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Action Id: 2839 Crisis: Participants: Venturo, Alrec(RIP), Violet, Kael, Sorrel, Gwenna, Grady, Josephine(RIP), Pasquale, Gianna, Mirk, Berenice and Nuala
Status: Resolved Submitted: Dec. 26, 2018, 10:47 a.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Silver: 10000
Economic Resources: 5600
Military Resources: 300
Social Resources: 4300

Action by Venturo

Venturo is seeking those who are interested in partnership to expand the Raconteur Enterprises for the betterment of all of Arvum. He campaigns for further breweries to bring jobs to fealties and to lower the cost of safe drinks for the general populace. To expand the Kismet Carnivals and their games of luck and chance.

And for those looking to invest more, to bring races that only the everyday man can participate in for the chance to win a purse of money provided by Venturo himself. Horse races, hunting races, foot races, obstacle course races. Not only will they give something that truly belongs to the people that they can demonstrate their skill, but it will allow the nobles to find the most skilled in their lands.

Lastly, he wants to offer local tavern owners the chance to come under the Raconteur brand. They would still own and run their tavern, but would be provided discounts on the alcohol from the Raconteur, and would be provided entertainers to draw in even more of their patrons. In exchange, they would run under the Raconteur label, and a nominal, small part of their proceeds would go back to the Raconteur.

TLDR for Expansion:
More Breweries
Expanded Kismet Carnivals
Locals owning Raconteur Branded Taverns
Bards, poets, entertainers for thsoe Taverns
Horse, foot, obstacle and hunting races for the everyday man.
Allows the nobles to find the most skilled athletes, boatsmen, horsemen and hunters in their lands.

Action by Nuala

Nuala may not know horse races, but she sure knows how to mobilize a crew of people to plot out the best course for the horse races in the Kismet Carnival. She reaches out to the best riders in Farhaven and those of her acquaintances in Valardin lands, the Lyceum (especially Tor, where she grew up) and other assorted connections. She can additionally tap the Academy of War for riding trainers to help create a fiendishly exciting course with many obstacles, smart turns, and surprises for both rider and mount to make the event memorable. Getting all these minds together, they will plot out an impressive path and take into account the natural environment and landscape. Nuala uses every ounce of charisma she has to keep them focused on a singular purpose.

Action by Berenice

Who better to introduce new entertainment to the Lyceum than a Princess of Lenosia? Berenice focuses on wining and dining with those well-positioned to introduce new and exciting horse races to their various domains. Because, in Berenice's opinion, horse racing is the BEST and MOST EXCITING part of what Venturo's working on, hence her involvement in the First Annual Raconteur Cup Horse Race. She'll talk to various noble leaders and even some of the upper class mercantile commoner families about the acclaim and prestige they'll earn themselves by sponsoring such events, and she'll be full of flattery and flirting where necessary to get the job done.

Action by Gianna

Everybody loves musicians! Well, alright, not everybody, but bards are a good source of entertainment. What does Gianna have? Access to a lot of bards. Not just the ones in Arx, but the bards that come through the College on their way to other places, bards who might be convinced to play at these Raconteur-associated taverns. She'll be convincing entertainers - storytellers, singers, musicians - to go the route.

Action by Gwenna

Having been part of Venturo's original unveiling of the Kismet Carnival as well as expanding the cultivation of more crops and a brewery, Gwenna of course pitches in to assist him with the planned expansion. She will support her fellow Redrain, Princess Nuala, with her efforts in Farhaven, and remind the people there how much fun was had at the last carnival. As done before, she will spend the first day of the festival handing out 10,000 of her own silver so that those who might not have much disposable income can partake in the games. Her main effort, though, will be visiting the taverns and farmers in the hopes that Venturo's branding idea and more breweries might strike interest as well as better income for them.

Action by Pasquale

Pasquale views the success of Venturo - his Marquessa's protege - as success for Nilanza. He spreads the word in the Malespero domain about the carnival and encourages participation in it among the common folk, even pitching in for the purse for the prize money. He'll also do a bit of PR with the local tavern keepers so they'll see this venture as an opportunity rather than competition, and be more inclined to go in for it.

Action by Mirk

Mirk, on behalf of the Halfshavs, is throwing his support behind Venturo and the Raconteur expansion. He spreads the word of their coming expansion, building anticipation for the carnivals and the taverns that are going to be opened, and offers assistance in finding local owners and businessmen to run their tavern under the Raconteur brand. If he makes a point to find well-placed tavern owners in Whitehold and Cascade Springs, well, that's a part of his duties as Halfshav Minister of Coin. Regardless, he'll do whatever he can to make sure that Venturo's efforts are a success.

Action by Violet

Sandreef Point is a port place. And every port place needs a good Tavern and, even better, a good brew to make and call their own. To draw the crowds and bring the cheer. So it is that Violet, the Quartermaster as well as Baroness, sets aside land and even some acreage for a brewing operation. Enough land to brew hops, barley, malt, or even grapes and space in the city for a tavern. This can only bring in more commerce and provide more jobs for those who need and want them.

Action by Kael

As Kael has had an amiable working relationship with Venturo in the past, he is looking forward to seeing this new venture through. With his blessing, Venturo is allowed to approach tavern owners to join up under the Raconteur brand and he will personally write concerning how profitable associations with Venture Thayne has been in the past. Not only this but he has offered to help train up guards, not to mention supply equipment for them, so that the caravan and traveling members of Ranconteur Enterprises has less to fear of banditry. He supplies a map of the safest routes through his domain, and as other lands agree to join in, would offer to provide what he sees as the safest navigation routes.

Action by Alrec(RIP)

In the city of Setarco, Alrec Magaldi, admiral and minister of the ruling house, uses his position of priviledge to ensure that Venturo has everything he needs to establish his brand in the Saffron Chains. He uses his reputation and notoriety to advertise Raconteur, hoping to associate their drinks with him for his fans. The staff of the carnival is seen to with board and food, their security handled by his own people.

Action by Sorrel

There's very little the Mourning Isles likes better than drinking: perhaps, drinking and a show! Sorrel will represent Thrax's interests in this expansion of breweries and carnivals as Minister of Productivity for Maelstrom and the Mourning Isles. She'll be sure that at least some of the jobs on offer here go to former thralls who are renovating their lives, and that a certain amount of effort is paid to recruiting such, though by no means exclusively. There are plenty of commoners who would like to own their own businesses, and she'll promote that enthusiastically. She'll also make sure there are boat races available at the carnivals, and use the winners of these boat races to recruit into the Thrax military, especially if they aren't already.

Action by Grady

Grady got in on the ground floor of the Kismet Carnivals to help develop Deepwood lands - particularly their cideries. He is excited about the expansion of the carnivals, as that always brings good taxes in, and as it gives the people of Old Oak a festival and some extra fun. Enjoying horse races and fine alcohol is a hallmark of civilization in Grady's opinion, and he gladly makes sure the funding is there to make the Carnivals in Old Oak exceptional indeed. Deepwood trades well with Raconteur Brewing too, and a friendly rivalry has gone up between Raconteur enterprises and Deepwood's own cideries. Will there be competition at the carnival? You better believe it. All in good fun, of course!

Action by Josephine(RIP)

Though not in on the ground floor, the Kismet Carnivals and Venturo's spreading out across the compact works in tandem with Josephines own grand works. You won't find a stall, not in the least. As Josephine will point out, you don't get arcuri goods in mere stalls. But she does work with her family to see prizes made of all kinds to be supplied as prizes. From jewelry, to trinkets and even nudging a son in law to see about a blade or two, the Arcuri's time, energy and her payrons funds to ensuring even the most low ranked of men should tgey happen to winthese horse races have sonethingspecial as a prize.


Truthfully, it's a little alarming at how wide it spreads, and how much notice it gets throughout the Compact. People REALLY like Carnivals, it seems, with Farhaven, Nilanza, Whitehold, Sandreef Point, Oakhaven, Deepwood, Maelstrom, Setarco and more all expanding in an uptick in trade, and massive gains in the prestige of all involved.