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Action Id: 2837 Crisis: Participants: Sorrel, Sabella, Niklas(RIP), Corban, Sparte, Tikva, Clover(RIP), Orelia, Galen, Lisebet, Giulio(RIP), Gianna, Sanya, Eddard and Sapphira
Status: Resolved Submitted: Nov. 28, 2018, 7:13 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 5000
Economic Resources: 1500
Social Resources: 750
Action Points: 20

Action by Sorrel

Sorrel has written seven songs that she wishes to spread far and wide to educate the public about the Metallics and remind them of their heroes from long ago. To this end, she's employing an army of bards to get the music out about Iron, Steel, Gold, Brass, Copper, Cobalt, and Silver. She's also trying to provide some historical context for her songs to those that are interested. Some songs are catchy, some are a little sad, some are a bit romantic, but they're all slightly different and designed to be memorable.

Please note that the text of the songs are contained in @theories 369-275, with a bonus track in 376 that will not be spread far and wide (even if Tyrval found it hilarious). There will be a relative slow roll-out of songs, to give people time to start singing them and learning about them, and the events for them are going to increase in magnitude as they go. The coordinating calendar listings are 2455 (Iron and Steel), 2579 (Brass and Gold), 2523 (Cobalt), 2524 (Copper), and 2525 (Silver). Songs will be hosted either in the Hall of Heroes or the Bard's College or another appropriate place for a musical party. Silver's song shall be hosted in the palace, per the king, as the grand finale.

Action by Galen

Galen's going to be bankrolling the main tracks of this little would-be Metallic Opera with a substantial amount of resources.

Action by Lisebet

Lisebet is going to help organize parties and she will use her social acumen and singing skill (which may not be bard quality, but it's not bad!) to help spread the songs. Hearing them over and over will definitely work in favour of this initiative.

Action by Tikva

Tikva will absolutely help Sorrel with this, and she'll do so by adding her songs to her performance repertoire and using them to entertain and educate at every available opportunity! Why not? Sorrel's lyrics are all better than hers anyway!

Action by Gianna

What's that about an army of bards? Gianna has one of those! Or at least the closest thing to. The College bards will be taught the songs, and Gianna will sing them herself as well, using her reputation, prestige, and social resources to help. If any College types are on their way through Arx going elsewhere, they'll be encouraged to spread those songs. Even other non-member bardic types will be encouraged. This is one of the reasons the College was founded, after all.

Action by Niklas(RIP)

Y'know what would be a real boost to a show like this? Having one of the most prestigious people in the ding dang city jumping on board to tell people how very excited he is about it! Oh, wait a second! Niklas is one of the most prestigious people in the city! And he's willing to use that. I mean, when you're It then everyone wants to do the stuff you want to do, right? Might as well put that to good use.

Action by Clover(RIP)

Clover is not a singer, no. What she is, however? Is a very smart propagandist. And so that is what she is going to do. She is going to spread these songs far and wide. She is going to get everyone talking about them. She is going to mention to them to everyone she knows. She is going to get her people talking about them. And she's going to start creating little pamphlets with the verses of the songs, and spread those about the city as well!

Action by Sparte

Sparte is no singer, but he can tell a half decent story. Converting songs to taletelling, he'll try to inspire emotion not with the power of music but that of the listener's own imagination.

Action by Corban

Sir Corban is not a bard. But he does sing. How is that? Well, on their morning "jog" around the Ward of the Crown, the King's Own must carry a cadence. And as First Captain, Corban often gets to call the tune. He will in particular promote the song of Silver, the founder of the King's Own. And as the King's Own's drills are often a matter of public spectacle, the songs will spread in that way.

Action by Sabella

Have you heard about Princess Sorrel and the Metallics opera she wrote? You haven't? Well, Sabella will tell everyone she meets ALL about it, enthusing at what amazing prose Princess Sorrel has come up with and also the music! She composed it all herself! And it tells such an important story. Oh, you have heard about it? Well, let's enthuse about it to everyone around us! She will be talking this up to EVERYONE, pointing out how important it is that these things be taught in many forms, especially ones with catchy tunes attached!

Action by Sanya

Sanya will use her charm and musical ability to help educate the public on music about metallics. She's hoping she can show her musical range through this job.

Action by Eddard

Eddard is a bard and is quite capable of putting voice to song. Comfortable clothes and no silks adorn him when he ventures down into the lower buroughs. People /probably/ know him, but nobody should raise their nose at him singing on street corners to anyone who will listen.

Action by Giulio(RIP)

Giulio will help with those seeking to learn more of the songs, working to teach of their meanings and provide insights and details regarding those spoken of as necessary. Moreover, he will work to make certain that something akin to 'hymnals' on the subject are available for such.

Action by Orelia

Orelia is a much better singer than she is teacher or propaganda artist, so she'll take the songs out and go sing them for the public. Most of that will probably be in taverns, bars and pubs as well as other possibly less than savory places, but it may help the songs reach a new audience. She'll sing other places as well of course, more public places.

Action by Sapphira

Sapphira is a bard, and loves to sing songs everywhere she goes. She will sing them to her family, to random strangers, or to the birds. The tunes will be shared and with her angelic voice as she explores the city.


Throughout the history of humanity, many have sacrificed everything for the Compact. Those heroes who stood alone against unbeatable odds. Those who stood in that moment when darkness would consume the world. Those who refused to give in, whose actions were more than could be expected of a mere mortal - who stood and fell as a guardian not just of a city or a fealty, but of ideals great enough to encompass all - those are enshrined in the Hall of Heroes. Many who travel to Arx only once in their lives spend at least a day touring the Hall, reading the stories. Looking at history.

And over time, these stories became allegories. Became morals. Became legends used to guide the next generation, and the generation after, and the generation after that. That is what enshrinement in the Hall of Heroes meant. But memories fade over time, and these legends were faded too - the statues worn in places with touches over the stone, the words carved into the pedestals not always legible. The thoughts more of the morals therein, the examples - and less on the people who sacrificed their lives in these ways.

But Princess Sorrel Thrax has changed that. With a series of concerts, researched well in Vellichor's Archives. With the blessing of the King, with support from Whispers and Bards, from people across the Compact, she has written songs about the Metallic Order. Of Iron and Steel, Gold and Brass, of Cobalt and Copper and Silver she sings. They're catchy songs all - some sad, some joyous, some heartrending. She sings them - and they spread so swiftly through the Compact.

Princess Tikva, Gianna Whisper - the Nightingale of the Bard's College herself - Lord Eddard, Lady Sanya, Lady Orelia, Lady Sapphira - all of them aid, either as fellow singers in her concert, or by singing the songs themselves, or both. Officer Sparte is no singer, but he tells the stories too, reciting them to inspire as he can. Sir Corban is no singer either, but he teaches the songs to the Hundred as a cadence - and now on the morning "jogs" of the Silver Swords, they're drilling while using the cadence of the Metallic Cycle - especially the song of Silver. They teach the songs, the stories to others. They encourage the songs to spread. And spread they do.

'Have you heard the Metallic Cycle yet?' It's a common question among the socialites too. Count Giulio, Princess Sabella, Prince Niklas, Lady Lisebet, Duchess Clover, and many other famed and famous people are encouraging everyone to learn, to hear, to sing. It's on everyone's lips - and Princess Sorrel is becoming the Singer of Heroes, even as everyone reminds themselves of the promise: "As Arx endures, we will remember."