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Action Id: 2661 Crisis: Participants: Bliss, Beaumont, Joslyn(RIP), Mikani, Estelle, Ezekiel, Fecundo, Gianna, Navi and Capri
Status: Resolved Submitted: Sept. 8, 2018, 9:47 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Economic Resources: 50
Military Resources: 300
Social Resources: 170

Action by Bliss

It may be a surprise to many, but the name 'Bliss' is one that seems to have a rather storied history within the Telmarch. Many knights, duelists, and nobles seem to know of the storm of a woman who went through this famously stodgy area years ago, and there might even be a famous story or two associated with her.

With all that, it seems like she is ready to go back to the Telmarch once more and relive some of her past. Hosting a proper festival, she is going to be providing basic arms and armor for any who wish to participate, with a grand tournament among the duelists happening over multiple days. A chance to fight the Champions and prove your name - and earn some silver on the side!

Past that, the woman loves performances, and there will be stage shows, bards - perhaps even some from the College? - and grand obstacles in the duels the further into the bracket they go. Many of her own duels have featured props, after all, and crowds seem to love them.

The finale of the show? The winner of the tournament will perform a proper Rite to Gloria with Bliss herself (who is not participating in the tournament) as a proper show of respect to the Faith in this very orthodox region.

But who says you can't have fun doing all that?

Action by Capri

Invited along on the trip by Bliss, the new prospect Capri de Lire comes along to do exactly what one might expect of him: to fight. He's there to perform, to out-show everyone else, and to win. He's after the chance to impress the audience and gain prestige, as well as perform the Rite to Gloria with Bliss.

Action by Beaumont

He's the Peerless of the Champions' Guild. Of course he knows how to put on a show. Are you not entertained? Of course you are. Look at your Champion. Now look at me. Now back to your Champion. If you had a proper contract with the Champions Guild, he'd look like me. Oh yes, and Bliss of course. Isn't she great? Now, let's talk more about me.

Action by Ezekiel

Joining those present, Ezekiel will play songs during the various tournaments. He will also tell tales of the various participants and expound upon the virtues of the victors.

Action by Estelle

Estelle was asked to join and happily accepted the chance to return closer to home. More helpfully, the Mercy will be on hand to attend to the various forms of wounds that can arise over the course of physical competition and fighting to, well, wound.

Action by Joslyn(RIP)

Joslyn will of course attend such an event, with a grand tourney to prove her worth in the heat of battle against her fellow champions. She'll fight with all her strength, as competetive as always, hoping to lead herself to ultimate victory, looking forward to performing her own rite of Gloria with Bliss.

Action by Gianna

Bliss' request to Gianna was pretty simple: was she interested in performing? Yes, please. Gianna is almost always interested in performing, and that means singing, and she's very good at singing. She will perhaps sing some inspiring anthem to open the event. Are there medieval half-time shows? Because half-time shows. She has also mentioned this project to the other Bards to see if they'll bite. Maybe some NPC bards come along.

Action by Navi

Navi shall attend such an auspicious event -- if nothing else, such should be an experience in regions she's not yet seen with people she's not yet met. Of course, glory always awaits, but her expectations remain reined in just now. She intends to duel, to display her prowess as a Champion, and offer comradery to those seeking the same.

Action by Mikani

Mikani will attend the event. She will join the tourney for practicing her talents and working on her showmanship. She intends to get to know her fellow champions better.

Action by Fecundo

Wearing the favor of Princess Isidora Valardin, Fecundo will enter the tournament to try an make a name for himself, among the Champions and perhaps outside of Arx.


The Champions are going to the Oathlands. Specifically the Telmarch - and the Tournament is being billed as "Tourney in the Telmarch" and led by none other than Champion Bliss Whisper.

This is a complicated moment for the Telmarch. On the one hand, Bliss Whisper has been very public about her feud with House Telmar. And many believe she is justified in her grievances, and are looking for Duke Arn to come up with a solution and quickly. The Oathlands as a whole are not only devout, but hold honor as their watchword, and many believe that it is on Duke Arn to give her the sword - after all, honor before all things is a main tenet in the Oathlands. But giving up the Sword is also unconscionable, so the more pragmatic among them understand his reluctance to do so. And so as the Champions come to Telmar, they turn their attention to Bliss to see what she is really up to.

The tournament itself is everything they could hope for. She provides arms and armor to any who want to have a moment in the sun to fight one of the renowned Champions. She brings with her the ever-popular Nightingale, Gianna Whisper, and a Mercy of her own - Estelle, She has invited a veritable bevy of who's who among the Champions too - Fecundo, Mikani, Navi, Joslyn, Ezekiel, Capri - even Peerless Beaumont shows up. Which lends a little weight to Bliss Whisper, having a son of Valardin backing her up in this.

And the show goes off without a hitch. It's truly interesting and fun for all concerned. And at the end, the winner challenges Bliss in a Rite of Gloria - and the faithful among the Valardin come away from that quite troubled. She seems devout, and accusations of selfishness pale in comparison to this devout woman who is fierce and filled with righteousness.

Even as they applaud the Tourney in the Telmar, they're now starting to put a little more pressure on Arn and Ansel to resolve things honorably and soon.