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Action Id: 2976 Crisis: Participants: Arik, Donella, Vercyn(RIP), Brianna, Morrighan, Bethany, Thena, Carita, Gianna, Mirk, Rowenova, Perronne, Draven, Lore, Acantha, Ajax, Vincenzo and Sven
Status: Resolved Submitted: March 4, 2019, 6:32 p.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Silver: 459000
Economic Resources: 6000
Military Resources: 2000
Social Resources: 3200
Action Points: 120

Action by Arik

The second phase of expansion in Cascade Springs begins in earnest. While the first phase was about expanding the footprint of the town and ensuring its security, the second phase is all about building it up even further – new infrastructure, new facilities, and all the growth in population and trade and guard forces needed to exploit it. Arik Halfshav has stepped in to help lead and coordinate this phase of the growth allowing his family members to help where they are most talented.

* Countess Carita Darkwater is employing her considerable knowledge of Stewardship and experience from rebuilding Darkwater to oversee construction of the docks and warehouses, as well as any other necessary facilities in the city, to transform this small shrine town into something befitting its growing size.

* Nightingale and Softest Whisper Gianna is opening a branch of the famed Bard's College in Cascade Spring with the understanding it focus and promote northern arts and storytelling traditions while bringing talents from all over the Compact.

* Sven, Vincenzo, Perronne, Bethany, Lore, and Draven are all taking advantage of agreements with House Halfshav to expand their business to Cascade Springs and open storefronts with warehouses for their trade. Reduced rent and taxes with the only requirement being to employ or train Halfshav commoners.

* Brianna, Ajax, Thena, and Rowenova are all providing security for the trade of Cascade Springs as well as the sudden influx of activity during construction of all of these shops and infrastructure. Brianna has the Cascade Springs Guard (#367) to assist her as she is Captain of the Guard for this growing town. Mirk has also instructed Halfshavs Troop Patrols (#369) to assist the Knights of Solace in defending the Great Road traffic during this time.

* High Lady Donella Redrain is working with the Sword of Farhaven Dame Morrighan in bringing members of the Crafters Guild of Arx to Cascade Springs. One speaks to the people while the other creates a unique design to be sold in shops to the pilgrims that come to the Shrine of Mangata.

* Lord Mirk Halfshav and Lady Acantha Clearlake attempt to build confidence in the shrinetown of Cascade Springs so as to make it a desirable place to live and fill out its growing buildings.

Action by Mirk

After his leadership of the first section of the expansion, Mirk is stepping back to focus on influence instead of direct leadership. He's spreading the word of Cascade Springs, to merchants who might bring wealth, to commoners who would be hired as builders or farmers or other laborers the project will need, selling everyone on the merits of the place and building a grand vision of the future of Cascade Springs.

Action by Carita

Countess Carita Darkwater has done much for Darkwater and in so doing has learned just who to talk to and how to organize a project and how to get things done efficiently while doing her own projects. For Cascade Springs she'll help by talking to those people of influence that can get the docks placed in just the right location for trade on the river. She's personally investing her own money into the project, to show her faith in House Halfshav.

Action by Gianna

Gianna will be directing the construction of the Bard's College. Well, not in a get-your-hands-dirty kind of way. Just organizing the traits the building will need to have (acoustics, acoustics, acoustics) and how many bard blue banners will need to go up and so on. She'll also have to select some talent from her pool to entice over thataway to run the dang place.

Action by Vincenzo

Vincenzo is investing in the Cascade Springs project to the tune of 100,000 silver and 200 economic writs. The intent is to build a second shop in Cascade Springs, and send his best steamstress North to head up the operation. She will be producing his designs while learning the fashion sensibilities of the locals and starting to incorporate that into her work. She's also going to be sending the best apprentices, hired locally, back to Arx to train under Vincenzo. The idea being to provide Northern talent opportunities to study under a Lycene tailor and train them up to be successes on their own and ship them back to the North.

Action by Ajax

As per contract with the Halfshavs, Ajax is working under the Commander of Lady Brianna in setting up Caravans to the town. Along the way Ajax is using silver and resources to attract additional independent sellswords for protection to take the entire weight off the local Garrison. Ajax speaks Northern Shav fluently to help avoid particular mishaps of miscommunication but for most part is just trying to keep everyone coordinated and the goods moving.

Action by Perronne

Perronne has been hired to put together a trade fair and entice merchants to visit, trade, and invest in Cascade Springs. She is most enthusiastic about this task, and will be contacting the merchants she knows to explain the economic advantages to having a thriving trade hub in Halfshav lands. For the trade fair, she's looking to highlight both local goods AND local purses - bringing in a variety of vendors of attractive trade items the North doesn't see very often for the locals to buy, while ensuring locals have the chance to display their best goods and argue their case for building new exchanges so that the Oathlands and South can receive those goods at profitable prices. To bolster the pitch, she's even purchasing and setting up her own trading house to run in Cascade Springs, having been promised a discount on the land/building, and reduced tariffs and tolls on select goods for the next two years.

Action by Rowenova

The Bruvir family (Draven, Nova, and Flop) have put together 500 styled (economic styled) with which they start up a second home with a shop front in Cascade Springs. They ultimately combine their Alchemy and Medicine (Draven) along with their Security and Survival (Nova & Flop) for a thriving business which hopefully improves the living conditions of their purchasing patrons.
Besides this, Nova and Flop routinely participate in security work around the Halfshav township, too, making sure to be threat detectors/deterrants of the highest degree and team up to consistently report their observant findings!

Action by Bethany

Bethany brings with her the considerable weight of the Mercier trade family, who will be using Cascade Springs as a trading hub through which they'll be able to expand to new, totally untapped markets in the north. Having supervised the initial phase of construction, Bethany knows the nuts and bolts of the nascent city well enough to make sure that her family has every possible advantage, something she will use to entice them there.

Action by Brianna

Brianna will be taking care of the military presence in Cascade Springs, trying to keep people who are working and building safe. The family has employed various sellswords and has gathered a small troop to assist. There will be patrols through the area, keeping an eye out for people who shouldn't be on site, with guards stationed at buildings and build sites.

Action by Morrighan

With prior agreements having been made with the Crafter's Guild, Morrighan's role is that of Assistant Guildmaster and Seamstress. She gathers members of the Guild, and with the help of Princess-Consort Donella Redrain (who does most of the talking), conveys the benefits and deal to those willing to uproot and make the move to the new township in the Northlands. Secondly, the dame is hard at work, creating a stunning piece to represent and honor both Cascade Springs and the Goddess Mangata. In a variety of sizes for toddlers up to adults, Morrighan provides hooded cloaks made of the finest wool found in the Northlands, dyed in a swirling sea-hued gradation, and lined with sumptuous white fur. The hem and edges are embellished with silver embroidery taking the form of crashing waves, and upon the back is an intricately embroidered silver emblem: an image of two streams coming to meet as one, and in the background is a mountain region with the sun beginning to rise over them with Mangata's likeness found in the sky. It's completed with a clasp of faceted aquamarine set in a pewter setting, shaped into a drop of water.

Action by Vercyn(RIP)

Vercyn is going to set up shop in Cascade Springs itself with a veritable army of messengers. He means to co-ordinate the efforts of the expansion of cascade springs, sending word and receiving it from his central location. He wants to make certain that things run at peak efficency and so they are well informed of any emergencies or shortage of workers or supplies.

Action by Acantha

Lady Acantha Clearlake has been asked to help with the more Diplomatic things concerning Cascade Springs. She's also good with campaigning on why it's a good place to visit/move/pilgrimage to. She's going to promote the township. She's also going to provide silver and social writs to make sure things go smoothly with the talking. Why should people move there? It is secure, it has trade, there are jobs, and new goods from the Compact. Why should people trade with the town? It's on the river, it's safer than the great road, and we secure trade routes to and from the shrine town. Also the largest shrine in the northlands to Mangata is there so it is also a pilgrimage site.

Action by Lore

Per the deal with Halfshav, Lore is investing money and resources into a warehouse and storefront where Artiglio can sell and trade their goods and materials with a people they don't often have access to. Artiglio can expect a reduced rate on rents and import/export tariffs for two years, and will further invest additional resources into making the warehouse/storefront look more appealing as well as bring in some early goods to get a jumpstart on sales. Extra resources have also been invested into spreading word of this new trading hub and the store carrying special and exotic goods and materials. She is looking to set up an Artiglio cousin to run the operation but will be hiring locals for general labor and to apprentice in the merchant trade.

Action by Thena

Dame Thena sends a number of veteran Knights of Solace to guard the supply trains to Cascade Springs, and to train the guard and other troops in the finer points of guarding the roads. She also donates silver from the Solace coffers.

Action by Donella

Once notable for charitable works in the lowers, Donella attempts to help the effort by speaking to craftspeople known to live and/or work there of the advantages of life in a new settlement. It's cold in the north, but the air is fresh and clean, and the coin flows at a higher rate where there are not so many competitors for business. More space for families to grow, and for apprentices and journeymen to establish themselves. Better to be a big fish in a smaller pond, than a minnow in a reeking, massive fen.

Action by Draven

Draven does his absoulte best to help Scout Rowenova, the best Wife ever, set up their home and their shop in Cascade Springs. He has already gotten his documentation on what herbs are in the area, so he is using the data to get a good idea on how to help people the most, with that.

Action by Sven

As a representative of his family and their brewery that has up until now largely only been serving their drinks in Whitehold proper, Sven is investing time, effort and resources(400 econ) in making sure that visitors and residents in Cascade Springs will have access to some of the best spirits in the north.


Cascade Springs is becoming the fastest growing, most significant new settlement in all of the Northlands, and Halfshav lands are expanding enormously in terms of economic strength because of its tremendous growth and improvement. The security of the town, despite the strength of Halfshav forces, was by no means guaranteed. Perhaps the single greatest drawback of the Great Road is how swiftly powerful shav forces can travel along it, and it is a testament to the skill of Brianna, Ajax, Thena, and Rowenova that both the town and the roads leading to it stay secure. The fact the town grows in the wild, uninhibited Northlands without routine friendly brawls turning into something much more serious is a further sign of their great influence.

Waves of crafters and artisans, representatives of the Crafters Guild of Arx, head to Cascade Springs at the behest of Dame Morrighan and Princess-Consort Donella Redrain. The booming nature of Cascade Springs does put housing at a premium, and the amount of craftsmen coming up from Arx lets Cascade Springs almost keep up with demand, though it's still quite tight.

Carita uses her experience in rebuilding Darkwater masterfully, which is most visible in working with the different Northlands merchants who are starting the different businesses that will keep contributing to long term growth of Cascade Springs, particularly the families from far more distant parts of the Compact. Among those many merchants and businessmen and women of the Compact are Sven, Vincenzo, Perronne, Bethany, Lore, and Draven- each of whom are helping grow their own interests there.

Softest Whisper Gianna opening a branch of the Bard's College in Cascade Springs is wildly popular, as the Northlands have long had a disproportionately high representation among bards historically. The college branch opening is praised throughout the Northlands, and taken as a sign of the Whisper House's esteem, which is much appreciated.

As word spreads from Acantha's and Mirk's propaganda efforts, people from all over the Compact are coming to have a look at the town. Of course, whether the tone can sustain its growth and support the booming population it has long term is an open question, but for now it's tremendously successful.