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Action Id: 2820 Crisis: Participants: Niklas(RIP), Yasmine, Rook, Alarissa, Bliss, Sabella, Aurora, Tikva, Tabitha, Carita, Delilah, Sorrel, Caspian, Liara, Elgana, Lumen, Gianna, Alejandro, Berenice and Evonleigh
Status: Resolved Submitted: Nov. 21, 2018, 10:53 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 30000
Economic Resources: 1000
Social Resources: 2000

Action by Niklas(RIP)

The Good Duke of Gemecitta, a musical comedy by Prince Niklas Grayson

It's time for another Niklas Grayson SPECTACULAR!

With the help of Nightingale Gianna Whisper, Niklas has put together an entirely new form of theatrical entertainment. They've taken one of his older plays, his first real hit, a comedy called The Good Duke and have rewritten it so every scene is a song, every line is a lyric and the entire play is an extravaganza of dancing, singing, acting and (in some cases) fighting. With extensive choreography, music from a number of popular genres and an all star cast, this reimagining, called The Good Duke of Gemecitta, is set to be a genre defining event.

Almost as important as the play itself is the fact that it will be the first theatrical performance held at the Bard's College, meant to demonstrate the worthiness of the College as a venue for all sorts of entertainment. That the show (which Niklas has termed a 'musical', so as to keep it separate from the somewhat artsier 'opera') contains such a mix of performances will allow the auditorium at the Bard's College to show its versatility.

Niklas also pulled together a cast made up of some of the city's most well known singers, dancers and actors. Backstage are legendary and famous artists putting together sets and wardrobes. As well as a veritable army of PR people out there hyping the whole thing. As Niklas has said in his humble and low key manner, this will either be the greatest spectacle in the history of the Compact, or the biggest disaster since the city burnt down. Either way, worth the cost of a ticket, right?

And finally, this is meant to be a big charity event. Once the commoner participants are paid all other funds will go toward Princess-Consort Alarissa Thrax's Thursday's Child project. But wait, what about paying the venue?! Well, it turns out that when you're Assistant Nightingale of the Bard's College you can cut yourself a 100% discount. So every last silver that doesn't go to pay (commoner) cast and (commoner) crew will go toward helping to pay off the debt of thrall children. Given that his brother freed hundreds of thralls, but did so in the dumbest way possible, this is something about which Niklas is actually quite passionate.

There will be no event and as such no specific plot writeup. In a highly general sense the musical is about a conflict between (the wholly made up) Duke Enzo Rubino and Duke Giacomo Zaffria which gets farcically out of control when they schedule weddings for their heirs to occur on the same day. Lady Giulia Igniseri (Sorrel) is betrothed to Lord Stefano Rubino (Alejandro) and Lady Carina Zaffria (Yasmine) is engaged to wicked Prince Marco (no house name, Lumen) and wants out as she and Lady Alessandra Rubino, Stefano's older sister (Bliss) are in love. And of course Lady Eleonora Zaffria (Evonleigh) is in love with Lord Stefano. Marco's sister, Princess Valentina, (Sabella) isn't in love with anyone except herself, but she acts as the narrator and routinely breaks the fourth wall to address the audience directly, generally to make humorously unkind comments about the people on stage. There's humorous lyrical dialogue, some of that broad physical comedy from the second act of The Playwrights, three dramatic sword fights (including a three way fight between done to a jaunty saltarella) and a couple of love stories. There's drama, but since this is Nik, there's a happy ending for most characters and only the jerk prince (whose house is never named) ends up getting killed due to his own shittiness as a person. (Note: though his marriage contract allows him to keep publishing as Niklas Kennex, he's decided his old family is full of nerds, so he's going to be Prince Niklas Grayson for purposes of this show.) And while the show gets a lot of comedic mileage out of the unique setup of Gemecitta's duel dukes, the show is respectful toward the city itself, including the intro song sung by Princess Valentina that talks about how great, if weird, Gemecitta is.

Action by Gianna

Gianna helped write the songs and is providing the stage - the Bard College's Performance Hall - as well as some of the talent, some funding from the College's account, and using the bards to spread word of mouth and up the hype. The problem with all this involvement is that she has a personal stake in how good the singing is, and she is highly critical and determined to make sure the songs are flawless, even if that means people have to learn to sing better. She can show them what they need to do, and she will, but she will not be pleasant to work with. She probably has to be removed from the process at some point. Good thing Niklas has a really high Diplomacy skill! Seriously, there are good reasons she has instructors that aren't her at the College.

Action by Sabella

Sabella is simply thrilled to take the stage for the very first time acting in her husband's musical as Princess Valentina, wicked Prince Marco's sister and narrator to the story that often breaks the fourth wall to interact with the audience and make fun of the other players. Not only will she eat nothing but lettuce in the months leading up to the production to make sure she looks her best for the role, she will throw herself into learning the lines and the songs and practicing her improv so that this is the very most amazing show that ever existed! BEST PLAY EVER!

Action by Elgana

Ah, the theater! Princess Elgana is enthused there is to be another play put on but the fact that it is a production by Prince Niklas is just the icing on the cake. How could she ever dream of saying 'no' to a chance to promote his latest work? There is an all-star cast! Music! Drama! Laughter! It has everything and she's going to bend the ear of anyone who stands still long enough around her to get the word out about this production and how amazing it is going to be and how anyone who is ANYONE in this city ought to be there on opening night.

Action by Berenice

Berenice has agreed to help promote Niklas's newest production, but she's taking a very particular spin on it: she's talking up her interest, certainly, dropping it in conversation about how excited she is for opening night, but more than that, she's going to be flexing her wiles to get all sorts of people competing for the honor of escorting her to opening night. Will it involve duels? It might, you never know. Will Berenice _encourage_ people to duel over getting to take her to the theater? One hundred percent absolutely. She's going to make an absolutely delightful game of the whole thing. Who will actually take her to opening night? THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT. Hopefully there will be tears and fights and DRAMA before the curtain even opens.

Action by Tabitha

Once again, and to her great excitement, Tabitha will be lending her efforts to any tasks that require the skills of an artist: painting sets, creating props, applying stage make-up and so forth. She'll happily work with the team of artists as a whole, as well as on her own when appropriate. She's an organised busy bee who likes to get get along with others to help a project reach its full potential, so she'll be at her smiling and enthusiastic best among like-minded people of a creative bent.

Action by Sorrel

Sorrel being the Bladesong is a triple threat: an incredible soprano, an excellent dancer, and a swordswoman of some note. She's set to play Lady Guilia Igniseri, the Rubino-Zaffria vassal, in a stylish, charming way. She's quite involved in training the actors and actresses for the show, and she and Bliss are working out choreography for when Lady Alessandra Rubino and Lady Guilia bring swords into their squabble over who should get the world's most useless and undeserving prince, before making up and singing a brilliant duet about how neither of them need that particular man. Sorrel is mainly concerned with helping to showcase the talents of commoners whose livelihood she would like to boost with this all-star cast and in training those with less experience to have more confidence.

Action by Yasmine

Yasmine will be bringing her formidable skills as an actress, singer, and dancer to the role of Carina Zaffria, the apple of her father's eye, yet not without considerable cunning of her own. In the part, the Ravashari embodies the dual characteristics of the 'stereotypical Lycene' by being both sweet and relatable to the audience while also conducting machinations to attempt to assert her own will. On the stage, Yasmine beguiles, whether with her ability to fully embody whatever role she plays, her rich contralto voice, or her expert dancing.

Action by Lumen

Lumen will be embodying the wicked Prince Marco, intermingling her on-brand impishness with the debonair stylings of a highness entirely lacking in moral high ground. This is not Lumen's stage debut. She portrayed a man in Lord Niklas Kennex's The Playwrights.

Action by Delilah

Delilah might be a pretty ornament to the stage, but her real threat originates in the province of the pen. Prince Niklas has scored the masterpiece for the stage, and she will be lending the ghostly weight of ink and inspiring words to seed excitement and interest far and very, very wide indeed. Given the Lycene flavour of things, she is gently applying a particular impression to build fascination or interest. That means scattering tidbits to the right people. Influencing the right sorts to carry on the word, to build up a buzz (even if they weren't all that aware before, they sure will be now...). She sends breathless excerpts into the Hundred Cities, stitching and building a train of anticipation about how good things are. Sentiments peppered with the taste of mysteries and drama on the stage, the historical wonders, the *intrigues*. Did we mention intrigues? Possibly scandal? The things that sell tickets and cement the memory are a grand tradition of developing stories, and she will spin one about the tireless playwright, the dashing and debonair actors, the brilliance waiting to be seen like a cut diamond until it's basically Hamilton 2.0 of Arx.

Action by Alejandro

Alejandro takes his talents to the stage for a second time in this new production, playing the role of Lord Stefano Rubino. While his life's focus has typically been in music, he possesses enough natural charm and performing ability to once again handle an acting role. Putting his all into his performance, he focuses his time and practice mostly on the swordfighting aspects he may be called upon to perform. It's probably more a dance than a fight, so he feels comfortable enough. Alejandro works hard, devotes himself to the role, and attempts to put on a good performance.

Action by Tikva

Initially getting involved in this only for a lark, more or less, Tikva's largely present as a very dramatically loud _voice_ -- there are many actors and musicians in the city who she has no interest in intervening in the livelihoods of, but what weight she can lend to Niklas by putting her showmanship to use here, she does, cheerfully and with great embrace of absurdity.

Action by Evonleigh

Lady Evonleigh Whitehawk will be performing in Prince Niklas' play as one of the actresses, of course! She's been trained to do it all -- singing, dancing, comedy, tragedy... Though let's be honest: it's a good thing it's a musical comedy. While Evon's singing voice is sweet and on key, she has not the depth or richness of tone nor the range of a proper vocalist. Any songs she performs in are "sold" by virtue of her acting ability and her charm. The acting, she has the chops for, whether a comedic or dramatic scene, and she will do her best to win over the audience with every line, smile, or sob.

Action by Carita

As a lover of the arts, and a tremendous fan of Gianna Whisper and her patron Prince Niklas, Countess Carita is very proud to support Prince Niklas' talents as a playwright and the Bard's College's very first theatrical performance by donating from her own personal funds. That the cast will be a group of people she has come to know well for their musical talents has made Carita dig deep in to her pockets to support them, adding 5000 silver to help ensure the production's success.

Action by Aurora

Aurora was the costumer the first time this performance was put on, and will reprise her role this time. The costumes don't change too much, just because its a musical this time doesn't mean there is a dramatic shift, though tailoring is done to ensure that the costumes fit their new wearers. More have had to be added too, to include the chorus and other stand ins on the stage.

Action by Bliss

Playing the role of Lady Alessandra Rubino, Bliss emerges onto the stage in her element - or at least, hopefully so. This role was practically written for her, and whether it's the swordfights, the speaking parts, or the saltarella, the Champion Whisper is more than able to keep up. Indeed, she's going to bring a high level of exuberance to the role, and while the swordfight will of course display skill with the weapon - it's not really about the speed of movement, is it? No, it's about how flashy and entertaining she can make it. Tricks that would never see the sands are going to come out in the show - movements of the blade meant to awe and impress. Hopefully no one gets too hurt, and if they do? Hey, that can be part of the show as well. Maybe even just having her name on the billing will bring in a certain type of fan, as well, that will increase the name recognition of the show. We can only hope.

Action by Rook

Rook is, as ever, the hypeman. Patron of the arts, magnate, and philantropist. It's his duty to encourage people towards the burgeoning shows within Arx, and for those that aren't politely within his company simply to get something, they normally even listen to his suggestions. Utilising his extensive contacts within and outwith the Peerage, such as the merchant rungs, Rook targets high profile individuals for putting bums on seats for this event. For those that know his lovely partner, of course, Yasmine will be involved! For the royalists, oh by the Pantheon, House Grayson's own has authored it! It simply cannot be missed.

Action by Caspian

Caspian is the stunt trainer. He is showing the actors how to perform various stunts and choreographed fights and makes sure everything is nice and polished for when the curtains rise and the show begins.

Action by Liara

Liara, with all her customary cheerfulness and passion, talks up the production no end, particularly among the more junior nobles of the Crownlands and of Arx with whom she so often associates. They simply must see it! Or so she says. She even sends a few letters back home to try and wrangle up visitors from Bastion, assuring them that it will be an unmissable spectacle.

Action by Alarissa

There is no acting, no singing, no performances from Alarissa with regards to the latest production of Prince Niklas Grayson. Not in the least. Anyone who thinks they might see her get on a stage and act is going to be disappointed. But what she does do is promote the hell out of the production. She has a good reason to given the deal Niklas struck with her in exchange for applying her social weight. And so when she is out and about, at parties, fluttering a fan, sipping tea, eating with friends and perusing stores for the latest and greatest of trends, she's encouraging people to go see this latest production. Likely to be the talk of the town, filled with notable of society both noble and less than noble, prancing about the stage and giving their all. Shouldn't they go and support their fellow blooded? She thinks so, she's even going to be front row - well, up in a box and away from the rabble of course - and watching. And it's a way to help say you were -there- when this happened, and to indirectly support Thursday's Child in the process. Charity -and- entertainment all in one? Besides, it's bound to be entertaining in some fashion yes? Yes? Probably.


Prince Niklas Grayson is at it again. Or Lord Niklas Kennex? Something about the marriage contract and he's writing under his original name but then he's also Princess Sabella's husband and everyone knows Princess Sabella so now it's suddenly confusing. So they just start calling him The Playwright, and it sticks - and now no one has to remember surnames and contracts not their own.

In any case he's written a new play, calling this one not an opera but a musical. But the names have the starry-eyed among the theater in awe. Princess Sabella acts in her first title role as Princess Valentina, her turn both hilarious and touching. Her humor makes people gravitate toward her, and she is widely hailed as a resounding success in her inaugural role.

Princess Sorrel Thrax, Bladesong and Singer of Heroes, takes a break from astounding the Compact with her own work to perfom someone else's - and she too is a hit. In fact more people than usual come just to see her perform - can you really blame them? Of course not.

Yasmine Champagne, popular model, fashionista, and not-quite-as-scandalous-as-she-used-to-be Prodigal acts, sings, and dances her way across the stage. She reminds everyone why she is so often the talk of the town with another stellar performance.

Bliss Whisper plays a part too, and where her exceptional enthusiasm is, can the Nox'alfar be far away? The entire second floor is bought out opening night by a Nox'alfar delegation, who come en masse to see Bliss perform. They're only a little disruptive of course - their cries of BOO! every time Bliss leaves the stage, and the standing ovation that grinds everything to a halt when she enters gradually stop - about fifteen minutes before the end of the play.

Lumen, Radiant of the Whisper House herself, plays the lead in a performance by turns dark and witty. Sometimes both in the same turn. She outdoes herself and shows why she is so highly sought after in the Whisper house.

Princess Tikva, Alejandro Rossetti, and Lady Evonleigh join this all-star cast. Maybe some are taking it more seriously than others but this musical has it all - ranging from the dramatic to the comedic, there's a part to play for everyone and everyone has their part to play.

And where there is music, is the Nightingale very far behind? No she is not - Gianna Whisper wrote the music herself for this play. Sets are by the incomparable Lady Tabitha and they veritably take one's breath away. Aurora, the legendary seamstress, provides unbelievably beautiful costumes. Caspian trains the actors in their stunts, the Grandmaster of the Champions Guild helping make sure the fight scenes are entertaining indeed. It's like he's done this before.

Princess Elgana, Princess Berenice, Lady Delilah, Countess Carita, Princess Liara, Princess-Consort Alarissa, and the Redoubtable Rook all publicize the event. They're all going to opening night, and to random nights thereafter - and that's enough to ensure that this new play by The Playwright (who might be a Kennex or might be a Grayson or might be both but it doesn't matter) is a roaring success.