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Action Id: 2955 Crisis: Participants: Sabella, Olivia, Reese, Niklas(RIP), Tabitha, Kaldur(RIP), Liara and Gianna
Status: Resolved Submitted: Feb. 16, 2019, 8:59 a.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Silver: 80000
Economic Resources: 2500
Social Resources: 100
Action Points: 25

Action by Sabella

With each new tragedy there are people that never come home and often times efforts to help them focus on only the families that are suffering from the latest tragedy. Princess Sabella Grayson wants to make sure that no family is forgotten and will be pushing a huge fundraising effort to help those that have lost loved ones during the recent skirmishes surrounding the Great Road, the Lodge, the Gyre War, and even the Silent War. Families don't stop grieving when a new crisis arises and Princess Sabella wants those families to know that the Compact remembers. The funds will be used to put together packages that include food, clothing, household items, and toys where applicable. Further arrangements will also be made to help family members who are looking for it find positions as apprentices or squires or household servants so that they can further help their families

Action by Kaldur(RIP)

Kaldur's own assistant is someone who lost one of her brothers in the Gyre war. Her brother Aonghus was found and brought to Arx. He's invested in this personally and on a larger scale. Kaldur has got a big heart and isn't shy about sharing it. Plus, with the Eater stirring, remembering people and stories and events is more important now than it ever was.

Action by Niklas(RIP)

This is Sabella's passion and damn if Nik isn't going to get in there and do what he can to help realize it! So he helps by using his connections in the Isles and the already-softened sentiment created by the war with the Gyre, the specter of a future war with one of the new foreign powers or Reveka Tyde, to fundraise for Sabella's works. Surely the greatest of us can find it in ourselves to give for the meanest among us.

Action by Gianna

The College assists, via Gianna. Bards circulate through the city, drumming up interest as best they can. The bards passing through are encouraged to spread the word as well, so who knows how far this will spread? Gianna herself? She'll perform. Surely, the legendary Nightingale will draw a crowd, singing a heartbreaking song of sorrow.

Action by Olivia

Olivia isn't as skilled at rallying people and gathering supplies, but she still wants to help. So she will be helping with the actual delivery of the supplies gathered. That way she can go to the villages and provide physicians services for free to the people in need of it.

Action by Liara

Liara helps with the organisation and administration of the charitable effort. She does enjoy organising. This includes assisting with the direction of resources and ensuring that they are properly used, using her not inconsiderable capacity for and experience of stewardship. She largely stays out of the public eye for this one.

Action by Tabitha

Tabitha's efforts are focused through her art. She'll be painting beautiful but tasteful posters to bring awareness of the fundraising efforts, and will place them in strategic locations to draw the attention of wealthy philanthropists. She'll also put up paintings for auction -- considerate works that symbolise the worthiness of compassion and helping those in need.

Action by Reese

Reese would like to join this charity and try to help raise money and help. She lead the Grayson troops in the War of Silence and Commanded the navy in the Gyre word. She also also at the lodge battle. She would like to do what she can to help those who were harmed by such and their families. She would like to make a showing a the Knight of Ribbons and encourage as much support for this project as possible.


There's immense appreciation for this, as the many victims from the different conflicts are gratified to be remembered and to be receiving much needed aid, particularly in families that found the pensions just didn't stretch as far as they hoped. Their prestige greatly increases.