a background painted? Well, it's not really his thing, but he can do it! Whatever it takes to make certain this series is a big success! He's also willing to hobnob so as to add his celebrity to bring more attention to the cause.

Action by Tabitha

Tabitha will be happy to use her painting skills for set design and the creation of props, aiming to make them eye-catching and lovely in a way that will charm young minds. After each show she'll also be delighted to talk to the children for as long as they want, possibly doing some wax crayon drawing with them if seems like a fun and fitting idea.

Action by Gianna

Gianna leads the Bard's College's efforts to help the plays be a success. This means composition of music (themes for characters!) and possible involvement in Acting if there's a need for someone dignified and beautiful. No? Fine. Music, then. If Gianna has a soft spot, it's dealing with disadvantaged kids.

Action by Caith

Who is that bubbly woman wearing a rooster hat and trilling out a merry cock-a-doodle-doo? Who is that laughing lady with the faux-fox tail pinned to the seat of her trousers chasing the children around before the play? Who is that spirited lass huffing and puffing dramatically in her dragon get-up for all to see? Why, it's Princess Caith! Every show, she shows up in some outfit (let's just tell it like it is: they're costumes .. ridiculously cute costumes) themed to whatever play is being performed. She plays games with the children as they wait for things to begin! She offers her lap to anyone who doesn't have a mommy or a daddy here with them (let's circle up and watch together!)! She hands out little stuffed toys (foxes! roosters! gryphons! dragons! meeses and mices! a princess doll with brushable hair!) after the shows and gives out hugs to any kid who wants or needs one! 'Wasn't this fun? Oh, I do hope to see you again at the next one! I will save you a spot beside me!'

But she's not just here for the fun of it (although it /is/ super fun). She's also representing the Heart in Hand charity! Caith has care packages for the parents, things that they will find useful in their daily lives. Bread and hard cheese for the tummies. Blankets for a good night's rest. Hats and mittens in the colder months to keep warm, lighter cloaks in the summer to keep off the rain. Things of that nature. And if they need something else, she lets them know: reach out to Heart in Hand because Heart in Hand can help!

Action by Evonleigh

Evonleigh will perform in the plays as an actress, happy to draw on her years of acting troupe performances to put on a show for the children of Arx. She will of course happily talk to the audience in the post-show talks as well.

Action by Jareth

As a child of the street, Jareth is looking forward to lending his name, aciting talent, and story to help those in the burroughs. Jareth the great, even in his own mind, being a great example of a way out of the slums and dangerous life of crime and poverty that ends so many lives prematurely. Also the fact the Princeess Sabella has asked if he would help, for one cannot say know to a patron of the arts like the princess!

Action by Alessandro

Alessandro is here to help in any way he can! Be it ushering, looking lawyer-ly to discourage pickpocketing, or whatever Sabella needs on the day. He has also brought along his and Margret's new ward, Valarienne, one of the children rescued by Prince Ainsley, so that she can see the show and perhaps play with some of the other children.


When the question is asked, 'Won't somebody think of the children?' - inevitably Princess Sabella answers back, 'I'm on it!' And with this particular venture, The People's Princess arranges for the Second Annual Season of Free Children's Plays to start up in Nightingale Park the Lowers!

With the help of Lady Tabitha with set design, Gianna Whisper - the Nightingale Herself!, Lady Evonleigh performing, Jareth the Actor also performing, Prince Niklas filling in wherever needed, and Lord Alessandro making sure everything goes smoothly, the plays are put on exceptionally well. The Seafoam Princess, The Fox and the Rooster, The Grumpy Gryphon, The Brothers Redrain, The Dragon and the Mouse, and The Reflection's Wish - all wonderful children's stories the children of Arx know well - come to life on the stage.

And off the stage, Princess Caith is handing out smiles and stuffed animals to all the children who want so desperately to attend, paying special attention to children who seem like they might not have too many toys at home. All in all it's a grand, joyous affair, and the people of the city are happy to see Princess Sabella taking the lead in being so wonderful to the children.